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Power Beam Laser Pointer

Power Beam Laser Pointer

Power Beam Laser Pointer
Power Beam Laser Pointer
Your Price: $2.99
Compare at: $5.99  (50% off)

Make Your Point Stand Out With This Handy Laser Pointer

The laser pointer is a great gift for any pet owner, a lecturer or as a fascinating novelty item.

It is small enough to slip into your pocket, yet powerful enough to project a red dot over 1000 feet.

Five (5) Different heads gives you an awesome selection of shapes and designs to 'Laser Point'.

You'll have lots of fun with these high-intensity laser pointers. And as mentioned they are great if you have a cat or dog crazy. Just point it on the ground and watch them go after it. Of course there's always the messing with your friends bit...

Great for teachers, students, realtors, pet trainers, sport coaches, parties and many more uses. Just remember not to shine it in anyone's eyes.

Five (5)interchangeable heads and three (3) LR44 1.5V batteries.. ALL Included for just $2.99.


  • One laser pointer
  • 5 interchangeable heads for different shapes
  • 3 LR44 1.5V batteries included
  • Fits in pocket
  • Please use responsibly

5 Stars  Cant go wrong 
My cat goes nuts for this pointer, good way to get your cat to exercise.

5 Stars  Cat Teaser 
My cat loves her playtime with this laser. Its fun for her and amusing to me. I swear she s both tuckered out afterward but also disappointed when her fun has stopped.

5 Stars  My cats love these 
Makes play time super fun.

5 Stars  Cat light 
inexpensive and comes with 5 interchangable beams.Great value for the price

5 Stars  Works great 
My chihuahua is getting a lot of exercise.

5 Stars  Cat light 
My daughter loved this for her cat.And the cat really enjoys chasing this light.

5 Stars  My cat loves this! 
The first time I turned this on and saw how my cat loves to chase after the light, I knew it was well worth the incredibly reasonable price for this toy!

5 Stars  great item 
my Toby goes crazy with this...he hears me pick it up and is raring to go after the laser lite can play this way for a long time......he loves it and so do i

2 Stars  Batteries included were very weak 
The batteries they included with laser light were very weak. My cat couldn t even see it. Simple toy but better off getting somewhere else

5 Stars  Laser Pointer 

4 Stars  Not as good for an old cat 
Our cat is old and in poor health. That is probably why she showed less interest in the laser pointer than a younger cat most likely would have. It is still good for pointing at things and I have seen a younger cat at my daughters house having a real good time playing with one of these things, so I think it would be a good value for use with a young health cat.

5 Stars  Great laser pointer 
On time delivery, great laser pointer. Reasonable price.Has more options than most laser pointers. Just make sure that if youre giving it to a little one that youre watching them so they dont point it at their eye

5 Stars  Pointer Power! 
Great bargain and keeping the pups active while indoors!

1 Stars  Not a happy camper 
Batteries were no good they didnt even last 1 hr had to buy new ones

5 Stars  Cat exerciser 
Great fun way to exercise our 2 cats.

4 Stars  cats love it 
great item to keep cats active

5 Stars  Kitty overload 
We often have homeless kittens and have our own. The laser pointer lets us play with multiple kitties at the same time.

5 Stars  Power Beam Laser Pointer 
My cats love this. It is so fun to watch them chase around after it. It is also the funniest thing when I hide the beam and they look for it and scratch at the place where they last saw it. SO MUCH FUN.

5 Stars  Real teaser 
Our dog really was pleased to chase the light.

5 Stars  cute 
dont know if my kitties distinguish the different shapes but i love them! the only butterfly they will ever get to chase, stricktly indoor cats.

4 Stars  Fine fun 
The cats love it The fish are confused

5 Stars  Works great! 
Works great. Both my dogs and my cats love it!!

4 Stars  Fun toy 
This is a fun toy to play with the cats. Some of the heads are a little blurry and hard to make out what they are but it works as it should.

5 Stars  Great laser light 
I use this for playtime with my dog. It works much better than ones I have gotten from Amazon for more money!!

4 Stars  got old cat to play 
it has been years but my old cat got off his 18 lb butt and played for the first time in years

5 Stars  Works great. 
I am impressed with how far the beam travels.

5 Stars  Works fine 
Has my dog climbing the walls

5 Stars  cat toy 
The laser beam is fun for my cats to chase. Exercise them while I remain lazy.

4 Stars  Cat teaser red light 
So far it has driven the cats nuts and my Pit Bull, theyll tear the house uyp chasing the thing. to the delight of my wife and daughter.

5 Stars  power beam laser pointer 
it is compact and has various beams attachments...Great for the cats -WARNING -keep away from its eyes-- and also good for using at meetings presentations.

5 Stars  Power Beam Laser Pointer 
You cant beat the pointer for the price I paid. It works well, I use it to play lite with my small dog. She loves to chase the lite back and forth across the front room. I would recommend this product to everyone who uses a laser to play with their dog or cat.

5 Stars  Elfonzo loved it 
Elfonzo loved it. He is addicted to laser pointer games and bugs you until you play. He gets up on the end table and begins to push everything off until the pointer is the only thing left hint, hint. The caps were difficult to screw on but I gave it 5 stars because batteries included, comes in a case, has several different shapes, and the price is unbelievable for this item.

5 Stars  Lots of fun for the cat 
The cat loves to chase the light around and he gets good exercise doing it. The one thing I wish was different is the switch. You have to keep pressing the button to have the light stay on. It would be nice to just have an on/off switch but for $2.00 its a good deal. Since the cat can never catch it you should play with a physical toy afterward and let the cat catch it. Then after play you should feed the cat so they go through their natural cycle of hunting and eating. It comes with five different heads so you can change the pattern if you want, but the cat doesnt seem to care. He just has fun chasing the light.

5 Stars  Cat Benefit 
I purchased this item to entertain my cats while getting them some much needed activity/exercise. While they were interested enough to watch the movement of light, they were too lazy to chase it. I will keep the device handy for the next kittens.

5 Stars  Great product 
My cat loves this toy. Great for exercising your pet.

3 Stars  Beam Laser Poiner 
I guess not all cats are interested in a little red light, but it did come in handy to spot a leak in the vaulted ceiling.

5 Stars  Power beam laser 
My three cats go wild over this!

5 Stars  Awesome! 
This little light is perfect for a toy for your cat! She loves trying to chase the light. Its also perfect for kids to play with because of the interchangeable tops that make different patterns.

5 Stars  Doggie loves it 
My dog goes crazy even when he sees me getting this item. He loves it.

5 Stars  Kitty Toy 
My kitties love playing with this laser! Great price.

5 Stars  My cats love it 
this is easy to use, has lots of different laser lights and I really like playing with my cats. Not seen one with many changeable lights.

5 Stars  Dog loves it! 
My dog goes crazy over this thing. Maybe even too much as he gets all riled up and kind of goes nuts because he cant catch it. I finally set up a system that makes him chase it back to me where he gets a treat so he doesnt get too frustrated!

5 Stars  cat loves it 
My cat loves chasing the light around. I have gone through a few of these already.

5 Stars  Great Product for Our Dog 
We dont have a cat, but we do have a high energy dog. She wears us out with playing fetch, etc., -we tire easier than she does- with this we can rest a little because she finds it to be just about as much fun to chase as a ball.

5 Stars  great 
My cats just love playing with this product. I liked that there were different heads to make variable light combos.

4 Stars  Cat Laser Toy 
These came fully assembled at a reasonable price. They work fine.

3 Stars  Disappointing laser pointer 
Even tho there are several different shapes to light up, I was disappointed the on button had to be held constantly to turn the light on. It would be better suited to my purposes if it would have a switch that stayed on until turned off.

4 Stars  SJGSRY 
Kids are having fun with it.

5 Stars  Great excersize foor the cat. 
I sent this to my brother for his stuck up cat. and it turned the animal into a fun loving active kitten. I recommend this for anyone who wants to play with their cat, give it a great workout and even maybe work off some pounds of a fat cat.

4 Stars  laser pointer 
Great product, maybe too many options!!

1 Stars  Junk 
This thing is very small and its hard to even get the batteries in then no matter what I did it didnt work. Pure garbage

1 Stars  Power Beam Laser Pointer 
didnt last long at all. Light wasnt very bright at all. changed battery so that was not the problem. Big disappointment

5 Stars  Laser FUN 
This is so much fun for my son. I got it for him. He had another one and it was more expensive and junk. Yours is cheaper, but GREAT QUALITY!

2 Stars  Not very strong a light 
Was disappointed that the light power was very weak for using in a large room/screen

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Power Beam Laser Pointer

The laser pointer is a great gift for any pet owner, a lecturer or as a fascinating novelty item