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Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand

Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand

Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand
Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand
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Here's one handy phone accessory no desk should be without. It's the friction phone stand: a simple yet effective stand that props your phone up to a convenient angle so you can keep an eye out for text, take conference calls, watch videos or search the web.

It uses a semi-sticky friction pad to hold you phone in place, so there's no tricky brackets to operate. Just set your phone on it when you sit down, and grab it quickly and easily when you get up. There's enough room under the bottom of the phone to feed a charging cord in, too!

The cool thing about it is that if folds as flat as a... well, smartphone, so you can store it in a desk drawer or stick it in your backpack and take it with you to the office.

Features & Benefits:
- Friction-based phone stand
- Compatable with most phone designs and sizes
- Holds phone at a convinent viewing angle
- Enough bottom clearance to plug in charging cord
- Collapses flat for storage and portablility
- Simply, easy-to-use design
- Comes in green, black and red (no color choice)

5 Stars  great stocking stuffers 
I have one of these everywhere I sit. They hold the phone up to see incoming calls or text messages. I have ordered at least 2 dozen. I am putting them in all my Christmas stockings!

1 Stars  Wasnt what I thought 
Dont like it my phone wont stay on it very disappointed

5 Stars  Useful and inexpensive 
It avoids having to keep your head down while texting on the cell phone.

5 Stars  Phone Holder 
I really like this phone holder I can set my phone on it when Im in the kitchen and looking up a recipe comes in handy cause the phone is right in front of me for cooking or baking. Great product.

5 Stars  smart phone stand 
After seeing my phone stand some friends were over and loved it so I ordered more and gave them all one and they were so happy

5 Stars  Smartphone Stand 
These are very cool to have Ive given most of them away and they are very handy when at their desks. Mine is in my pocketbook every where I go. Kids now a days need it in their hands when walking around.

5 Stars  Works great, costs next to nothing 
Easy to set my phone down on it. Very convenient, and extremely affordable!

5 Stars  Perfect! 
Are you kidding me? Cost 29 cents and is so easy to slap my phone onto for video calls or just to relieve neck tension from holding it. Just ordered 3 more for gifts.

5 Stars  Works great! 
Sturdy, convenient, cheap. Holds cell phones and small tablets firmly on various surfaces.

5 Stars  Best Smart Phone Friend Ever 
If you haven t already go to PULSETV and order a hundred or more of this neat and handy invention. To date I have ordered a total of 400 of them for only 29 cents each plus shipping. Not for sale from me I give them to family and friends. Heck I have given them to my doctors and staff. Recently at the San Jose Saturday Flea Market I was given such a deal on a smart phone cover and case that I quickly returned to my vehicle and retrieved a pair for the vendor and wife. They were so happy it was like they had won the lottery. Make new friends and treat old one while they are still available.

4 Stars  Good and inexpensive 
Very convenient and inexpensive little stand!

4 Stars  Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand 
I purchased 3 of these stands for myself and my granddaughters to use. The stands are great for no hands-on use of our cellphones while working on projects/paperwork and reading from the screen. These are made well and are compact, so they dont take up much room on the table or desk.

5 Stars  Handy in the kitchen! 
This lil thing is very handy to prop my phone up in the kitchen while following a recipe!

4 Stars  phone stand 
So far in works for me I have small phone, not sure how it will work with a larger phone.

1 Stars  It doesnt work 
It is a stand and helps keep the phone so i can see it on an angle but it does not hold the phone it just slides down the face.

5 Stars  Very convenient! 
Woks great for holding my phone in a very readable position!

5 Stars  smart phone stand 
I use these all around the house. Not only for my phone, also for my remotes. When they start to slip, clean with a mild dish soap and they are as good as new. I bought several to give to friends, they like them as much as I do.

5 Stars  Not like the other stands 
This stand is nice, it is weird but it is very cool! You can use it and not have to worry about your phone sliding down. I have not tried it sideways. But it is a neat little gadget!

1 Stars  not sticky 
This item is a great idea IF it was sticky. Theres no grip from the pad so it does NOT work.

5 Stars  Works great with a Google Pixel 4a 
I am using this with a Google Pixel 4a and it works great. The fact that it uses friction instead of a ledge at the bottom to hold the phone in place means you can use it while the phone is charging. The charging cable connects at the bottom of the phone.

5 Stars  collapsible friction smartphone stand 
This was a great bargain! My phone fits perfectly, and it is so convenient to view the screen without tilting your head. My phone stays put and the stand collapses for portable convenience. It may be too small for the larger smartphones, but its great for medium to small ones.

5 Stars  Nice portable phone stand 
its small and very convenient when youre moving from room to room and needing a place to rest your phone...

3 Stars  Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand 
They are not very sturdy and didnt cost much, but they work relatively well. Would I buy them again? Im not sure.

5 Stars  Phone Stand 
Works great. Handy item for my desk.

1 Stars  Not good 
Phone does not stick slides off would not recommend

5 Stars  handy 
I bought 2 of these for my granddaughters. While they are eating they use their phones to keep up with the world. They were always looking straight down and when I saw these stands I thought they would be great for them. They leave them sitting where they eat and when they sit down the cell phone goes on them right away. They love them and the phone stays on the stand even when they touch them. Great idea and very reasonable priced. They have their own table when they eat so it is not at the dinner table with anyone else.

4 Stars  Great little gadget 
Handy, my cell has my security system, this keeps the pictures always available and holds the phone for speaker use. Typically the speaker would be impaired laying flat, this holds the phone up for better hands free op!

1 Stars  Unless you have a tiny phone that is light, dont do it! 
Time of arrival 715pm. Time item was broken 716pm. 1. Its very small and my 6.7 inch phone kept dropping to the bottom 2. I tried to adjust it so that the angle might hold the phone, and broke it. 3. The grips did not hold the phone in place. The best thing I can say about this is that it only cost a dollar, so Im not returning it, Im tossing it in the garbage. However, Im guessing that if you had a small, lightweight phone, it could work well.

4 Stars  smartphone stand 

5 Stars  collapsible friction smartphone stand 
It works perfectly--such a nice stand for zoom meetings, and other occasions--stands alone--I just put a folded cloth to make it sit up higher-really a nice product

4 Stars  Useful 
Product is as described. Props phone up nicely.

4 Stars  smartphone stand 
works very well

5 Stars  collapsible friction smartphone stand. 
this product is excellant, works great. put your phone on it, it can charge, on the stand, you can talk , and play games, while its on the stand. and it works for other phones also. we will be buying more. thank you, for the great product, and fast shipping.

4 Stars  Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand 
This product works best with smaller phones. The heavier phones slide off the pad. However, for the price, I try to use it. Good concept, need some more work.

3 Stars  small 
I was hoping it was larger to hold my tablet but i gave to a friend for a cell phone

1 Stars  Does not work at all 
It does not stay standing up and did not hold my phone at all. So no I would not recommend it to anyone.

5 Stars  Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand 
Nice item. I keep mine on my desk and have phone attached for easy access. I like this one.

Just like when you were young and propped up something you were reading against a book or what have you. Does its good job of being a prop and for its price - you cant miss! Try it!

4 Stars  Pretty good item, but should be a bit larger for bigger phones 
I love the idea of this product however when you put a very large phone on it not so great as it has to lean off and doesnt feel secure.

5 Stars  Does what it says 
I bought this because it was only $1, and it is easy to use and grips the phone enough to use in place--I think it might slide off if there is a lot of motion. I dont really use it, but could.

5 Stars  great idea 
not much I can say about this but it does work

5 Stars  Collapsible Smartphone Stand - I like it!! 
I leave it on the table and it is perfect to read the better news than the morning paper gives me. Doesnt slide off. Great gadget.

4 Stars  Neat idea - slightly not good enough 
I bought 4, The stands work upon arrival but after a week of use the pad that is designed to retain the phone looses much of its stickiness. Able to somewhat restore the grip cleaning the pad. But, still a cool idea and is a convenient tool.

3 Stars  Fair, works most of time 
Okay for .99$

1 Stars  Silicone Phone Pop Stand 
It is to small for my larger size Samsung phone. The rubbery surface would not grip the phone and it kept sliding off.

5 Stars  Handy gadget 
This works very well to prop up my phone and you cant beat the price!

5 Stars  Smartphone Stand 
A real bargain! I love it!

5 Stars  Love this!!! 
Works great! Holds phone perfectly

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Video: Collapsible Friction Smartphone Stand

Here's one handy phone accessory no desk should be without. It's the friction phone stand: a simple yet effective stand that props your phone up to a convenient angle so you can keep an eye out for text, take conference calls, watch videos or search the web.
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