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Mighty Tidy Tech & Gadget Organizer

Mighty Tidy Tech & Gadget Organizer

Mighty Tidy Tech & Gadget Organizer
Mighty Tidy Tech & Gadget Organizer
Your Price: $4.99
Compare at: $19.99  (75% off)

Store and Transport Electronics Simply and Easily

Stow and organize all your cords and gadgets in one, convenient place with this Tech Organizer that fits perfectly in a backpack or laptop bag.

All your cords and accessories will be easy to access and not be a tangled mess, because this will provide ample storage and organization. Put your smaller items, like SD cards and thumb drives in one of the 5 pockets, or secure bigger items, such as power banks, adapters, hard drives, and more with the strong elastic straps.

The Most Versatile Organizer On The Market

Customization is a key element to this awesome Tech Orchanizer. That's why they added two removable dividers, giving you unlimited options when it comes to how you want to store and care for your expensive gear.

With the elastic straps, zippers, dividers, and padding you can rest easy knowing your tech gear stays safe from bumping around.

BONUS 2 in 1 Charging Cable INCLUDED!

Best of all, you can stay powered up with the removable 2-in-1 Lightning and Micro USB charging cable. The tassels add a stylistic flare by decorating the charging cables, bringing a unity between fashion and function. It's attached by a carabiner, allowing for easy removal when recharging anything from your iPhone to earbuds, speakers, flashlights and more.

Just grab and go with this. It's perfect to take on the airplane, or toss it in your luggage or backpack to keep everything organized on trips. It's also nice to keep in a desk drawer for all your accessories.

So whether you're constantly traveling or simply need some organization in your life, the gadget wallet is for you!


- Safely Store Your Electronics and Gadgets
- Perfect for Travel and Storage
- 5 Spacious Pockets
- Water-Resistant, Padded Case for Protection
- 10 Elastic Straps Hold Larger Devices and Loose Cords
- 2 Removable Dividers for Customization
- Zippered Pouches for Small, Loose Items
- 2-In-1 Lightning and Micro USB Charging Cable
- Perfect for Thumb Drives, SD Cards, Charging Cables, Earbuds, Computer Mouses, Power Banks, Power Converters, and Much More
- Dimensions: 8 in. x 2 in. x 4.5 in.

5 Stars  Organization is the bottom line 
I have a lot of cables and chargers for all the many gadgets I have that are rechargeable, they were all in a kitchen drawer. With the help of this cute and colorful bag, all of them are in one place where its very easy to retrieve what I need without going through the whole drawer. And the different chargers attached to the tassel is definitely a plus. Happy with my purchase

5 Stars  Great Product, Great Price 
This is a great product for traveling and orginizing device cords and plugs.

5 Stars  Great for my travels 
Im now back to traveling and this is wonderful for keeping all my stuff organized. I can easily find my earbuds and cords when needed.

3 Stars  Great organizer 
This is a great organizer except it needs a carrying handle or a wrislet.

5 Stars  Compact Gadget Wallet Tech Organizer with Bonus Charge Cord 
Great Case. Very useful.

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Mighty Tidy Tech & Gadget Organizer

Stow and organize all your electronics and gadgets in one, convenient place with this gadget wallet.