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Hurricane Spin Broom - No Bending, No Hard Work!

Hurricane Spin Broom - No Bending, No Hard Work!

Hurricane Spin Broom - No Bending, No Hard Work!
Hurricane Spin Broom - No Bending, No Hard Work!
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Stop spreading your mess around. Endless dust lines, annoying crumbs, and constant bending are a thing of the past with the official Hurricane Spin Broom!

Quick and Easy Way to Clean Floors With No Back-Breaking Hard Work

Two large outer brushes direct floor debris to the spinning center brush. From whole pieces of bread, broken glass, and baby powder; the spin pads picks up even the smallest fragments.

Pet hair, spilled food, and litter glide effortlessly into the large, no-touch collection pan. One quick press of a button allows the contents to drop into a waste bin with no spillage, or back strain.

There's no motor, wires, or batteries; the push-activated broom is ready to go whenever you need it. It weighs less than 2 pounds, so the lightweight design makes it easy to hang for storage, and use anywhere.

Note: It works on all most types of flat, hard flooring like wood, tile and linoleum, and only works in a forward motion.


- 3 Spinning Brushes Quickly Pick Up Messes Large and Small
- Lightweight and Easy to Push (less than 2 lbs)
- No Dirt Lines or Small Fragments Left Behind
- Easy Swivel Steering With a Flick of the Wrist
- Save Your Back! Avoid Bending Down
- Includes Handy Brush Cleaning Tool
- No-Touch, Large Capacity Dust Pan
- Great for Hard to Reach Places
- Won't Scratch Baseboards
- No Power Needed, No Cords or Wires
- Quiet, Push-Activated Action Always Ready to Go
- Pole Length:41''

5 Stars  Hurricane spin broom 
It works exactly as it claims. I love it.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Works great, I love the fact that there are no batteries

5 Stars  Easy 
We have a lot of wood floor area to clean normally. Add in 2 indoor cats that shed and spread litter from their paws. A regular broom does the job of sweeping, but cat hair and dust fly around with the movement of the broom even with a dust mop. The Spin Broom works great. Run it along the floor molding or in the middle of the room. Neither dust nor hair fly around due to movement of a broom. The bristles sweep things in and when done, hold it over the trash can and push the dump button.

5 Stars  Spin Broom 
The broom is so easy to use. Its great.

5 Stars  A MUST-HAVE for every Man-Cave! 
After moving from a condo to a house, my husband finally got his Man-Cave. It is all his, including the cleaning. I bought the Hurricane Spin Broom for HIM and he loves it! A quick walk around the Cave with it after every bros game night keeps Mama happy.... and you know what they say about keeping Mama happy!

4 Stars  Spin Broom 
Very pleased. Takes a little getting used to and does not pick up 100%, but is certainly adequate and results are good.

5 Stars  Spin Broom 
Easy assembly and they work well

5 Stars  spin broom 
Easy to put together easy to use

3 Stars  Adequate clean up 
I like and use this broom. I dont have a lot of bare floors but I use this often. I think it would be of better use on a larger area.

4 Stars  works like it says 
You just have to sweep in only one direction. you cant go backward or it will deposit junk back on your floor. The handle is a swivel, another thing to get used to. My 5 yr old gave up trying to use it.

4 Stars  spin broom 
works really well

3 Stars  Doesnt spin the way it was advertised 
The device is helpful on plain flooring like wood and vinyl, but the sweepin wheels dont turn as easily as advertised.

5 Stars  Hurricane Spin Broom 
Nice item to have on hand for picking up crumbs and dog fur from the floor.

5 Stars  no more back pain 
light weight, easy to assemble, no wire, easy to handle

This broom is great for my quick sweep/vacuum needs. Its light and easy to use. Took me a bit to get used to having to push down on the handle to get it to work, but thats what triggers the brushes to rotate rather than a push forward or sweeping motion you have with a regular broom/vacuum. I like the convenience better than a broom and dustpan, no bending over. its also easy to empty the waste container. The product seems pretty sturdy, but I also do not plan on using it to sweep my entire floor all the time. Just for those quick in between thorough cleaning times.

4 Stars  Hurricane Broom 
Pleased with this product. I use it to spot clean dirt on my floors in between thorough cleaning.

4 Stars  Very Handy 
The Hurricane Broom is very handy to have and use. Getting the accessories gives me peace of mind in the event I wear out the brushes, I wont have to worry about finding replacement parts.

5 Stars  Hurricane Broom Accessory Kit 
great to replace when needed

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Video: Hurricane Spin Broom - No Bending, No Hard Work!

Stop spreading your mess around. Endless dust lines, annoying crumbs, and constant bending are a thing of the past with the official Hurricane Spin Broom
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