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Elegant and Warm Unisex Pashmina / Silk Scarf

Elegant and Warm Unisex Pashmina / Silk Scarf

Elegant and Warm Unisex Pashmina / Silk Scarf
Elegant and Warm Unisex Pashmina / Silk Scarf
Your Price: $9.99
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SPECIAL: 2 for $17.98 (70% off)
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The Softest & Most Elegant Scarves...

We've sold these scarves for many years. They are soft, elegant, and comfortable. That's why will be an essential to accent your wardrobe this season.

The Scarf You Can Wear Five Different Ways

These are so versatile and depending on how you wear it, the same scarf can be five different ones (watch the video)

We have three different colors: Espresso, Purple, and Silver. Each measuring 29" wide and 69" in length. You could wear it as a shawl, a scarf, a head wrap--any way you want to with elegance.

Rich, Luxurious Blend of Pashmina & Silk

Made with a blend of 70% Pashmina and 30% Silk, these timeless scarves or loved for their classic regality and quality.

The Pashmina material has perfect insulation properties which help keep you warm and adding the Silk not only adds a nice sheen, it also adds to its luxurious feel.


  • Versatile Large Scarf
  • Dry Cleaning Recommended
  • Choice of color (Espresso, Purple, and Silver)
  • Soft, rich quality
  • Wear it as a shawl or a full shawl wrap
  • Make it an artistic knot
  • Wear it as a head scarf
  • Dress up your coat
  • Slip on as a sarong
  • Size: 29 inches x 69 inches

5 Stars  Pashminas 
I absolutely love the pashmina scarves that I purchased. I got all six colors. Got lucky, I guess, that they had them all when I decided to buy. These are so warm when theres a bit of a chill in the air. Even greater when youre in a building that has the AC on full blast and your teeth are chattering. I always have one in the car ready in case I need it. I originally was going to give three away, but decided to keep them all as I have something that each color will go with. Call me selfish, I guess. But I couldnt help it.

5 Stars  Fabulous 
I purchased two and am so happy I did. They are so soft, light weight and warm. This is a great deal.

5 Stars  NICE! 
I love these - got one in every color. I was so happy to find the bright, rich solids - I have other pashminas that I paid less for, but they are multicolored & dont have the soft texture that these do.

5 Stars  Had to order 2 more colors!! 
The quality was far better than I anticipated! I LOVE IT! I ordered the black originally, and have now ordered the fuchsia/purple and the snow white. These are Great and a Fabulous value!

5 Stars  Pashmina Scarf 
Unfortunately, I only bought 1 of the 2 colors Id decided upon. I got the blue, and when I came back for the burgandy, it was sold out. I hope they get these back in again! On the wish list with the purple, I hope I have the money for it before it sells out! These are thin in feel, but are actually quite warm. I love the size and the length AND the fringe! Everything about this scarf, I love. PLEASE GET MORE IN!

4 Stars  Lightweight and WARM 
I didnt know what pashmina was, I thought it was a TYPE of scarf. I got the burgundy/black its thin and lightweight and surprisingly warm! After receiving it I researched it and discovered that technically the Federal Trade Commission doesnt recognize 100% pashmina. Apparently its suppose to be blended with another fiber. Anyways besides that, I felt misled. But I came back today to buy another one, only 2 colors left. I love the videos they have on their products...Ive bought a lot of items after watching the video, its like quality control.

4 Stars  Pashmina Scarf 
I like my pashmina scarf. It is lightweight and good for wearing while at the computer for a warm wrap.

1 Stars  Genuine Pashmina Scarf 
I was not happy with the quality of the scarf. It creases horribly, more like rayon, than the wool its supposed to be. And the tag is glued onto the scarf. Try taking it off, It ruins the scarf.

5 Stars  Pashmina Scarf 
Love it!! It is so soft and large enough to wear as a shawl! Happy I ordered two..one white and one burgandy.

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Video: Elegant and Warm Unisex Pashmina / Silk Scarf

We've sold these scarves for many years. They are soft, elegant, and comfortable. That's why will be an essential to accent your wardrobe this season.
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