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Mask & Vaccination Card Lanyard Holder - Black

Mask & Vaccination Card Lanyard Holder - Black

Mask & Vaccination Card Lanyard Holder - Black
Mask & Vaccination Card Lanyard Holder - Black
Compare at: $5.99  (83% off)
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Keep your face mask easily accessible with the Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard.

You never have to worry about forgetting your face mask when it's attached to this handy and versatile lanyard.

Its lightweight and stylish design sits comfortably around the wearers neck whether your mask is on or off.

The adjustable buckle allows the lanyard to fit most adults and children.

You no longer need to risk losing your mask or putting it down on a dirty surface when you attach it to the Adjustable Face Mask Lanyard.

- Allows mask to hang 16.5 inches from your neck
- Keeps mask easily accessible
- Don't have to worry about forgetting a mask
- No more losing masks or putting them on dirty surfaces
- Lightweight and stylish design
- Fits comfortably
- Material: Braided Nylon Cord
- Color: Black
- For Adults and children
- Includes adjustable buckle

5 Stars  Great for Cruises 
Makes it easy to keep up with mask and vac card

4 Stars  around the neck card holder. 
Very convenient to use.

5 Stars  Perfect 
This is perfect for me that way when out an driving Definly can keep up with Mask!!

5 Stars  Vaccination Card Holder 
Does the job.

Love to use this with our masks, no more putting them on and off !

5 Stars  Proof 
Very satisfied with this product as it works exceptionally to hold my card and license to verify my approved entrance to a concert as required.

5 Stars  Mask lanyard 
This is great to protect your vaccine card and to carry hands free when traveling. Would highly recommend these.

5 Stars  Like it 
Keeps my mask right where I need it.

3 Stars  Functional lanyards 
It is difficult to get excited about lanyards, so let it suffice to say that these are functional and get the job done with no problem.

5 Stars  Great Vaccine Card Protector 
I bought a bunch of theses card protectors and gave them to friends and they love them as much as I do.

5 Stars  ordered 3 times, the BEST 
I am a Travel Agent and have been giving these out to my clients, best gift ever.....Joni

5 Stars  Convenient 
Good way to exhibit ID or other cards.

5 Stars  Mask & Vaccination Card Lanyard Holder - Black 
Mask & Vaccination Card Lanyard Holder - Black works great with the CDC Vaccination Card Protector, keeping it around your neck for people to see.

5 Stars  works 
It works as advertised. Bought with the Covid-19 card holder. Now I can display I am vaccinated even though I am still wearing a mask for Delta

What will they think up next. As a travel agent i can tell you this is an item EVERY client has loved. They put a copy of their Vac card in it and carry it where ever they go. The original stays home, NOT laminated and safe. There has been a big cottage industry that has arisen from the pandemic and this is one of the best items on the list

5 Stars  Mask holder 
The holders were what was advertised. They work well. Good size. gave one to a friend. Thanks.

5 Stars  Saved Me A Few Thousand Steps! 
Great! Leave the house with it around my neck and Im covered. You dont know how many times I left the car without my mask and had to walk all the way back to get one. Problem Solved!

5 Stars  Great product 
I was so tired of searching in my purse for my mask or forgetting to put it on. Handy for sure.

5 Stars  Mask lanyard 
Perfect for keeping your mask nearby. Helps not to forget your mask.

5 Stars  Mask Holder, 
this is a great way to keep your mask near, just clip to your ear strings and it hang around your neck. there is a button that helps keep the holder around your nick when you have your mask on. easy to use and was a good price.

5 Stars  Great idea for mask 
I love the mask holder. Now is easy to keep up with. Just hangs on my neck

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