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Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness
Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness
Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness
Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness
Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness
Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness

Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness

Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness

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Oh my aching back! If you've ever said this chances are your achy back is due to poor posture. Sitting at a desk or in a car for long periods of time seem to exacerbate this.

One of the best things you can do to alleviate poor posture is use a support cushion when sitting. That's why we love this heavenly feeling Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness.

Comfortably corrects your posture in three ways:
1. Firm Lower Back Support
2. Cushioned Base for Pelvic Support
3. Side Supports Cradle your Spine

It's ultra soft cover houses thousands and thousands of micro beads that give support and comfort.

Use it in any chair, car seat or wheelchair. The unique design promotes healthy posture.

Similar cushions sell for as much as $50... our direct from manufacturer price cuts out three middle men to get you the lowest price possible! You can three cushions from us for less than you would normally pay for one. Stock Up!

- Lumbar support back cushion contours to the shape of your back
- Features ridges for the spine for added comfort
- Filled with Micro-beads that provide firm lower back support
- Great for chairs and car seats
- Use it at home, in the car or at the office!
- Slight curve that contours around the back
- Spinal ridges along the center for added comfort
- Ergonomically shaped around the edges
- 3" thick base for lumbar support
- Dissipates pressure points
- Promotes a healthy upright seated position
- Cushioned base for pelvic support
- Side supports cradle your spine
- Reversible
- DIMENSIONS: 13.5 inches wide x 17.5 inches long x 3.5 inches thick

Review this item!

5 Stars  Strong support 
I do a lot of driving and my back hurts terribly after several hours, but with the back support cushion I am exponentially more comfortable! I even use it at home on my couch.

5 Stars  So comfortable! 
This cushion is very comfortable to use and the material is nice and soft. The couch cushion that I lean back on, has seen better days, so I use this cushion to prop between me and the couch back, and its a comfy fix.

5 Stars  Must have 
This is a must buy, it helps so much to have it in the car. Gives the support and relives the pressure from back, making it comfortable sitting. Good investment. I have two now, one in car and one in house.

4 Stars  Too small 
the unit is a little small for my back, and need to reposition it from time to time. Overall I am okay with it and like the support it gives me.

1 Stars  posture support cushion 
too small and thin, not worth the price.

5 Stars  Back Cushion 
Very comfortable. Well made with quality materials. I use it in my car. It makes driving more pleasurable.

4 Stars  Good support 
My wife likes this cushion much better than using regular pillows. It gives better back support and does a good job of preventing the back pain she is prone to unless she has proper back support.

5 Stars  We have 4 of them. 
Excellent support and portability. My wife uses one on the church organ bench and another at home. The other 2 we carry in the cars for use as needed. Very pleased.

1 Stars  Posture support cushion 
Terrible. It is very small and very uncomfortable. My back hurts when I use it.

4 Stars  Does the job 
Its comfortable and provides added lumbar support. I use mine in my car.

5 Stars  Best back support ever. 
Comfortable, supportive, take with me to church. Love it!

5 Stars  Great Back Support 
This cushion has been the ideal bit of back support I need while sitting at the computer for several hours per day. GREAT price also!!!

5 Stars  Best comfort for the price 
I am entirely delighted with my purchase of this Posture Support cushion. Ive seen this listed for 3x the price I paid here for the same product. It fits me well, is very supportive and has helped me alleviate a lot of pain in my lower back. Too bad they dont make one these to go on your bed. Idea... Thanks for always having great values and useful and necessary items.

5 Stars  Immediate relief 
I carried around nagging lower back pain for more than six months and nothing worked. I put this on the chair at my computer desk and instantly felt relief, and the pain was gone from my life within two days. Definitely worth more than the price.

5 Stars  Terrific 
Support is great and comfortable

5 Stars  Great support pillow 
This cushion is very comfortably and offers a lot of support. Ive noticed the difference in my back pain. Would recommend for anyone who suffers from lower back pain or sciatica

5 Stars  Turn it upside down 
This cushion works great. Keeps my back feeling comfortable and supported. One thing, it needs to have the pointy end down. The way they show it in the picture gives no lumbar support at all. But, turn it upside down and the support is wonderful and your posture is corrected. Really works, but needs to be pointy end down.

5 Stars  Works great 
I got this for my daughter to use at work as her back bothers her quite a bit with her sciatic nerve, she says it does help her quite a bit but she really wishes that there was something to hold the cushion onto the chair. If they put some type of strap to keep it on it would be great.

5 Stars  support cushion 
this is the best product for instantly relieving pain sitting especially in a soft chair. I gave one to a couple of friends and they were amazed how it took the pain away at once. very good product for back pain. highly recommend it for others.

5 Stars  Does the job! 
Ordered 2 of them for use on office chairs. Definitely supports lower back and eliminates discomfort I experienced.

5 Stars  Perfect 
The product serves me much better than I had expected and that is saying quite a bit in itself. It provides full support and makes sitting in a chair very comfortable.

5 Stars  Great relief 
I ordered 2 of these initially for my Mom and husband, they both felt they helped their back issues so I ordered 2 more for my daughter whos chair at work is less than comfortable and she likes the feel as well

4 Stars  It fits! 
The cushion is actually smaller than I thought it would be but it fits my chairs fine. It is comfortable and provides support.

5 Stars  Posture Support Cushion 
I found the Support Cushion to be very helpful when I am driving long or short distances.

5 Stars  Really helps a bad back 
This is so comfortable and helps my back pain. Also got one for my girlfriend for her car. And she loves it. Very good product. Thanks.

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
Perfect size, very comfortable yet great support. Highly recommend

5 Stars  Recipient pleased! 
This was a gift!

5 Stars  Really helps 
I put this posture cushion on my desk chair and it has already made a big difference. I still have pain, but it is much less. I am thankful!

5 Stars  comfy 
It helped relax my back when I was at my PC. It is better then sitting back in my chair without it I love it

4 Stars  Good for the Back 
This product is great for those with back issues. The only shortcoming is that it needs to be larger to support the total back. Otherwise, a great cushion for back support

3 Stars  Posture Support Cushion by North American Health and Wellness 
I like this cushion a lot I use it when I watch TV and helps my back. I give it 3 stars only since it does not have magnets, but its firm and helps my back.

5 Stars  Healthy Spine 
I recently bought 2 of the posture support cushions. One for my husband and one for myself. This cushion allows one to sit comfortable anywhere thus relieving pressure on your spine. I have scoliosis as well as 3 herniated discs in my back. This cushion forces me to sit correctly alleviating almost all stress and pain that I endure daily.

1 Stars  Dont Waste Your Money 
This was a total waste of money. A truly worthless product.

4 Stars  Posture Support Cushion 
We like it really well. I wished it could be attached to a chair.

5 Stars  Very good 
These coushions work real good

3 Stars  too narrow 
I am disappointed that it is too hard and I cant use it for more than 30 minutes--also it is too narrow for me--NOT WIDE ENOUGH

5 Stars  Great Gift 
I bought this as a gift for a buddy whom, I saw had a pillow while he drives his car. I saw his yesterday and he said he loves the cushion. Need I say anymore.

5 Stars  cusions 
Two friends that have back problems said that they were able to sit in a soft chair and the pain went away immediately. The cushions really work and I would recommend then for others with back pain.

3 Stars  posture support cushion 
must be secured as they move around too much. also small , could be larger.

Im using one on my desk chair and one on my car seat and both really help support my fragile back!

3 Stars  Good for desk chair, not for car 
If youre looking for a cushion to keep your posture as it should be, this is great for sitting at your desk. I have problems with my back for long car rides and it wasnt helpful in my drivers seat.

5 Stars  Great support 
My back fits into it perfectly. It is very supportive. It hugs my back. I love it!

3 Stars  Support cushion 
This needs to be wider & the lumbar bulges arent comfortable. I do not recommend it.

5 Stars  Great purchase 
Using it at home and as back support for my wife on the church organ bench. Id like to get 2 more.

4 Stars  Well worth the money 
I b ought two of these and they are just what I needed. I have fastened one to my office chair and have the other in my lounger I would say they have have made me more comfortable.

4 Stars  Good support 
Cushion provides good back support. The only negative is that I wish it was a little wider.

4 Stars  works well for support 
gives support, and is soft to mold to my body.

5 Stars  Posture Support Cushion 
I put this product behind my back when I sit on the couch to watch television and I am very pleased and glad I purchased it. It makes a huge difference. I give this product 5 stars. Thank you for making this product available at such a reasonable price.

2 Stars  Good enough but not big enough 
The back support would fit much better to most backs if it was just a little larger

5 Stars  support cushion 
Excellent back support while riding my trike.

5 Stars  Special! 
Elegant and beautiful. Unusual design.

4 Stars  Good 
I would have given it a 5 star except, the actual back section needs to be more excenuated, to support the back better.

3 Stars  Not for those with a real back problem. 
Its a nice looking pillow. I dont think it does much for your posture though. It doesnt come with any way to attach it to your seat. It has loopholes so you can attach a strap or tie of your own making. The material is slippery so it doesnt stay where you place it without any ties. Its a nice enough pillow, but I dont think its much help for your posture.

4 Stars  Good Couhion 
Cushion does improve back support for me. Could have made it a bit wider.

3 Stars  Works pretty good 
It does help with my back problems. Just wish it were a little bigger. Then it would be next to perfect.

4 Stars  Posture Cushion 
I am very satisfied with this purchase that I bought a few more. I use it on every chair I sit in. It gives me great comfort for my. Back. I highly recommend this product to everyone.

5 Stars  worth it for sure... 
I bought two.. one for the car and one for my lounge chair.. I LOVE THEM... Helps so much..

5 Stars  I use this in my car 
A backrest with very good support. Im satisfied with all my orders through Pulse TV.

4 Stars  A little smaller than expected 
Nice cushion but not as big as expected for driver

5 Stars  Bought as gift-she LOVES IT!! 
Best friend suffers while on any Road trip. Thought of her for Christmas when I saw this . Got a call the Next Day! She said it was Amazing.

4 Stars  Rocker Reclining 
Helps support when reclining in my swivel rocker.

5 Stars  Great purchase 
Works perfect

5 Stars  Really helps the back 
Got 2 pillows one for my 95 year old Mom which she says really makes her back more comfortable while shes watching TV and one for my husband who uses his while working on the computer and says it makes his back more comfortable

1 Stars  Dont bother 
I tried this cushion to help my back & it actually made it worse. I had an excruciating episode of back pain soon after I started using it. Im not sure why it made my back worse, but Im definitely not using it anymore.

2 Stars  Support cushion 
Doesnt stay in place and makes you lean forward

5 Stars  Love the back rest cushion 
This is higher than my other back rest and is soft, plush and very comfortable. Thanks!

4 Stars  The cushion was very comfortable 
However, it was too thick on the bottom. It pushed my bottom too forward to use in my office chair or car.

2 Stars  Cushion 
Not comfortable

4 Stars  Comfy Support 
Im enjoying this posture support while watching TV. It helps keep me from slouching.

Review this item!