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Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 2-Pack

Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 2-Pack

Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 2-Pack
Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 2-Pack
Your Price: $14.99
Compare at: $39.99  (62% off)
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Keep the bugs away from your next barbecue without resorting to unsafe insect sprays. Designed on the premise of a flyswatter, this handheld bug zapper is shaped like a tennis racket and kills insects on contact via an electric current when they touch the surface of the "net."

The bug zapper you use like an electric fly swatter

The zapper operates on two AA batteries (not included) and for safety, activates when you press on the button on the handle. The bug zapper is safe for either indoor or outdoor use. Looks like a kid-sized tennis racket, but this is NOT FOR KIDS. Please Note: Even after you take your finger off the switch the racquet still has one last shock... so BE CAREFUL.


- You get TWO Zappers
- Tennis racket-style electric fly swatter
- Uses light electric shock to kill all flying insects such as mosquitoes, flies, and gnats
- Compact size for easy portability to park, campground, ball field
- On/off button activates and deactivates net
- No smell, no poison, no harmful materials
- Size: 18" L x 7" W
- Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)

5 Stars  The Best Item ! 
It work 100 %. It will take care of all flys.

5 Stars  Bug Zapper 
They r working great. Getting the pesty bugs when outside..

1 Stars  Doesnt work on my bees 
I have those large carpenter bees that wont let me into my shed. This thing just pisses them off. So... I wired in a 9v battery. Now you have about 2 seconds to find the thing... if u can hit it... and step on it before it flies away. Too much for me.

4 Stars  Handy little big zappers 
We like our little bug zapper tennis rackets. They work great! Only 2 batteries each. My only complaint is they seem flimbsy, cheap plastic, worried they wont hold up very long. Still, a great way to fight Zika-virus-carrying mosquitos. Nice price too!

5 Stars  Bug Zapper Racquet 
Great item and price.

5 Stars  Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 
These things are great

1 Stars  Bug zapper 
It doesnt seem to work. I push in the button and the red light comes on, but I dont feel anything and when I try swat a fly, it just flies away. Ive tried it numerous times, even changed the batteries, which are brand new.

5 Stars  clifton wilkins 
I love it really a great product at a good price.i know people will love it

1 Stars  Bug zapper 
Very poor, compared to telescoping unit I purchased and, REpurchased!! from you a while back...NO comparison! These new ones do not even kill a FLY...no sparks that gratifying sound when ya Get one, with these 2. Very disappointing !

5 Stars  BUG ZAPPER 

5 Stars  LOVE this zapper! 
Bought a set of these at the end of the summer so havent been able to use them as much as we would like. I got my first fly right away... with coffee cup in one hand and zapper in the other, and the ZAP was immediate and loud... it startled me and I nearly dumped my coffee in my lap! My husband and I now fight over any intruding fly to see who gets it first! Cant wait to take it camping next summer!

5 Stars  Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 
These are GREAT. I have given and recommended that friends buy them.

I purchased this set last year, and have never been more pleased with money spent. It works wonderfully! I have one at home and one at the office and have used them frequently. Spiders, crickets, you name it, Ive probably zapped it!

5 Stars  Good Buy 
Works Great

5 Stars  ITS A Super zapper 
These bug zappers are outstanding. Flies, spiders and moths dont have a prayer. It works so good I ordered more for friends and family. The pop and smoke of a juicy fly in this racket is truly amazing. My only complaint is now I have to wait for more bugs to show up to use it again.

1 Stars  Bug zapper 
Not flexible enough to zap bugs like cockroaches. Edge of zapper is built like a tennis racquet, too stiff and fat. Shipping is too expensive to make items a good deal. Also cannot tell if electric charge has been discharged.

4 Stars  Bug Zapper 
Great product fun too!! most of the family & friends want one,seeing what it does especially at cook-outs--

5 Stars  Couldnt live without! 
I bought this product when it was $5 for one, and I am so glad that I did. I am afraid of bees and spiders and this racket takes care of them with no effort. I absolutely LOVE this racket!

5 Stars  Bug zapper tennis racquet 
These are super. I will catch and release bees, stink bugs and most any other bug that happens to appear in my home. However, I will not, I repeat, will not tolerate flies. These bug zappers are a personal way for me to accomplish that nasty task of smashing flies on surfaces that I then have to disenfect! I believe that they are the dirtiest, disease spreading, ugly bug there is. Now I do not have to spend time chasing them. I just stand in the middle of the room and wait for them to fly by and be zapped! Fabulous!

4 Stars  Bug Zapper Review 
Works great. Good buy

5 Stars  I have this and bought more at this price 
So this really works!! I bought an expensive one last summer and I nail bees and wasps all the time. If you camp this is a riot. One caution....it says do not touch...believe them the shock is real.

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Bug Zapper Tennis Racquet 2-Pack

Tennis racket-style electric fly swatter that uses electric shock to kill all flying insects.