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PlushLuxe 6-Piece Bath Towel Set

PlushLuxe 6-Piece Bath Towel Set

PlushLuxe 6-Piece Bath Towel Set
PlushLuxe 6-Piece Bath Towel Set
Your Price: $24.99
Compare at: $89.99  (72% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $39.98 (78% off)
Buy more to save more (mix and match colors)
Get one set for $24.99
Save $10.00 more on two sets for $39.98
Save $15.00 more on three sets for $59.97
Save $20.00 more on four sets for $79.96

Get ready for the best set of towels you've ever used.

The Problem With Most Bath Towels

Have you noticed that towels seem to be getting fluffier and softer but they just don't absorb the water off of your skin?

You're not going crazy, towel manufacturers are using synthetic materials and/or putting chemicals in the towels to make them softer that they just aren't doing their job anymore!

To make matters worse you're putting these chemically laden towels all over your face and body... that just isn't good!

The Best Cotton Bath Towels

Thanks to 100% cotton construction and free from any harmful chemicals you'll notice how absorbent these towels are the moment you use them!

The low-twist yarns made with a special, chemical-free, tumbling process make a PlushLuxe Towel isafe for you and your family.

You'll also love how fast they dry! Because they are lightweight they don't get the mildew smell like other heavier, loose fibered towels.

4 Popular and Beautiful Colors To Choose From

Add elegance and a splash of color to your bathroom with any of these four (4) extraordinary and beautiful colors: Gray, Seafoam Green, Acorn or White.

Affordable Bath Towels

Buying a good quality and safe towel shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars or more. The PlushLuxe strives hard to make these towels affordable for everyone.

PlushLuxe is an instant upgrade to your current bathroom towels!


- 2 Wash Cloths (12in x 12in)
- 2 Hand Towels (16in x 26in)
- 2 Bath Towels (27in x 52in)


- 6 Towel Set
- 4 Colors To Choose From
- Uncompromising Quality
- Toxin-Free
- Free from pesticides, formaldehyde, and harsh, irritating chemicals
- Lightweight Towels Quickly Absorbs Moisture

About PlushLuxe

PlushLuxe Towels were developed to give consumers a good quality, 100% cotton towel that is safe to use. Their high standards doesn't mean expensive pricing. In fact delivering these high quality towels at an affordable price is part of their mission.

5 Stars  Great towels 
I really love these towels! Very absorbent and great size, too. They are not thick and bulky like a lot of towels--for me, the perfect thickness and they absorb very well. I like them because they ARE a little thinner than a lot of bath towels, yet just as absorbent.

1 Stars  not.... 
They are NOT plush in the least think they are kind of flimsy and the bath towel is way too small.
We do provide the measurements of each towel in our ad
3/13/2022 - Sandy

5 Stars  Very Happy 
Great towels and battery holder case. They solved my problem, 1 for my needs and 1 for a gift. Good quality on both items.

5 Stars  work great 
I love the way it absorbs the water after you take a shower

4 Stars  Super Bath Towels that Absorb NOT repel water! 
Nothing Further

5 Stars  Terrific towels 
Great towels for a great price.

5 Stars  Awesome 
The best towels and washcloths that I ever owned!

5 Stars  Great towels 
These are truly wonderfully absorbent towels! They dry you really well and quickly!

5 Stars  Exactly as Promised 
These towels live up to the written description and to Anissas promotional video. The bath towels are indeed large, soft, and absorbent. For the full set, you cant do better for the price

So, these towels DO dry you much better than my way more expense, soft, fluffy towels. BUT once you use the towel and you get all nice and dry, the towel gets all nice and wet and then takes like 2 days to totally dry out again. I use my towels more than once, so I do let them dry out and use them a couple of times before I wash them. Other than that, they are good towels and I really like the color I chose as it goes perfect with my shower curtain!

5 Stars  Towels 
I really like these towels, I would buy again.

5 Stars  great towels 
they are good quality and Im glad to own a set

5 Stars  Towels 
I bought 2 sets and I think they are very nice for me. They seem soft and absorbent, nice towels.

5 Stars  These Are Good Towels 
I would buy them again if I needed more towels

5 Stars  Very Nice 
We like your Towels, they are very nice and soft.

5 Stars  soft towels 
I like the softness

5 Stars  Excellent product 
It is light, soft, comfortable and absorbent. Totally satisfies my expectations.

5 Stars  towels 
They were what i was looking for. soft absorbent.

4 Stars  Towels 

4 Stars  good 
very satisfied

5 Stars  Very Absorbent 
Although I like towels that are a little thicker than these they came through by being super absorbent as promised. I have another set on back order.

2 Stars  towel set 
does not dry as expected

4 Stars  beautiful gifts 
as good or better than most

5 Stars  Love the Set... 
Works Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Love my towels 
I couldnt wait to get my towels.

3 Stars  Just OK 
These towels are definitely absorbent but I would not describe them as plush by any means as they are quite thin.

4 Stars  Two sets of towels 
It was gift to my niece. Thin wrapping around the towels were both torn when I opened the outside package.

5 Stars  Great Towels 
These towels are pretty good. I used them right away. And they absorb water great.

5 Stars  Excellent towels! They absorb water like a towel should! 
Great Towels! ... Very good quality... They really absorb water! ... Best towels Ive used in a long time! ... A VERY GOOD BUY! ... You will really LIKE them!

5 Stars  Great grey towels 
The towels absorb well and are a good size. I am very happy with this product. It was nice to have a choice of colors, so I order two sets.

5 Stars  review 
GREAT product, GREAT price!! Thanks

5 Stars  Love the towels 
They are very soft and absorbent. Great color. Really nice towels

5 Stars  PlushLuxe bath towel set 
These are great! They really do dry you off!

3 Stars  Take a bath 
The large bath towels are ok , but the hand towel and wash cloths are not as thick as the bath towels and dont seem to be as good a quality. They are already falling apart in the wash with treads coming out all the time throughout the towel
Hi Howard, Thank-you for your review. I am sorry that the hand towels and wash cloths in the set are falling apart in the wash. Maybe you received a defective set. We will be happy to replace those for you!
11/30/2020 - Kim

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Get ready for the best set of towels you've ever used.
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