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Car Organizer Red

Car Organizer Red

Car Organizer Red
Car Organizer Red
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $15.99  (68% off)

The Car Net Pocket Organizer by Innovative Bros. covers the space between your front seats to give you extra storage for items like bags, phones, purses, electronics, or snacks and drinks for the kids!

A Car Organizer That Gives You What You Need Most - More Space!

The Car Net Organizer keeps your most important items out of the way, but still within easy reach. Your purse, phone, hand sanitizer and all of those other little daily life accessories won't be cluttering up your passenger's seat, but you can still access them without having to turn around and reach into the back seat.

It also makes a great barrier to keep restless kids and curious pets from climbing out of the backseat and distracting the driver!

Measuring 15.7" x 6.5" x 10" tall, this organizer is plenty big to hold most purses, plus it includes 3 extra side pockets for phones, juice boxes, pocket books or anything else you can think to stuff in there!


- A seat organizer that utilizes unused space in your car
- Fits in the space between your front seats
- Keeps purses, phones and other personal items out of your way
- Ideal for kids' toys, snacks and paraphernalia
- Installs in minutes
- Size: 15.7" L x 6.5" W x 10" H
- Plus 3 extra side pockets

5 Stars  Car organizer red 
I love it fits real nice in the car

5 Stars  Great use of space 
I love it! I was always having to reach back behind the seat to get my purse. Having it right between the seat is great.

5 Stars  Great Organizer 
Fits perfectly between the front seats in back of the center console. Highly recommended.

4 Stars  car organizer 
The price is good. Although i did have a little trouble adjusting it to fit between the seats.

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