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FLEX Behind The Neck Wireless Headset with Microphone - NEW LOW PRICE

FLEX Behind The Neck Wireless Headset with Microphone - NEW LOW PRICE

FLEX Behind The Neck Wireless Headset with Microphone - NEW LOW PRICE
FLEX Behind The Neck Wireless Headset with Microphone - NEW LOW PRICE
Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $49.99  (70% off)

This behind the neck wireless headset by Hype offers maximum comfort and range of motion while listening to your music. Connect via BLUETOOTH® wireless technology up to 33 feet away from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or other compatible devices.

Rest the headset around your neck and pull out the magnetized earbuds from the holder. It features onboard controls for Playing/Pausing your music, skipping tracks, and a volume button. The built-in microphone allows you to take and answer calls with the push of a button.

This on-the-go headset is great for jogging, working out, or even a stroll in the park. The lightweight headset sits comfortably on the neck and you won't have to deal with tangled cords.

- Bluetooth Range 33ft
- Rechargeable Battery Lasts 6-8hrs
- Dynamic Stereo Sound
- Lightweight Behind The Neck Design
- Tangle-Free Cords and Magnetized Earbuds
- Built-In Microphone
- Vibrates for Incoming Calls
- Play/Pause, Call/Answer, Skip Tracks and Volume Buttons
- LED Light Indicator
- Includes Micro USB Charge Cord, Extra EarBud Tips
- 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty

4 Stars  Mr. 
Excellent. So far Ive only had to recharge it after about 5 1/2 hours of usage. This beat my other wireless earbuds by about 3 hours. Of course, I had my other ones for a long time and the battery may have degraded over time. This might also happen with this pair. However, I paid quite a bit more approx $100 for my other pair making this pair an excellent choice for the cost $19.99

5 Stars  Works GREAT with my iPhone 6 
I have been using 2 of these for a few weeks and they both work GREAT for over 6 hours straight !!!

5 Stars  Easy 
I found the headset very easy to use , I have recommended it to several people!

1 Stars  Can slip off neck easily and then it cracks 
My son recieved as a gift. He wore them while he was riding his bike and they fell off his neck to meet the concrete and cracked in half. Sound is not to good and it hard to talk on it. Voices sounded muffled. NOT A GOOD BUT

5 Stars  Heads up 
Headset works well. Good sound better than you would expect based on the price.

4 Stars  great light headset 
I love this headset. works great.

3 Stars  FLEX Wireless Headset 
This headset lacks in function, volume control and overall sound quality. I am repeatedly told I sound like I am in a box or tunnel. It is difficult to hear others unless used inside. The ability to truly use hands free does not exist because the headset lacks voice command capability. Overall a cheap headset but I expected that. Truly, you get what you pay for.

5 Stars  Great product 
Easy to use, comfortable, I would recommend it!

5 Stars  Great wireless headphones 
Been using my wireless headphones for a few weeks now and love them! Very easy to use nice to have the controls at my fingertips when using them while walking and cutting the grass.

They are great!! Easy setup and use.

1 Stars  This product did not work well at all with my Android phone 
I bought this item to use with my Android phone. First off the magnets do not hold the earbuds well at all one magnet in fact didnt work at all the dangling cords are a problem. The from the earbuds was good but people said my voice sounded echoey and far away. The biggest problem is that it would not work with my voice recognition on my phone in fact it didnt work at all with it. This made it impossible to use hands-free. This defeats the purpose of a Bluetooth device. Like they say... You get what you pay for.

4 Stars  FLEX Wireless Headset 
I only gave it 4 stars because the voice was not always clear and concise and at times it was staticky. It works better for listening to music than use with the phone.

5 Stars  Wireless headset 
I would recommend to a friend

4 Stars  Great sound! 
I use this while exercising. It works great, doesnt interfere with exercise movement and sounds great at a great price.

3 Stars  Had better 
put my phone in my pants pocket and if not in direct line with headphone it would disconnect. Ok if you keep it in your shirt pocket

5 Stars  bluetooth ear buds 
great price,great service quality product

5 Stars  flex behind the neck wireless headset with microphone 
I love it. Its comfortable and has great sound.

For the price, you cant beat the sound quality.

4 Stars  Behind neck wireless headset 
I love it but it doesnt last for 7 hours as stated.

5 Stars  Wireless headset 
This product is great! Its exactly as it was advertised. It works perfectly and is very easy to use.

5 Stars  Finally 
A headset that actually works! What does that mean? Well I have small ears and almost any ear plugs always fall out but this headset was made JUST FOR ME,lol. I like the fact that they wrap around the back of my neck and thus if they did fall out of my ears, I think there would be no chance of them falling to the ground. And the sound is superb! Thank you for a great product.

1 Stars  not good 
I bought two of these. It seems like it cuts in and out. I can barely hear my wife when she has hers in. She has to hold it up by her mouth to where i can hear her

4 Stars  Works great 
Makes talking on the phone hands free while driving or doing things around the home easy. I gave it a 4 Star rating because the power only lasts for almost 2 hours of use before having to recharge again. Performance is great, though!

5 Stars  Love it 
these have become my favorite headphones I have. Being cord free is so awesome. I cant believe the low price on these. Thanks!

4 Stars  Great earphones for the price. 
I paid $79.00 at AT&T while buying my iphone6 for an almost identical Bluetooth earphones. Slightly less sturdy but a great value. It was easy to setup and use.

5 Stars  Wow! 
One word. Yes!

5 Stars  They work GREAT !!! 
I bought 2 for iPhone 6 & 7. Easy bluetooth pairing and all features work GREAT !!!

5 Stars  Flex behin the neck 
Very good, easy to used

5 Stars  FLEX Behind The Neck Wireless Headset with Microphone 
My Daughter-In-Law loved it and uses it both at work and in the gym.

5 Stars  FLEX behind the neck wireless headset with microphone 
I am very pleased with this purchase. It is exactly what I needed. I was so tired of my corded earbuds that were always falling out of my ears. I love it that it has 3 sizes of earbuds. I saw saw something very similar today at Costco for $99! This headset is definitely a bargain.

3 Stars  Battery Life Low 
Easy to charge and pair. Battery life didnt last charged 2 days with no use in the off position.

5 Stars  Wireless Headset With Microphone 
Excellent product. Excellent price. Now I can answer my cell phone in the car without breaking any laws and I can talk with both hands free in my office.

4 Stars  Surprising Good 
I was a little sceptical when I purchased these wireless headphones as the price was almost to good to be true. I was pleased to find that they work very well, the battery life is very good and they fit comfortably around my neck. The only reason that I did not rate them 5 stars is the rounded shape of the earbuds means they fall out occasionally which is very annoying when working/wearing gloves and having to stop to put them back in my ears. Better shaped earbuds to fit in the ear would make this a five star item. One small thing that did not effect my rating was the magnets are not strong enough to consistently hold the ear buds in place when not in use. This is not a big problem but was listed as a feature.

4 Stars  Nice bluetooth buds 
I am something of an earbud nut and have at least a dozen sets. This is the only Bluetooth version that really meets my standards. My only complaint is that, if youre paired to a phone and you put it in your pocket, you typically lose the connection. If not for that, Id give it 5 stars.

5 Stars  Good Earphones 
This is a nice BlueTooth earphone set. Works just as advertised.

3 Stars  Flex Blu tooth headphones 
Could have better noise reduction for the people calling in. Item picks up a lot of background sounds. The magnets in the ear bud compartment could be much stronger. Other than that, a good product.

1 Stars  2 problems 
First, the On/Off switch is extremely difficult to slide to the ON position. Second, ear buds arent loud enough. Have to turn earbud volume to maximum and have to turn mp3 player to maximum output volume also.

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