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Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks
Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks
Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks
Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks
Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks
Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks
Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks

Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks

Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks

Compare at: $34.99  (57% off)
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Get an entire box (pack of 26) of Klement's real Beef snack sticks. The small snacks are a delicious way to fill up on protein while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

With fewer calories and real meat, reach for a healthier option when snacking. Klement's is made in Wisconsin, handcrafted in small batches in the heart of the USA. They are naturally hardwood smoked and are gluten-free snacks that contain no MSG.

Each .8oz snack stick is fully cooked and individually wrapped, ready to be shared or stored for later. These snacks have a long shelf life and will come in handy for emergencies, camping or hiking trips, school lunches and more.

- Get a Full Box of 26 - .8oz Snack Sticks
- Naturally Hardwood Smoked
- Gluten-Free and Contains No MSG
- Low Calorie, Protein-Rich Snacks
- Fully-Cooked, Long Shelf Life
- USDA-Inspected
- Great for Emergencies, Camping, Road Trips, Lunches and More
- Klement's Made in Small Batches in Wisconsin, USA

Beef Ingredients: Beef, Salt, Contains Less Than 2% of Flavorings, Dextrose, Corn Syrup, Lactic Acid Starter Culture, Sodium Erythorbate, Sodium Nitrite. Stuffed in Collagen Casings Colored with Caramel and FD&C RED #3. Dipped in a Potassium Sorbate Solution to Protect Quality.

Review this item!

5 Stars  Well received 
These were given as a gift. They were very happy to get them and have reported to me that they very much enjoyed them. PulseTv for the win. Thank you

5 Stars  Turkey snack sticks 
I really like these turkey snack sticks! I like them so well Im ordering some more.

5 Stars  Delicious 
I bought these to try. I like turkey bacon and turkey is better for you than pork. I love these snacks. Theyre delicious. Shipment was fast too.

4 Stars  Great deal for 26 snacks during stay at home order. 
Not the tastiest beef sticks Ive had but good with nice spice. A great deal though and a nice thing to have on hand during the pandemic.

5 Stars  Great product 
These beef sticks are great. Tasty and plentiful and a very good price.

5 Stars  Klements Box of 26 Beef 
They where yummy!! I will buy more again if any lift

5 Stars  Beef sticks 
Very tasty- will order again when these are gone.

2 Stars  26 Beef Snack Sticks 
Great, tasty, and fulfilling.

5 Stars  Great Protein Snack 
The beef snack sticks were a great purchase. They are very tasty and satisfy my food cravings.

5 Stars  Great Value 
These are great for casual snacks and very good value. I will buy again.

5 Stars  Fantastic taste 
Arrived when promised. Great taste, great product

3 Stars  Not as good as the beef 
Just received the Pepper Jack Turkey Snack Sticks and immediately wanted to try one out as I did for the beef sticks. Very disappointing. The turkey sticks are dry and shrunken and very hard to chew. There isnt a whole lot of taste either. The beef sticks are excellent however the turkey sticks simply SUCK!!

5 Stars  Beef sticks 
I love these beef sticks. They have great flavor ??.

5 Stars  Excellent, really excellent 
These are perfect for my emergency bag I keep in my truck. The only problem is that when I remember I have them...one or two seem to disappear! I will continue buying them as long as they are available...

4 Stars  Very good, very tasty--good buy 
Better than expected. Not too greasy and not too spicy. Good buy!

5 Stars  Taste great and low calorie 
I grab one when I need some protein and dont have time to eat a meal.

5 Stars  Yummm! 
Terrific snack sticks! Only problem is wrestling them away from my wife!

2 Stars  taste good, but... 
I just reviewed the beef, and gave it 5 stars. I couldnt do the same for the turkey. The skin was very tough. I either had to chew a piece for several minutes, or spit it out. It was like chewing leather. The taste was good, but that was it. I will not be purchasing the turkey again.

5 Stars  Very good 
This was the first time I purchased this brand. I think it is just as good as any I have purchased. I likely will purchase them again.

4 Stars  BEEF 
It is very good, however it is a bit spicy. Can only eat a few at a time because of it being spicy. Otherwise all is good

5 Stars  Delicious!! 
Great taste and without the grease!!

4 Stars  good snack 

5 Stars  Great beef sticks 
These are very high quality at a great price

5 Stars  Great turkey 
They are wonderful, & hope I will be able to order more when I run out !!!!

5 Stars  Delicious!! 
I am always slightly wary of buying these types of things in quantity without trying one first. So often the ones I have tried leave a film in my mouth or dont taste right. But these are EXCELLENT!! Having tried them now, I wish I had bought two boxes!

4 Stars  Tasty 
Tasty. Only problem is getting it out of its packaging. Only 70 calories per stick.

5 Stars  Hmmm. mmmm. Good! 
Great snack at anytime and it fit in well with this Covid 19 Lock down.

5 Stars  Great Snack 
I look for items lower in carbs and sugar and these are both. They have just enough spice to them but not hot. Really like them a lot. Will buy again.

4 Stars  Beef and turkey sticks 
I am not a fan of sausage, but these are tasty.

5 Stars  Best snack ever 
Real good price taste great fast shipping really enjoyed them

5 Stars  Best Beef Stick Ever 
Headline says it all

5 Stars  Tasty Beef sticks 
I hesitated a bit before ordering these but am glad I did. I was pleasantly surprised how good they are. Although the consistency is softer that most beef sticks they are tasty! If you like hard jerky type sticks you probably wont like these. They are a mild flavor with a slight kick that creeps up on youl

5 Stars  Quality product 
These are great. Tasty. High quality. Everything I expected. Hoping you plan to keep these in stock. I plan to reorder.

5 Stars  These are delicious! 
Im a big fan of jerky and snacks like this and have tried both flavors. Ill say the consistency is spot on not tough or too oily at all like others tend to be... I honestly cant decide which one I like better theyre both so good. No beating the price so I am stocking up for snacks and lunches me and the kids.

Review this item!
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Video: Klement's Box of 26 Beef Snack Sticks

Get an entire box (pack of 26) of Klement's real Beef snack sticks. The small snacks are a delicious way to fill up on protein while maintaining a busy lifestyle.
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