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Handheld Power Spin Scrubber & Accessories

Handheld Power Spin Scrubber & Accessories

Handheld Power Spin Scrubber & Accessories
Handheld Power Spin Scrubber & Accessories
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The Cordless Multi-Purpose Power Scrubber makes cleaning chores a breeze!

We are very excited to bring you this 8 PC Set that includes the Handheld Motorized Scrubber, 2 Sponge Pads, 2 Nano Cleaning Heads, 2 Scrubber Pads, and Scrubbing Bristle Brush. You also get a USB charge cord for recharging the internal battery.

This powerful scrubber will blast through the toughest grease and grime for a sparkly clean surface.

Let This Powerful Scrubber Do The Work!

The secret to why this is so powerful is in the rotating brush that spins at 400 RPMs. The incredible torque scrubs away any caked on mess.

While this works great for scrubbing away calcium deposits, soap scum, and hard water stains in your home...think of the ways you can use it outdoors too! Use it on fences, decks, pool tiles, brick and more. Plus, it's cordless and rechargeable so you can take it anywhere.

Best of all, no batteries are needed. It features a rechargeable battery. Just use the included USB Charging Cord when you need to recharge.

Your Cordless Scrubber Kit Includes:

- Cordless, Waterproof Rotating Handheld Scrubber
- All Purpose Brush for Tile, Floors and More
- 2 Sponge Pads For Cleaning Delicate Services
- 2 Scrubbing Pads For Light Grime and Dirt
- 2 Nano Cleaning Heads For Stuck On Grime and Dirt
- 1 Scrubbing Bristle Brush For Powerful Cleaning In Nooks & Crannies
- Micro USB Charging Cord


  • Use to Clean Bathroom, Kitchen, and More
  • Flexible Bristles Clean Cracks and Crevices
  • NO MORE Soap Scum, Mildew or Grime
  • 400 Scrubs Per Minute
  • Incredible Torque Blasts Through Grime
  • 4 Different Brush Heads For Any Surface
  • Works WITHOUT Harsh Chemicals
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Cordless and Rechargeable (Cord Included)
  • Great for People with Arthritis
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Rechargeable Battery Inside

4 Stars  Handheld Power Spin Scrubber 
Work great

3 Stars  Not that powerful. And don t think I got the 2 nano heads. 
Not that powerful. And could use an extension to help get in tight places. And I don t think I got the advertised 2 nano brushes

4 Stars  Nice Idea lacks power 
All items are there as stated, however, no charger with the charging cable....would really help

1 Stars  Hi-test spin not there 
The spin was just medium grade. Not the ultra high as advertised. Had no effect on the stains I wanted to remove.
Thanks for your purchase and feedback. Please make sure the unit was fully charged. If it still isn't powerful, please contact us so we can replace it.
12/1/2022 - PulseTV

5 Stars  Does so much more than I thought! 
Grab one of these and youll find that you can clean so many things. I use it all over the house! You wont be disappointed!

3 Stars  power scrubber 
easier then hand scrubbing

Handheld Power Spin Scrubber & Accessories

The Cordless Multi-Purpose Power Scrubber makes cleaning chores a breeze!