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Fur Trapper Hat with Ear Flaps

Fur Trapper Hat with Ear Flaps

Fur Trapper Hat with Ear Flaps
Fur Trapper Hat with Ear Flaps
Your Price: $7.99
Compare at: $24.99  (68% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $11.98 (76% off)
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Winter is a magical time of year. Hanging your Xmas decorations, sledding with the neighborhood misfits, or caroling out in the snow are among the many activities you can look forward to this upcoming season. Until the temperature suddenly drops! Exposed skin can leave you vulnerable to frostbite and catching a cold, so listen to your mother's advice and don't leave the house without a hat!

This Trapper Fur Cap with Ear Flaps can be worn two different ways. Fasten it at the chin to protect your ears, jaw, and upper neck, or clip it together at the crown of the hat. The latter style offers less protection from the elements, but much better visibility; essential for high speed skiing, hunting, fishing, or just lounging around in your pjs! Either way you choose to wear it, this ushanka-style hat has been the standard for combating frosty conditions since WWI.

Made with 100% Polyester and cruelty-free faux-fur, this trooper hat will cradle your precious noodle and provide plushy-soft warmth. It's water-resistant to prevent too much snow from melting through the fabric on your chilly adventures. Remain toasty while you gather more wood for the bonfire, or brave those icy city windchills during your next holiday shopping spree.

No matter the situation, you can trust this fashionable hat to keep you warm while you're scraping the ice from your windshield and shoveling your walk. Its unisex design is lightweight, yet durable enough for everyday wear. You have your choice of color: brown, or black, and it's one-size-fits-most.

- Choose from Black or Brown
- Made of 100% Polyester and Ethical Faux-Fur
- Windproof, Water-Resistant Fabric
- Stylish Cap with Ear Flaps for Additional Warmth
- Protects from Frostbite and Sickness
- Shields Neck, Ears, Chin and Face from Cold Wind
- Can be Worn Up or Down
- Elastic Buckle Snap Keeps Hat in Place
- One-Size-Fits-Most

4 Stars  Awesome warmth factor for low cost 
This hat has been amazing for the cold weather. It keeps warmth in just enough to feel comfortable, but does not overheat. The materials are lower quality than other hats, but they have held up! The only reason I am giving 4 stars is because the design doesnt allow for you to hear well with the flaps down over your ear. Otherwise, the hats are awesome!

4 Stars  hat fits and is warm 
fits and is warm

5 Stars  Great Value 
Keeps head and ears nice and warm. Works well for us senior citizens who have to go out in the cold.

5 Stars  Great buy 
Really good quality for something that is hard to find where I live.

5 Stars  Super Great!! 
I have had fur hats that cost ten times as much, and I like this hat better. It has been extremely durable. This defeats the old adage, You pay for what you get. I bought four more just to save them.

5 Stars  winter cap 
Very easy to use and oh so warm. Very good.

5 Stars  Very warm 
I am very pleased with this hat. It is very warm and I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Nice fit 
Warm and fits well. Very nice hat

1 Stars  Trapper Hat 
Not very pleased with this purchase. It has very little fur and insulation. It would not fare well here in Minnesota.

5 Stars  Comfy and really protects my ears from the bitter cold! 
I work out near the airport where its even gustier and can be bitter cold! This fur hat makes my many necessary trips outside, servicing our patrons, much easier to manage!

5 Stars  Well worth the price. 
As Ive gotten older, Ive gotten less used to cold weather. I bought one of these hats for a buddy in Oklahoma and he loved it so I ordered one for myself. Its just what the doctor ordered to keep my head warm and thats where your body loses most of its heat. I liked this hat so much that I order three more for relatives in Connecticut.

4 Stars  Nice hat 
I purchased these so I could leave them in our cars in case we get stuck in severe weather. They arent the best made product but will serve its purpose.

5 Stars  trapper hat 
works great for blowing snow

5 Stars  Son Loves It! 
He says it does the job. Wears it everywhere. Great Buy!

5 Stars  So warm 
Great fit, comfort, and warmth. Excellent value.

5 Stars  Nice cap 
Nice and warm. Glad I bought it before all the cold and snow in Mississippi. We are not use to it. Where is global warming when you need it?

2 Stars  Not a good fit 
Good price, nice idea but doesnt fit well. Not comfortable

5 Stars  Unbelievable Value 
This hat is an amazing value - is very warm and weather resistant - would expect to pay at least 5 times more for this item

3 Stars  Fur trappers hat 
The hat is warm and water proof. Great for keeping snow Orr while using snow blower. Only issue for me is that it is a little small for my head.

I keep this hat hanging at the kitchen door and wear it almost everyday here in North Carolina. Fits and wears very well. Thanks!

5 Stars  He loved them !!! 
My husband has been wanting this hat for a long time . Could not find the hats or they were so expensive. When i saw them on Pulse TV.com and saw the price i could not believe it !!! So I got him both hats the black and brown !!! He loved them and has been wearing them ever since. Ordered two more for gifts.

5 Stars  These are Fantastic! 
I purchased 2 of them and they are fantastic! Very nicely made and very warm. I only have good things to say about these hats and the price is by far the best I had found we have other trapper style hats that my husband wears that we paid more for and arent as warm or well made as these.

5 Stars  Best hat ever 
The hat is so nice and warm. You can wear ear flaps up or down. The price is amazingly low.

1 Stars  VERY SMALL 
very small

5 Stars  Fur Trapper Hat 
My husband and son-in-law love them.

5 Stars  Very nice order process 
Great merchandise from a well-run, customer friendly business.

4 Stars  bomber hats 
Good value for the cost. I used them for Christmas presents and kept a couple for my use, in North Dakota we can get cold and the caps are nice and warm outdoors.

5 Stars  toasty 
just what you need for the winter months ahead.

5 Stars  PERFECT 
Great fun for outdoor COVID relief.

4 Stars  Warm but not adjustable 
The cap is very warm, but I found it to be loose with no way to tighten the strap to fit my head. For my purposes it is fine to keep my head warm while I sleep, but if I were living in a middle to northern state, I would have to use a scarf or other material to fill the gap. It would be worth the price, however, because a similar hat would cost much more.

5 Stars  Fur Trapper Hat review 
I recently bought 2 of the Fur Trapper hats with the Ear Flaps and they are perfect for the winters that we have in upstate New York. Thanks for having them for sale at such a reasonable price

5 Stars  Fur Trapper Hat  
Great purchase, this is without a doubt very toasty warm hat..!!

5 Stars  Pleasantly Surprised 
I figured - cant be any good - its so inexpensive. Its warm, fits well, love the snap under the chip - waterproof. It was a great stocking stuffer!

5 Stars  keeping warm 
These hats will provide good winter warmth.

5 Stars  Great hat very warm 
Love this whole time looking at and it s very warm. Price was awesome

5 Stars  My New Favorite Winter Hat! 
With Winter fast approaching here in Wisconsin, I always wear a stocking cap to keep warm when outside. I thought Id try one of these trapper hats because they looked like they were really warm, in fact I bought 2 of them, one of each color. I am so glad I did! I was doing some outside building work earlier this week and I never had such a warm hat! In fact, I had to actually take it off a few times to cool down a bit! I have a lot of outdoor projects I want to do this Winter and I finally found a Great Winter hat I love!!!

2 Stars  fun stocking stuffer 
The hat appears as shown. Fits average sized head and has great flapped ear protectors for freezing weather! My Canadian friend will have fun with it.

5 Stars  Fur trapper hat 
Very pleased with this purchase. Fits nicely and is very warm.

5 Stars  Bought as a joke. Wound up ordering two more! 
Thought these hats would make a good gag gift. Picturing John Candy and Cousin Eddie in their similar hats, right? Well, they actually turned out to be really nice, warm and with a few wearing options. Would definitely recommend getting one for yourself, as I did.

5 Stars  Perfect! 
These ae so warm and cozy!

4 Stars  Fur Trapper Hat 
No matter the size it is still lose on the chin clasp

5 Stars  Love this fur trapper Hat 
Love the hat I hope the person I purchased it for will like it! Shipping was fast and the price was right.

3 Stars  Fur Trapper Hat 
Its OK but too big with me

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Fur Trapper Hat with Ear Flaps

This Trapper Fur Cap with Ear Flaps can be worn two different ways. Fasten it at the chin to protect your ears, jaw, and upper neck, or clip it together at the crown of the hat.