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Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set
Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set
Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set
Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set
Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set
Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set
Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set

Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set

Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set

Compare at: $24.99  (76% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Turn your oven into an Air Fryer

This nonstick copper crisper tray turns your oven into a fryer. This allows you to fry things like chicken wings, homemade French Fries, mozzarella sticks and breaded shrimp without all the oil. This allows you to enjoy your favorite fried foods guilt-free!

The secret is in the frying basket's ability to evenly distribute heat all around the foods.

This is a 2 pc. kit complete with a frying basket and a baking sheet, which you can use on its own to bake cookies. Both pieces feature a heat-resistant, non-stick coating that holds up to 500 degrees, so you can even broil steaks!

Features and Benefits:
- Cooks food on all sides at the same time
- Fry foods without all the grease
- Cooks food without butter, oil, or chemicals
- Less calories & less fat
- Promotes healthy eating and weight loss
- 2 pc set: frying basket and baking sheet
- Holds up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
- Non-stick
- PTFE & PFOA-Free
- Dishwasher safe
- Baking Sheet: 12.8" x 9.6" x 3/4"
- Frying Basket: 12" x 8.9" x 1 1/4"
- Frying basket includes easy-carry handles
- Non-Stick bottom tray catches crumbs, drips, and splatters

Review this item!

5 Stars  What a handy pan! 
This works exactly as I had hoped it would!

4 Stars  tray warping 
cleans very easy, when put in the oven to bake it warps.

5 Stars  Copper oven pan 
I have a lot of copper pans and they work very well. I bought this through and it works well.Pulse tv.

5 Stars  at last crispy foods without grease or oil 
I love my foods crispy, like fried shrimp, but had to give them up for heart healthy nutrition. The copper oven fryer sounded good but I had doubts. The price was affordable so I tried it and was happily surprised. I love it.

5 Stars  Oven fryer 
It was better than I thought works great and not expensive no grease things turn out to be very good am going to buy more for myself and family

5 Stars  Super 
Exactly what I was looking for. Superior product and price

5 Stars  Would buy again 
I love it I used it in convention oven. It did work as they said like a Air Fry without buying an air fryer. My Mushrooms came out as though I just put them into a air fryer as shown on TV. I recommend it if you been hesitating buying it. I am a Happy Customer. Thanks

5 Stars  Copper oven air fryer 
I got 2 gave 1 to my son and we both love them, everything as described, will buy again.

3 Stars  Love the item. Wish it lasted longer. 
The finish wears qjockly on these, especially if you clean them in a dishwasher, but the dont cost much to replace.

5 Stars  Great product 
Love it

4 Stars  Fryer 
I like it a lot.

3 Stars  Sticky mess 
We have many copper products and the second time we used it-well, lets say food stuck, burnt & cannot get cleaned. I took a picture, called Pulse TV who graciously offered to either refund or replace the pan. I took the offer & am waiting for the pan.

5 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set 
This is the most amazing Oven Air Fryer ever. My husband loves using it for fries, onion rings and of course... fried chicken. He loves the fact that you dont have to worry about flipping foods half way through the baking cycle. And in his words, the food comes out PERFECTO which is fancy for PERFECT. Clean up is just as fast and easy. I highly recommend picking up several of these Copper Oven Air Fryers for your family... 1 just wont be enough. Its just as advertised, giving it a 5 Star rating.

5 Stars  Terrific! 
It crisps your food and is useful for finishing chicken in the oven. Easy cleanup and certainly worth the cost. I have one for myself and have purchased three more since for my married daughters. They want more. If youre making something that drips, you might want to use parchment paper, easier cleanup.

4 Stars  Its smaller than it looks in the photos. 
The copper pan and rack work very well, as advertised. However, I was surprised at how small they are. I expected something closer in size to a half-sheet pan, but its closer to a quarter-sheet pan.

5 Stars  Great Product! 
This is sooo much cheaper than buying a machine, plus it works GREAT! I am extremely happy with my purchase!

5 Stars  Awesome! 
My Husband uses this like almost every day to make his french fries! He LOVES it! LOL

5 Stars  Love it! 
I cook for small groups, often just for myself, and this air fryer is perfect for the task! Veggies come out crisp and delicious. French fries are perfection.

5 Stars  Air Fryer 
I will be using this a lot. I love my copper skillets so Im sure I will love this just as much. The price was amazing.

I liked one so much, I bought one for a gift. The price was even lower this time.

5 Stars  Use it every day. 
I love it! Great size, great finish, Easy to clean. Id buy it again or an even larger one.

5 Stars  Copper review 
Great looking product. However when i used it my baking muffins stuck

3 Stars  Makes crispy wings, but... 
I used the copper pan to make wings. They turned out crispy but I was surprised how hard to clean the pan was. Used foil on the pan the next time for easier cleanup but thought the whole point was the copper was supposed to be nonstick.

5 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer 
Well made.

4 Stars  Great crisper 
I purchased this one for a gift. I love mine because I can cook and crisp French fries, left overs pizza etc. I can put a piece of fish,French fries and hush puppies all on the tray and cook and crisp at one time. I have an air fryer but this works so much better.

5 Stars  Great price 
Bought this on TV, almost 3X the price. Cleans up beautifully

5 Stars  Great product 
Works great, cooks wonderfully and is easy to clean.

5 Stars  Great buy 
This makes preparing food in the oven so much easier and much less greasy....clean up is a breeze

4 Stars  Easily worth the money! 
This product largely fulfills its promise but you need to do a little extra work to find instructions and recipes - thank goodness for Google. Still, a useful tool and great value.

5 Stars  Cooper oven fryer 
I had been looking for something like this and this product filled that need perfectly

5 Stars  Success 
I have given up trying to make frozen French fries in the oven - they never came out just right unless I stood over the oven turning them over several times with a spatula. Then I found the Copper Air Fryer and with no effort the fries turned out perfect!

5 Stars  Superb! 
I already had one BUT I just had to get one for My Sister*.

5 Stars  LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS !!!!!!! 
wanted to buy this at Wal-Mart, but couldnt afford to buy it, then I saw it on Pulse TV & immediately ordered it !!!!!! It was about HALF the price thru Pulse than it was at W-M !!! arrived in just a few days & is everything that I hoped it would be !!!!

We use it often in our convection oven. No need to deep fry.

5 Stars  Better than ever! 
This little air crisper is great! This is not my first purchase of this copper air fryer from you. I was so happy with it, that I received a hint from my girls that they would love it too. Guess Ill be purchasing four more! Definitely worth the cost.

5 Stars  Great and Easy Clean Up 
Fast shipping and very happy with the product.

5 Stars  miracle screen 
works well as always!

5 Stars  copper oven air fryer 
its a awesome fryer, no fat crispy food just love it

5 Stars  Awesome!! 
Just love it so much!! First one came with broken handle but they sent me another FREE!! No questions asked! Yall awesome!! Thanks,

5 Stars  I use this every morning to make bacon 
I love this product. Does a great job with bacon.

5 Stars  Copper oven air fryer 
Bought 2 one for my daughter one for me.. absolutely love how it cooks, especially fish. Highly recommend..

5 Stars  Satisfaction 
I had trouble with the first order because of damage from the post office and Pulse took care of it by replacing the order without any hassle what so ever. Very pleased

5 Stars  Copper Air Fryer for healthier cooking 
If you dont like the taste of greasy fried food, you need to try this copper air fryer. It cooks up food that tastes fried, but without all the grease. I love that the basket has holes in the bottom so any grease drips through into the pan underneath. Also, easy to clean.

4 Stars  Crispy...without the added mess of frying 
Dont care for items cooked on a cookie sheet as one side browns and one doesnt. This helps crisp both sides and the drippings are there to collect.

5 Stars  awesome 
does what is advertised. great product, great price

5 Stars  Copper Everywhere 
Copper seems to be the rage but at ridiculous pricing and only in large bundles. This is one is perfect since it fits in the Counter Top Oven for quick/easy preparation of light snacks dinner for one. Works as it should.

4 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer 
I like this pan. Food tastes good.I just wish it came with instructions.

3 Stars  Not like using a deep fryer 
This is said to give you the results of deep frying without the fryer. Dont expect that. Also, when I used it to bake breaded chicken strips I had to turn them over to brown the bottom as it did not brown evenly nor did the french fries. It does keep your food out of the moisture and grease that comes out of the meat. The copper easily scratches off even using the non scratch spatulas and soft cloth for washing. Small so if you have a family you will need 2.

2 Stars  Cooper Oven Air Fryer 
I purchase this product because I am making an effort to eat healther so having the taste of fried food without oil really appealed to me. So I am disappointed that this product did not deliver what I expected. The only good thing about this product is that your food does not sit in the oil while cooking, however it leaves the food very dry, also after the second use I notice the the coating on the bottom part of the Fryer where the points of the top part sits have started flaking which indicates with repeated use all the top coating will be gone, I am not happy with this product and I will not be trying any of the other Cooper cook ware

5 Stars  This product is AMAZING 
Before buying the Copper Oven Air Fryer we had always made french fries on a cookie sheet. They never really turned out good. Always soggy - never crisp. This product works! I will never use anything else to make french fries or onion rings again! Great deal for sure!!

5 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer 
It was a big hit in my family. I ended up purchasing three for self and family members and everybody happy. It easy and simple

5 Stars  This works Great! 
We bought one of these and found it worked great - especially for warming leftovers! We have since bought another for us and one each for our children and three for close friends who were interested in it. At this price you cannot go wrong...

5 Stars  copper fryer 
works as it should

5 Stars  Super oven use 
I just used the Copper Oven Air Fryer to heat Shrimp for a meal and it was great. No turning all the shrimp over 1/2 way through the cooking time. I have a lot of things for this item.

4 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Piece set 
Does the crisping.I really like the Copper Oven Air Fryer.

5 Stars  Great buy 
Wish I had two of them

5 Stars  A great product! 
It did everything it was advertised to do! My chicken baked crisp and moist. Cant wait to try other foods in it as well.

5 Stars  fryer 
I am very glad to have this product. We have tried it and have no complaints. I would recommend everyone to get 1.

4 Stars  great product 
made french fries. did no use oil. yahoo

4 Stars  Good Price 
Smaller then expected but still a good deal and a great price.

4 Stars  Copper Oven 
I was just a little disappointed that there were no instructions on how to use it.

5 Stars  Great product 
I bought three and gave two away. All of us love using it. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

5 Stars  Works awesome 
Good investment for healthy cooking! Works great.. non sticking and no oils or fats needed!

3 Stars  Disappointed 
A little disappointed that the first time I used the copper oven air fryer in the oven, there appeared a few 3-4small black spots possibly from drippings. They did not come off with soap and water as I expected they would even with light rubbing.I dont know how this will effect the performance going forward.

5 Stars  Love this Air Fryer! 
This works so well to get your pizza rolls, fries, etc. nice and crisp with such an easy clean-up!

5 Stars  as promised 
like the looks -- now I have to try it out!!

5 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer - 2 Pc Set 
Great Product and fantastic for cooking bacon

2 Stars  Copper Oven Fryer set 
Love the way it works as far as keeping foods crisp in the oven but the tray after using three times has started to peel the finish off of it and only hand rinsed it off with plain water and a soft dish cloth. right from the beginning though it did end up with dark spots where the food had dripped but that did not stop the non sticking part. It is the peeling part that I am not happy with so will have to use aluminum foil under the basket when using sorry to say.

5 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer 
Love it so much that Im ordering 2 more for Christmas presents for my 2 sons!

5 Stars  two ways to use it - I love it 
What a great item for cooking. Use it as a regular cookie sheet or use it with the basket to cook stuff and let the fat drain out. Been using it for a few weeks now and food is great every time.

5 Stars  Copper Oven Air Fryer 
Being as you can use both pieces together or separate. Ive baked the most amazing sweet potatoe fries in this, crunchy every time! The sheet pan is great for cookies, perfect cookies every time...worth the money!

Review this item!
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