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Furniture Repair Markers & Filler Crayons - 12pk

Furniture Repair Markers & Filler Crayons - 12pk

Furniture Repair Markers & Filler Crayons - 12pk
Furniture Repair Markers & Filler Crayons - 12pk
Your Price: $5.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $9.98 (67% off)
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Restore scratched furniture...instantly!

Let's face it, it's almost impossible not to get scrapes and scratches on your wood furniture, especially when you move. This kit helps you restore scratched furniture, cabinets and floors. Hide wood imperfections, nails, holes and scratches.

The NEW and IMPROVED colors making matching any wood tone easier than before. In this 12 piece kit, you get Six (6) Marker Pens and Six (6) Filler Sticks for deep scratches. Includes 6 different shades for major types of wood: Maple, Oak, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany and Black. You can even blend and layer colors to match your stains perfectly.

Filler Wax Crayons don't just color the wood, they actually fill in deeper gouges, cracks, and dings.

Give your vintage furniture, woodwork, picture frames, or flooring an instant touchup. No home or office should be without this!


- Includes (6) Repair Markers & (6) Filler Sticks
- Colors: Maple, Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Mahogany, Black
- Long Lasting Stain
- Blend Colors for Perfect Match
- Conceal nicks, marks, and scratches
- Dries in seconds
- Use on decorations, picture frames, floors, cabinets, furniture, and more

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