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Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer Duo

Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer Duo

Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer Duo
Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer Duo
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Do you know the ideal temperature to drink red wines, white wines, roses, sweet, dry and dessert wines? It's a lot to know, even for a wine-lover, but you will know at a glance when your bottle reaches the perfect temperature with the Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer Duo.

Keep Your Wine Temperature Controlled

The Kelvin Duo is programmed to know the perfect temperature to chill 10 different wine types, from light whites to full bodied reds and everything in between. It uses a wireless thermometer to communicate with a receiver that tells you exactly when your wine is ready. Clip the thermometer around the bottle you want to drink and place it in the refrigerator. Then attach the receiver to the front of the fridge with the magnetic base, or just place it on the countertop in front of you and watch the numbers drop.

Color Coded and Easy-To-Read Thermometer

Once you select your wine type on the receiver it will display the ideal temperature along with the actual temperature. The LCD is also color highlighted. If the receiver is flashing red the wine is still too warm, flashing blue means the wine is too cool, and green indicates the perfect temperature for serving.

If you are not sure exactly what type of wine you are drinking, a comprehensive list of over 100 of the most popular wine varieties is included. The receiver base is also customizable, so if you don't want to use the pre-set temperatures you can program the base to chill any bottle to your own taste.

Remember; every wine has its ideal temperature, even reds, so make sure you are getting the most out of every bottle with the Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer.


- Helps you serve any wine at the ideal temperature
- Smart receiver base pre-programmed with 10 different wine types
- Magnetic base can be attached to the front of your fridge
- Wireless thermometer will communicate with base up to 30 feet away
- Both components clip together for easy storage and transport
- Includes USB charging lead for the rechargeable thermometer battery
- Quick reference wine temperature guide
- Instruction manual
- Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)

5 Stars  It really works. 
No more guessing as to what temperature to serve the wine.

4 Stars  Interesting Device 
Seems to work fine. Very easy to put into action. I bought three one for two friends and one for my wife and I. At the price, it seems like it will be a fun tool to use.

5 Stars  works well 
Fun to use

5 Stars  Exactly what I wanted 
This is very cool to know what the optimal temperature for my wine is. And at a really affordable price!

4 Stars  Neat Wine Gadget 
I bought three of these to use as Christmas stocking stuffer gifts. They looked neat and the price was fantastic. When they arrived, they were packaged in a classy magnetic box. At that point I ordered two more so that I could keep one for myself. They work pretty well and are a great toy. I had to take a star away because mine did not work. Kudos to Pulse tv for fast no hassle replacement. The four gifts worked fine and I was glad as they went to Virginia, Delaware,New Jersey, and Canada!

4 Stars  A CHILL ITEM 
This useful gadget lets you know the right temperature for any given wine and lets you know when your wine has achieved that temperature. It took a while to understand the directions and learn how to turn it on but it worked well the one time I used it.

5 Stars  It works! 
I bought the Kelvin wine thermometer for my son. We used it last Sunday and were pleased that it accurately showed us the temperature of both his red wine and,later, my white wine. We were very pleased with the product.

Q: How do I select the right wine type?
A: Press the wine button until you reach the desired selection. To save the wine type, hold down one of the three memory buttons. Video

Q: How to understand the thermometer display?
A: The outer ring of the thermometer displays the wine type while the inner ring displays the current temperature. The back-light will flash red to indicate it is currently OVER the ideal drinking temperature and should be placed in the fridge. As it cools down, the back-light will turn from blue to green which will indicate it is IDEAL for consumption. Video

Q: How far is the bottle clip range to the thermometer?
A: After attaching the bottle clip to your wine, the thermometer will display an accurate temperature reading of up to 5 meters away. There is even a handy magnet on the thermometer you can use to stick to your fridge. Video

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Kelvin Wireless Wine Thermometer Duo

Do you know the ideal temperature to drink red wines, white wines, roses, sweet, dry and dessert wines?