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Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long
Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long

Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long

Neck Chilly - Keep Your Cool All Day Long

Your Price: $2.99
Compare at: $9.99  (70% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $4.98 (75% off)
Sold Out
Buy more to save even more...
Get one for just $2.99
Save $1.00 more and get two for $4.98
Save $1.50 more and get three for $7.47
Save $2.00 more and get four for $9.96
Save $2.50 more and get five for $12.45

Stop getting hot under the collar and grab the ALL NEW Neck Chilly!

Using a hyper-evaporative material that's the latest in cooling innovation, that cools off as the towel naturally dries, providing cooling relief on those sweltering days.

Unlike the old version that used acrylic polymers, the cooling material eliminates the "sausage" look and bulkiness. The new sleek design allows you to wear it around your neck or as a bandana around the head and you can still put your hat or helmet over it!

No slimy feel that can come with traditional cooling solutions, the cooling material doesn't turn into a gooey mess.

It couldn't be any easier to use. Simply soak in water, wring out and shake.... then enjoy coolness for hours.

It's reusable, simply re-soak and you're good to go. Plus if you sweat alot you can just throw this in the washing machine and it cleans up nicely!

The Neck Chilly helps to keep your core body temperatures in check reducing the effects of heat stress and heat fatigue.

A must for anyone who works outdoors, athletes, women who suffer from hot flashes and more.

Benefits of the Neck Chilly:
- Reusable, just re-wet
- Use around neck or head
- Hyper-Evaporative Properties Make It Cool
- Just Soak, Wring, Shake
- Reusable and Washable (Let it Air-Dry)
- Non-Toxic
- Great for construction workers, or other outside jobs
- Neck cooler is 39" long and 2" wide
- Relief for neck and head aches
- Use at sporting events to stay cool
- Cools blood flow to brain
- Lowers body temperature
- Reduces dehydration
- Lowers perspiration rate
- Use it at events to stay cool
- Machine washable
- Advanced cooling material activates easily and quickly when run under water for one minute

Review this item!

5 Stars
Very Helpful Product 
Its a great product for helping you keep your cool in high degree temperatures like in Thailand and Vietnam all the time.

5 Stars
Cool scarf 
Hubby loves this on the golf course

4 Stars
Neck chilly 
Good product - it did keep our necks cool in this Nevada heat!

5 Stars
Great cooling headband 
This chilling headband is great for absorbing sweat and keep you cool. Glad I bought these

3 Stars
Neck chilly 
It does not stay cold very long on a hot day maybe 15 minutes then you need to water it down again... I work at a golf course

4 Stars
works fine 
Definite help on hot humid days

5 Stars
Keep Cool 
This help me keep cool when playing golf

3 Stars
Neck cooler 
Its way too small and doesnt stay cool for more than a few minutes. I bought 5 of them for myself and friends and none of them like this product very much.

5 Stars
Great Hear Wrap 
A real help in this brutal Florida Heat this summer !!

5 Stars
Purchased for our church outreach 
My church does outreach on Saturdays being in Arizona, the temperature gets pretty warm during the summer. Wanted to get something to help keep those who help out especially the children cooler while we were out. Everyone loved them and will order more when others join our team.

5 Stars
I work in a very hot restaurant kitchen and these work great. Wet, wring, spin and stay cool for a couple of hours. I highly recommend.

4 Stars
Does the job 
I bought these for my husband and my son. They are both heavy sweaters. My son uses it around his neck while working because he needs to wear a lot of gear when working. He likes it a lot. My husband wears it around his head instead of a do rag. He said it keeps him cooler and the sweat doesnt run down his face as much. I feel it was a good investment. :

5 Stars
Chilly Towel Keeps Sweat Out Of My Eyes 
Now that Im older and my hairline has receded, sweat would run into my eyes when working outdoors in the summer. It would sting and cause me to carry a towel in my pocket. I wear my new Chilly Towel as a headband and the problem is solved. Price is low, and I have purchased them for friends, also!

5 Stars
Great product my second one 
I use this almost every time I sweat. Which is quite often

5 Stars
Cooling wrap 
I tried this in this very hot weather and put it over my forehead and it worked good and kept the sweat out of my eyes. you can use this for many other ways too. It was a very good item and a very good price.

5 Stars
Neck Chilly 
Awesome product ?? I was skeptical at first, but at such a good price, I bought them. They really do work as advertised! GREAT product ??

3 Stars
Luke warm 
I bought 2 of these for Hubby. One for his neck, and one to wraparound his forehead. He didn’t find them to be cold or even refreshing by any stretch.

5 Stars
Pulse TV neck chili 
Both my sons work in the oil field on the middle of the Gulf of Mexico and they both use them. and they love them.

5 Stars
Neck chilly 
Keeps us nice and cool while working in the garden Thank you

5 Stars
Works great! 
I got 4 of these. I use one for me and one around my dogs neck when we walk. Really works.
Cool idea Deborah! Have to keep our fur babies cool on hot days. :)
6/27/2019 - Paula

5 Stars
Perfect for being outside 
I think this is my favorite Chilly item you sell. It is the most versatile and cheapest!

5 Stars
Very Good Against The Heat 
This headband is great against the heat in the summer...best results when you wet it down good...throw it in the freezer for about 10 mins.. makes all the difference in the world..

Review this item!