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Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex
Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex
Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex
Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex
Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex
Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex

Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex

Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex

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When you're facing really cold weather make sure your hands are as toasty as they can be with a pair of heavy-insulated, heated winter gloves. These are the ultimate cold-weather accessory. Both gloves include a heating element that is powered by 4 AA batteries (8 total per pair, not included). Once you switch them on the change in temperature is gradual and oh-so luxurious.

The gloves boast plenty of insulation to make sure the heat stays where it belongs; INSIDE the glove. The extra long style covers the wrists, while wrist straps and tightening toggles at the cuffs make sure you get a nice, snug fit every time you put them on.

Textured palms and fingers provide a secure, non-slip grip whether you're holding a snow shovel or a ski pole, and the thumb is even equipped with a soft, suede strip for wiping a runny nose in an emergency. The battery packs (and on/off switches) are conveniently located in pouches on the wrist making the gloves a self-contained unit.

- Keep your hands warm in the coldest weather
- Pair of Heated Gloves
- Heavily Insulated
- Each Pair Requires 8 AA Batteries (not included)
- Battery Packs Tuck into Wrist Slots
- On/Off Switches on Both Gloves
- 5 Hours of Heat from Full Batteries
- Reflective strip for increased visibility
- Unisex/One Size Fits Most

Review this item!

2 Stars  fingers froze 
Bought to use primarily when running my snow-blower. It warmed the palms OK but fingers froze after first use while running my snow-blower in 10 degree outside temp for about 20 minutes. Unfortunately I bought two pair. Disappointed.

5 Stars  Does the job! 
Heats well. Easy to use.

5 Stars  Heated gloves 
They are extremely comfortable and just what I need while Im outside using my snowblower

2 Stars  Poor performance 
The quality of the gloves are okay but when I turn the batteries on I really do not feel any sufficient heat. The gloves are a bit bulky and doubt if Ill ever wear them.

4 Stars  Hot 
Nice gloves that really keep your hands warm all over.

1 Stars  Not wearable 
I can barley get the gloves on and when I do, they are so bulky that I cant use my hands for anything

5 Stars  Alaska Joe loves them! 
They call me Alaska Joe, I spend a lot of time in Alaska. These are a total live saver. My hands stay toasty warm and thats why these are really my favorite piece of winter gear!

5 Stars  Just what he had complained about! 
My husband had always observed how he couldnt keep his hands warm while using the snowblower. I bought these for him and he loves them. The only thing still is that his fingertips dont get as warm as the rest of his hands

5 Stars  They are hot 
I like them. Quality is good but the on/off is a little hard to use when wearing them. There was no option at purchase time for selecting a size, what I received med/lg? fit perfectly.

5 Stars  Battery in heated gloves. 
I gave my grandson a pair for skiing. He could not say enough positive for the gloves keeping his hands warm. I bought four more pair, one for my wife and the rest for family Christmas.

3 Stars  Battery operated Heated Gloves 
Gloves ok could be a little warmer.

5 Stars  My Favorite Gloves of all time 
Battery Powered Gloves for less than $20? It had to be too good to be true. But, IT IS TRUE! These are the warmest gloves I have ever owned, even without the heating element. With the heating element in each palm, my fingers are no longer numb on the second mile of the daily dog walk. I am a bit disappointed that on the 5th time I wore them, one of the fingers came apart at the seam. I glued the seam back together with Gorilla Super Glue. I dont know how long it will hold, but if it does not hold, next I will try FlexSteel Liquid. While I enjoy playing MacGyver to fix my favorite Gloves of all time, maybe it would be easier to ask the person who sewed the seam to be more careful in the future. Have A Happy Day-

2 Stars  A Bit disappointed 
The first time these gloves were worn, the fingers tore out in them......poor quality, but good price

5 Stars  Gloves 
Nice product

5 Stars  Husband is Very Happy 
My husband takes our husky out on wooded hikes almost daily. These gloves work better than any hand warmer you can buy. He simply loves them

2 Stars  Too damn big 
Made for gorilla hands, could not pick up a kitchen garbage bag. All heat is in the palm of hand nothing to fingers.

4 Stars  Theyre warm 
Theyre a little big, but if I need to keep my hands warm these do it.

1 Stars  Not recomended - Not as advertized 
Gloves are to small for man and to large for women. Battery life indicated on package 5 hrs, only lasted 1 1/2 hrs.

5 Stars  warm hands 
Great product at a fair price-well made

5 Stars  Battery Gloves 
Excellent keeps hands warm I couldnt be outside for more than 10 minutes.

1 Stars  My fingers froze 
I bought 2 pair because no glove ever kept my fingers from freezing. These were no different. They will keep your palms warm, but they do nothing to keep your fingers warm. Your fingers will freeze just as quickly as with any other type of glove. My circulation is fine and I do not smoke it can get very cold in Western PA.

5 Stars  Just what I needed 
I bought these because my hands are always, I mean always cold. Living in Boston we have had some bad winters. I have to say these are fantastic. They keep my hands warm. Being outdoors in the cold isnt fun, but these make it tolerable

3 Stars  gift 
I bought this for a friend for her birthday. Tried them first &they work! Just wish you offered a few sizes,are a bit large for women. Hopefully she will like them.

4 Stars  Too small 
The gloves are too small for my large hands.

5 Stars  Toasty Warm 
I havent tried the battery heat yet but the gloves are incredibly warm and comfy even withuot electricity!

5 Stars  Electric gloves 
Very warm in my boat while underway and they even warm my face when held up to my nose with the palm

5 Stars  The Best 
I have now purchased 4 pairs of these gloves. The batteries last a super long time. I had bought my husband, who has poor circulation, a really expensive pair of gloves, I paid $150 for. Then these were offered so I ordered him a pair of these to wear while working outdoors in dirty situations. Saves the wear and tear on the expensive ones and they work just as well. I have some to give for gifts now.

Review this item!
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Video: Battery Operated Heated Gloves - Unisex

These awesome heated winter gloves are the ultimate cold-weather accessory. Both gloves include a heating element that is powered by 3 AA batteries. Don't worry about these overheating. The change in temperature is gradual, gentle and oh-so luxurious. The switch and LED power indicator on the battery packs make them easy to power on and off.
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