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Extendable & Flexible Neck 3 LED Flashlight with Magnets

Extendable & Flexible Neck 3 LED Flashlight with Magnets

Extendable & Flexible Neck 3 LED Flashlight with Magnets
Extendable & Flexible Neck 3 LED Flashlight with Magnets
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Spectrum Warranties
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Spectrum Warranties offers replacement coverage for your purchase on this item. It covers drops, water damage, and all sorts of accidents with a quick and easy claims process.

Warranties purchased at the time of product sale take effect on day 31 after purchase.

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  • Contract covers units in a residential (non-commercial) environment.
  • Contract covers free shipping of repaired items.
  • If the product cannot be repaired, it will be replaced.
  • If unable to replace a 100% refund will be issued for the purchase price (less shipping & tax).
  • Covers standard malfunctions & accidental damage.

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What Is The Most Versitle Pocket Flashlight You Can Get?

Here's a flashlight that is super versatile and loaded with features. Not only is it a powerful pocket-style LED flashlight, but it's also a magnetic pick-up tool, and a portable lamp.

Made of durable aluminummetal, this flashlight is weatherproof and shock resistant. It's a must-have for the workshop, mechanics, and general emergencies. And because it's lightweight and includes a pocket clip, this light is practical to bring with you anywhere need to go.

The neck extends to 12 inches with a 2-inch flexible head base that will help you light those hard-to-reach places. You also can fully retract the light, even the gooseneck, making this look and act like a regular pocket flashlight. Both the head and base are magneticso you can easily grab things like screws and bolts off the floor. These aren't cheap magnets either, both are capable of holding many times their weight!


  • 3 LED Bulbs
  • Waterproof And Shock Resistant
  • Telescopic pipe and flexible neck
  • Aluminum body
  • ON/OFF push button
  • Includes strong head-mounted magnet for picking up items
  • Includes magnet at base for hanging
  • Uses 4 AG13 Button-Cell Batteries (included)
  • Dimensions:Length: 6 1/2" closed, extends to 21 1/2"

5 Stars  Very Handy Item 
I really love this. because it combines two of my favorite tool into one. I work on a lot of small projects like fixing old electronics and this is perfect so I dont lose those tiny parts.

5 Stars  Super 
Titles says it all

3 Stars  Extendable & Flexible Neck 3 LED Flashlight with Magnets 
You must show where the batteries are contained. They are held right underneath the light bulbs. There are 4 small hearing aid batteries.

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Extendable & Flexible Neck 3 LED Flashlight with Magnets

Here's a flashlight that is simple to use and still loaded with features. Not only do you get a powerful LED flashlight, but also a magnetic pick-up tool and portable lamp.