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Portable Audio Converter with Remote Control

Portable Audio Converter with Remote Control

Portable Audio Converter with Remote Control
Portable Audio Converter with Remote Control
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You've invested hundreds and maybe even thousands of dollars into music through the years, many times re-buying the same songs and albums on a new format. STOP WASTING MONEY! Now you can convert all your records, cassettes, CDs, and more to high-quality MP3s with the simple and easy to use Portable Audio Converter with remote control.

Recording your music has never been so simple. You don't even need a computer! Simply plug the included RCA, or 3.5mm cables into a turntable, radio, cassette player, or any other audio device you want to record. Just press the record button, and that's it!

The audio is cleanly recorded onto your choice of USB stick or Micro-SD card (not included). There is even an auto-record feature that will automatically split the tracks up for you. This mode works best with vinyl records or tapes. With the digital files, it's a breeze to drag and drop them into your computer, and even transfer them to your iPhone or smartphone. Imagine listening to your favorite vinyl recording from when you were a teenager anytime, anywhere you want. Listen to your phone with headphones or if you hook up to your car's stereo system, listen to it on the go - it sure beats lugging around a portable record player!

In addition to high-quality recording, there is also full playback functions via the remote control, plus a 3.5mm output. Hook up headphones or run the included cables to any device with an input to listen to the MP3s you recorded. You have the best of both worlds: a recorder and player!

Features and Benefits
- Transfer Any Audio To MP3
- No Computer Or Software Needed
- Compact And Portable
- Easy-To-Use
- Auto-Record Function
- Stores MP3s on USB Stick or Micro-SD Card (not included)
- Full Playback Functions With Remote Control
- RCA to 3.5mm (5ft) and 3.5mm (2.5ft) Cables Included
- Powered By USB (2.5ft Cable Included)
- Dimensions 2.5in X 2.5in X 1in

5 Stars  plug and play 
having a remote to control makes it easy

1 Stars  Does Not Seem To Work Correctly 
Whether on automatic or manual recording mode, the recording doesnt start for over a minute which is quite frustrating. Also, the only way of getting out of automatic recording mode seems to be disconnecting the power.

1 Stars  didnt work 
a measure or 2 of content randomly skipped. I sent it back. Was very happy with your return policy and credit to my act. for the shipping fees. I will certaihnly keep on shopping with Pulse.

5 Stars  convert ancient magnetic sound 
Works great. Brought back 40 year old event I recorded on cassette. Sounds real with no background noise introduced. Used battery powered Sony recorder.

5 Stars  An easy way to transfer files to Wav. 
I was looking for a fast, easy and inexpensive way to transfer my files from various sources of audio to WAV files and Pulsetv.com came along with the perfect solution-the Portable Audio Converter does the trick quickly and easily-in fact, Im using it right now as I share this review. Thank you Pulsetv.com for coming through once again!!!

5 Stars  Portable Audio Converter with Remote Control 
An amazing little device. Exceeded my expectations! Worked so well that I bought 2 more, as spares. Sound quality is surprisingly good.

5 Stars  Portable Audio Converter with Remote Control 
Excellent little gadget makes MP3s on a flash drive. Exceeds my expectations. Worked so well that I ordered two more just for backup.

5 Stars  Converter salvaged files on old proprietary MP3 player 
I had several old Sony MP3 players which used a proprietary format, only useable on those players. Played back the content I wanted and captured flawlessly onto an SD card using this converter. Saved the day for me!! A most useful find!!

5 Stars  A great item 
The converter works great. Easy way to transfer information to a flash drive. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  IDEAWORKS Audio Converter 
This is the easy way to convert tapes/CDs etc to MP3s. Before it was a three step process to make the conversion, this converter makes the conversion one step. My new car did not come with a tape player, so I have been converting my tapes to MP3s. Love this converter

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