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Deluxe ID Police Stamp Roller w/ 2 Ink Refills

Deluxe ID Police Stamp Roller w/ 2 Ink Refills

Deluxe ID Police Stamp Roller w/ 2 Ink Refills
Deluxe ID Police Stamp Roller w/ 2 Ink Refills
Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $22.99  (34% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $23.98 (48% off)
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The #1 Best-Selling ID Protection Device, Just Got Better!

The best-selling ID Police Stamp Roller just got better with this Deluxe version that features a slide out letter/box opener AND two ink refills.

It still is the easiest way to protect your identity from thieves. Just Roll It On and Your Information Is Gone

ID Police is the perfect way to protect your identity. ID Police is the safe and simple way to guard all your personal information. The roller uses a unique stamp pattern ideal for covering text on medicine bottles, cashed checks, bills, bank statements and more. Simply roll the stamp over your sensitive information to instantly conceal it.

The easiest way to protect yourself from Identity Theft

With identity theft constantly on the rise ID Police saves you time shredding, but still lets you protect your privacy. Hide addresses, social security numbers, account numbers or ID numbers on junk mail, bills, and other important documents. In addition, a pre-inked mount eliminates the use of a separate, messy ink pad. All you need to do is open the cover and start swiping!
Plus, stamped documents are recyclable, making ID Police your perfect eco-friendly alternative.

Fast, Easy Without All The Mess

Using this Patented roller is great alternative to an expensive and bulky shredder that you have to constantly empty. Then there's always the mess of the shredded pieces tumbling out causing clean up.

Plus the ID Roller stores easily in a drawer!


  • Deluxe Version of ID Police Stamp Roller
  • Includes 2 Ink Refills
  • Includes Letter/Box Opener
  • Protect Yourself From Identity Theft
  • Easy-To-Use
  • Protects In Seconds
  • Unique Patented Pattern
  • Great Alternative To A Shredder
  • Works On Most Printed Surfaces
  • Use on Checks, Bank Statement, Prescription Bottles and more
  • Roller is 1.25" wide
  • Screw Cap Protects Roller

5 Stars  ID Police Stamp 
love this item as this is the second one I have purched. This one is for my wife.

3 Stars  Not as good as the last model 
This is the second one Ive purchased from PulseTV and this one is not as good. I dont know who manufactured the first one but it was much better in covering printed information. This one sounded like a better one because it came with two ink refills AND had a built-in blade for letter and box opening. I didnt need that feature. But my original model was running out of ink so I bought the new version. It barely covered print so I thought maybe it didnt come filled with ink. I opened one of the refills and added ink. It still doesnt cover well. I dont know what the difference is. It will cover if you keep rolling but its more effort so I only gave it three stars. The original one was a 5-star model and one of my best purchases.

5 Stars  Ink roller 
It works great

2 Stars  Worked Sometimes 
I would not purchase this ID Police Stamp Roller. While it worked somewhat, it did not work on all address labels especially after I needed to add more ink. The ink refill is messy and the directions for refilling are not very good. I have purchased other items from Pluse and have been very happy. This one was disappointing. I have an extra ink refill of you want it. I went back to my Sharpie.

5 Stars  Works great 
Certainly, met my expectations.

5 Stars  Complete Security 
With just one swipe, all personal information is wiped out forever. No need to fill up my shredder with numerous address envelopes, and prescription labels are a breeze to erase personal information permanently.

5 Stars  works out of the box 
instead of shredding and cutting up mail,, etc we just roll the police roller over the info and were done..

5 Stars  Great product! 
FINALLY, some extra ink in this little guy! This simple tool is so handy at getting rid of important info on junk mail, bank statements, etc, but until this new version, it didnt last too long. But now it most certainly does with the extra ink refills! Also, nice touch on the pop-up blade for envelopes and packages!

1 Stars  Questionable 
Only works on porous paper .This doesnt on the 90% I need it for. Im stuck with 2 that Ill probably never use. Ill continue to shred!

5 Stars  Works great 
The product works as advertised. It blocks out all the sensitive information that you want. Now with the added ink it makes it even a better deal.

4 Stars  works as advertised 
works well....delivered quickly

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Deluxe ID Police Stamp Roller w/ 2 Ink Refills

The best-selling ID Police Stamp Roller just got better with this Deluxe version that features a slide out letter/box opener AND two ink refills.