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Flashing Christmas Light Bulb Necklace

Flashing Christmas Light Bulb Necklace

Flashing Christmas Light Bulb Necklace
Flashing Christmas Light Bulb Necklace
Compare at: $9.99  (70% off)
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Brighten up the holidays in a flash!

Show your holiday spirit with the Flashing Christmas Light Bulb Necklace.

This colorful accessory features 13 individual bulbs of 4 colors - red, green, blue, and yellow.

With the press of a button you can really brighten things up with the 3 distinct settings - fast strobe, slow strobe, and alternating flash.

They make great party favors, wardrobe accessories, or the perfect addition to a unique Halloween costume; especially for 'Stranger Things' fans!

Fun for both kids and adults. Not recommended for children under 3. One size fits all.

Features & Benefits:
- The ultimate holiday accessory
- 13 individual bulbs
- 4 colors (red, green, blue, and yellow)
- 3 light settings (fast strobe, slow strobe, and alternating flash)
- Great for party favors, wardrobe accessories, Halloween costumes, and more
- Easy to use
- One size fits all
- For Age 3+
- Great for kids or adults
- Takes 3 AG13 Batteries (included)

3 Stars  lite 
wow. the lights were bigger than I thought they would be.

5 Stars  What Fun! 
These lights make the holiday season even more festive! It does not matter that you are wearing, this colorful necklace will always get you - and everyone around you - into the holiday spirit!

5 Stars  They work great 
I will make sure and wear them everywhere next Christmas.

4 Stars  Could use some plastic strengthening 
Love the three patterns of flashing that they do. Somewhere along my week of wearing them, two of the bulbs got holes in them, and I dont consider myself someone who handles things roughly. Do note that the bulbs are standard size old-fashioned bulbs, so this is not a low profile necklace. You will definitely be noticed!

5 Stars  Everyone wanted one. 
I gave 1 to my sister and everywhere she wore it, everyone wanted one.


5 Stars  Festive lights 
They re very cute to use when you re going to a Christmas party or if you re using them for decorations

5 Stars  Necklace 
For the price this necklace is great!!

5 Stars  JUST SO CUTE 
This was a hit during the holidays. My Grand kids changed its location every few hours. They hung it on every lamp shade I have, every door knob and took turns wearing it. I am sure it will know take place in the Christmas storage box move over Hallmark and come out again every year.

5 Stars  Christmas Light Necklace 
I bought these Christmas light necklaces for a group of people from Navigate Church located in Fairless Hills, Pennsylvania. A couple of the small groups decided to gather together and go Christmas Caroling. A tradition that is rarely seen anymore. We just pray to spread the Good News of Jesus, Joy and Hope ! I would love to share a picture or 2, however I am not seeing this option !?

5 Stars  light bulb necklace 
Got a real winner here!!!

3 Stars  Cute! 
My granddaughter loves everything that goes with ugly Christmas. That said, the bulbs are too big and cumbersome, when it stated necklace, I thought it would be necklace size, but she likes it and thats all that matters.....

5 Stars  Necklace 
Fun for the money

5 Stars  Should be great fun 
I bought these to give as stocking stuffers to family members on Christmas Eve along with the red and black hats! We will put necklace and hat on and go for a walk in the neighborhood and also wear them to post Christmas and New Years parties!

5 Stars  My Wife loves them. 
My Wife loves the necklace and has received many positive comments on ot

3 Stars  Flashing Xmas Bulb Necklace 
fun novelty item and festive

5 Stars  It was the highlite of the Christmas party 
I saw another of this later and it was received the same way.

3 Stars  Good idea for using plactic instead of glass 
Used it to place around Christmas door reef. Worked good.

4 Stars  Great stocking stuffer 
I bought 45 necklaces for my family members to wear at our Christmas Eve traditional celebration. All but 4 worked.

5 Stars  Fun 
Easy to change patterns of flashing lights

5 Stars  Christmas lights necklace 
What great fun! People are still trying to figure out if the lights were flashing slowly, quickly or solid.

5 Stars  Loved by all 
A real show stopper. Strangers stop me to say Merry Christmas.

5 Stars  Brighten up your Holiday 
We all need a little flare in our lives so why not a few sparkling lights this holiday season. The have different settings and worked perfectly.

5 Stars  The Best Ever Magnifier!! 
Works Great

5 Stars  Great stocking stuffer 
The one I tried worked great. All the rest are for stocking stuffers, so the jury is still out.

5 Stars  xmas lite bulb 
Large but proving popular

5 Stars  cute 
figure a nice touch of laughter and joy on Christmas day.

5 Stars  Ill never get run over in a crosswalk wearing these! 
Ill never get run over in a crosswalk wearing these! Big fun! Great price. Nice gift! Fun for the entire family.

4 Stars  You Light Me Up! 
Looks like the pic works just as described. Great seasonal item & worth the small price tag.

5 Stars  Woweee what a great buy 
this item works very well. colorful , the bulbs are full size, not itybity . this item is something that looks really great on a larger woman or man.

5 Stars  Flashing Xmas 
Love the items >>great price >>and made a few people happy. Thanks

5 Stars  lights 
a BIG hit for kids!

5 Stars  Dont know why I waited! 
I ordered this too late to use for this year but I cant wait to wear it next year! I love that ALL the lights light up. I had a necklace with smaller lights and only every 4th light would light up. This is much better.

5 Stars  Great fun gift 
Made a big Christmas splash! 3 different settings. Love it.

5 Stars  Necklace 
Necklace is a fun idea and worked great!

5 Stars  Flashing Necklace and knitted hats 
Bought for my grandkids and they loved them. Could not afford the scarves. Very disappointed when I saw the price had been reduced right after my purchsse

5 Stars  Christmas light bulb necklace 
Great product! Works well and good fun. .

5 Stars  Light Bulb Necklace 
I bought these for my 2 granddaughters and myself. My granddaughters loved it and wore it for the rest of Christmas day. My older granddaughter had to go to work at 11 p.m. on Christmas day, and she said she was going to wear it to work!

5 Stars  Festive! 
I bought them for myself & friends, but found it to be a little too large for my comfort. Everyone I gave it to loved and enjoyed it. I would like to see it in a slightly smaller version.

5 Stars  Fun!! Fun!! Fun!! 
These were a big hit at the Christmas party. From the little kids to the grown ups - we all had fun.

5 Stars  Great for the Holidays 
To put it simply--I love it.

5 Stars  Great product 
The kids loved them at our Christmas party

5 Stars  Christmas 
Excellent for the price. Batteries dont last that long

1 Stars  Flashing Christmas lights 
I found the bulbs themselves to be too large. Much tooooo big.

5 Stars  Christmas lights necklace 
I drive a school bus and the kids liked the blinking lights the week before Christmas

5 Stars  Fun,fun,fun! 
WE loved this Christmas bulb necklace! Got smiles all around. The kids loved them too!

5 Stars  Grandkids Loved This Necklace 
I bought two of these for my young grandchildren, and they loved them.

5 Stars  Huge hit with the kids 
I work at a school for deaf and blind ids. Everyone loved the light up necklace.

5 Stars  HIT OF THE DAY 


5 Stars  xmas earrings and necklace 
i bought them for my daughter. she loved them!

5 Stars  Fun for kids to watch 
The lights are full size and switch on and then can be changed to pulsating and every other one.

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Video: Flashing Christmas Light Bulb Necklace

This colorful accessory features 13 individual bulbs of 4 colors - red, green, blue, and yellow. With the press of a button you can really brighten things up with the 3 distinct settings - fast strobe, slow strobe, and alternating flash.
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