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Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk

Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk

Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk
Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk
Your Price: $14.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $27.98 (53% off)
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Here is a set of Headlamps that not only dish out 300 lumens each, but they're super comfortable to wear. No more bulky headlamps... This one is a slim light strip that sits snug on your head so you can stay completely hands-free while working in the garage, workshop, job site or wherever!

This Ultra Slim Headlamp Is Super Bright and Can Be Used Wherever, Whenever!

It has 2 different light modes, max and low power. It also has an adjustable strap and it's weatherproof! So you can use it outdoors in wet working conditions. Enjoy the convenience of using this headlamp while staying hands-free while camping, reading, working with crafts, taking a stroll at night, and more.

And with this deal you get TWO headlamps! Each light requires 3 AAA batteries, which are included so you can use the headlamps right away.


- Slim Fit Headlamp Light Strip 2pk
- Dishes Out 300 Lumens
- Ultra Thin Profile
- 2 Beam Settings: MAX Power, LOW Power
- Run Time: 6 Hours
- Toggle Switch
- Weatherproof
- Ideal for Outdoor, Emergencies and Everyday Use
- Each Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Included)
- Product Dimensions: Height 1.5" One Size Fits All

5 Stars  Now my kids and neighbors all want one! 
Rather than admitting a beam like a flashlight, this headlamp will illuminate an entire room! It was the perfect tool when a heavy storm caused a power outage, and because I had two, my wife wore one and I wore one. I m buying several more!

5 Stars  Headlamps 

5 Stars  Wow 
Bright light and very light weight

5 Stars  Everyone likes them - great gifts 
I bought at least 10 two packs and still not enough. We are farmers and I have gifted these to my farming neighbors and they all love them. My large family of 15 all use them

5 Stars  I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I have very poor vision & this product helps stupendously!

5 Stars  Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk 
Great product, price, fast shipping!

5 Stars  Hands Free lighting! 
Great item if you are working in close quarters and need both hands!! Also good at night to see your walking path!!

4 Stars  Headlamp. 
2 for the price of one is a good deal.

4 Stars  Nice and bright light. 
A very nice light but it needs a little better way to adjust the size.

5 Stars  Excellent price for an excellent product. 
This headlight is great, it brightly illuminates the are in front of you with enough light for any task you want to perform. It is efficient at what it is designed to do and a very good quality product.

4 Stars  Bright! 
Except for the fact that they seem flimsy, they work great and are very adjustable. Havent had them long enough to see if they hold up or not.

2 Stars  Not for me 
I have trouble seeing to read and I thought this would help. But it pointed out and not down and so they didn t help.. they do have a good light and my great grandkids love them

5 Stars  Really bright 
Brighter than expected. Adjustable so it fits. Good Value

5 Stars  Good Value, Works Great so far. 
Bright, light weight adjustable headband, I have already used it several times. Easy to check and change AA batteries. I ve only had them about a month, let s see if they last a while.

5 Stars  Works well. 
Comfortable. Good coverage. Good brightnes

5 Stars  Great lighting 
I like the fit and lighting

5 Stars  Easy to wear and use 
Ive tried various varieties of forehead lamps this is by far the best. The light is bright and it fits comfortably- I sometimes forget Im wearing it. The battery compartment is difficult to open, thought.

5 Stars  Lights up a whole room or area 
Nice Brite headlight that conforms to your head or hat, and lights up the whole room, or a large ground area outdoors. Walking in the dark is easier than a spot light-that you have to keep moving to see where youre stepping- this lights up the ground all around.

4 Stars  headlamp 
Great score, lightweight and super bright.

5 Stars  really bright 
appears to be one of the best light I have gotten....really bright!

5 Stars  Super Bright!! 
Whoa! We were amazed at the brightness of these headlamps!! We go camping and hangout outside after dark around the campfire frequently and we found these to be an essential item now whenever we re out. I also have them in my emergency kit. The only con is other folks can t be in front of you when they are on they are that bright.

5 Stars  headlamp 
best portable headlamp i own, very bright, easy to use, and the price was affordable from pulse tv.

4 Stars  Helpful 
Helpful when there is poor lighting when I am using my laptop.

5 Stars  Perfect in power outage 
Our power went out last week. I had bought 2 pair of these, one pair for the house, another for the workshop. I thought 300 lumens might be too little, but during the outage I used the low setting to get around the house and to read. Also, theyre comfortable to wear. Everyone needs some of these for camping, auto emergencies on the road, power outages. Im buying more so I can keep one in each car.

5 Stars  Headlamp band 
I was a little skeptical before ordering it, but for the price thought why not. when i got it and turned it on, I was pleasantly surprised at the light output. Also the thinness and how light weight it is. Everyone I ve showed it to wants one. Hope you guys are always able to keep them in stock.

5 Stars  I really like this product 
I have had similar products but this one is unique, easy to wear, easy to turn on ,light weight so you do not feel it. I used it to complete a current project and I also purchased extra units and gave them to my family members as I was so impressed

4 Stars  Fairpoint Headset 
Easy to use, not cumbersome. Not as bright a light as I thought it would be. Will come in handy around the house.

5 Stars  Great buy. 
I have had other similar products but this is The best . I bought 6 more to give to my family . It is easy to use. It gives excellent light. It is comfortable. I highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamp 
Great! I walk early morning in the dark. This is a very useful product. I have used it in the house looking into tight uncomfortable to get to places, much easier now.

Comfortable to wear and lots of light. Wont use it every day but GREAT WHEN NEEDED.

5 Stars  Great light 
The headband light is a really great light for when you need your hands free to do things, it s bright enough to see everything that need to be seen

5 Stars  Headlamps 
Love them. I bought a few and everyone I gave them to as Christmas gifts really liked them also. I wish they could have been one per package instead of two.

5 Stars  Nice light 
Good price

5 Stars  husband loves them 
these were a Christmas present and went right on, very excited! went right out to look under the hhod of the car and said these are perfect!

4 Stars  Great Head Light 
I love the light Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk Item #9614. However, it is too large for my head. I were it around my neck and it works fine. I would recommend this light .

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Farpoint 300 Lumen Slim Fit Headlamps - 2pk

Here is a set of Headlamps that not only dish out 300 lumens each, but they're super comfortable to wear. No more bulky headlamps.