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Power Beam Laser Pointer
Power Beam Laser Pointer
Power Beam Laser Pointer

Power Beam Laser Pointer

Power Beam Laser Pointer

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Item# 1206
The laser pointer is a great gift for any pet owner, a lecturer or as a fascinating novelty item.

It is small enough to slip into your pocket, yet powerful enough to project a red dot over 1000 feet.

Five (5) Different heads gives you an awesome selection of shapes and designs to 'Laser Point'.

You'll have lots of fun with these high-intensity laser pointers. And as mentioned they are great if you have a cat or dog crazy. Just point it on the ground and watch them go after it. Of course there's always the messing with your friends bit...

Great for teachers, students, realtors, pet trainers, sport coaches, parties and many more uses. Just remember not to shine it in anyone's eyes.

Five (5)interchangeable heads and three (3) LR44 1.5V batteries.. ALL Included for just $1.99.

- One laser pointer
- 5 interchangeable heads for different shapes
- 3 LR44 1.5V batteries included
- Fits in pocket
- Due to the demand, we must limit this to 5 per order
- Please use responsibly
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