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DeluxeMax 5 Piece Closet Organizer Set

DeluxeMax 5 Piece Closet Organizer Set

DeluxeMax 5 Piece Closet Organizer Set
DeluxeMax 5 Piece Closet Organizer Set
Compare at: $29.99  (70% off)
Spectrum Warranties
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Why You Should Be Using Closet Organizers

Closet organizers are designed to reduce the clutter and maximize your space. Using a closet organizer is a smart investment that can improve your daily routine, save you time and money, and help you maintain a tidy and organized home.

This 5-Piece Set Is The Ultimate Solution to Closet Clutter

This set is designed to make your life easier. With five essential pieces, you'll be able to declutter and organize your closet in no time.

The 5-Piece Set Includes:

- One Hanging Shelf Organizer (9.75 in x 53 in)
- One Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer (12 in x 11 in x 40 in)
- One Storage Organizer w/ Zipper (19 in x 22 in x 17 in)
- One Laundry Backpack (17 in x 17 in x 20 in)
- One Zippered Tote Bag (2.5 in x 13.75 in x 12.5 in)

Make Better Use Of Your Closet & Storage Space

The hanging shelf organizer is perfect for storing your sweaters, t-shirts, and other folded items. It's like adding 5 shelves to your hanging closet space. The Shoe organizer will hold 5 pairs of shoes and because it conveniently hands over the door, it takes up little space all the while allowing you easy access to the shoes.

The storage organizer is perfect for linens and towels or off-season cloths. Not only does it store them neatly it keeps them free from bugs and dust!

The laundry backpack is great for moving your dirty laundry from the hamper to the washer. Plus it is perfect for college students who want to bring their dirty clothes home. Lastly the storage tote can be used for many things, but is great for smaller items like belts and scarves.

Organizing your closet has never been easier or more affordable!

Big Savings Over The Bed, Bath & Beyond Price

How can we beat Bed, Bath & Beyond's price on their own brand? Because we bought a whole truckload of these from an auction due to many of their stores closing. They had to liquidate these and we are passing the huge savings on to you!


  • Five essential pieces for closet organization
  • Made from high-quality, durable, and breathable materials
  • Fits any closet space
  • Effortless installation
  • Helps achieve a clutter-free and organized closet
  • Ideal for storing clothing, shoes, accessories, and miscellaneous items
  • Keeps garments clean and wrinkle-free with the hanging garment bags
  • Big savings compared to Bed, Bath & Beyond's price

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