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Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger
Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger
Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger
Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger
Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger

Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger

Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger

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This universal phone holder goes around your neck for a completely hands-free viewing experience. Simply place your smartphone, GPS, camera, or even a small tablet into the secure universal holder. It fits devices up to a 7in screen, and will even fit most phones with cases.

Attach the holder to the flexible gooseneck and place around your own neck. The soft neck foam cushion provides non-slip support, and the high quality flexible material is designed to be adjusted in nearly every way. A full 360 degree rotation lets you use your phone vertically or horizontally.

It's ideal for workouts, doing chores, video chatting, video recording, or even taking selfies. Take it on a plane where space is limited to watch a movie, or simply lounge on the couch watching videos.

The flexible mount can also be twisted to wrap around other items to make a secure space for your device on a desk, nightstand, or table.

- Adjustable, Flexible Gooseneck
- Hands-Free Phone Viewing
- Comfortable Foam Neck Cushion
- Mount Rotates 360 Degrees
- Twist Stand To Wrap Around Other Objects, Use on Tables
- Universal Phone Mount fits Phones up to 7in
- Non-Slip Mount Big Enough to Accommodate Most Cases
- Good for Latest iPhones, Androids, even 7in Tablets
- Use Horizontally or Vertically
- Great for Video Chatting, Workouts, Selfies, Video Viewing, and More

Review this item!

4 Stars  Very good tool 
It does what it says & is very useful when you want to view a video w/o having to hold the phone or even read a lot of emails. The only thing I find wrong is that it needs to be a little longer as its too close for me. Other than that its a perfect little gadget.

5 Stars  Great flexibility, great price 
I use mine almost every day. Sitting or lying down, adjusting is easy. It is also very comfortable. I have ordered three more for friends who saw mine and had to have one.

5 Stars  Great invention 
This is a great gadget. My iPhone XR is so heavy with the case that my arms get tired holding it while watching a video or FaceTime. It is very lightweight. Bought one for my niece and she loves hers too. 5stars

5 Stars  Neck Lounger 
Love the product, ill probably purchase 2 more soon

5 Stars  gift 
my grandson loves it!

4 Stars  Hands-free neck lounger 
Works fine but it should be longer. It puts your phone too close to your face.

4 Stars  Great... but 
I really like this. And it works exactly as advertised, I just wish it was a little longer. It puts the Kindle too close to my face by a couple of inches. I can live with it, but Id be a lot more comfortable if it was just a little bit longer.

5 Stars  Very Convenient 
This is a good product. I use it for talking on the phone while using the computer or do other work around the house. It can be easily removed when needed.

Neck lounger arrived bent in the opposite direction from that used to view a phone or tablet. Not very comfortable. Needs to be a bit larger as my vision requires greater distance. Good idea, though.

4 Stars  Hands-Free Phone Neck Lounger 
I had a little trouble getting it bent to get the right angle but once I did, I really like it. I have osteoporosis, and it helps me not to have to look down to read or play games while I watch TV.

5 Stars  Read it all, see it all. 
It takes some messing around to get these set, but it works fine when set.

5 Stars  Geeky but Cool! 
Honestly, we look ridiculous wearing it, but I wouldnt be without it! Ive got a cervical spine issue so looking down all the time is out of the question. I can read books, watch videos, and more without a downward glance. Recommending this to people I know who are bedridden too!

5 Stars  Phone neck lounger 
I ordered this to use in bed at night and it works great. My arms dont get tired from holding the phone anymore.

4 Stars  Good idea 
Wonderful invention which I find I use all the time. Keeps my arms and hands from tiring from long use as when playing games on my phone. Could be lighter and more pliable, doesnt have to be as thick and stiff as it is. Still, I like it a lot.

2 Stars  A little cumbersome 
Not good for travel. Doesnt fold up small enough to store.

Review this item!
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