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Light-Up Electronic Word Clock

Light-Up Electronic Word Clock

Light-Up Electronic Word Clock
Light-Up Electronic Word Clock
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This unique LED Word Clock tells time in an entirely different way - with words! Rather than a dial or digital clock face, there are a jumble of letters. Every five minutes, the LED backlight turns on to reveal the time to display something like: IT IS FIVE MINUTES PAST ELEVEN.

A Unique, Decorative Clock Using Words

A stylish and functional clock like the Word Clock is guaranteed to turn heads and make a great conversation piece anywhere you put it. It's great for the home office, bedroom, or living room.

This elegant, contemporary clock boasts a shiny copper face and matte black finish on the border. It can be placed on a tabletop, or hung up on the wall with a nail or screw (not included). It is powered by 3 AA Batteries (not included) or you can supply your own DC 5V charger for constant power.


- Light up LED Clock Displays Time Using Words
- Tells Time in 5 Minute Intervals
- A Sophisticated, Functional Piece of Decor
- Unique Conversation Starter
- Easy to Set Up
- Shiny Metallic Copper Finish
- Matte Black Border: Mount it or Stand on a Table
- Takes 3 AA Batteries (Not Included)
- Can be Powered by DC 5V Charger (Not Included)
- Dimensions: 8in x 8in x 1in

5 Stars  Electric word clock is a hit. 
My sister took the clock into work, and it was the new hit of the office.

3 Stars  Cool clock but needs a power supply not included 
Really unique and cool clock I keep in my basement game room/man cave and get a lot of compliments on, but clock is virtually worthless without a 5v power supply which it does not come with and I had to find and order from Amazon around $10. The batteries last less than 3 days. I would give this 5 stars if it lasted a reasonable amount of time with the batteries as cordless would be ideal or 4 stars if it at least came with the AC power supply.

2 Stars  Nice looking clock but.... 
This is a very unique way to tell time. Love the concept. But it eats batteries. Tried to find an adapter so I could plug it into electricity but couldnt find an adapter with the right connection end. Maybe I just got a defect but mine only lasts about a week then have to replace batteries. Other than that, a nice clock.

3 Stars  Great looking clock 
I got this clock for my grandson, who LOVES it, but the batteries only last 2 or 3 days. That is just crazy. And using rechargeables doesnt work well for this.

5 Stars  Distinctive & Unique Gift 
Gave this to my partner for Christmas and he was more impressed with this than any of the other, more expensive gifts I gave him. He is looking forward to taking it to work and displaying it in his office. It is so unique and unlike anything anyone has seen before. It really stands out nicely.

1 Stars  What, no AC adapter?? Dumb! 
PulseTV has pulled a fast one by not providing the AC adapter this clock was designed to be powered with. Yes, it will run on batteries, but obviously this feature was intended only for back-up power in case of an electrical outage. Without the adapter, the batteries last only a few days, and who wants to be putting in new batteries in a clock and resetting it every few days? Too bad, it is a very interesting novelty item when it is running! Disappointing, PulseTV, and not like you at all!

5 Stars  Fun!! 
Great conversation piece!

5 Stars  Clock is Great but.... 
I love the clock! Its great to see especially in the middle of the night but, when running on batteries they only last about 2 - 3 days. Now Im looking for the right plug in cord. Otherwise Im happy.

3 Stars  Batteries Do Not Last 
The clock is smaller than I expected even though I did measure my space before getting it. Its unique in itself, but it eats batteries up. My NEW batteries did not last any longer than a week. I believe its better with the DC plug. Im considering sending it back because of this reason.

1 Stars  Burns up batteries 
Changing batteries every two weeks. Not using it anymore

5 Stars  It works very well 
its just fun

4 Stars  desk only 
this clock works great close up on a desk more than 5 feet away its hard to see

3 Stars  Disappointing No AC Adapter. 
Batteries drain too quickly you should have included an AC Adapter.

5 Stars  review 
It is exactly as advertised

5 Stars  Great unique clock! 
I love this clock. I got it for the coming-and-going area of our kitchen. The copper is just beautiful.

5 Stars  Conversation piece for sure 
We love this clock! It is so unique. The copper finish gives it that expensive, yet neutral classic look. It matches everything. I am so happy with this clock! We entertain a lot and have found just about everyone who sees it says I love that .

5 Stars  Great gift 
I gave this as a gift to my sister and she loves it. She has it in her family room and I have to say it looks really great there. I may have to buy a couple more of these for gifts for co-workers!

4 Stars  must reset when turned on 
Its a real eyecatcher but when you turn it off at night, unless Im not doing it correctly, you must reset it the next morning.

2 Stars  power hog 
This is an interesting conversation piece, but I am going to have to stop using it or find a power adapter for it. I have had it for about 2 weeks and have already gone through 2 sets of batteries. At 3 AA batteries per shot, I cant afford to keep putting more in.

3 Stars  Power Hungry 
Very unusual clock to say the least. Definitely grabs attention. I only find one problem with it. IT LOVES BATTERIES ! Yep, ate 3 Duracell Optimums in 6 days. I can see that it should, has many large LEDs to light up the words. STRONG SUGGESTION, Get yourself a power pack for it and dont worry about batteries. Its bright enough to use as a night light if you want.

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Light-Up Electronic Word Clock

This unique LED Word Clock tells time in an entirely different way - with words! Rather than a dial or digital clock face, there are a jumble of letters. Every five minutes, the LED backlight turns on to reveal the time to display