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Pan Protector 3-Pack

Pan Protector 3-Pack

Pan Protector 3-Pack
Pan Protector 3-Pack
Your Price: $0.99
Compare at: $7.99  (87% off)
- Protect your valuable cookware from nicks and scratches
- Place in between pots and pans during storage
- Great for all sorts of cookware

When you pay hundreds of dollars for nonstick, hard-anodized, rapid heat conduction cookware, you don't want to just throw it all in a drawer and get it scratched up and nicked. Good cookware is an investment, so protect it with inexpensive, reusable, reliable Pan Protectors.

Stacking and nesting is the normal way to store your pots, pans and bakeware, but putting them pan-against-pan is a sure way to ding them up. Placing soft but durable Pan Protectors in between your expensive cookware is the perfect way to guard against casual damage that will shorten the useful life of your valuable pans.

Perfect for non-stick cookware, fry pans, saute pans, sauce pans, griddles, pots, Dutch ovens and bakeware. Also keeps glass, Pyrex and ceramic bowls, and casserole dishes from cracking and chipping. The Protectors are 19 inches x 15 inches, which is large enough for most pots and pans, but they can be trimmed with scissors to fit any smaller size.

The inside is filled with thousands of tiny plastic, non-slip grips with add another protection factor.

Pan Protectors can be hand washed and air dried for continued use. Includes 3 Pan Protectors per package.

- Protect your valuable cookware from nicks and scratches
- Place in between pots and pans during storage
- Great for all sorts of cookware
- Can be used as a table trivet
- Heat resistant up to 375 degrees F
- Can be hand washed for repeated use
- Fits pots or pans up to 15 inches
- Non-slip Grip Surface
- Pack of 3

5 Stars  Great Idea for Protecting Non-Stick Cookware 
We used to use pieces of cardboard or paper plates to keep our non-stick pots and pans from scraping together in the cabinet, but for 99 cents, these pan protectors are the ticket. They form to the pan and work great! You can even wash them if need be. I bought several sets to keep as spares.

5 Stars  Keeping my pan scratch free 
They re great price, look, and keep my pans scratch free

5 Stars  Pan protectors 
They are very large so they cover all of my pounds. The ones that are too big, I easily cut them down smaller. Very good bargain

5 Stars  Pan protectors 
These pan protectors are much bigger and better than I expected them to be.They are of different sizes, but the largest is big enough to protect your large stock pot or fry pan. At this price, order an extra set for someone else.


4 Stars  Pan Protector 3-Pack 
Nice protection but a little too big for my needs,

5 Stars  Pan-Tastic! 
These pan protectors are great. You can cut them down to a smaller size for smaller pans if needed. I also used them between my corning ware casserole dishes to protect them from chips/scuffs!

5 Stars  Excellent 
Love it

4 Stars  X-Large, adequate quality 
These pan protectors are a very inexpensive item, so the basic quality of the product didnt bother kind of paper-y. The great discovery was the size I was able to cut the largest of the group into 4 triangles and easily doubled the quantity. This worked for me because I was protecting smaller pans, plates and bowls, not griddles and platters.

5 Stars  Great quality 
Nice quality, thicker and larger than I expected.

5 Stars  Great price 
This was one of PulseTVs great bargains. Getting three of these pan savers for $ .99 was phenomenal. I stocked up and bought 4 sets.

4 Stars  Ok 
Works good on separate ing pans

5 Stars  Protect they do !!! 
I purchased these Pan Protectors for my new cookware and it is the best thing Ive done for my pots and pans. First, an extreme bargain through PulseTV. Secondly, they are huge therefore they fit the entire range of P&Ps from the smallest to the largest. Finally, the great experience in shopping at PulseTV.

5 Stars  Great Idea for non-stick pans 
These pan protectors are a great idea for storing Teflon or other non-stick pans. We used to use cut-out pieces of cardboard between the pans in our cabinet to prevent the pan surfaces from getting worn or scratched. We have thrown out many non-stick pans over the years because the pan coating had gotten worn off from rubbing together in the cabinet. The pan protectors work great and they can be washed and re-used.

5 Stars  Pot protectors 
These worked out great. Tired of my pots and pans getting scraped and this really protects them and keeps them from slipping in the drawer.

5 Stars  Great Product 
they fit my pans nicely

5 Stars  Pan Protector 3-Pack 
When storing non-stick pans layer these in between, they help them from getting scratched. also good for layering between glass items to minimize breaks and chipping

5 Stars  Works great 
Like these 100% better than 2 previous types I used.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
No more scratches on my nice copper skillets with the Pot Protector. Gotta love that!!

5 Stars  Large enough for big skillet 
Perfect. Thick and wont tear

5 Stars  Great product 
Saving my new pans from scratching!

5 Stars  Pan protectors 
I love them. They protect my pans.

5 Stars  Pan protectors 
Nice large size

5 Stars  Good product 
This product separates the pot bottom and interior from damage. Works well with the red copper pots.

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