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CR2032 Battery 10-Pack

CR2032 Battery 10-Pack

CR2032 Battery 10-Pack
CR2032 Battery 10-Pack
Your Price: $2.99
Compare at: $5.99  (50% off)

NEEDS UPDATED COPY AND PICS These high power lithium batteries can be used for various watches, games, calculators, radios cameras, remote controls, and more! This 8 pack features long lasting power for your electronics.

- High Power 3V Lithium Batteries
- Size CR2032
- Also same size as DL2032 / E-CR2032
- 10 Batteries Per Package

5 Stars  CR2032 Batteries 
Very good value

5 Stars  Great price 
Got a whole pack for what it would have cost me to buy one at the store.

5 Stars  car 2032 Batteries 
Great price for the batteries.

5 Stars  Wonderful price and enough to last awhile. 
The CR2032 batteries are for my bathroom scale. Need to replace often, and retail price for just two is around $10. Hate to shop just for one item, especially now with the virus.

5 Stars  2032 batteries 
A very good price on these batteries,since I have 5 or 6 different items that use them. Some retail stores charge $3.99 each. Thank You! Pulse Tv.

5 Stars  Button Battery 
As advertised.

5 Stars  Batteries 
I use these for my scale and my Blood Glucose Meter. Now I dont have to worry about running out! Thanks!

5 Stars  Great price 
Great price. I need them for my husbands glucose machine and the remotes for our car. I even have flashlights that use them.

5 Stars  CR2032 Battery 8-Pack 
What a great deal, last time i bought at a store it was $9.00 for 2 batteries

4 Stars  Great Price! 
Nice to have a variety of needed button batteries. Great price, too!

5 Stars  Excellent Value 
Best buy on the market for lithium batteries.

5 Stars  CR2032 Battery 8-Pack 
These batteries work just as well as the ones from department stores. I am very pleased with my purchase and will purchase more if they are in stock when I need more.

5 Stars  round flat batteries 
works well for what I purchased them for...replacements for my small lights

5 Stars  Good assortment 
Packaged nicely. Should be fine

5 Stars  Very reasonable 
Good deal

5 Stars  Good Buy 
Keep a supply of these around and with the great price it is easy. Received them in no time at all.

5 Stars  computer batteries 
most computers use these batteries to run off of

5 Stars  2032 batteries 
I have many items that use these 2032 batteries,when going to buy them at retail stores,they cost 2.99 to 4.29 each.These were a great deal for 8 at 1.99.I thank pulse tv..for their deal.

5 Stars  Good Battery 
Very good price for batteries.

5 Stars  Cr2032 8 pack 
These are the batteries you need to have around. Remotes for car starter, some watches and lots of other things use this number. So much cheaper than store or pharmacy where I pd about $5 for 2. Last a long time and good to have on hand.

5 Stars  Most used watch battery 
Lithium watch batteries have long life and the CR2032 is used in many devices that permit replacement to extend use at a good price.

5 Stars  Battery Bonanza !!! 
Great price on these batteries. I cant buy them this cheap anywhere else. And I seem to be needing more for things I purchase.

5 Stars  CDR2032 8-pk /batteries 

5 Stars  Batteries charged! 
Almost as soon as I received this package I was in need of one battery to be replaced. Common type for many products nowadays. A 2-pack in stores costs as much as this 8-pack, Great savings!

5 Stars  Batteries 

5 Stars  CR2032 Battery 8-Pack 
great price, often used size

5 Stars  great 
good value

5 Stars  great price 
great value

5 Stars  Batteries are batteries 
What can you say about batteries? The thing about these is the great price. Go compare the price at the battery stores or department stores. No comparison.

these batteries are just as advertised.

5 Stars  mini batteries 
these come in handy for watches and toys etc. great prices

5 Stars  I used to throw stuff away 
I used to throw stuff away when the button battery died. Now I that I have button batteries on hand I can just replace the battery. Thus far the batteries in this pack and the assorted pack seem to have a long life. Cant go wrong with the price either. Awesome!

5 Stars  batteries 
I use a lot of these batteries therefore this turned out to be a real value to me. Thanks

5 Stars  Great Price on CR2032 Batteries 
No more rushing to the store to replace commonly used batteries. Thanks pulsetv.

This is the best sale of 2032 batteries i have seen in a long time. The ones i used have worked just fine

5 Stars  Need these for computers and radio memeory backup 
I took some of these out of the package and they were all checking at better than 3.25Vdc. I will probably be ordering some more.

5 Stars  Battery pack thrill 
So happy to find these batteries. ..and so economical. They are hard to find and then generally quite expensive. This pack of eight was fantastic.

5 Stars  Batteries CR 2032 
Excellent price. Convinient package.

5 Stars  Great Service 
The batteries arrived faster than expected. Ill probably be using them over the next few years but Im assuming that they are of the same quality as the last batch I bought, which I just ran out of. Top notch.

5 Stars  As Described 
Great price and delivered ontime

5 Stars  What Can I Say 
The batteries work. Not much else can be said. Happy!

5 Stars  Good Product 
Good product.

3 Stars  Battery pack 
The value is good for what they cost. Time will tell if they last

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