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Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy 2pk

Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy 2pk

Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy 2pk
Large Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Hot and Cold Therapy 2pk
Your Price: $12.99
Compare at: $14.99  (13% off)

Long Lasting Relief for Soreness, Injuries, Cramps and Pain!

The BriTech Reusable Gel Ice Pack can deliver long-lasting pain relief to bruises, sprains, muscle strains, and helps to manage swelling.

It Can Be Used For Hot and Cold Therapy!

It can be used for both heat and cold therapy. Freeze the pack and use it as a cooling pad or cold compress; and before freezing simply insert it in the included plastic bag. It's also microwaveable so it can be used as a heating pad or a warm compress.

It's oversized design allows it to cover a wide area for full relief wherever you need it most. The pack's flexibility helps it to fit comfortably around any part of the body. Use it on your back, neck, knees, shoulders, feet - anywhere you need relief!

This gel pack offers pain relief for the most active lifestyles. They are reusable and are always great to have after playing sports, exercising, walking, hiking, an much more.

Note: the included instructions state that it's not recommended to heat the product in the microwave. All of our research and box labeling indicates that this is FINE to microwave in 30 second increments, up to 3 minutes for heating function. The gel inside liquifies as it heats up more, but can resume its normal consistency after freezing or coming to room temperature.


  • Get TWO Large Ice Packs
  • Provides hot or cold therapy
  • Freeze in freezer or heat in microwave
  • Strong, non-toxic reusable construction
  • Soothes injuries, reliefs pain and soreness, reduces swelling, and more
  • Oversized to cover wide area for full relief
  • Great for sports, exercise, walking, hiking, and other physical activities and injuries
  • Dimensions: 14.5" X 10.5"

5 Stars  Fantastic!! 
Nice gel packs very durable and last for hours.

5 Stars  Gel ice pack 
Ordered the two pack of gel reusable ice packs. Very generous size and works great at helping heal my aches.

5 Stars  Fantastic Product 
We are extremely satisfied with this product.

5 Stars  heat/ice pack 
This is excellent for wrapping around my leg

5 Stars  large reusable gel ice pack for hot and cold therapy 2pk 
my son wrecked his upper thigh when he fell threw his back deck. this was perfect to get him on the road to recovery. he loved it.

5 Stars  Hip Replacement 
Had a hip replacement and these worked great. They covered the entire hip area. I am sure they will also nicely wrap around the entire knee.

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