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Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack
Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack
Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack
Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack
Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack
Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack

Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack

Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack

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Don't waste valuable counter space! Use the Over-the-Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack to rinse and dry fruits or vegetables, or as a drain rack for dishes. Made of sturdy silicone-coated steel, the drying rack fits over your standard-size sink without bending, and is dishwasher safe and heat resistant to 400. When not needed, simply roll up the drying rack to store on the side of your sink or in a drawer

The space saving design of this Over-the-Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack makes this a kitchen must have. Providing more counter space, this rack sits over sink and is ideal for drying cookware and servware

This is pure genius! The Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack makes it simple to dry delicate stemware, heavy pots and pans or freshly washed fruits and veggies all with the same rack! The silicone coated steel rack unrolls to span the depth of the your standard sink providing you with additional drying space whenever you need it, then easily rolls up for compact storage when not in use. The ingeniously designed rack can even function as an oversized trivet, as it is heat resistant up to 400 F.

This revolutionary drying rack is the future of clutter-free, trendy and minimalistic kitchens. Save space in style with the Over-the-Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack! Simply roll out and place over your standard size sink. Water drips off your dishes and straight into the sink, so no more watery messes or wasted space on your counter tops! It's perfect for rinsing and drying fresh fruit and vegetables or as a draining rack for dishes.

- Measures 12.5" x 20" x 0.25"
- Dishwasher safe
- Easily rolls up to save space
- Water drips directly into sink
- Modern and sleek design
- Silicone and stainless steel
- BPA free

Review this item!

5 Stars  Clear cabinet! 
Love the drying rack from Pulse TV! Quality product, just the right size! Using as a drying rack for hand washed items. Received quickly.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Very practical.

5 Stars  Great useful rack 
This rack works just like it should. It has increased productivity in our kitchen.

5 Stars  Works Well 
We are using it a lot! Everything dries much faster than being put on a drying pad! If we need more room over the sink or the whole area of the sink, it is no problem to roll it up and set it aside.Very practical!

5 Stars  Great dryer 
Great for drying certain things over the sink.

5 Stars  Drying tack 
Excellent and simple. Allows more counter space

4 Stars  Great to dry 
This is a good little kitchen tool, adds to my prep space. I can move more items around and stay organized while cooking. Great to use as wet bar.

5 Stars  space saver 
Has really increased available space

4 Stars  good draining 
works ok and folds away too

4 Stars  I use it every day 
Its a little big for my double sink. Cant use as in picture. Have to go horizontally over sink.

5 Stars  price is ok 
works great

5 Stars  Love this thng 
Does what its supposed to.

5 Stars  Over the Sink Roll-Up 
very nice

5 Stars  Great Purchase 
We are so happy with this product! It has seen several uses in a very short time. We have used it as a staging area for canning fruits and veggies. Also as a drip rack after a day at the farmers market. Its easy to clean and rolls up conveniently for easy storage.

5 Stars  over the sink rollup rack 
I love it. Bought another set for daughter.

5 Stars  Over The Sink Roll Up Drying Rack 
This is so handy to have. I already had 1 ordered from Pulse yrs ago & just had to order more. I use mine for washing fruit & veggies, especially great for drying romaine lettuce. I recommend

5 Stars  everyone should have one 
I use it almost everyday. Its great for pots and lids to dry, then roll it up and store it under the sink.

5 Stars  Perfect for my tiny kitchen! 
Counter space is limited in my kitchen and this gadget is the ticket to freeing up space! Whether I am drying dishes or prepping vegetables, this rack adds space I never knew I had! Thank you Pulse TV!

We put one of these in our order cart to use in our RV, which is always needing more counter space. Because of the price to add another rack to the order, we added one more. To test it, we placed over one side of our home stainless steel double sink. It has remained there for three weeks. Perfect solution for fast drying a few hand-washed dishes instead of making a small load in the energy using dishwasher. Washing vegetables is now super easy letting them air and drip dry on the rack. Storage takes up the size of a one pound package of spaghetti. Looking forward to using in the RV and replacing space consuming plastic dish drying rack

5 Stars  Space saver 
This product is a great space saver. Keeps the counter dry and that space available for use and uncluttered. Rolls up nicely when not in use.

5 Stars  I use this more than I thought. 
So useful and I find I go to this so often. Actually it surprised me that not just for the sink or washing dishes more for taking hot things out of the oven or using as a trivet for hot dishes on the table. One of my favorite kitchen helpers. Thank you

5 Stars  Drying Rack 
I live in a mother-in-law suite in my sons house. I have a very small kitchenette with one sink. This fits perfectly to dry a few dishes. Love it, its perfect. My daughter came by and she loved it so much that I gave one to her and she has a large kitchen in her house.

5 Stars  Versatile 
Works great. Lightweight.

5 Stars  Recommend Over the sink roll up drying rack 
Easy storage and fits over sink great.

5 Stars  Sink Roll-up Drying Rack 
I first bought one of these a while ago and I really loved it. Recently I bought 2 more for gifts. I gave one to a friend who was admiring my first one. She uses it all the time. I use it after I wash my fruit and leave them to dry on the rack. Pulse-TV, Thank you introducing me to this great product!!!

5 Stars  Great kitchen accessory 
My kitchen drying rack was always overflowing with pots and pans and I carefully had to build a mountain so things would not fall off. No More! This over the sink drying rack can be used to dry extra dishes and when you are finished, roll it up! I really dont even put it away as I am constantly using it. I also use it to wash produce and let it dry. Excellent price and would highly recommend you buy one!

5 Stars  looks good 
I have not actually used this product as I plan to give it as a gift. It arrive as promised and looks like a useful product.

4 Stars  Serves the purpose! 
I wanted to quit using my mats because they take up too much counter space so I purchased this item. It works well and the dishes dry much faster. The only thing I was not happy about is the rack is too long and is right on the edge of my sink. If it is not on just right, it will collapse. But I think I got it down pat now. Bought 2, son came over to visit, loved it, so my second one is gone. No problem! I didnt need it anyway.....

5 Stars  Love it 
Drying rack is god send with xtra Dishes that dont fit on drying rack. Works great.

5 Stars  Works Great 
I was concerned that this rack wouldnt fit my oversized kitchen sink, but I had room to spare. Works great for air drying my fruits and vegetables, after I wash them. I bought one for our RV, as well.

5 Stars  Roll up Rack, 5 stars 
This is exactly as advertised, sturdy, easy to clean, totally satisfied with it.

5 Stars  Very useful utensil. 
Very handy for kitchen. Does just what it is suppose too. I really enjoy using this drain

5 Stars  Roll up drying rack 
Very useful and handy. Provides extra draining and drying space. Plus is it can be rolled up and out of the way.

5 Stars  Over the sink roll-up drying rack 
Exactly as pictured. Works great for us.

This is a good idea, helps to solve drying for hand washing dishes and cutlery. It didnt quite fit our sink, and is a bit unstable, but we are using it on the counter over a towel, and it works quite well.

4 Stars  You need this! 
This product really comes in handy and is well made!!

5 Stars  Roll up drying rack 
My wife uses it every day from drying pans to defrosting meat, very useful.


5 Stars  perfect 
Needed it, but didnt know it, until I used it. Use it all the time now.

5 Stars  This is first time I have used one of these 
It is what I thought it would be ! Great !!

5 Stars  Good service and good product 
This product not only does the job it was designed for, and does it well, but also saves one the task of drying the counter tops afterwards, which in turn saves on the use of paper towels.

2 Stars  ROLL UP 

4 Stars  Beneficial 
I like the mat, but I wished the slats would be a little closer so you could stack things somewhat. There doesnt seem to be too much room on the rack.

4 Stars  Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack 
Slides around

5 Stars  Exactly what I hoped for 
Very happy with my purchase. Fits perfectly over a portion of my sink leaving the remainder available for normal use. Like the rubber tips which keep rack in place. I use it primarily after I wash pet bowls. But it works well for any other intended purpose.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Just what I needed to take away the clutter of a drain board

5 Stars  Over the sink roll-up Drying rack 
Perfect for bowls, pots, and pans

5 Stars  very easy to use 
Excellent item, easy to use and store.

5 Stars  Thanks 
Excellent functionality and fit

5 Stars  Over the sink roll up drying rack 
Love it. Fits perfectly over sink Just roll it up and put it out of the way. No more bulky drying racks. Thank you

5 Stars  Very useful 
Good product

5 Stars  Looks functional and of good quality 
Have not had a need to use it yet, but once fresh vegetables arrive from our farmers market, it will be put to good use.

5 Stars  So convenient 
I am so happy with this purchase - fits great over my double sink and is even handier in that you can roll it back to the size that you want. I really love this rack

5 Stars  Works great 
Nice to have something to fold up and put away when not in use.

5 Stars  Sink Roll Up 
Very nice...very practical...able to utilized better the space available...drain, cleans , and folds great after use. Will recommend.

5 Stars  Perfect kitchen gadget 
So easy to use whenever you have extra items to dry. Great for washed fruits and veggies.

5 Stars  An Absolute Must 
This not only adds space to your counter but its so handy to place a dish or cup after washing

4 Stars  over the sink drying rack 
I like them but needs to b a little longer because it slips from side to side & I feel if I put something breakable on it, the rack will fall down into the sink

5 Stars  Sink roll-up rack 
I use t two three times a day when I dont have that many dishes for a dishwasher. I also have a drying mat, but the over-the-sink roll-up rack works better. Cups, saucers, spoons, glasses, etc. dry faster and you just roll the rack up and put it away. I usually out it in the dishwasher until I use it again. The best ever. I already ordered another one for my son, I like it that much.

5 Stars  Great dish drainer 
I absolutely love this over my sink. I put everything in it- dishes, pans, veggies, fruit and I drain my pasta in a colander from the stove right into the sink. Im buying 3 more for my daughters!

5 Stars  Handy drying rack 
Nice handy rack for drying anything, wide enough to go accross large sinks and easy to roll and store

5 Stars  Love this 
You will love this!

5 Stars  Over the sink roll-up drying rack 
I love it. It comes in so handy. I use it all the time. I use it for cleaning fruits and vegetables. I put my rinsed dishes on it to drain dry.

5 Stars  Great 

5 Stars  Great Buy 
Exactly as described...this is great for letting washed vegetables drain.

5 Stars  Over the Sink Roll-Up Rack 
This is, by far, the best thing Ive bought recently. I use it many times each day and dont know how I ever lived without it! I use it for drying, cooling, and just an extra counter in my small kitchen. It easily rolls up, out of the way, if necessary.

5 Stars  counter saver 
It is sturdy enough that you can put a pot on it. Dont have much counter space and no dishwasher this comes in handy for drying dishes or washing vegetables. The silicon coating makes it slip resistant and rust resistant. great buy

5 Stars  Love it 
I love that you can roll it up and that cups, etc. dry inside and out unlike when you put them upside down on a towel

5 Stars  Works as advertised 
Love drying dishes with this. Its sturdy and fits perfectly across the sink. Rolls up and easy storage under the sink. Love it.

4 Stars  More room 
You can dry your dishes when you need to soak something in the sink.

5 Stars  Love it 
This is so handy to have because it can be rolled up and stored easily when not in use. I have a fast drying pad but it needs to be washed often and never gets really clean because it isnt flexible in the washing machine.

5 Stars  Great addition to my sink 
Love being able to place dishes, pans and veggies to drain on sink. Rolls up easily and cleans very easily too.

5 Stars  Over the Sink 
These are great to use. We had a strainer in the sink for years and it just stayed cluttered. This device allows items to drip and air dry at once. Easy to get things dry and put away quickly. We ordered two and use one on the bar sink when we need more counter space to set hot dishes.

5 Stars  Love 
We are just getting ready to move into our new house and I bought this since I now have one big sink instead of two separate sides. Its perfect for laying my pots and pans and to dry vegetables on. And I love when Im done I can just roll it up and put it under the sink.

4 Stars  Bought it for my RV 
Works well in the RV. Helps dry fruits,vegetables and dishes

5 Stars  NICE RACK 
Great for working over a sink with vegetables and fruits

5 Stars  Very handy 
This rack is very sturdy and is made of quality materials

5 Stars  What a neat idea!!!! 
I use mine every day in several different ways. As Im rinsing washed dishes, they dry easily on this rack and the veggies for salads also dry quickly on it. When its not being used, I can roll it up and hide it under the sink. All our kids will get one for Christmas !!

5 Stars  Roll up sink rack 
Im very happy with this and use it a lot. I might buy more for gifts.

5 Stars  Drying rack A+ 
Works like it should to help dry and isolate for better air circulation.

5 Stars  Better than I expected 
Much sturdier than I thought it would be and VERY handy

5 Stars  It works!! 
I wasnt sure if this was what I needed but it works! It fits my sink and is strong enough to support dishes as they dry. Plus it looks great! I am so happy that I got the Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack. It was an excellent and economical purchase!

5 Stars  Over the Sink Rack 
I bought the items for my mother. She moved into her new home which is small and have limited counter space. Believe it or not, she had her dish rack placed on top of the refrigerator because she said she needed to use both sides of her sinks. So when I saw over the sink rack I purchased two for her and she loves them. I am going to purchase one for my home. This item is so convenient. Thank you for selling them.

4 Stars  Just About Perfect 
I really needed some extra space on my countertop when I am preparing food. I use the drying rack less to hold wet dishes and pans than I do to give me more space for holding bowls, wire whips, small pots, etc. when I am putting together a recipe for either the Instant Pot or the oven. It just barely fits over my sink but has managed to fulfill the purpose for which I bought it. It is sometimes a balancing act but so far I have had no catastrophes. Therefore, I recommend this device as a means of adding counter space in the kitchen.

5 Stars  Love it 
I love this. It gets rid of the smelly dish towels

5 Stars  great 
easy to store away, fits great over the sink, I drain veggies after wahing.

5 Stars  Convenient and handy 
This rack fits nicely over my sink and I use it when I wash fruits and veggies to let them drain. I also use it on my counter as a place for hot dishes from the stove or oven to protect my quartz countertops. It rolls up nicely and stores in a drawer when not in use.

5 Stars  Now this is cool! 
With a kitchen sink with two basins, i have one sink which has cleaning utensils which do not go in the dishwasher, i.e. metal scrubbers, which get mixed up with dinnerware which are run through hot water and/or dishwashing liquid before I put them in the dishwasher. This drying rack solves a number of problems, including giving me room for pre-rinsing dishwasher-worthy items without getting them mixed up with other items. It also allows me to put food waste through the disposer without mangling flatware. i bought two- they are easy to use and then fold them away. Highly recommended!

5 Stars  Drain rack 
It is wonderful. I enjoy it so much and it so much better than getting towels all wet while the item is drying. Thanks for offering such a practical thing.

5 Stars  Over the Sink Drying Rack a Huge Space Saver 
This sturdy yet foldable drying rack has allowed me to get rid of my old drainboard and give me some much needed counter space in my small apartment kitchen. It works great.

5 Stars  Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack 
5 Stars

5 Stars  Perfect! 
Nice to have water drip into sink and easy to fold up and store away.

4 Stars  Clever 
This little roll over the sink drying rack is a clever idea and works well.

4 Stars  Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack Item #6721 
My wife wasnt interested in this sink rack, but I bought it anyway, and after I put it out she decided it was pretty neat. It doesnt lay back flat, but will roll back. But we just leave it across half the adjacent sink and it works great.

5 Stars  Just right 
Very nice product, as advertised

5 Stars  Purpose served 
It fits well over the sink and seems very durable. I like it very much.

5 Stars  Multiple uses 
This over the sink rack is a great invention. It is well constructed yet quite flexible and rolls up for easy storage. I use it for drying washed vegetables but it is also handy as a convenient spot for holding just washed cooking utensils pots and pans dry fast with air circulating above and below the rack. A nifty invention!

5 Stars  Great 
Good quality Just as good as the pricey ones!

4 Stars  Nice Space Saver 
Pro These roll-up drainers are neat for prepping large veggies and resting them on theses rods to drip excess water into the sink below. I also use mine to drain dishes. I lay large knives and serving ware across the rods. After I am finished, I roll it up and put it away. Nice to put hot pans on too. Cons Objects fall through the spaces between the rods. I put a dish towel over the rods to keep objects in place.

5 Stars  Roll up dish rack 
I bought one of these on a whim when placing another order. I Love It! Its convenient, cleans off easily and thoroughly, can be sanitized in the dishwasher, and can be stored anywhere. And the price is right. Glad I got it.

5 Stars  Roll up dish rack 
I bought one of these on a whim when placing another order. I Love It! Its convenient, cleans off easily and thoroughly, can be sanitized in the dishwasher, and can be stored anywhere. And the price is right. Glad I got it.

5 Stars  Incredible 
Having a small kitchen, Im always looking for space saving ideas. This drying rack is genius! I love that it saves counter space while allowing water to drip directly into the sink. Its also very handy for drying fruits and vegetables after washing. My teenage daughter even commented today how much she liked the rack!

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Video: Over the Sink Roll-Up Drying Rack

Don't waste valuable counter space! Use the Over-the-Sink Drying Rack to rinse and dry fruits or vegetables, or as a drain rack for dishes. Made of sturdy silicone-coated steel, the drying rack fits over your standard-size sink without bending,
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