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Enroute Eyeglass Repair Kit

Enroute Eyeglass Repair Kit

Enroute Eyeglass Repair Kit
Enroute Eyeglass Repair Kit
Compare at: $4.99  (61% off)
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"It's Spectacular!"

The Enroute Eyeglass Repair Kit is a must-have for everyone with eyeglasses!

This convenient and compact kit helps you keep your glasses together with its contents, which include Philips & flat head screwdrivers, nose pads, hinge rings, and extra screws.

The cover features a swing-arm closure that opens with ease to reveal the tools and accessories you need.

It's small enough to fit in your purse, pocket, travel bag, school bag, glove compartment, briefcase, desk drawer and more.

The perfect size for travel, work and everyday use.

Available in pink, blue, purple, and green - Sorry, no color choice.

Features & Benefits:
- Dimensions: 4" x 2" x 3/4"
- Philips & flat head screwdrivers
- Nose pads
- Hinge rings
- Extra screws
- Swing-arm closure
- Convenient and compact size
- Perfect size for travel, work and everyday use
- Available in pink, blue, purple, and green - Sorry, no color choice.

5 Stars  Must Have For Eye Glass Wearers 
This will resolve those annoying situations where your frame arm screws are starting to mysteriously unscrew themselves and theres no handyman tool that can fit to screw it back into place. Saved me a couple of trips to the optometrist just for that.

5 Stars  Great Kit 
Used it as soon as I got it. Lost a screw on my sunglasses somehow and fixed it right away with this kit.

5 Stars  Compact and very useful 
I bought three of these. One for my purse, office and home. Theres nothing like losing a tiny screw out of your glasses and having no way to fix them. I need reading glasses to work. I like knowing that I can repair them if necessary.

4 Stars  The claws are very handy 
All in all these are really helpful. The claws are great. I would have given these five stars except for the fact that they dont guard against thorns as described. Other than that theyre great.

4 Stars  Worked Great on my Reading Glasses 
My reading glasses the screw was loose on one side and this kit worked fine to tighten it back up.

4 Stars  screw driver set for glasses 
works great

5 Stars  Eyeglass Repair Kit 
I carry this kit in my travel trailer for those unexpected eyeglass failures. It really is a small, handy repair kit!

5 Stars  Handy little kit 
Handy little kit for repairing eyeglasses

5 Stars  Enroute Eyeglass Repair Kit 
I use these kits in my vehicles for that need-it-now situation where I may not have the necessary tools available.

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