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Light-Up Neon Wonder Drawing Pad

Light-Up Neon Wonder Drawing Pad

Light-Up Neon Wonder Drawing Pad
Light-Up Neon Wonder Drawing Pad
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LED Screen You Write On That Lights Up Your Drawings and Wipes Clean

The Wonder Drawing Pad is a light up, neon, drawing tablet that you can use over and over.

Use the 3 double-sided markers (6 different colors) to create your work of art or message, then hit the power button to brilliantly light it up. There are many different colors of lights to choose from and even a color changing mode that cycles through all of them!

Sparks Creativity

Kids will absolutely love these and you will too! Paint and pencils are messy and permanent, but Wonder Pad lets them create lights with every line! The excitement and thrill they experience when their drawings are illuminated adds a whole new dimension to their creations and imagination!

Adults LOVE Them Too

While they're great for drawing and creativity, they're also great for To-Do lists, notes and more!

Making Learning Fun

There is an array of stencil, puzzle and writing exercise inserts that make learning fun, but kids can choose to use just the black background and draw whatever they want.

When you want to clear the slate, just wipe the transparent drawing surface down with a little water and the included cloth.

Flip out the stand to turn the Wonder Drawing Pad into an easel! And it's super portable: battery operated, and there's even clips for all three markers.


- Light Up Erasable Marker Drawing Pad
- Includes 3 Double-Sided Erasable Markers
- 6 Marker Colors (Green, Orange, Pink, Blue, Yellow and Purple)
- Multiple Light Color Modes Including One Color Changing Mode
- Drawings Appear Neon when Lit Up
- 15 Stencil Cards: Pictures, Puzzles, Games, Math Problems and Letters
- Built-in Easel Stand and Marker Clips
- Runs on 3 AAA Batteries (not included)
- 10" X 7.5" (7.5" X 5.5" Drawing Surface)
- Non-Toxic
- Perfect For Ages 3+
- Includes Cleaning Cloth

5 Stars  Gift 
I Got This For My Grand Daughter Who Helps Take Care Of A Artistic Child.. She Said They Fell In Love With It...Thank You....

1 Stars  Not at all good 
Doesnt work well at all

5 Stars  great product 
great product

5 Stars  Neon Drawing Pad 
Great Grands enjoyed this as their Christmas Presents.

5 Stars  Learning Tool 
I purchase this item for three of my grand-childrens for a Christmas Gift. A learning and fun tool to use while sitting and doing nothing. This Light-Up Neon Wonder Drawing Pad will keep the kids busy having fun instead of playing on their phone, watching TV or playing video games. Again, this is a excellent tool to have for another fun and busy activity for kids to do.

5 Stars  light up drawing pad 
work great. My granddaughters love them

5 Stars  Neon wonder drawing pad 
Grand kids enjoyed them

5 Stars  Neon Drawing Pad 
Both of my kids love this drawing board and all the extra activities that come with it!

5 Stars  Light up drawing pad 
I bought 19 for my daughters nursery school students. It was a huge hit. Fun and educational!! Just great for little ones with no mess. A real winner!!

4 Stars  Light up drawing pad 
So far 2 of the 3 kids thought it was pretty neat except for the math pages which they both hate. Definitely a good buy for the price

4 Stars  Neon Wonder Drawing Pad 
I gave these out as gifts to my grandkids, it looks like a great item

5 Stars  Wonder Drawing Pad 
My grandchildren ages 4 and 5 love these drawing pad. They sit at the kitchen table for hours laughing and giggling at what the other has drawn. Good quality and well worth the money.

5 Stars  My Grandson Loved It ! 
My Grandson Loved this not to just Draw what he wants but also Math , Tracing etc. Issue was not able to use cloth to completely clean my Son had to get something from Staples .

4 Stars  Good product 
This is a small Christmas gift for my three great Grandkids. They all love to draw and it should be a fun gift for them.

5 Stars  Lights up my world! 
Fun item to have to help with my creations. If i dont like the creation, I can very easily erase it. The glow at night puts me in a glowing mood.

5 Stars  Its great 
It made the little girl I gave it to very happy.

5 Stars  Kids Love It 
I bought this for my landlords kids, and they loved it immediately. With the COVID situation, you need something to occupy them and this fit the need perfectly.

5 Stars  Drawing Pad 
Keeps kids busy for hours. Especially nice for trips to keep them occupied & avoid the Are we there yet blues?

4 Stars  THEY LOVE it! 
Bought these for 2 yr old and 4yr old and they absolutely LOVE them. Recently saw a comparable item advertised for twice the price.

5 Stars  Great product 
Great product. Works really well. The only complaint Ihave is youhave to open everything up to discover that it requires several AAA batteries.

5 Stars  love it 
got for the great grandkids and they love it and are very happy using it.

5 Stars  Nephew Loves His Drawing Pad 
We gave our nephew the drawing pad. We thought he would enjoy it when he enters 1st grad. Yup, loved it.

5 Stars  Granddaughter Loved It! 
With Covid19 closing everybody in, this was a nice gift to support her creativity.

5 Stars  Awesome gift 
Bought 2 of these for Christmas gifts for kids. They look awesome and Im sure theyre going to love them.

1 Stars  Lite-up neon wonder drawing pad 
Very cheap and small. After you draw on it, it is quite hard to remove the dry erase ink. It leave a residue. Definitly not worth the price.

3 Stars  Not as nice as it appeared and somewhat flimsy !! 
I was expecting a much better product given what the retail price was listed for on your website. My 4 1/2 yr old grandson used it briefly but seems to have lost interest and is no longer very excited about using it !! Contrary to your claim that it would create hours and hours of enjoyment for him. Not so !!

3 Stars  Cheap 
Works but not good quality

Shes very happy with the drawing pad. Shes very artistic & this makes her use her skills

5 Stars  Granddaughter Delighted 
I bought the Wonder Drawling Pad for my granddaughter who had a marvelous time showing us what she had drawn The price was well worth the enjoyment she got.

1 Stars  Lite-up neon wonder drawing pad 
The item is super cheap. Nothing like the website. The background is not black. It is a see through screen that does not clean very well with the provided markers and cleaning cloth. It leaves a bad residue on the screen from the markers and you will have to use water and a cloth to clean it. The provided cleaning cloth does not work very well.

5 Stars  Great product for children 
Our granddaughter loves the Light-up Neon Drawing Pad from the time she received it as a gift from me.

5 Stars  Fun 
Bought 4 for my great grandchildren a perfect gift for these trying times. Something different to keep them entertained and some learning

4 Stars  Neon Wonder Drawing Pad 
Kids loved them. Bought 2 and both of my grandchildren loved them/Colorful and fun. Easy to trace patterns and educational cards are included. Great at this time for practice of numbers and letters.

5 Stars  granddaughter loves it! 
I bought this for my 3 year old granddaughter for her enjoyment and learning.there are a lot of activities for her to do with this item.cleanup is easy and she really likes to draw on the glass and see it illuminated.

5 Stars  Awesome 
My Grandson loves it. It is very entertaining. I was surprised with the many pictures to color. It is a great quarantine gift!

3 Stars  Not bad for the price 
Kinda flimsy, and messy because its basically dry erase markers on a clear plastic. Kids enjoyed it though.

5 Stars  Our granddaughter loves all the colors. 
She is only 2yr. old, so she only draws lines, but is very proud that whatever she does is in different colors.

5 Stars  Great gadget 
I had this sent to my granddaughter and she loves it. She is 10 old and likes to draw.

5 Stars  Light Up Drawing Pad 
I purchased the drawing pad for my grandchildren, a girl and a boy, and it was an instant hit with both of them. More importantly, they continue to play with the pads.

5 Stars  I got these for my great grandchildren and they love them! 
They are a hit with my 4 great grandkids.

5 Stars  Great Diversion 
This was a gift to our 2 great grandsons. They enjoy the drawing pads. It helps them stay occupied during these days at home. Im told they have them standing up on their desk in their room.

5 Stars  Light up NEON DRAWING Pad 
The children really love it! -

5 Stars  Keeps grandson busy for hours!!! 
This is a very good toy/learning tool that both entertains and keeps our grandson busy for hours. His little sister also likes it.

5 Stars  Light Up Neon Drawing Board 
Not only did I buy one for myself, but showed my friends and I ordered 2 more for them. Its not just this product, but every product I buy from Pulse TV, is absolutely worth every penny I spend. I have recommended Pulse TV to everyone I know. I am an avid fan of Pulse TV, so keep on bringing your deals. I give all of you a TRIPLE A in your goods and services.

5 Stars  Added surprise 
I liked that the alphabet and number were included

5 Stars  My great niece loves it 
I love it too. I sent it to her during virus distancing. My sister sent me pictures of the things see drew with it. It works great. Thanks for offering it at a great price.

5 Stars  Kids loved it 
My five-year-old granddaughter really like this especially the way it looked in a dark room.

5 Stars  Great Drawing Pad 
My granddaughters love them! Great in the car great at home!!

5 Stars  Best gift!! 
Purchased as a gift for my granddaughter since shes at that drawing stage. It was a great hit! Especially for budding artists

5 Stars  Great for Young Kids 
My Grandchild just loves it and plays with it for hours.

5 Stars  Great entertainment 
My great grandbabies love these. Especially now when they have to stay at home. It keeps them busy for hours at a time.

5 Stars  Fun for Kids 
I bought two of these for my grand kids and they absolutely loved them. They played with them for a long time and were so excited to show us what they created.

5 Stars  Learning tool 
Great grand kids enjoy them, have to show each drawing to everyone

5 Stars  light up neon wonder drawing pad 
Fantastic - kids love it - great way to learn

5 Stars  Nice product 
Granddaughter loves it. Great price, great delivery. Works as advertised

5 Stars  Reminds me of Etch-A-Sketch 
Fun toy encouraging creativity. I like that.

1 Stars  Neon Drawing Pad 
The glass that the writing is done on has permanent streaks on it. Also, the dry erase procedure doesnt work as advertised. The ink is very difficult to erase and it takes moisture and considerable pressure to remove the ink from the glass. All in all, a very unsatisfactory product.

1 Stars  Dont waste your money 
Very cheaply made, when trying to wipe off first time used damp paper towel and it scratched the surface. Save your $.

5 Stars  Works Great Looks Even Better! 
My kids love these! The colors are wonderful and they havent been put them down since we got them! Glad I bought 2!!!

2 Stars  Save your money! 
I ordered 2 of these for Christmas for my 6 year old grandson and 4 year old granddaughter. They were not that great. The kids did not like them and have not looked at them since Christmas. Cheaply make too.

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Light-Up Neon Wonder Drawing Pad

The Wonder Drawing Pad is a light up, neon, drawing tablet that you can use over and over. Kids will absolutely love these, but they're also great for To-Do lists, notes and more!