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Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light
Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light
Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light
Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light
Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light

Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light

Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light

Compare at: $19.99  (70% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

These beautiful solar pathway lights are just what you need to spruce up your garden, driveway, and walkway. Casting a soft, ambient glow; it's certain your neighbors will ask where they can get such stunning pathway lights also!

Without the hassle of any cords or wires, installation is a breeze, and you can set up in no time without getting a landscaper or electrician involved.

Simply insert the lantern into the metal body and slip the plastic stake into the other end. Make sure to take the canopy off the top of the lamp and activate the ON/OFF switch.

With the help of the built-in solar panel, it will charge throughout the day and automatically turn on at night. Each lamp takes one AA 500mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Battery (included).

This water and weather-proof light is made with a rich, espresso-colored metal body and clear, beveled glass. Even on the rainiest nights, these path lights will continue to impress.

Features and Benefits:
- Easy to Assemble and Install: No Wires, No Electricians Needed
- Eco-Friendly and Energy-Saving
- Solar Panel Charges Unit During The Day
- Includes Rechargeable 500mAh Ni-MH AA Battery
- Automatic Light Sensor Turns Light On In the Dark
- Espresso-Colored Textured Metal
- Clear Beveled Glass Housing
- Durable and Weatherproof Construction
- Convenient ON/OFF Switch: Set it Once and Forget It
- 6in Plastic Stake
- Total Height Staked Into Ground: 15.5in
- Lantern Dimensions: 7in x 7in Diameter

Review this item!

3 Stars  Mediocre 
Lights are fine. A 4 at minimum. However, many of the batteries were very weak. They worked but barely. Not bright + they would die after about 2 hours. I have replaced about 1/2 of them already. Those replaced work great.

5 Stars  Great quality and we re-ordered more... 
Super nice, excellently made quality solar light, we loved them and ordered more.

4 Stars  so far, so good 
the wife told me she wants 10 more ordered

5 Stars  Outdoor Solar Pathway Garden Light Item #8152 
Just breathtakingly beautiful with criss-cross lines all over the ground near them. The pattern is so unique I feel special and enjoy compliments from all my neighbors. Finally a beautiful pathway light at such a low price. I have extras just as I do with other products of yours. I learned these items sell out and if I miss out I am so sorry. That happened with the security cameras I bought a few years back. I replaced them with the newest cameras and they are nice too. Anisa & Zack, keep up the great bargains and I am your customer for LIFE. My yard is the best in front and back. The weed eater does not cut into the good quality glass these pathway lights have. No cheap plastic $5.00 lights from the store any more. The lawn man wacks them down all the time. These are high quality real glass and do not get damaged when the yard is done. I have to say it again... I love my lights. Look me up. Ive been your customer almost 18 years. Love all my products. They make great Christmas gifts too. Thats why I brought 18 LED lightbulb/flashlights for every neighbor on my block. They all love me when I make them happy.

5 Stars  Dancing Tiki Light 
I have the best yard in the whole neighborhood. I love the lights and can see them from way up the street. And... unlike others, they stay on ALL NIGHT LONG. I even bought extras in case they go out of stock and one breaks later on, I am fixed for quite some time. Thank you for all your useful products at such a low low price.

5 Stars  These are super nice 
Well made, they look great we were blown away at the quality of these solar lights. In fact, we ordered more of them. You wont be sorry.

5 Stars  Great Night Lights 
High Quality, Easy to install, with a romantic view near the swimming pool.

3 Stars  not so bright 
Lights are pretty but they are not bright enough and dont stay on as long as advertised.

1 Stars  Not Very bright 
Lights do not have sufficient luminaries to satisfactorily illuminate the areas. Never were stated in the ad.

5 Stars  Perfect lighting for our garden and front lawn 
These lights work perfectly in our yard and the rechargeable battery backup is a plus. They are sturdy and easy to place in garden plots and mulched areas.

5 Stars  Larger than I expected! 
I love these Pathway Garden Lights. I used them by our stairs, it lights the two steps enough that I dont have to turn the porch light on. With the porch light on it attracts bugs which fly into the house.

3 Stars  too dim 
The lights are very dim and dont light the path as I expected.

4 Stars  Good quality 
Ordered 10 lights . One light did not work. Otherwise the lights were good quality and looked very good.

2 Stars  Nicely constructed, but didnt work right out of the box. 
These appear to be nicely constructed and I love the color of the fixtures. I truly like the globe is made of glass and not of plastic, which would discolor. I ordered 5, none lit up after 36 hours of charging under a fluorescent fixture overnight. Is it due to the cheap 500 mAh batteries provided or the solar panel capacity to recharge them? I ordered some new Amazon AA 2,000 mAh replacement batteries to try out my theory, perhaps also increasing the brightness too? Wish me luck, I really want to keep these and not be sending them back. I wonder how much testing Pulse does on these?

3 Stars  Not Very Bright 
I thought the LEDs would create more light than they do. Good for soft, mood lighting, but but does not illuminate your path or walkway very well.

5 Stars  Great product 
Great deal. Paid about $6 each with the shipping. All lights worked great.

5 Stars  Great lights 
These are bigger than most and glass. Nice glow. So far they are working great.

4 Stars  Very attractive lights 
These lights put out a pattern when they are lit, so they really look nice in my garden and they have a fairly bright light. The batteries that came with them were dead, so thats why 4 starts instead of 5.

4 Stars  Very pretty glow 
Expected a bright light, but just got a very pretty glow. Beautiful fixture, just not for illumination. Still very satisfied.

3 Stars  not impressive. 
Despite whole day solar charging, the light lasts only few hours in the night. There are several commercial available solar panel lights in the same price range which are more powerful

4 Stars  so far, so good 
We originally ordered 6 of these and the wife liked them so much we ordered 10 more. they work well and look nice....very happy with them except for one having a dead battery.

1 Stars  Very low light level .. does not hold charge 
Bought 5 of these. Light level after many days of full sun is very low and not uniform among the 5 devices. Would not recommend for any. Purpose.

5 Stars  So much nicer than I thought 
These are of the highest quality. I was really surprised when I got them. I thought I could use a few of these as replacements for what I had my landscaper put in. However these are so much nicer and I cant believe the price. Thanks!

5 Stars  Actually does what I bought it for 
I am very pleased with this product. Its the only outdoor lighting that actually worked!

Review this item!