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Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless
Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless
Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless
Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless
Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless

Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless

Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless

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Sold Out
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Shaving your legs shouldn't be difficult and end with nicks, cuts or irritations. With the Leg Hair Remover it's easy, painless and fast to remove that hair without the nicks or skin irritations!

Similar to the As Seen On TV Flawless Legs, the Soft & Smooth Leg Shaver features floating heads that remove hair on straight surfaces of your legs or even the delicate curves around your ankles and knees.

Unlike the Flawless Legs it does so at just less than 1/2 the price!

Why Use The Soft & Smooth Leg Shaver?
- It gives you three times the coverage of a conventional razors
- You don't need soap or water and can use it anywhere, at anytime
- It's cordless and runs on two AAA batteries (not included)
- The floating head design avoids nicks and cuts in even the most delicate areas
- Ergonomic design fits perfectly in your palm
- Safe on all skin types
- No razor bumps
- The built-in LED Light allows you to see for optimum hair removal
- Safe to use everyday

Also Available: Soft & Smooth Hair Remover. Like the Finishing Touch TV Hair Remover but at 1/2 price. Click Here for Details

Review this item!

2 Stars  Poor hair remover 
I have used it on my legs and found that it does not do a good job at removing hair. I am going back to a regular blade razor.

5 Stars  Hair remover 
Great product. Good price. Works very well.

4 Stars  Very efficient tool 
This razor does a pretty decent job!! Its great for when you are I. A hurry and no time to shave!! I havent had it too long so I cant say for sure but Im not thinking it is made of much quality..... so Ill enjoy it while it lasts

5 Stars  Exact 
This is exactly like the one I bought from Walgreens for $30. I bought 3 and will be giving them as gifts

5 Stars  Works 
Love this. It works great and I love the price I paid.

2 Stars  not efficient 
The shaver does not shave well or smoothly

5 Stars  Very happy lady 
Soon as I recieved the shaver. I put batteries in worked great. Only thing I was disappointed in ,was I bought a package of batteries in my purchase. They didnt work. I called customer service she was nice & gave me a credit on my account.

5 Stars  Razor 
Works so great! I have psoriasis & i can get the fine hairs that grow thru it. Cant use a regular razor on it!!

1 Stars  Leg Hair Remover 
Worked about 10 minutes and then one of the rollers came off and cant get it back on.

Mine doesnt work very well. Very low in speed it doesnt cut my very little leg hair. Im in my 60S very little hair. I wouldnt buy again. Im going to try to return

5 Stars  Works great 
I really like this razor. Had a problem getting batteries in right position but my husband fixed it. I would certainly recommend it.

5 Stars  great product at a great price 
my wife is delighted whit this hair remover she was asking for one for some time we foun this at a grat price and does the job great.

1 Stars  leg hair remover 
When I installed the batteries and closed the head, it stopped moving. too tight I tried everything! Ended up throwing it in the garbage. Very disappointed!

2 Stars  The Idea is great but........ 
I love the product, the idea is great BUT the product is not well make and it falls apart. Wish it was a bit more substantial.

1 Stars  Didnt work 
Product fell apart and have not been able to use it. So very disappointed. After putting it back together for the umpteen time, it bogged down while using and then feel apart again. Bad product!!!

3 Stars  Not That Great 
I was a little disappointed in the Leg Hair Remover, as the one for the face is excellent. However, I will use it but I would not purchase another one.

3 Stars  Useful Shaver for in between days 
This meets minimum standards. It is not as high powered as an electric shaver. It is good for in between days.

5 Stars  Works great 
This is a great product, works very well.

5 Stars  Leg Hair Remover 
I purchased these as gifts. The ladies that received these as gifts loved them.

1 Stars  leg hair remover 
Very dull, wont cut the hairs....I got a rash on my leg from rubbing my leg trying to get it to cut. Doesnt even deserve one star.

1 Stars  Thumbs down 
I bought three of these, one each for my daughter and granddaughter as well as myself. I have not spoken to them about the razor, but given my experience, I would hesitate to ask. I put fresh batteries in it several times, and got only about two passes up my leg before it quit completely after each set of batteries. I only paid $9.99 each for them, so I suppose I shouldnt be surprised. That said, I have always been satisfied with my purchases on PulseTV.com..... until this one.

5 Stars  Leg Hair Remover 
I brought this Leg Hair Remover for my Wife & daughters. They loved it!

3 Stars  Use real good batteries 
Make sure you have brand new good batteries, not dollar store kind. The shaver part is a bit weak. You really need to press down and move in a circular motion, and then it does take some time for it to shave. Other than that, the light works well and fits comfortably in my hand.

5 Stars  Love is 
No pain removing hair. It works as advertised!!!!

5 Stars  Wow! 
It has been a couple of weeks since I used this for the first time, and I still dont have any stubble on my legs! I absolutely love it!!!

5 Stars  no more bloody legs 
I know that may sound gross but I always seem to knick and cut myself with regular razors. Ive been using this for about a month and I love it!

4 Stars  Good could be better 
It works but I wish the light was brighter. Very comfortable in my hand too.

5 Stars  Works well when used right 
I really like this a lot. Its easy to use. I do notice that it works best on stubble, not when I leg my hair get longer.

2 Stars  Didnt care for the Leg Hair Remover 
It wasnt really effective on my legs..Im getting another one shipped to me because the round thing fell of one of the heads when I unwrapped it..well see..Im going to try it again with the new one.

Review this item!
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Video: Leg Hair Remover - Quick and Painless

Similar to the As Seen On TV Flawless Legs, the Soft & Smooth Leg Shaver features floating heads that remove hair on straight surfaces of your legs or even the delicate curves around your ankles and knees.
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