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6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks
6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks
6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks
6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks
6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks

6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks

6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks

Compare at: $99.99  (83% off)
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

If you suffer from pain or fatigue in your lower legs, these Copper Infused Compression Socks may be just the thing to give you some much needed relief. Compression therapy can help promote circulation, reduce swelling, and make it a lot more bearable to walk. These are rated for moderate compression at 15-20mmHg.

The copper infusion ensures that the fabric stays tight and elastic over time. Plus, it's antibacterial, which will cut down on odor.

You get 6 pairs of compression socks with this deal, and they're machine washable!

SM/MED: Fits Men's Sizes 6.5-9, Women's Sizes 6.5-10
LG/XL: Fits Men's Sizes 8.5-11, Women's Sizes 8.5-12

Features and Benefits:
- 6 Pairs of Compression Socks
- Super Soft and Comfy
- Copper Infused
- Moderate Compression 15-20mmHg
- Antibacterial Properties Cut Down on Odor
- Reduces Pain, Swelling and Fatigue in Calves and Ankles
- Good for Varicose Veins and Mild to Moderate Edema
- Material: 90 percent Nylon, 10 percent Spandex

Review this item!

4 Stars  Pretty Okay 
I do like these compression socks however, they arent tight enough and they slide down which defeats the purpose of using compression socks. In addition, there is not enough copper in the sock. Overall, these can be used to help with leg pain.

4 Stars  socks 
they seem to be alright so far

5 Stars  Comfortable 
I have ordered these more than once. I like how they make my legs feel. I like saving money, too.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I am very satisfied with this product at a great price. The delivery arrived quickly.

5 Stars  They feel great 
Have helped the swelling in my foot, ankle and leg.

5 Stars  Good socks I wear every day 
I am on my feet at my job 45-50 hours a week. My left leg tends to swell up over the course of the day. These socks hold down the swelling exceptionally well. Been wearing them for 2+ years now. Sorry to hear they are being discontinued, bought 2 6-packs to go. Worth the money, hope they make a return some day.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
This turned out to a fabulous deal.I had purchased 6 pair of socks for the figure of about $24,00. I decided to buy a second set which was on sale for. $16 +. They are the best sock I have ever owned. Beats DR Schoul.Walmart and Target where I had purchased before.Even better in quality than the original from Pulse T V Thank you Pulse T V

5 Stars  They work for me 
I have been wearing the compression socks almost daily, they do not completely eradicate the problem but they give me comfort. Having 6 pairs is a bonus.

4 Stars  Good, but not as the picture shows 
These socks are very good, they provide about 75% of the compression of higher priced socks, I have even bought them twice, but they do NOT reach even close to the knee as the picture shows. In fact they come to about 4 inches BELOW the knee. Again, these are great socks for the price, but you would do better to buy the other socks this site advertises, they provide 100% of the compression of any other socks you can buy, and for the exact same price as these, Ive bought them once, and will do so again, but they do last very well. The first pair of the copper ones lasted a year, but they really need to be reinforced in the toe and heel, as they wore through quite quickly. I even tried to prolong their life by wearing another pair of normal socks over them to reduce the wear/friction.

4 Stars  Good socks 
Very good socks at a very good price

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks. 
The socks were everything they were advertised to be and very good quality. Easy to put on and take off. I would definitely recommend these socks to anyone needing compression socks.

5 Stars  Great 
Really like them.

4 Stars  compression socks 
very comfortable,easy to put on and take off

5 Stars  Final Solution 
I have needed compression socks for years. I even bought a compression machine for home therapy. Tried so many I cant count them, with little benefit. Then I found these Copper Infused Compression socks that changed my life. Yes, a little hard to get on, but I have found that if compression socks are easy to get on, they just arent doing the job. These are inexpensive, durable, and best of all - effective in relieving pain and discomfort. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Excellent 
Just what was needed.

5 Stars  Great sock 
Great price,wear good and look good

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
Very comfortable and they do the job.

5 Stars  Great Socks - Great Price 
This was actually a re-order. I have bought these socks from Pulse previously. The combination of high quality and a reasonable price will bring me back when these are worn out.

5 Stars  help for tired legs 
I have been wearing these stockings for over 2 years not the same pairs! they hold up better than sheer stockings ,no holes or runs,

5 Stars  Compression Socksi 
I have been wearing these socks for almost 5 years now. They are absolutely awesome! These are the ONLY socks I wear. I have given them as gifts, & everyone loves them!

4 Stars  excellent 
work very good in fact I might buy more

5 Stars  Compression Socks Does The Job 
These are a great value. Bought for spouse. He really likes them.

5 Stars  Really good compression socks 
These socks are effective and fit well. I have 2 pairs of more expensive compression socks, and these are just as good.

5 Stars  My Daughter Loves Them 
I ordered these for my 47 year old daughter. She has varicose veins and swelling. She absolutely loves these socks. They provide support and dont fall down her legs.

5 Stars  Rave Review 
I gave these socks to my husband and two sons. They love them! They fit really well and keep their legs and feet warm. I would order them again.

5 Stars  great socks 
I purchase these socks they are great i am on my feet for 6 hours a day for work and when i get home my legs are good.

5 Stars  Love them. Fit well, Compress legs, easy to get on & off, 2nd Buy 
Love them. Fit well, Compress legs, easy to get on & off, 2nd time Ive bought them to get more, first 6 pr still work. Have thrown away all my other socks. Not sure what the copper does, but makes no difference. Would rate 6 stars, if possible.

5 Stars  Best feel and support on Market! 
These soxs are so good that I have ordered several sets for friends of mine, both male and female. They all love them!

5 Stars  Compression socks 
These are great and I have been wearing them for a couple of years. Such a good price I had to order some more. If you need support for your legs you will love these

5 Stars  Socks 
Very good product

5 Stars  Excellent fit and feel 
I bought these for me and my husband, men size 9 my feet are size 7, they fit both of us very nicely. Soft comfortable and even energizing. My husband is diabetic and has some neuropathy and pain in his calf and he loves them!!! So glad they worked out for both of us.

5 Stars  Compression socks 
Product was as advertised exactly what I ordered

3 Stars  no laundrying instructions 
difficult to get on but are comfortable when you get them on

5 Stars  Good for the price 
Good fit and reasonably priced socks. hopefully, they will last a long time.

3 Stars  Copper Compression Socks 
Im a little disappointed in that in the picture of the socks, they look knee-high. But, actually, they are about mid-calf.

5 Stars  Copper infused. 
Very comfortable. Recommend. Walmart no copper $11+ for 2 pr !

5 Stars  What I needed. 
Not 1zt time ordered socks from you. Allways satisfied.

5 Stars  Copper Socks 
These socks are great, I wear them all the time, even sleeping

5 Stars  Great socks 
Im tempted to buy another set of six!

5 Stars  compression socks 
I like to wear the compression socks whenever Im sitting at my desk for an extended period of time or when I go on road trips out of town.

5 Stars  Reduced leg swelling 
My husband hasnt complained of leg pain since he got these.

5 Stars  Thank you 
I love them. I was having cramps in my legs from being on them all day working in a hospital. But when I ware them its like poof no pain, I walk with ease. Thank you so much

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Excellent Socks, very good value, they lasts me up to 1 year when I rotate 14 Pair.

5 Stars  Best Socks Ever 
Very comfortable and maintains stability of my feet and legs.

5 Stars  Great Socks 
These socks do the job for me and I would recommend them to anyone whose legs swell.

5 Stars  Excellant product 
I was advised by my doctor to start wearing Compression socks to help with my legs circulation. I paid over $10 for one pair at my pharmacy. I then ordered 4 x 6 pairs, 24 pairs, of your copper infused compression socks and they averaged less then 4 dollars per pair, including shipping. And they are much easier to pull on then the $10 pair.

3 Stars  Socks 
It is pretty good but compression could be better

5 Stars  Copper Infused Comp Socks 
As usual they are great!

5 Stars  great compression socks 
these compression socks are really good. my only complaints is that I ordered a size too big so they do not work as well as they should. if I order a smaller size I hope they will be as easy to get on and off

1 Stars  kinda flimsy 
do not intend to use toothpaste dispenser ,just looks too flimsy. will try the tooth brush holder but not expecting it to last long

4 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Compression is good. Sock foot very tight, my shoe size is 10.5. Socks dont come up to the knee.

5 Stars  Walking on air 
These socks are so comfortable and really have my feet relaxed. Sometimes I forget that I have them on. Thats how good they work. Even my wife loves them.

5 Stars  Comfortable 
Very comfortable fit, apply even pressure on legs.

5 Stars  Great Bargin 
Needed compression socks for medical reasons. Checked what was available. The prices elsewhere were more than I expected, so purchased only 2 pairs. Then I saw the PulseTV ad, 6 pairs for the price of one pair in the medical supply store. Purchase the 6pairs, and loved it. When the ad came around the second time, I purchased another 6pairs. The ad was again featured, third time, at a lower price, so purchased another 6pairs. As I need to wear compression socks daily, these extras are a great backup when traveling. I still am using the original 6pairs I purchased. They seem to hold up quite well with constant washing and use.

5 Stars  A very pleasant surprise 
To be honest when i ordered them I was skeptical. I figured 6 pair for this price I would be getting some knock-off socks they calll compression socks. But when I put the first pair on I loved them, and have worn them every day. They are much easier to put on than the ones I had. They dont quite have the compression of my other ones, maybe 80 percent of the compression of my others, but they do the job nicely, these are not just your every day tube socks. They look very nice as well, though the one complaint I have is they are about 4 inches shorter at least than the ones shown in the picture, they do NOT come to just below the knee, but 4 inches below the knee, which makes no sense. My other Professional grade socks come right up to the knee, these should as well. But they are well worth the money I spent for them, and will buy them again in the future for as long as they are offered.

5 Stars  Love these! Great support, easy to put on, and machine washable! 
My husband has heart problems and feels so much better when he wears compression socks, because he works on his feet all day. I happened upon these and thought wed try them because of the great price, not really expecting much. As it turns out, he likes them even more than the ones he has that are double the price, and shipping was super speedy!

5 Stars  Easy on, easy off, knee high 
Loved them. Fit perfectly and hold in my legs. Not sure what the copper does. Would buy more.

5 Stars  no better support hose on the market 
I bought these on special, hoping they would be effective at minimizing the edema I have in my calves and feet. I also hoped they would be made of relatively thin material because thick socks cause my shoes to fit to tightly and cause pain. I am pleased to say these copper infused compression socks are excellent in every way! Thin fabric that provides a good fit in my shoes and effective compression that minimizes the swelling in my calves and feet.

5 Stars  Great fit! 
I love the fit on these. I wear socks 24-7 and love that these go to the knee, but dont roll down an hour later. Im not sure that the copper thing works for me it doesnt for everybody, and Ive only been wearing them during the summer - when we have the A/C on all day - and I dont find them them keeping my feet warm... but when Im out and about in the heat, they breathe well! Cant say that about my regular socks. Shipped, these will run just under $23 - thats less than $5 each! Just reordered a second set for a family member. That tell you anything?

5 Stars  https//www.pulsetv.com/prodinfo.asp?number=7689 
My son has a problem w/ fluid in his ankles and wears these all the time. They really help and he loves them.

5 Stars  A SUPER DEAL 
I recently bought one pair of compression socks from a medical supply co. and paid $51. They were too tight and did not satisfy me at all. The copper infused socks I bought from Pulse fit perfectly and what a super buy for six pairs. Thank yall, Terry

5 Stars  Comprission Socks 
Just what I needed and at a price I can afford so I order 12 more.

5 Stars  Great/ easy wear Compression Socks 
The copper compression socks are great!! They are excellent for tired and swelling legs but are easy to get on and off. My foot doctor has said that are very good for swollen ankles. This is the 2nd time that I have bought these socks--the last set lasted for 5 years and are still wearable.

5 Stars  Copper Compression Socks 
These are really terrific socks. I had a DVT blood clot some years ago and have worn compression socks since. The band over the top of the foot is unique to these and really helps. Best Ive worn!

5 Stars  I am Wearing Some Now 
They Work. They are Comfortable. My Wife Had Some That I Tried But, They Were Not as Comfortable as These.

3 Stars  Good and Bad 
It says fits sizes 6 - 12. Im a side 11 and the socks dont come up high enough for me only stand 6 1. They need a longer option - these are probably good for average height people with shoe sizes of 6 - 9.

2 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Socks do not maintain a firm enough stay on my legs they keep sliding down to my ankles.

4 Stars  copper socks rock 
I have used copper clothing items for some time now, and they really work for me. These socks seem to be doing what they are advertised.

5 Stars  Excellent buy 
I am really enjoying these socks. The price and quality are excellent.

4 Stars  Very comfortable 
Feel good around my ankles and calfs.

5 Stars  Compression socks 
They have really helped. My legs dont ache as they used to!

5 Stars  Best socks ever 
Bought the socks on a whim from popup. They work great after a day on my feet no swelling of feet and leggs and feet feel great.

3 Stars  Hard to put on 
Due to hip problem I find it difficult to put these on. I use a sock slide and with a lot of tugging I get them on. Also very difficult to take off. Comfortable while I have them on. Maybe it will be easier after hip replacement.

5 Stars  Best compression socks I have ever worn !! 
These socks are very easy to put on and take off and they stay in place on your feet with good pressure in the right places ! Great product!!

4 Stars  Compression socks 
I am pleased with my socks. I stand at work all day and they really seem to help.

MY GRANDSON22 wears these socks every day. He says his legs are not tired like they use to be. He is very fit,not ounce of fat. He loves them.

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
Saw results immediately. Great improvement in leg feeling and feels more comfortable as the day goes on.

5 Stars  Relief!! 
These socks are perfect for me, they releave some of the pain, Im having in my legs and feet.

5 Stars  Really Helps 
I received these socks about 2 weeks ago and I started to feel the difference after about 3 days. They go on easily not as tight as another compression sock I had, but they get the job done for me.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Love them -- very nice -- comfortable.

5 Stars  Great Pen ,Multfunctional Uses 
Use it for work great product ,mulitfunctional for nursing use

5 Stars  Everyday Use 
I love these socks. Im on my feet and walking for a great part of the day and these socks help keep my legs feeling energized. I wear them every day now. They are so comfortable I dont even remember I have them on.

5 Stars  Love them!!! 
I stand on my feet all day every day, I was in so much pain, that I could hardly walk by the end of the day. Now I can move about effortlessly and rapidly. Im 69 and work at Walmart, so this is no small accomplishment.

5 Stars  compression socks 
These full-length socks are very comfortable, easy to put on, keep my legs energized, ache-free. Really amazing!

5 Stars  Very confortable & does the job 
I have been wearing these socks since I received them, and they wear well and launder extremely well.

4 Stars  One of many 
Ordered from another merchant. They were 1-2 inches shorter not above knee than a previous order from WalMart, above knee and pressure good. I wear a 9 1/2 -10 shoe. These current ones are too long and therefore less pressure. Afraid the smaller ones advertised may be good pressure, but, again, maybe, too short. Would like to try one of the smaller size, if possible.

5 Stars  Ease of putting them on. 
They are very easy to wear. Also very easy to remove.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I LOVE THESE SOCKS! They are so comfortable and my legs feel great at the end of the day. Ordered a second time for a girlfriend.

4 Stars  6 prs Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I think this purchase was a excellent one. I find that the socks help my legs feel more comfortable than in the past. I strongly recommend them. Alice from Flushing, NY

5 Stars  Great Product 
Helped reduce fluid buildup in my legs. Really good price.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I didnt think that with the price that they were, I said how good can they be, and with 6 pair, untill I put them on. 5 Stars. As far as for me, you cant go wrong. Buy them.

5 Stars  Great Socks and Quality 
These socks are very comfortable for all-day wear...Just what the doctor ordered for post surgery light support.

5 Stars  Amazing bargin ! 
My husband has had to wear compression socks for years and they are expensive. I was so thrilled to get these for the price I did and the quality is excellent. Would definitely buy again.

5 Stars  very comfortable 
compressions were very high quality and comfortable

4 Stars  A pleasant surprise.... 
Are these socks a life-changer? Well...no, BUT theyve made me feel good. I suffer from neuropathy. My toes and feet are still numb when I wear the socks but I do sense warmth and the compression makes my calfves feel tighter and stronger. And did I mention the price was right?

5 Stars  Great value! 
This is the third time I have bought these socks. They are great. The value is great, as well.

5 Stars  Number One 
I hurt my ankle. Dr. said soak it, stay off of it and take an NSAID. I ordered these socks thinking that the compression might also help. These socks seem to really assist with the reduction of the swelling in my lower leg.

5 Stars  Great Socks 
These are the most comfortable socks that I own.

5 Stars  The Best 
These are the best compression socks I have ever Purchased. Gave my son and nephew each a pair and they Love Them.

5 Stars  Great support 
For my diabetic legs. They are the best Ive run across over the years.

4 Stars  THE CONS... 
Ive used these stockings for more than a year now, and find them very comfortable, nice looking, somewhat sturdy, and very warm. For those with edema in your feet, be aware that there is a rather large seam that separates the toe box from the sock. This seam runs right across my feet mid-toe and is of sufficient protrusion that it sometimes affects my toe circulation, causing an uncomfortable sensation. The other thing is that the elastic weakens sooner than I expected...less than a year... and I always air dry them, no drier heat. Summarythese stockings are great for the price and definitely serve a useful purpose. For those with more serious medical needs, these may not fit the bill. My favorite brand was Bauer & Black Precision Support. They were perfect for me and all lasted more than 10 years. Unfortunately, I cannot find them anymore, so it is a trial and error endeavor to find something else suitable.

5 Stars  Copper infused socks 
Wow! Impressed love these socks

5 Stars  Great socks!!! 
I bought these as a gift for a friend that has a serious leg troubles. He says the socks feel great, fit very well, and he loves them!! A home run for a Christmas gift!!

5 Stars  Fantastic value. Love it! 
We like them so much, well probably buy more.

5 Stars  Very Pleased 
Ive been wearing compression stockings for about 2 years now and have used about 3 or 4 different brands. These are the most comfortable. Some were not stiff enough some were too tight for 10-12 hour wear these are just about perfect.

4 Stars  Good socks 
very comfortable

5 Stars  Socks 
Excellent and they stop my swelling

5 Stars  Incredible socks 
These are so comfortable! They alleviate my sore foot problem. Fit well, too.

5 Stars  Fantastic Compression Socks 
These were really excellent socks. The copper infused band across the top of the foot really adds to it. They seem to be wearing quite well.

5 Stars  They work 
just what the doctor ordered, and i mean that literally, not figuratively. my doctor had just told me to get some compression socks and this offer came up and i jumped on it and couldnt be happier. even share the with my wife who is no her feet all day at work.

4 Stars  socks 
Use these and similar ones frequently. For me, I wish the foot padding was thicker and more comfortable. In my opinion, it is too thin for me. It is too bad that the top of the sock causes a tourniquet like compression line no matter what you do. It is not unlike other compression socks

5 Stars  Really seems to help 
Only have worn the socks a few days, but they have helped my swelling foot and ankles. feel much better working!!!

1 Stars  Do not work as advertised 
These socks are too elastic and are not support hose. I purchased the S/M size and they are too stretchy.

1 Stars  May be good - will never know 
These socks may be really good but I will never know because even though I ordered a larger size than normal I can not get them over my calf and up to my knees. They run really small and for me are a waste of money because I have not been able to wear them at all!

2 Stars  Too short 
My husband and I both tried the socks. We are both fairly short, but the socks are way too short. Also, they werent the ones that were in the picture.

4 Stars  Good socks 
I love the socks but they do not keep your feet warm.

3 Stars  Inconsistent sizing 
I love the socks when they fit. I rarely have leg cramps anymore. But some of the socks are too small and hurt because they constrict my leg

5 Stars  Great product 
I have to have compression socks for lower leg issues and these are wonderful. My legs dont ache after a day of wearing.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I would recommend these socks to everyone

5 Stars  Very Comfortable 
I really like these socks. I wear them every day. I have had knee replacements. One didnt go so well, drop foot, I have had pain in my ankle. The socks really seem to help.

4 Stars  Items appear very trustworthy !! 
Recently received the socks as advertised. The fit is good but have not had the opportunity to actually try them out. Wont be using them until Dec.21st when wife takes her trip to Africa for which they were purchased.

5 Stars  good socks for less money! 
These are every bit as good, and maybe better than the compression socks from the drugstore, and MUCH less expensive! They work just as well to combat the swelling in my legs and are easier to put on as well. Great deal for a 6 pack of needed socks!

5 Stars  comfortable 
I ordered these for my husband as he was having trouble with swelling in his legs. These are comfortable for him and he has not had any swelling since wearing them. But then, he cut back on salt consumption also!!

5 Stars  Great Socks 
The best socks I have ever owned

5 Stars  Very Happy 
No complaints at all about these socks. Love the boxy toes. I wear a 6-1/2 shoe and have rather short heavy legs, but these socks do not cut off my circulation like many do.

5 Stars  Love them 
They are comfortable and feet arent sweaty.

2 Stars  Not what I expected 
I first purchased Verge Knee High Sport Comprehension and I loved them. Bought these to try and was disappointed. Too tight, not high enough near the knee and a little small. Will never wear them. Then I ordered another set of the Verge Knee High Sport which I wear every day.

5 Stars  Great buy 
I have been using these for several months now and love them. I bought a set of six for a good friend and he loves his too.

4 Stars  No regrets because of purchase. 
Poor mans sub. for the real thing.

5 Stars  compression socks 
great price perfect fit

5 Stars  excellent stockings at a reasonable cost 
These stockings are a tremendous deal.Easy to get on and off. Look sharp with dressed up clothes. Wear well and easy clean. Love them

5 Stars  Great Compression Socks 
These socks are great for your legs and feet. It makes your legs stronger and lengthening your time on your feet.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I have no more swelling and with the socks my feet and legs feel great.

5 Stars  GREAT BUY 
These are fantastic! Easy to get on, so comfortable to wear hardly know theyre on, and really help keep down swelling in my feet and legs.

5 Stars  great 
I just put on a pair yesterday and am amazed at how well they worked. When I went to bed there was no swelling in my feet or ankles.

Worked well, helped stabilize a sore ankle, which has since improved greatly. Ordered the Large to extra large, and they fit well. When you start to put them on, they look small but they expand nicely, and seem to provide stability.

5 Stars  socks 
the best I have ever worn. one thing you should not do is wash them in the washing machine. hand wash and dry. they keep their elasticity if you do it by hand

4 Stars  Socks 
Kinda hard to put on

5 Stars  Great compression socks 
Needed to help with my diabetic issues and they work great

5 Stars  Just Perfect as described 
Have been wearing these for the last 2 weeks since received. Not sure of the actual result yet, but legs feel good and supported. Have washed once so far and have held up so far.

5 Stars  Compression socks 
I absolutely love these socks. I have to wear compression socks every day and these are the easiest socks to put on my feet. They are very comfortable.

5 Stars  The best Ive found! 
Ive tried many types and brands of compression stockings, which are an absolute medical NECESSITY for me, and these are best, hands down at ANY price!.

5 Stars  Very comfortable compression 
Most comfortable and I say effective for an inexpensive price. Thank you so much

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
The Copper Infused Compression Socks fit well, They are the best I have used so far.

4 Stars  They help 
As expected

1 Stars  To small 
They are more like a medium. They were to hard to put on and hurt my mothers feet.

4 Stars  6 pairs cooper socks 
the size was stated as xl but the socks were smaller .

5 Stars  Pleasantly surprised 
I received my copper infused compression socks and I would rate them a 10. Just as good as some Ive paid up to $20 each.

5 Stars  Copper Compression Socks work 
Good firm support

5 Stars  Compression socks are great 
They fit well, not too tight, no more swollen ankles.

4 Stars  Work well for me. 
The Copper Infused Compression Socks work well for me. I walk alot during the day and at the end of the day my feet are generally sore and tired, but not so much when I ware these socks. They are also a good value.

4 Stars  Copper socks 
I really do like these socks. I would have given it a 5 star, but when my order arrived it was shorted they sent 5 socks instead of 6.

5 Stars  Great compression socks! 
I have very bad circulation to my lower extremities. These sock are moderate compression and are light weight. They work very well for my poor circulation. The only socks that I now wear, and at a very great price!

5 Stars  good value 
I like it it does not fit too tight it is mlike a regular tube sock but better

5 Stars  Copper infused compression socks 
Socks are comfortable and helped with my restless legs syndrome

4 Stars  good product 
work great good price

4 Stars  Nice fit 
The price was right, the socks are very comfortable.

5 Stars  Cooper infused socks 
Fit well and do the job.

4 Stars  Compression socks 
A little small on the fit heel to toe. Great compression. Must be put on with a sock aid plastic trough with rope handles. With arthritis, I must do that for any socks. Cant bend over far enough to get them started.

3 Stars  Socks 
Need to have a 2x instead of just l/xl husband has pretty good size calf muscles would not go up to his knees as said

4 Stars  very acceptable 
Tried on one pair and fits and feels very good. Not sure if mercury value is enough.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Im on my feet all day, My legs never felt better at night

5 Stars  Support Hose 
Love them - a little hard to get on but very comfortable and they work!

1 Stars  NOT a good deal at any price 
The copper part appears to be only on the foot. The socks do not cover the entire calf. Compression strength is lacking.

5 Stars  Great Deal on the Copper Infused Compression Socks 
The Copper Infused Compression Socks I ordered are fantastic! They really do help my legs and feet keep from swelling and definitely decrease the pain associated with this. I can last longer shopping and sightseeing. I highly recommend them.

5 Stars  Best price Ive found 
Great price and much comfort

5 Stars  Copper compression socks 
The sock were easy to get on & compression was firm but not over firm. Generally a nice product

4 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I wear mens size 11W shoe and the sock is a little short foot-wise however, workable and compares to products costing almost twice as much at big-box stores. Good, comparable compression.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Excellent product.... Reduced inflamation

5 Stars  Price and value. SUPER 
Much better than the two pairs I bought in store. THANX

4 Stars  Much cheaper than Prescription Compression socks 
My wife really likes these compression stockings and they are 1/10 the price of compression stockings from a prescription store. Needless to say 10 pair for the price of one.

5 Stars  great socks 
My husband loves these compression socks. He lasts longer walking when he wears them.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Got these for my husband, he loves them they fit perfectly and he says his legs do feel much better. I bought the med-larg mainly because he has a high instep but his ankle and calfs are very small. Im not sure how the size would work on anyone with larger legs

5 Stars  copper infused socks 
I bought these for my son who has lupus and a problem w/ swollen ankles. He loves them. They feel great and do not cut off his circulation.

5 Stars  really great 
These socks offer a lot of support without binding uncomfortably under the knee. These work much better than my former compression socks which were much more expensive.

3 Stars  Copper infused socks 
If they would fit better they would be fine, but my one leg is too large for the sock to fit correctly. To supposed to be XL they really are not..

5 Stars  Looks good feels good 
Great price. Great fit. Works. Couldnt be happier with a product that normally costs much more than I paid.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
The socks work well. My legs were not as tired at the end of the day. They are a good product and the price point is perfect.

5 Stars  Great Socks 
The socks are very comfortable and helps with circulation

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Helps with leg pain, tingling and burning sensation.

1 Stars  Ok 
Received 6 pair- 3 pair were too short to wear. Disappointing

5 Stars  Great buy 
These are a great product. Easy to put on. Gives great support. Much better than support stockings that I had bought elsewhere at a higher price

2 Stars  Size mislabeled 
Ordered large - package said large but socks were way to small- more like regular socks with a lot less compression than the previous set I had ordered. Will not order again!

5 Stars  excellent and comfortable compression socks 
I just returned from vacation and wore these socks most days, including on the airplane. I was very pleased with their compression. I also found them comfortable. Id compare them favorably to the Jobst 15-20 compression socks Ive been wearing, although I do like the cottony feel of the Jobst better. These feel synthetic.

5 Stars  Great & here are some measurements! 
I noticed most of the complaints are about sizing. I bought the X/XL and they fit me fine. I really like the squared off toe! I find most socks uncomfortably tight in the toe which is not the case with these. To help someone else with sizing, I did some measuring. These socks come comfortably all the way above my calf and stay just below the crease behind my knee. Floor to crease behind knee is 17 in. My foot, heel to end of big toe is 10 in. The widest part of my foot is 3 3/4 in. Distance around my calf is 14 3/8 in. I have experienced no swelling since I started wearing these!

5 Stars  Does the Job 
Bought these for my son who is on his feet all day. His calves cramp up and hurt after 10 hours. He said these socks are a lifesaver. Glad I got them for him.

5 Stars  Cooper Infused Compression Socks 
The socks are great. Gives my feet and legs alot of support.

5 Stars  Feel so good 
My Dr suggested I get some compression socks to help with swelling. They worked like a charm. Great price too!

5 Stars  Compression socks 
My doc. prescribed compression socks for my swelling feet and ankles, they cost me over $100.00 each pair. When I saw these advertised I bought them and they work just like the more expensive ones I had purchased. Great purchase!!

5 Stars  Opperninfused compression socks 
Excellent quality and function. These are exactly as advertised.

5 Stars  Great Socks and more. 
Gave them as gifts to help my special friends. Everyone raving about them. i purchased also and what a relief. Hope all will get some and share with others. Patty & Taki -

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression socks 
I just put these socks on Today, and they are very comfortable. They give you good support and are a very good buy for the money.

2 Stars  Disappointment 
These socks are warm- that is great! However they did not help prevent any swelling in my legsI couldnt tell any difference in aches or pains in my legs! they are not a replacement for compression stockings.

5 Stars  Very satisfied 
I noticed my legs are feeling less tired and less pain when I wear these socks. Im very satisfied

5 Stars  6 pair of copper infused compression socks 
second six pack of socks

3 Stars  copper infused compression socks,knee high 
The large size is not large enough for mens size 11. plus after being wash they shrunk a bit more

5 Stars  Update on prior review 
As noted in my prior order, there was an issue. However, I was contacted and all product issues were resolved. Plan on ordering again with Pulsetv

5 Stars  Copper Socks Save the Day! 
Great socks, just wish they were a teensy bit larger. Fast delivery

5 Stars  Compression socks 
They work great I had some swelling Problems they really did help me Thank you JOHN LONG

2 Stars  Not what I hoped for 
The socks are nice and warm, but the toe area is too bulky to fit comfortably in my shoes. The pictures dont show this. The toe area is a sewn on rectangular piece of fabric. It is not rounded as most socks are in the toes.

5 Stars  Nice compression hose 
Copper color stands out but only on battom parts. Hose serve very well.

5 Stars  Wonderful 
The socks are just great. They made my legs feel much better just as soon as I put them on.When I see them again I will order another package.

I ordered these for my wife and she loves them.

2 Stars  Sizing, and compression 
These socks do not fit properly. I ordered them in large, and they are too small to fit my size nine feet. I also noted that the amount of compression is really insufficient to be of benefit for my particular condition.

2 Stars  copper infused compression socks 
this was not what I expected--I have type 2 diabetes and these socks were very tight--made a severe indention on both legs restricted circulation water retention in both legs-- can not wear these socks --

3 Stars  Great price 
They are fine - great for the price.

4 Stars  Good, but lighter compression than expected 
Lighter compression than 20-30 mmhg.

3 Stars  Somewhat disapointed 
I wear support socks every day. I thought the compression would be a bit tighter as I normally use medium compression socks and these dont feel like medium. They should be a little longer . The do not reach over my calfs so they tend to slide down a little.

3 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
The material that is around the lower leg is very good. However the sock portion in the shoe is too tight and is not comfortable. Since walking in the socks is uncomfortable, I only wear them when I am not going to be walking in them.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I bought them for my grand kids and they love them. So guess they work TY

5 Stars  Great Socks 
I purchased these for my dad who is 92 years old. The socks are very tight and a little hard to get on, but once on they keep the swelling down considerable.

3 Stars  Just another pair of socks. 
I wore the socks for 6 days and feel no difference.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
These socks are good fitting and made of good quality material. Also comfortable to wear.

5 Stars  Great! 
Priced way below market and are wonderful

1 Stars  Infused Compression Socks 
The socks are very expensive and are way too small for my feet and hurt my toes.

5 Stars  Best socks ever! 
We love our socks! They massage our feet and legs, taking away all pain and discomfort. We recommend these to everyone that has circulation issues.

4 Stars  Copper Infused Socks 
Good quality, great feel when wearing. The only problem I have is sizing. L/XL are not the same. Yes they should fit snug but to fight to put them on is a little rough. I wear them but it is an additional workout.

5 Stars  good 
Im buying them again

4 Stars  Product line 
Hi Happy with the product, The X/LG is a little small. Thanks Doug

5 Stars  Reduced pain and swelling 
These socks are an answer to prayer. Ive suffered from leg pain and swelling for years. Wearing them has reduced my pain and swelling so much Im able to do things I had trouble doing before. Im able to care for my grandchildren and enjoy them more than ever! I love these copper/compression socks! Only one regret, Id love them in white and colors. Thanks a million!

5 Stars  Husband said they were comfortable 
I bought them for my husband & has enjoyed them. Good value

3 Stars  Mis-sized 
Should be large enough for size 11 but only fits size 10.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
I have to be a little careful how I use these since I have P.A.D. but love the socks. A few hours a day is all I can do.......

2 Stars  Will not buy again 
They dont prevent swelling in my legs and feet.

5 Stars  Great Socks! 
These socks work! It didnt take long for the pain to stop after putting these on. Definitely Recommend!

1 Stars  Too big, not enough compression 
Too big not enough compression

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
Since receiving them I have worn them daily helping with my daily walk they have seamed to help with my leg problems.

1 Stars  Too small for me. 
The products, while are good, are too small for me. Is this really for XL? It looks and feels like it is for S. My wife and I are having time trying to see how this is for anything but small.

3 Stars  Not sized correctly 
The XL is supposed to fit up to size 11. Dont believe it. I wear 10 to 10 1/2 and it was too small for my foot and fit way too tight.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Very comfortable, better than others I paid much more for.

5 Stars  Daughter loves them 
Ordered these for my daughter. Best price and quality. Husband wears them too.

5 Stars  Very comfortable 
Just as described. Fast delivery

4 Stars  comfortable 
The socks were easy to put on and were comfortable for daily wear. I think that the compression could be higher but they are good for the price.

My copper-infused compression socks are serving really well. They provide great support for my feet and calves, and reduce fatigue and swelling when I am on my feet all day. My only minor complaint is that they could be just a bit larger, so they would come up completely over the calf. Still a great deal, though.

5 Stars  Your socks 
I bought these for my wife. She likes them,,, ,,,all is well at the Madison home... Thank You

5 Stars  Very satisfied 
They are very comfortable and seem to do the job.

5 Stars  Great 
Perfect fit will reorder when time

5 Stars  TOO GOOD!! 
I had to get these for my husband who was experiencing swollen legs and feet. They have done a remarkable job keeping the swelling away. They wash and dry very well, and so far havent lost their effectiveness.

5 Stars  Great compression socks 
Very good stockings for the price

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I was very pleased with the quality of the socks. They put pressure on my calves and also prevented swelling in my feet caused by medications.

5 Stars  Great product 
Excellent workmanship great product cannot beat for the price

1 Stars  too small 
I ordered the L/XL that is supposed to be good up to size 11. I wear 10 to 10 1/2 shoe size. They were way too tight. Instead of feeling good they made both legs ache. Left them off for one day and legs feel a lot better

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
They are very comfortable. I have been paying as much as $12.00 per pair and the price I paid for these was only a fraction of that.

5 Stars  I love these socks! 
Im on my feet most of the day at work and to tell the truth didnt think too much about them till I decided to wear regular socks one day and I realized just how much they had been helping me. Wear them every day now!!

5 Stars  Great socks 
I purchased these for my husband, He has worn them and likes them a lot. There hasnt been enough time to notice real results. The socks are well made, definitely provide compression. After washing they were just as nice. All in all very pleased with this purchase.

5 Stars  Wow is all I can say 
These made my legs and feet feel so much better. I love them and wear them all the time.

5 Stars  Copper made socks 
The socks were whelp made but were too tight to put on. I weight only 140lbs and are 5ft 8 . The package says LARGE/Xlarge which must be mislabeled. Please send me info to return these socks. Thank you.

5 Stars  Very comfortable socks 
Feet havent felt this good in a long time !!!!!

5 Stars  So comfortable 
The compression socks makes my legs feel sooo good. This is acgreat price too .

2 Stars  Compression stockings 
These stockings do not work for someone that needs real compression. They are no tighter then an over the calf gold toe sock. I returned them and I would not purchase these if you are seeking a real compression stocking.

4 Stars  good support socks 
They feel good without putting too much pressure

3 Stars  Socks Not Quite Big Enough 
Socks are great but they are not quite big enough. I they were larger they would be great.

5 Stars  Comfort and ease to make you pleased 
I have paid from $21.00 to over $60.00 for just one pair of Compression Socks but 6 pairs for $24.95 is really a buy . Anyway at that price what have I got to loose, so I ordered my first set and was really pleasantly surprised. These socks have a copper heel and toe which is really form fitting theyre made of a very comfortable material the others are itchy I was able to wear them all day without a problem just like my doctor ordered. Since my first set Ive ordered 3 more one for a friend.Thanks for bring them back the 2nd time so I could Stock up on my Stockings

5 Stars  Great Socks 
These really help with my circulation a LOT, they do exactly what they say they will do. Plus they are very comfortable to wear.

4 Stars  Great value 
socks dont come up quite as far as my regular compression socks but they feel very comfortable and relieve the swelling in my ankles Thanks

5 Stars  Perfect for me 
These are so much nicer than what I have bought at Walgreens, and that I have gotten by prescription.

5 Stars  Great value! 
Great price, same quality as others I had purchased. Much cheaper.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
These socks are wonderful. Its the first time in many years that I can actually see my ankles because they dont swell when I wear these socks. I can also walk more comfortably with these socks on, Im so glad that I gave them a try.

5 Stars  Copper infused socks 
They are very comfortable and they really make my feet and legs feel good.

5 Stars  Awesome socks!! 
I ordered 6 pair since I wear these type socks everyday due to having swollen ankles if I dont wear them. These socks keep my legs and ankles feeling great all day and control the swelling!! Love them!!

5 Stars  copper infused compression socks 
These were better than expected. I have mild edema of my ankles and these socks worked well. They are comfortable and fit well firmly without being annoying. I recommend them without reservation.

3 Stars  Good quality but size is off 
I received the socks and the quality appears to be good. However, the advertising said they should fit up to size 11. I wear 11 1/2, so I thought they would work. When I put on the socks, they were about two inches too short. Pulsetv.com gave me a credit for the amount and said I could keep the socks. They responded well. The 3 stars is due to they were too small.

3 Stars  C. Socks 
The foot part of the socks fit perfect. But the calf part is way to small. I have to roll them down which defeats the purpose.

5 Stars  Superior! 
I am impressed and very pleased with these socks. They are equal to or better than the drugstore pair at 6 times the price!

5 Stars  great socks 
They appear durable and fit is great. Solid product which does what it says it does

5 Stars  Comfort and support 
Ive been told by my dr to get support stockings for many years- I finally broke down and ordered these- very glad I did - the difference is subtle but my legs are feeling better with the support stockings

5 Stars  copper infused compression socks 
im a happy camper. wish id bought more!

5 Stars  A Good Buy 
These socks are comfortable and they keep my swelling of my ankles down. However after wearing for a long period of time my feet were cramping only because I needed to get used to them. I recommend the socks to friends and family and gave them a pair to try out so that they can try this site.

5 Stars  These are great! 
I tried these out as soon as I got them, and they are great! Great value for my money, and that is always welcome!

I think that these are a very good value. They seem to be the equivalent of my regular firm 20-30 mm/hg compression socks. If these hold up to multiple washings, I shall be very happy.

5 Stars  copper compressions sock wonder! 
The copper compression socks fit like a glove and are comfortable. I was amazed how great they feel.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Socks 
Very good product, fit and comfort great.Old motorcycle.injury to lower leg and ankle,with these socks no pain and great. Support.

5 Stars  So good, Ive ordered more! 
Great socks. Ive ordered more. I will now have 18 pair!

5 Stars  simply great 
I am a diabetic with poor circulation to my feet. when I tried this socks on they felt so great on my feet I could enjoy walking. give me great circulation to my feet and they are also very comfortable and soft.

4 Stars  On the Small Side 
My wife and I use copper-infused compression socks regularly so this seemed like a good deal at four bucks a pair. The package arrived pretty quickly. Unfortunately, for me at least, the socks are too small for my size 11 feet. My wife wears a womens size 9 and they fit her well. If youre at the high end of the size chart, beware -- they run small. Otherwise, a good deal.

5 Stars  Great socks 
I have to wear this kind of socks all the time. These are easier to put on. You can but them in a washer and drier. You do not have to hand wash and hang to dry. The price is also great!

5 Stars  GREAT BUY 
The socks arrived in a timely fashion. My lovely wife tried a pair and liked them. She then quickly confiscated a pair. Im a security Officer and wear them every day. They give great comfort. Thank you.

5 Stars  Great Socks! 
Very happy with the six pair I bought. They fit good & are very compressive which is what I was looking for.

3 Stars  Didnt work for me 
My legs swell and while they helped with the pain and made my lower legs and ankles feel better, it did not stop the swelling and actually cut in badly at the top of my calves. They did make my legs feel energized, just had difficulty of getting them on and it did hurt by end of day at the tops.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I LOVE these socks. I have a pair on now and they feel great on my legs and are not nearly as hard to put on as the other competitive style socks. I just bought 6 more pair because every time I find something I really like it is sold out or discontinued. They are worth the price I paid and highly recommend them to anyone.

I have had a problem with my legs swelling for some time now. My doctor suggested I try compression socks, which were quite expensive, and did not seem to help. I tried these Copper Infused Compression Socks, with reservations, and they are making a BIG difference. I purchased six pair of these for less than one pair of the ones suggested by my doctor.

5 Stars  Compression sock user 
These are fine socks. Good material and construction quality. Have to wonder about any copper content in the material.

5 Stars  Bob says about socks... 
Those socks feel better, compress better, and look better than expected. Best value ever from Pulse TV.

5 Stars  Help for tired legs. 
Really helps tired legs. Knee hi that stays up and doesnt sag AT ALL.

5 Stars  copper infused socks 
never seen anything like them

5 Stars  Great compession socks 
The socks arrived on schedule and as described on line. The socks fit well, great pricing and feel good quality - time will tell. Since I use an aid to put on compression socks, the pattern helps. I have use 2 pair so far and they hold up well

5 Stars  Love these copper socks! 
Fit perfectly! Can feel them working and at the end of the day my feet did not ache!

2 Stars  Didnt provide compression 
I ordered the size correct for my shoe size but they didnt provide any compression at all. They are well made socks but the fit was very disappointing.

5 Stars  Feels great 
The support lets me walk much further without my legs getting tired.

The copper infused compression socks are really very comfortable and supportive. Ill definitely buy again.

5 Stars  Outstanding Copper Threaded Support Socks 
Well made product. Impressive Copper threading. Very comfortable. No lines in leg after use. Wife loves hers too.

4 Stars  Relief 
Ive tried many times to wear compression stockings but always gave up because they were more painful to wear with them rolling down,binding,cutting and digging into my skin more than my leg pains and swelling. Because of the amazing price I decided to give these a try. Wow what a relief they have been. Ive worn them my first full work week. I can tell you my ankles did not swell anywhere near like they do without them. My varicose veins stopped their stinging after wearing them on the 4th day. Well worth trying. I stand,work and walk 45-48 hrs a week on cement floors. I have not washed them yet but Im sure they will be just fine. Im Just so happy I bought these. Wearing these all day..what a Relief! I highly recommend them. Im about 230lbs and bought the large. I have really wide calves and they fit great!

4 Stars  Compression socks 
They are wonderful to put on and they are firm but I was hoping for a varying degree of compression up the leg!

5 Stars  Great Socks 
I was skeptical about these socks. My wife and I both tried them. They made our feet feel so much better. They are long. They come up to my knees. I would recommend them. Try pricing them elsewhere. Youll spend the same amount for 1 or 2 pairs. Quite a deal.

4 Stars  6 pair copper compression socks 
At work am on feet for 8 hours, wore them and legs were very comfortable.

5 Stars  Very satisfied 
They are everything you said they were. Comfortable, stays up, keeps legs from swelling.


4 Stars  Great 
I bought the smaller size for myself and they fit perfectly, its too bad the men sizes stop at 11. I bought the larger size, XL, for my son, hoping they ran a little large. They do not. He wears a 12 shoe. He loves the socks even though the heel doesnt come all the way up. He says they help his legs. My daughter-in-law took a pair and raved about them. We really like the socks.

5 Stars  comfy 
Thes3 socks are wonderful. I do have leg numbness problems and these not only feel great, they really help the numbness. I actually walk better.

1 Stars  L/XL size much too small 
I really havent had the opportunity to try the compression socks since the first one I tried was obviously too small to fit my foot. I will be returning them.

3 Stars  Ms. 
The compression socks seem to be good quality but I ordered size small and they are too large for my size 6 shoe size plus too long as they go a little past my knee which int comfortable. Maybe theyre only for men?

4 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I love them! They fit perfectly and are very comfortable. I dont even feel like I have compression socks on, yet they relieve my legs from swelling and the aches and pains.

5 Stars  Surrounded in greatness 
These socks are fantastic! Warm, long, comfortable and a great price!

5 Stars  https//www.pulsetv.com/prodinfo.asp?number=7689 
As advertised, I fit snuggly and do the job of keeping my ankles and feet less swollen/bloated

5 Stars  Great Compression Socks 
Ive been having trouble finding Black Compression socks that werent really thin. These are great! The orange accents dont show with shoes on, they just look like regular dress socks. They have the right amount of compression for me and are heavier than the typical black compression socks Ive had in the past. Very satisfied.

5 Stars  Compression Socks 
These socks are at a great price. They fit and feel great.

5 Stars  socks 

5 Stars  socks 
These socks give great support and wear well. I like them very much.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Great product....true to size....legs and feet feel much better at the end of a day wearing these socks...they machine wash & air dry very well. Thanks!!

5 Stars  Super Socks 
These were perfect in every way for my husband. I might steal them for me too .

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
These Socks are great they have reduced the swelling in my legs. They also have improved the blood circulation in my legs. The Compression is just right and have helped in the over all feeling when I wear them. The best purchase I have made. I recommend them.

3 Stars  Copper socks 
Socks work well and are what I wanted. However several pair seemed to have a nome of line distortions in design. Look like Seco do or rejects.

5 Stars  Dealbuster 
Super excellent product. Ive used other brands but your product beats them all

4 Stars  Good socks 
this socks work nice. If they last a good while then they will have been a great steal. But even so they are a good deal, and do what they were advertised as doing.

5 Stars  copper infused compression socks 
Fantastic A little hard to put on put worth it

5 Stars  Not your nerdy compression sock! 
Excellent product at a VERY reasonable price!!

5 Stars  copper compression socks 
very comfortable and easy to put on and they stay up

5 Stars  socks 
A very good price. I have purchased RX & copper socks and these compare to them at about a 75% savings.

4 Stars  Copper Infused Socks 
These fit great and keep my legs from becoming weak during long periods of standing and walking. I would highly recommend these.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
My legs and feet have felt wonderful since I started wearing these socks. It has been almost 15 years since they felt like they do now, so I definitely recommend these socks.

5 Stars  Really Helps 
Bought these for my wife. She had been having quite a bit of pain in her feet. She has been wearing these Compression Socks about every day and she says the pain is a lot less than it used to be.

5 Stars  Copper infused socks 
Love them! I think they are visibly reducing my vericose veins. They are very comfortable to wear.

5 Stars  Copper infused compression socks 
Only problem is putting them on,a little tight but at the end of the day my legs and feet arent swollen,they work

1 Stars  Save your money 
I have recently started having edema. I bought these to bridge the time from now until prescription ones can be acquired. I obtained the largest size, and getting them on my size 11 feet was near impossible, and they came up mid calf. They had no therapeutic value, and were cutting off circulation well below the knee. Not good. Maybe much smaller people could use them. I would return them if it were worth my time and money.

5 Stars  Mr. 
Fits good No slipping

5 Stars  Copper infused socks 
I really like these socks. They are comfortable, cool and furnish a proper amount of compression. Since buying these socks I dont want to use my other socks. My only concern is for durability. Hopefully, they will last a long time.

5 Stars  Love these socks 
I really do love these socks! They are just the right compression for varicose veins. I can put them on easily. They fit well. I have paid up to $50 for one pair of compression socks and they cant hold a candle to these. I highly recommend them. I like them so much I ordered six more pair. And the price is good too!

5 Stars  wonderful... 
these compression socks are terrific. i used to have swollen ankles ...not anymore. i have a friend who has diabetes and he loves the ones i gave him and feels he wont have the peripheral problems that some people with diabetes suffer . thanks for a grat product at a reasonable price.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Just wonderful - fits great - works wonders. Previously paid a lot more for similar socks elsewhere

5 Stars  Great support socks 
My purchase of the Copper Infused Compression socks was appreciated as my leg condition required that I wear these type of support socks daily. I was pleased to get a good quantity at reasonable price.

I found them to be excellent....

3 Stars  not fully compression socks - 
I wear compression socks that have a much higher value of compression. These are not up to the standard that I desired. Would not have purchased had I known their effectiveness.

5 Stars  I cant wait to wear them daily 
I heard these were good but I have ditched my designer trouser socks for these. They make me feel more energized from the moment I put them on in the morning. I love them!

4 Stars  6 Pairs Of Copper Infused Compression Socks 
The Copper Infused Compression Socks are excellent!My wife has suffered with Leg Cramps for years and so far the Compression Socks seem to have eliminanted some of the pain that has been associated with the cramps.I would recommend this product to my friends and relatives!

5 Stars  Nice Socks 
Very happy with this purchase,

5 Stars  Love em 
The REALLY do make my feet feel better

5 Stars  Pairs Of Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Wore them the past three days. Felt great. Fit great. Legs feel as good as theyve felt in quite a while - I heartily recommend them. Im 62 235 and a very active septuagenarian.

5 Stars  Great Socks 
I like the socks they are comfortable. I dont know why but my feet do feel better in these socks.

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
I bought these because I am getting arthritis in my ankles and feet. I think they are very good but I also have arthritis in my fingers. They are compressed nicely for my legs but almost impossible to put on. It takes me almost 20 minutes of working up a sweat to do that. Do you have another solution.

5 Stars  Compression socks 
These are awesome! Comfortable fit and do not fall down, stay in place all day. Not too thick, so they fit in all my shoes. Great for travel! On my feet all day working as a nurse. Would highly recommend these.

5 Stars  Mr. 
Far better product than the first issue of copper infused compression socks I got from Pulse.

5 Stars  compression socks 
Ive been using these for a couple of weeks and they are working fine. Unlike other over the calf socks these dont sag. At end of day they are still doing there job.

4 Stars  6 prs, Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Great socks.....BUT did not receive any special laundry instructions.

5 Stars  Great stockings 
These copper infused knee high stockings feel great. I sleep in them, wear them daily and have not had any swelling in my feet or legs.

5 Stars  keep your legs healthy and slim 
These socks are just what the doc ordered. Comfortable and easy to put on. Very nice!

5 Stars  Copper Infused Socks. 
On my feet a lot and these socks kept legs lively and functioning at full capacity all day long.

5 Stars  I bought these and they are awesome! 
I have some lymphedema in my right leg and the compression is wonderful when I work out. Just wanted to let you know. I didnt see a review page. Thanks so much, If you have some left, I might get another batch after the holidays!

5 Stars  copper infused compression socks 

4 Stars  Pleasantly surprised. 
I am a server and my legs ached after being on them all day, even in the mornings when I woke they were still sore. The compression socks have helped tremendously. No more morning aches and now the fatigue is what I would expect is normal.

5 Stars  Plagued with swollen legs 
Which is due to 2 knee replacements. In high humidity and plane trips, my legs swell up. Just started using your copper infused socks and cant believe the positive affect they have on my legs. Like night and day. My ankles appear normal size always. I wear your socks every day! Thanks for making such a wonderful product that makes such a difference in comfort and quality of life. For the skeptics out there as I was, give them a try. It does make a difference. Highly recommend!

5 Stars  compression socks 
Very happy with the product

5 Stars  Great socks for a great price. 
I bought these compression socks to wear on the airplane due to swelling ankles. I have not used them yet but have tried them on. Very comfortable, lots of stretch, and, at 6 pairs for less than $25, a great value!

5 Stars  Great product/ MD patient! 
Thanks for great product!

5 Stars  Copper Infused Compression Socks 
Great Sock at the right price

5 Stars  Massage Therapist 
These compression socks so far are very supportive and comfortable.

5 Stars  Copper infused socks! 
Just the rave! Cant believe how happy and satisfied hubby is over this early Christmas gift.

5 Stars  Compression socks! 
My legs are loving these compression socks!

5 Stars  copper infused socks 
these socks look like they will hold up to daily wear and the compression seems to be just right.

5 Stars  Compression socks great 
These compression socks are great. They are a little tight going on, but I dont even know I am wearing them once they are on. And they stay up through any activity

2 Stars  Copper infused socks. 
Socks ordered were large, but they dont come up on my calves any more than my normal crew socks. A little dissatisfied. Too early to tell if they actually do anything beneficial for my feet.

5 Stars  Great Help 
These Socks have been wonderful for me. I have had pain in both of my legs, and since I started wearing these the pain has disappeared.

4 Stars  Copper infused socks 
Used 2 pair so far comfortale

5 Stars  copper socks 
Husband very pleased with socks. Good fit.

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Video: 6 Pairs of Copper Infused Compression Socks

If you suffer from pain or fatigue in your lower legs, these Copper Infused Compression Socks may be just the thing to give you some much needed relief. Compression therapy can help promote circulation, reduce swelling, and make it a lot more bearable to walk.
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