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Loretta Lynn Honky Tonk Girl DVD

Loretta Lynn Honky Tonk Girl DVD

Loretta Lynn Honky Tonk Girl DVD
Loretta Lynn Honky Tonk Girl DVD
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Honky Tonk Girl is the lively and personal portrait of Loretta Lynn, an entertainer who has truly lived the American Dream.

From impoverished Butcher Holler, Loretta rose to the pinacle of the music business singing and writing for women like her, who married too young, got pregnant too often and never had enough money to make ends meet.

An inside look at Loretta from rural Kentucky to the clubs of the northwest, from her first appearance on the Grand Ole Opry, to the Country Music Entertainer of the Decade.

Through hit after hit and unprecedented superstardom, Loretta never changed from the sweet, innocent and spunky Honky Tonk Girl on her first record. She remains one of the most respected and loved entertainers in the world.

This DVD is loaded with rare home movies and photos, but it is the over 20 classic song clips and performances that will have you treasuring this insightful DVD.

Special guest appearances by Duane Allen, Owen Bradley, Waylon Jennings, Patty Loveless, Minnie Pearl, Justin Tubb, Grant Turner and Conway Twitty. (60 minutes)


- 60 Minutes of Entertainment
- Over 20 Classic Songs
- Includes Rarely Seen Footage
- Includes Other Country Legends (Waylon Jennings, Conway Twitty, Minnie Pearl and more)
- Made in Cooperation w/ Loretta Lynn

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Loretta Lynn Honky Tonk Girl DVD

Features rare home movies, photos and over 20 classic performances. Special guest appearances by Waylon Jennings, Patty Loveless, and Conway Twitty.