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Farberware Professional Manual Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Farberware Professional Manual Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Farberware Professional Manual Fruit and Vegetable Juicer
Farberware Professional Manual Fruit and Vegetable Juicer
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Kick your healthy lifestyle up a few notches with this Professional Cold Press Juicer from Farberware.

The Best Hand-Crank Juicer Around

Farberware has provided a top of the line manual cold-press juicer, meaning you do it yourself with no electrical components or plugging anything in. Assembly and operation is a breeze!

Spin the heavy duty base to the locking position, and a super strong suction cup ensures it won't move on your kitchen counter or table.

When you are ready to begin, use the orange push-wand to force the fruit down as it runs through the auger. No sharp parts are exposed, making this completely safe for anyone to use. The juicer head has one exit point for the juice and one for the pulp, which you can control how much goes into your drink for additional fiber. Two cups are included that catch these as they are released. Avoid any messes on the kitchen table! The juice cup has a sieve lid that will dilute it as it rains in. After that, you are ready to enjoy!

Savor the applesauce from those freshly picked apples. Run apples and carrots through the juicer and then add a dash of ginger for pure Heaven. Peel those oranges and make the freshest orange juice that has ever entered your home. Enjoy the nutritious grape juice without having to go grape by grape. You know exactly what you're running through the juicer, so no artificial surprises await you at the other end.

When finished, just clean it out with soap and water and you are all set!

Cold Press Juicing vs Store-Bought

Many people may shrug at the idea of having to make their own fruit juice when they could just buy it from a store.

Don't be fooled by labels such as "100% All Natural" and "Organic Fruit Flavoring", as many of these store-bought brands are pasteurized at high temperatures. This kills a lot of the authentic nutritional value of these juices, so they are pumped full of synthetic vitamins and minerals. Most of these products are simply concentrates of the fruits they were extracted from.

With a juicer, you process 100% authentic juice directly from the fruit itself. There is no worrying about artificial vitamins or preservatives being added. It is the real deal.


- Professional Fruit and Vegetable Juicer
- Easy to use Hand Crank
- No Need to Plug It In
- Suction Mounted Base
- Easy Piece by Piece Assembly
- Two Cups for Diluted Juice and Pulp
- Pushing Wand for Safe Contact
- No Exposed Blades
- Make Juices, Applesauce, Baby Food, Smoothies
- Easy Cleanup (Hand Wash Only)
- Dimensions: 13in x 5.5in x 9.75in

5 Stars  Juicer 
Nice , easy to use.

5 Stars  Farberware Juicer 
works wonderful

5 Stars  Juicer Manual 
Excellent .Easy. To use.Clever

5 Stars  Manual Juicer 
Just used my newly purchased manual juicer and I love it. It even works great with celery.

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Video: Farberware Professional Manual Fruit and Vegetable Juicer

Kick your healthy lifestyle up a few notches with this Professional Cold Press Juicer from Farberware.
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