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Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank
Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank
Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank
Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank
Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank
Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank
Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank

Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank

Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank

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The Versa Beam Flood Light is an amazing do-it-all work light with a brightness of 1000 lumens. This is part of their Slimline Series, so it packs a punch in a remarkably small package. The water and weatherproof design features only one rubberized button used to turn it on and off.

It runs on a 3600mAh rechargeable battery, and you can even use this unit to charge your personal electronic devices. Charge it up using the included Micro-USB cord and AC adapter, and then use the supplied cord from your smartphone, tablet, iPad, eReader, speakers, or anything else that uses a USB charger.

It's super bright with 10 powerful watts, and a wide 120 degree angle for illuminating large areas. It can be propped up on its kickstand, or you can convert it into a hanger for hands-free illumination. It comes in red and yellow, but your color is chosen at random.

Note: The packaging incorrectly states this light has dimming and high/low beam functions, but it really just turns on and off.

Features & Benefits:
- 10 Watt, 1000 Lumens COB Light
- 120 Degree Wide Beam Angle
- 6000K White Color Temperature
- Kickstand Converts to Hanging Hook
- Weatherproof IP54 Rating
- 3600mAh Battery for Charging Devices
- 2.1A Output for Tablets, iPads, Phones and More
- Runtime: 2-3 hrs on Full Charge, Charging Time: 5-6 hrs
- Includes Charging Micro USB Cord, AC Adapter
- Red or Yellow (Sorry, No Color Choice Available)
- Slimline Dimensions: 6.3in x 4in x 1in Thick

Review this item!

5 Stars  Awesome light 
Best light to buy, & its rechargeable, bright also.

5 Stars  Great item! 
Truly powerful light.

5 Stars  Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank 
The device is even brighter than I envisioned. I am very happy with the product.

5 Stars  Great Light for All Occasions 
Recently had power outtage due to storm. Grabbed this light and I was able to move about my home til lights came back on. Didnt purchase for this purpose, but boy did it come in handy!

5 Stars  Just as advertised, 
A super powerful light,, easily floods my 18 x 24 bedroom with bright lumens. And it does standby duty as a phone and lighter charger.

5 Stars  Awesome Light 
I love this thing.

5 Stars  Real Bright.. 
It is not bright...Its BRIGHTER than bright...the attached stand is a great feature

5 Stars  Great, Bright and very useful light 
Initially purchased 2. 1 was damaged. I had it returned and replaced before I could really test the good one. Pretty Fast!!

5 Stars  So bright ! 
I havent had it long enough to play with it and thoroughly check it out. However, that said, my husband and I love it. Extremely bright and the ability to stand on its own is marvelous.

5 Stars  5 Star Light and Power Bank 
This light is bright in the night whenever and wherever you need it. This one packs a punch. Glad I purchased would recommend to others!

5 Stars  Underestimated!!!!!!! 
Love it!!!!!! Works Great..... Brite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Farpoint flood light 
WOW!!! This really lights up a whole room!! Only took 2-3 hours to fully charge Has USB port, kickstand and light control. Great for home, RV, camping. Love it!!

5 Stars  The best 
This is the best, very portable and powerful. It illuminates all the room. Thank you so much for this product. I will surely recommend

5 Stars  light 
Excellent light. Very, very bright. Really nice u can charge. every one should have this light. excellent with pets and should be in every car.

5 Stars  Very Handy Tool 
The 1000 lumen light is a very handy tool to have. LOTS of light, compact, and self-supporting hands free. So far, I have used it for auto repairs in dark, tight places.

5 Stars  Great Bright Light 
This is an awesome little light. I was working in my A/C area and used it to see everything. It has outstanding brightness. Great buy!!

5 Stars  A really bright purchase 
This little work light does the job of a large, heavy one attached to a long heavy extension cord. And it does the job in tight places where the large one would not fit or would be much to heavy and cumbersome to use. I use mine where ever I need extra light and LOVE it.

5 Stars  VERY bright, very handy 
Outstanding work light. Havent tried the power bank feature yet.

5 Stars  SUPER bright light, and fantastic charger! 
Totally worth the $$! Lamp lights up a room and be careful not to look at it, as its crazy bright! Battery pack has plenty of juice for phones, laptops, whatever. A great addition to your emergency kit.

5 Stars  Its Bright !! 
Very handy

5 Stars  great light 
best light ever

5 Stars  Very Bright ! 
Works great ! Lights up the area !

5 Stars  Super Handy 
Got one for each of my kids, one for my hubby, and one for myself. Nice accessory for the car. Ad says that the dimmer does NOT work, but it does. With the lamp on, press and hold the on/off button and the lamp WILL dim. Does not make a jump to a dimmer light, it is a slow transition.

5 Stars  Very bright 
Seems to be very bright, havent needed it yet, but I charged iy and turned it on at night.

5 Stars  Brightest light 
Really love these bright lights, and they are rechargeable.

5 Stars  Amazing flashlights 
Super bright, rechargeable, compact great flashlight. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars  solid 
not made cheap, bought 2 then later 2 more thanks

5 Stars  Power Bank 
Light is VERY bright! Ive also used it as a battery bank. Im very pleased with it.

5 Stars  Bright Compact 
Small compact lots of light. Very convenient handle/positioning device .

5 Stars  Portable flood Light 
When I wrote my first review I reported the light was wonderfully bright. However I had trouble getting the cord to connect to the light. So just used another cord I had on hand. To my surprise since I didnt request one I received a different cord in the mail same color, even. Now that is what I call customer service!! And the light works great. WIN! WIN!

5 Stars  Works fine 
Works fine for a good price

4 Stars  Not yet used... 
Was looking for something to give us light when our electricity goes out. This one worked great, gave us plenty of light for a room but we have not had a chance to use it yet and confirm how long the light will last. Charging is simple.

5 Stars  WOW! 
Like I said, WOW! This thing gives out a WIDE and very bright beam of light. Brighter than a patrol cars spotlight!

5 Stars  Brilliant 
Extremely bright like a car headlight!

5 Stars  THEY WORK! 
Used two while on construction site with no electricity. When finished the architect wanted to know where to buy two for himself. Good product. Love that they are rechargeable.

5 Stars  Love these lights 
Watch your eyes. They are so bright as to be blinding. Perfect for so many uses AND rechargeable. That is a winning combo. Glad I got several.

5 Stars  Powerful light 
This unit has a very powerful light. I did try recharging my phone and it worked beautifully. I only wish there were a light or something to indicate that the unit itself is charging. But this is great and I have it sitting next to me in case of a power outage.

5 Stars  Great rechargeable Flood Light 
This is a great rechargeable Flood Light that provides more light than a standard 60 W incandescent bulb. It takes 6 hours to charge and then will run around 2 hours. The only problem I have with it is that the charging cable is a little bit difficult to plug into the lamp. It also has a usb power output jack for using it as a power bank to charge other devices.

5 Stars  great lite 
it is bright

5 Stars  Super bright as advertised 
Works as advertised, super bright . I havent tested how long it will last on a full Charge yet.

5 Stars  Great light 
Very bright and convenient to use

5 Stars  Great product 
great size, very bright, I should have bought more.

5 Stars  super light 
This is a super bright light. I havent used it to charge anything yet.

5 Stars  Very bright for battery powered 
Nice light. Seem well made. Glad I bought it.

5 Stars  great lite 
it is very bright

5 Stars  Great Light 
We ordered several of these and are very pleased. The light is very bright, and we used them already on several projects inside cabinets, etc. Much brighter than my phone light, and I love the rechargeable battery beats finding a bunch of AAAs.

5 Stars  Love this light 
This is the handiest light I have ever used. I seldom use it as a power bank because I just love the light function. I have purchased 6 of these lights over the last year. Have given several away as gifts but have one in 4 different places in the house and one in the car. They are extremely bright and allow one to see what they are working on under sinks, dark areas of the home and rental properties when the power is off. I cant say enough good things about this product.

5 Stars  Great light and phone charger! 
Very bright, powerful and well made.

5 Stars  My eyes!!! 
This is a very powerful flood light! I may have burned my retinas when I turned it on while it was facing me. Seriously though, this is the real deal. Its a good size and its the only light youll need, whether its because of a power outage, or to light your way when camping. I have not had the opportunity to use it as a power bank, but I like the idea that it recharges using a USB, so it can be recharged in a vehicle if needed. I recommend this item.

5 Stars  Flood Light 
I like this unit. I probably need to buy another.


5 Stars  Portable and Bright 
This is a great light, bright and portable without having to pug into an outlet. I also like the fact that I can charge my phone with it.

5 Stars  floodlight 
Got this thing to brighten up my patio after dark. Works great, great buy. No regrets

5 Stars  Great!! 
Light is BRIGHT!! Well built. Someone, during the packaging at manufacturer, thought it would be funny to cut the cord rendering the light without recharging capability. No sweat, standard mini-USB cord will do the trick.
I'm sorry to hear that the charging cord was cut. We will get you out a replacement ASAP! So happy you are enjoying the lights! :)
3/8/2019 - Paula

4 Stars  Impressive Amt. of light ** Quick Customer Service** 
I have purchased about 17 of these so far as gifts only serious complaint so far is one blister pack had a cut cable. I called customer service and it was promptly replaced. Only complaints I have gotten so far is cable would not work with their cell phone, 3, and battery had very low charge when received also 3. So far once fully charged all seem happy with unit.

4 Stars  Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light And Power Bank 
Very powerful light.easy to charge.The power bank aspect of it not impressive,need to recharge often. I like the light very handy and useful,if you are doing minor projects.

3 Stars  Cant plug in the charger 
Im OT able to charge the light . Im not able to put the plug in the charger

5 Stars  Super Bright 
This light is almost too bright to use directly. I bounce it off the white wall of my patio to create a very pleasant light that is bright enough to read by. The reflected light is so much more useful than direct light. I dont know of any battery operated light which is bright enough to reflect useful light off a wall.

5 Stars  Awesome 
Before I even charged this light, I took it outside shined it up in my avocado tree. I could see each individual avocado! The light is amazing. Not sure yet about charging my phone. It stopped charging, but at first it was super quick. Great investment

5 Stars  I love my Mega Light 
I love the 1000 lumen light. about 2 days after it arrived I needed it to complete a task after the lights all went out for a couple of hours. I was in the attic with only minimum light anyway and without this powerful light I would have been up a creek. i managed to finish what I was doing safely without falling through the ceiling and comfortably maneuvering around many boxes.

5 Stars  Flood light 
Just as described great light.

5 Stars  Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank 
I bought one and tried it out. Liked it so much that I bought a second one. One for the car and one for the house.

5 Stars  Love this light 
This is an excellent light to use in dark places like under the sink when doing repairs. Nice stand for positioning. This light is very bright and will light up a room. I use it for inspecting and/or repairing houses without electricity.

5 Stars  Light up a runway 
This thing is BRIGHT -lights up the entire work area.

3 Stars  Important feature missing 
This item is missing a necessary charge state indicator light so you dont know when its fully charged or when it needs to be recharged. Can create a major problem if youre depending on it and dont happen to be near a USB port.

5 Stars  Saved my butt 
I got this and hadnt used it, then I had a power outage and this thing is amazingly bright. I couldnt believe how it filled the room up. Electricity was out for 3 hours and I had a deadline on a project that Im happy to say I was able to finish because I could see!

5 Stars  Fantastic Item 
This portable light and charger is the brightest I have ever seen. Even out of the box it was super bright before I even attached it to the charger.

Review this item!
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Video: Portable 1000 Lumen Flood Light and Power Bank

The Versa Beam Flood Light is an amazing do-it-all work light with a brightness of 1000 lumens. The water and weatherproof design features only one rubberized button used to go from High and Low beam settings.
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