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Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED
Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED
Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED
Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED
Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED
Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED
Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED

Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED

Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED

Compare at: $29.99  (93% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

The Last and Only Kitchen Knife You'll Ever Need...

With its durable hardened stainless-steel core and granite coating the Granite Tuff Knife is sharp and tough!

Replace many knives with this one... It is capable of butchering a large hunk of meat then moving on to deliver paper-thin cuts on even the most delicate of jobs.

The Stay Sharp Technology ensures your blade will never need sharpening and the manufacturer even gives a lifetime replacement guarantee... yes this is that good!

Not only will you be able to easily cut without applying pressure, but this knife's ergonomic handle and non-stick granite coated surface make it perfect for all your food prep, whether it involves cheese, bread, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple, or anything else you enjoy.

You'll love the series of small holes above the blade. These holes prevent a vacuum from forming between the blade and the vegetables or cheeses you are cutting. This ensures, beyond the granite coating, that the blade will not stick to the item you are cutting and provides a smoother, faster cut.

Replace your butcher, pairing, chef, and bread knives with just one Granite Tuff Knife! It is great for butchering, chopping, cutting, dicing and slicing.

- Granite Coated Blade for Ultimate Toughness
- Non Stick Blade
- Ergonomic Handle
- Stay Sharp Technology... Never Needs Sharpening
- Durable Stainless-Steel Core
- Oval Cut Design Reduces Friction
- Special Not Available in Stores Deal
- Professional Quality
- Manufacturers Replacement Lifetime Guarantee Download Here
- 5.75 inch blade

CAUTION: Blade is very sharp and care and caution should be exercised when using.

Review this item!

4 Stars  Not what I expected 
Being the knife advertised on TV, the quality seems poor.

4 Stars  works fine 
Sharp, easy to use, cuts cleanly.

5 Stars  Knife 
Love it. D

1 Stars  granite tuff knife 
not sharp at all

5 Stars  Works well 
The knife stays sharp and works well, cheese does not stick to it

5 Stars  Slice it up. 
This is the sharpest knife I have ever owned! It is well worth the price and you wont be sorry.

4 Stars  Part of the granite surface revolution 
This knife does a great job especially in cutting blocks of cheese.

3 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
The knife is good but I am having trouble with tomatoes that are a little soft.

1 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
The worst knife Ive ever bought... granted it costs only $1.99, but why say its the sharpest knife and never needs to be sharpened. I bought three. It just does not cut.

5 Stars  great knife 
One in a million knife it is a great tool

4 Stars  Very sharp 
This has got to be the sharpest knife I ever used slices through the toughest stuff like nothing.

4 Stars  Very sharp 
This has got to be the sharpest knife I ever used slices through the toughest stuff like nothing.

4 Stars  A Knife is a Knife 
I like this knife. Interesting color...granite. And it is sharp but not razor sharp. This knife works for me and it fits on our magnetic wall holder.

5 Stars  knife 
Its the best knives that I have ever owned.

4 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
I use the knife to cut tomato slices very effortlessly. Im very satisfied with this product and the price.

4 Stars  A Handy Knife to Own 
I like this knife. It is easy to handle and store. It is not as sharp as I expected and has slipped while in use trying to slice an unpeeled apple it skids on the skin but now that I am aware of this tendency I can adjust my own use of the knife.

5 Stars  knives 
just what I hoped the knives to be!!!!!

5 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
It is awesome!!!!!!!!Its not only super sharp, it is a very rugged, well built knife.....We love it!!!!!!!

1 Stars  Got dull quickly 
Was terrific when I first received it. It has since gotten very dull. Very disappointed

5 Stars  Great knife at great price 
What a waonderful product. Does as advertised!

3 Stars  Somewhat Disappointed 
Not as Sharp as expected. Its OK but not as advertized.

5 Stars  Great Knives 
These are extremely sharp kitchen knives and I am glad that I ordered two of them. Whether they will stay sharp for ever is a claim rather difficult to prove!

5 Stars  great buy 
very nice knife-well built and fair price

3 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
Size is very good, very easy to handle and the blade is thin for prices cuts. A little to light for cutting harder products such as potatoes. As to its sharpness I found it a bit lacking. After I tried several times to cut through more dense products I resharpened it and it did alright. I like sharp knives and I have many sharper than this one. Knowing now what to expect I would only purchase it for doing cutting where a more bulky knife is just awkward.

2 Stars  waste of money 
does not work as is shown on TV

5 Stars  Very good 
They are really nice. Very sharp. My wife has already cut herself twice.
Yikes! Be careful!
9/25/2019 -

5 Stars  great knife 
my wife says that it works perfect if she is happy Im happy

2 Stars  Knifp 
This knife was very sharp when I first used it however after first wash it was no longer sharp. Therefore it never needing sharping is false

1 Stars  Do not waste your money 
I was disappointed. It was not sharp right out of the package.

5 Stars  Super sharp easy to handle 
I bought two of these and am very happy. They are very sharp and very easy to cut through things.

4 Stars  Granite Tough Knife 
Very sharp and lightweight. Handle should be larger.

2 Stars  Dont know what you mean by Headline 
I thought the overall quality of the knife to be just fair. It was nowhere as sharp as I expected. I have have similar knives in size, and have had them for years, that were much sharper. Still use it, but sparingly because it is not the quality that I expected.

3 Stars  Not a sharp knife 
Could not cut a peach or nectarine without initially opening the fruit with the point of the knife. Will try to sharpen the edge with the Bavarian Edge sharpener I also purchased. Not initially sharp forever as advertised.

5 Stars  Great knife 
I ordered a second one just in case something happened to the one I use. Cuts thru everything quite nicely. I wouldnt even think of getting an expensive knife in its place. It does everything I need to do & then some!

5 Stars  Great Knife 
The knife has held its edge and I am very impressed with the quality.

5 Stars  great value 
this knife is really sharp and cuts everything well.

5 Stars  Recent order 
Good product

1 Stars  Disappointed 
Couldnt even slice bread with it. Can you filet chicken with it or just slice tomatoes? I purchased two but hesitate to give the other as a small gift.

5 Stars  Granite knife 
Wonderful. Very sharp, got to be careful not to cut yourself. I love it.

4 Stars  Great Knife 
Was especially happy with the way it cut through fruit like pineapple, avocado and cheese. I have yet to use on other things.

5 Stars  plungers and cutting products 
The products purchased are superb and function better than expected.

2 Stars  Dull blade is best descrition 
Completely dull cutting edge. Had to sharpen, then cut OK. Do not know if sharpening will hold.

3 Stars  not that sharp 
I dont know how long the edge will last, but the knife is not very sharp to start with. I may just keep my knives a lot sharper than most people do.

5 Stars  Let the knife do the work 
I was very satisfied with the Granite Tuff Knife. I found that using light pressure while slicing various meats and vegetables worked well and let the knife do most of the work.

3 Stars  Expectations below par 
Like size & looks of knife but mine is not sharp, had trouble cutting vegetables. Cant Imagine lifetime sharpness.

4 Stars  functions decently at a very low price 
I cant speak to longevity of sharpness yet, but it seems to work as a knife should. I dont know where the granite thing comes in I was relieved to see it not made of stone P Moral of story with advertising claims, take nothing for granite!

1 Stars  Dont Bother! 
Worst knife Ive ever used! Get what you pay for. Threw them in garbage which is where they belong. Didnt pay enough for them to bother returning.

2 Stars  Not happy 
Im not very happy with my knife. Its too light so it doesnt slice onions very good. I had to press too hard and I almost cut myself.

1 Stars  Extremely Disappointing...could have said 0 star !!! 
Ordered 2......This was, without question, the absolute DULLEST Knife Ive ever used....or tried to use !! Barely cut the skin of a Tomato - - never mind the tomato itself. Dangerous because its so dull. BEWARE !!! Not worth returning.

1 Stars  Granite knife 
Bad review. Was not even sharp when taken out of package. Very small with cheap handle. Uncomfortable to use. Not worth $9.98 including shipping.

5 Stars  Great knife 
Its fantastic so sharp and cuts easily through everything.

4 Stars  Sharp edge, great value 
I use this as a light, general purpose kitchen knife. The cutting edge remains sharp during daily use. The only comment is that the handle could be a little bit heavier for balance purposes.

3 Stars  not as expected 
not nearly as sharp as led to believe.

2 Stars  not as sharp as claimed 
knife did not slice any better than other knives I use. Relatively flimsy.

5 Stars  Great Product 
I originally ordered 2 knives. They are VERY sharp and stay that way. So I ordered more of them. I wash them in the dishwasher.

4 Stars  Granite Knife 
I like the size of the knife. I thought it was going to be larger but I like it. It is very sharp and use it often. I got two of them, one for home and another for or vacation cabin.

3 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
It is sharp but handle is small. Used to using a chef knife so the feel of the knife just feels light and wrong. Is OK though.

4 Stars  Pretty good knife 
It chops most things. I find it does stick a little on soft cheeses though. Its nice though and a good purchase for the price.

2 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife 
This knife was not sharp at all. Couldnt cut anything. Maybe cheese. I was disappointed. We use a couple old knives weve had for years and sharpen on a regular basis. This I thought would not have to be done. Very disappointed.

5 Stars  First Visit 
I purchased it for my husband, he loves it.

5 Stars  so far, so good 
It does a great job of cutting whatever Ive thrown at it so far. Because of the texture, the first time I washed it I wasnt sure I had it cleaned because of the way it felt when I ran my sponge over it, but I got used to it.

5 Stars  Granite Tuff Knife SSSharp 
It is as sharp as they claim!! It really an easy light knife to use, and I really appreciate it!! Cant wait to give my brother one!!!

5 Stars  Granite Knife 
One of the sharpest Knifes around. If you want a sharp knife, this is it...

3 Stars  OK so far 
Knife is initially sharp -- do not know if its FOREVER since Ive only had it for a couple weeks. Non-stick works OK. Knife handle is a bit on the small side --and I dont have big hands--to be considered ergonomic. Price seems good based on performance so far.

5 Stars  Super sharp 
Beware. This is a SHARP knife. Ideal for cutting things thinly like meats. I love this knife.

5 Stars  Great knife for the money 
Great knife to have in the kitchen when cooking. Very sharp and size is good for most all your chopping/cutting up of food.

3 Stars  Its OK, NOT super, Not that much better. 
It came OK sharp, not super sharp as advertised. nor does it stay sharp better than a good steel knife. NOT as good as some ceramics but neither are all of them as good as they advertise, and some of them came with a big name.

5 Stars  A Cut Above 
No matter what or how you slice it, this blade is for you. Cuts the first time, every time.

3 Stars  Not quite what its advertised to be 
Knife seems to be sharp enough. Cant yet comment on its durability but it does not do well cutting things like bread, tomatoes, etc.

5 Stars  Granite tuff knife 
Verry sharp works well with no effort

5 Stars  Knive 
Very sharp great for all chiefs

5 Stars  Knives 

2 Stars  Not so great 
Looks better than the sharpness it is

5 Stars  Great Knife 
I bought 2 knives for my wife, she loves them. Uses them all the time.

1 Stars  Not as advertised 
Knife looks good, but was not sharp as all. Good for a butter knife, but little else. Very disappointed.

5 Stars  sharp 
great product

5 Stars  Great Knife 
Really like this new knife. Handy size and very sharp.

1 Stars  Completely Disappointing 
I am regret to buy. It is not as sharp as seen on its video. Almost the same like regular knife. sorry, but the reality is this.

2 Stars  It wasnt sharp to begin with 
Sad to say, that is the truth. It was probably the least sharp knife out of the box that I have ever bought. It just isnt worth the effort and the shipping cost to send it back. Very disappointing.

Sharp, but not the sharpest.

5 Stars  Granite knife 

5 Stars  Great value 
Not as sharp as the knife I sharpened, but is very sharp, and if it stays that way will be excellent. I cant hardly wait to cut some cheese.

5 Stars  sharp knife 
works great doesnt seem it ever goes full. I bought it for myself, however my wife uses it more than i do. Bought one to go into the motorhome for camping

2 Stars  Less than expected 
I was excited to receive this knife though I did have reservations about the hype for such an inexpensive item. Unfortunately I was not wrong. The knife was smaller than I expected, poorly constructed and lacked the sharpness promised. All in all it performed about as well as a knife I would buy at the supermarket,hanging on a peg, for about the same price. Not the price/value experience I am used to at pulse TV

To date the knife has proven to be all you said it to be. Special hello to Anisa. don

3 Stars  Disappointing 
The knife is not particularly sharp, nor does it cut any better than lots of other, cheap knives.

1 Stars  Not Sharp!! 
I ordered 2 Granite Tuff Knives and they were incredibly dull. They did NOT cut the tomatoes as demonstrated in the video. They were below average.

5 Stars  AWESOME Knife!!! 
One of the best knives ever, my fiance loves these knives and wants to purchase more just to have stock pile and use for everything needed! Great, sharp, easy to use...great purchase!!!

4 Stars  Great price for the product. 
Handy little knife. I have not had it long so I do not how sharp it will stay over time. It is very light weight.

3 Stars  Good price, not a top notch knife 
I purchase the Granite Tuff knife primarily for my wife and after her first time using it, she was not overly impressed with the performance of the knife specifically the cutting of the knife. It seems that doesnt cut harder items very well. We have a Copper Knife that we purchased from PulseTV and it out performs the Granite knife. Overall, if you looking for a kitchen knife that really doesnt need sharpening, then the Granite Tuff knife might be right for you, but if youre not overly concerned with cost, then I would suggest another knife.

4 Stars  Granite Knife! 
The knife is very good. Not sure why there are holes in the blade. Need to use it a little more to give a better assessment. Wife likes it too! Certainly its good value for the money. Unfortunately, I purchased other more expensive knives around the same time. Clearly they are better knives, however, this granite knife is a good addition to my collection.

5 Stars  Really sharp! 
I really love this knife! I bought three of them and gave one to my son to use to cut block cheese. It sliced through the cheese easily. This week, he found out how sharp it is, however. He ended up needing a band-aid. Oops!

3 Stars  Granite Knife 
Used a couple of times, its ok but not as sharp as my old ceramic knife. Wouldnt buy again.

5 Stars  Works! 
I have about 5 other cheese knives. Kept buying them toget one that works. This one does! Dont need to buy anymore.

3 Stars  Granite tuff knife 
I didnt expect much and was not disappointed. I bought two and used one. It was not sharp out of the package. I sharpened it after each use. I cut nothing other than vegetables. I got what I paid for but it was not as advertised.

1 Stars  Does not cut 
Do not buy. It does not cut well

3 Stars  Granite Tuff knife 
So far it seems to be as sharp as it was when received but that isnt what I would call sharp. So far it seems to be a good knife to cut cheese for cheese and crackers because the cheese doesnt stick to the blade

4 Stars  very nice 
The knife is very sharp and works great. My only problem is that I prefer a heavier feeling,weight, blade

1 Stars  Not very sharp 
I was hoping to get a very sharp knife, but the knife I received is anything but sharp. It can barely cut through a tomato skin without squishing the tomato and making a mess. Unfortunately, I threw away the packaging so I cant return it.

5 Stars  Great knife 
This knife works great. I bought two of them and Im glad I did. I recommend this knife.

2 Stars  Completely Disappointing 
It is completely disappointing. Regular knife is better then this. I regret to buy this item.

1 Stars  Worse knife I have ever purchased 
Tried to slice a tomato and it squashed the tomato before it started cutting. I have never seen a knife this dull from the very first attempt to slice something

3 Stars  Very sharp but 
It seems like a sharp knife. I do not yet know how it will hold up over timer. However, I find that it does not slice easily through some things. The granite coating seems to drag on meats, cheese, onions or anything thick. Great for chopping. It also would not cut through the skin of a tomato. Based on other reviews, perhaps I got a defective one.

5 Stars  Granite knife 
Love this knife! Just wish it had a sheath to store it in...

3 Stars  Granite Knife 
Wasnt what I expecded, dont think it is as sharp as advertised, sorry

Review this item!
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Video: Granite Tuff Knife - Stays Sharp Forever - GUARANTEED

Replace many knives with this one... It is capable of butchering a large hunk of meat then moving on to deliver paper-thin cuts on even the most delicate of jobs.
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