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Slow Feeder Bowl For Small Dogs and Cats

Slow Feeder Bowl For Small Dogs and Cats

Slow Feeder Bowl For Small Dogs and Cats
Slow Feeder Bowl For Small Dogs and Cats
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We love our dogs and would do anything to protect them. Did you know that eating too fast can cause health issues for your beloved dog?

Slowing down their eating can help improve digestion and reduce nausea and bloating.

This handy little bowl makes it easy for you to ensure your pooch takes it slow when eating.

The raised areas in the center of the bowl help slow down your pup's quick eating habits by forcing them to strategically maneuver their nose around to get his food.

Made for smaller dogs (and cats) this enhanced design has a gentle slope to allow for easier access for smaller animals.

The main portion of the bowl is made of durable, BPA-free plastic that's easy to clean, while the rubber base helps keep the bowl in place.


- Dogs and Cats Will Eat Up To 5x Slower
- Improves Digestion
- Reduces Bloating and Nausea
- Non Slip Base
- Made of BPA Free Plastic
- Measures: 8.25" x 4.5"
- Gentle Slope Goes from 3" to 2"

3 Stars  Doesnt Slow My Dog Down 
Theres nothing wrong with this bowl, but my dog seems to have no problem wolfing down his dinner quickly when eating from it - it seems to take him about the same time to finish as from a standard bowl. Thus, I cant highly recommend it.

I ordered 3 of these for my 3 little dogs that eat way too fast but it didnt slow them down a bit. I never knew there was such a product so I did some searching and saw a design that I think would work but I can not afford the price times 3. So sorry guys, this one is a loser.

5 Stars  Dog food governor 
This unique designed bowl slows down my dog s consumption. He would ravenously scarf down food as fast as he could get his mouth on it and then regurgitate sometimes. This moderates his eating though he could stand to have better manners

5 Stars  Slow feeder bowl 
So far works great!

3 Stars  Slowed her a little 
The bowl is not complicated enough to really slow her down enough

4 Stars  It works 
Cats seem to love it, easy to clean and fill. Easy to put in their cat tree and it doesnt move around.

5 Stars  My dog uses this 
My dog uses this bowl daily and it has slowed her speed in eating her dog food which I think is more healthy for her.

5 Stars  Great item 
I love this item. My dog was eating so fast that she would throw up. I didn t know what I could do for her then I found this little bowl. This was a godsent for me and my dog. Since I started using this bowl she hasn t threw up once and she loves to eat from it. Thank you for this bowl. She and I love it!

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Video: Slow Feeder Bowl For Small Dogs and Cats

This handy little bowl makes it easy for you to ensure your pooch takes it slow when eating.
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