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Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener
Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener
Your Price: $14.99
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Sharpen Your Knife Blades In Seconds

A dull blade is a dangerous blade: so a knife sharpener is essential in the kitchen! The Bavarian Edge is your all-in-one sharpening solution for every knife you have.

Not only will it sharpen, but it will hone and polish dull blades to bring your knife back to life.

Two independent spring-action arms made of ultra-hard tungsten carbide flex and contour to any blade and any angle. Easy to follow instructions show you how to safely fine tune your sharpening for all types of knives: traditional, one-sided Japanese-style blades, and even serrated knives.


- Ultra-hard Tungsten Carbide Sharpeners
- Patent-Pending Design Flexes & Contours to Blade
- Sharpen, Hone, Polish to Bring a Dull Knife Back to Life
- Use on Traditional, Japanese, Serrated and Combination Knives
- Non-slip Rubberized Feet for Stable Sharpening
- Beautiful Contemporary Design
- Dimensions: 6.5in x 5in x 3in Wide Base

4 Stars  Bavarian edge knife sharpener 
Seems to work as advertised and easy to use. I use it all the time

5 Stars  Wow Wow Double Wow! It Works Great! 
It really made my old dull knives sharp again. They work just like they did when they are brand new! What an item!!!

5 Stars  Bavarian knife sharpener 
Really made my old and dull knives extremely sharp.

5 Stars  It really works 
My wife purchased a cheap set of paring knives and they were not very sharp. I have a name brand electric sharpener and i tried to hone a sharp edge on them without success. I then ordered this sharpener and used it . Much to my delight it did the trick and these knives are now a part of our daily tools.

5 Stars  Everything is Sharp Now 
Ive got a bunch of sharpeners in my knife drawer, but this is the best one. It even sharpend my sissors. I failed spelling in grade school

5 Stars  Knife sharpener hones edge quickly 
Bavarian Edge is compact and doesnt take up a lot of space. I keep mine next to the knives block. I use a mechanical sharpener for serious sharpening but the Bavarian Edge is a handy, quick way to hone knife edges before food prep.

I dont usually do reviews but I have to review this knife sharpener because its that good! It seriously does the job and within minutes all my good knives were sharpened. You just follow the directions and within a couple minutes your knife is sharp. This was one of the best purchases I have made and the price was right!

5 Stars  Very pleased with product 
I am very pleased with this knife sharpener. It is compact in size and light weight. This the first product I have owned that will sharpen all types of knife edges including serrated bread knife. Would purchase again.

5 Stars  Does a good job. 
This sharpener is easy to use and does a good job of sharpening our knives. Glad we purchased this item.

5 Stars  Good for Box Cutters and Knives 
I used this to sharpen a box cutter and some other knives. It did a good job of sharpening these items.

5 Stars  Bavarian knife sharpener 
It s by far the best knife sharpener I ve ever used. Thanks.

5 Stars  AS advertised 
Works as advertised.

5 Stars  Sharpener 
This thing is pretty cool

5 Stars  Works as advertised! 
Easy to use and works very well. It can completely reshape the edge of any knife. After using this device, every knife I own is now razor sharp. Very pleased with this purchase.

4 Stars  Great sharpener 
Works pretty well for a reasonably priced knife sharpener.

5 Stars  Great Product!! 
Thank you for this product- so easy to use and all my knives are sharpened. Love PulseTV. I recommend this product to anyone.

5 Stars  sharpens everything 
Good product, does the job

5 Stars  very satisfied with this product works great would buy again 
I was impressed with how easy it is to use and how good it works everyone should have one

1 Stars  Worthless 
Thought I would try, and should have known better. Might have actually dulled instead of sharpening.

5 Stars  Sharp, sharpener 
I purchased one for myself and one for my neighbor. We both like the sharpening results.

5 Stars  Does the job! 
Fantastic product. I sharpened eveything I got my hand on! Especially my Hunting Knife!

5 Stars  Works well 
very well pleased with how well it works .

5 Stars  Sharpener works 
This is the best knife sharpener Ive ever used.

5 Stars  Bavarian edge knife sharpener 
Bavarian edge knife sharpener is the best sharpener that I have ever used. It exceeds my expectations! So easy to use, and my son said it was the sharpest tea seen my knives in a long time. It made me a believer

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener 
I think this sharpener is the best one I have ever used. My father was a meat cutter for years, and he would have loved this sharpener.

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener 
Have tried many Knife sharpeners, even electric ones. This Bavarian knife sharpener is the best of all!! Very simple and efficient.

5 Stars  Great Product 
This is a very nice and handy knife sharpener. I leave it on my counter top to keep my knives sharp. Its easy and convenient to use. Its the best knife sharpener Ive ever used.

5 Stars  Great Results! 
I love it - easy to use. My son, who tends to be very critical, borrowed it and he couldnt believe how well it worked. Raved about how thin he could cut the flank steak he was using for the Mongolian Beef he was preparing!

5 Stars  Amazing 
I wasn t sure it would work, but, boy oh boy, it works great.

1 Stars  Not impressed 
This looked like it would sharpen my knives good but I was disappointed. Not worth the money

5 Stars  WOW - this works great 
turned my old dull knives into super sharp ones. Cuts through meat and more with ease. A lot cheaper than buying new knives!

Easy to use. Downside takes up counterspace

5 Stars  super sharpener 
So easy to use. Works so well. we have purchased 6 over time and some were gifts. My husband will not use any other sharpener. Knifes stay very sharp no dishwasher as it dulls the blade

5 Stars  Great Sharpener 
This product WORK !!!!! Its a BUY !!!!!

5 Stars  Best knife sharpener ever 
I ordered this and my husband sharpened knives for his friends at work and they all wanted one I have ordered 3 so far and I am sure there will be more

5 Stars  excellent 
great item works beyond expectations Bought four as wedding gifts

5 Stars  Easy to Use 
Only used it a couple of time so far but I find it easy to use and definitely sharpens knives well.

4 Stars  Absolutely Great Product 
Terrific product-top quality...cost a little high, but overall well worth it in the long run.

5 Stars  Knife Sharpener 
I was skeptical but for the price & other items I have purchased in the past from PulseTV I figured I would try this out. Trust me, you will not be disappointed. The Bavarian knife sharpener does exactly what it says it can do which is restore the blade on your kitchen knives. Great product!!

5 Stars  A good knife sharpener is a must. 
All my knives were getting so dull that I knew I had to either throw them out or get a sharpener. As soon as I received this I sharpened all our regularly used knives and it really made a nice difference. I can cut food again!

4 Stars  Bavarian knife sharpener 
Thought this worked rather well. It takes up more space than I d like it to but I feel it works better giving you something to hold onto. Used it on both regular knives and serrated ones. Even though you can t recreate the deep scallops of a serrated blade, it still sharpens it so that overall you have something that is sharper than it was before . On regular straight edges it seems to shine the best.

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener 
This product sharpens the dullest knife and improves the sharpest knife in your drawer. This is a great product at a very reasonable price.

5 Stars  Nice! 
This is the best knife sharpener I have ever had. It is easy to use and does a fantastic job!

5 Stars  Excellent Product 
Easy to use. Dont need to angle the knife. Does the job. Does not take a lot of counter space.

4 Stars  Renews old cutlery 
This sharpner has brought back an edge on some pretty bad knife edges. By far the best hand sharpener I have found, and at an amazing price here. The only better sharpener I have found is a diamond chip on carbide powered unit- for a much higher price.

5 Stars  Knife sharpener 
What a great item love it work great

5 Stars  Awesome!! 
This works surprisingly well!! So well that I sharpened every knife in the house!! I highly recommend this device and also strongly suggest that you follow the directions listed because the process obviously work well. Enjoy!!

Have wanted one for awhile and now that I have it I couldnt be more pleased. Puts a great edge on my knives with little effort. Worth every penny.

5 Stars  Knife sharpener 
Works well

5 Stars  routine care 
needed to re sharpen knifes blades worked wonderful

5 Stars  Knife sharpener works well 
Very happy with the sharpener. Fits easily in a drawer and works well even on very old knives.

4 Stars  good choice Bavarian Edge 
Razor edge production but will wear out. So I bought 5, a couple for gifts.

5 Stars  Best EVER 
This sharpener is wonderful. I sharpened all of my excellent cutlery - 7 pieces - in under a minute and I could literally shave with any of them. I bought two more sharpeners to send as gifts. Great stuff.

5 Stars  Works Great 
The sharpener works great for sharpening all my knives!

5 Stars  As Advertised 
This sharpener works beautifully. I bought one for a friend, also. He went home, that same day, & began sharpening knives he had that wouldnt cut anything. He called to say his knives are now razor sharp. Great sharpener for a GREAT price.

5 Stars  Easy to Use, Does The Job For Which It Was Purchased. 
For my purposes, the Bavarian Edge Knife is an ideal fit in my kitchen. I have found it to be effective and satisfactory at bringing my kitchen knives to a desired cutting edge with little effort. I am quite satisfied with this device and have no problem recommending it to others.

5 Stars  Knife Sharpener 
Works well, easy to use.

5 Stars  alarms 
Well made and works great.

5 Stars  Incredibly Answer To Blade Sharpening! 
The Bavarian Edge is an incredibly fast and easy way to maintain the edge on every knife that you own. I have used the standard sharpener for years but this Deluxe Black Diamond Edition is a welcome improvement to a genius concept in blade sharpening.

5 Stars  No more dull Knives 
Sceptic at first. But it actually does work.

4 Stars  Works great 
I would recommend this product, just wish it had a better base to prevent it from moving while using it

4 Stars  It does what is supposed to do 
I have been using this knife sharpener a lot. It is working great, the reason of 4 stars is only in reference to how you can hold it while you do the sharpening. A little wider base would be of help and safer to hold when sharpening bigger knives otherwise it is great. F.M.

5 Stars  The best yet 
I have about six knife sharpeners and keep getting a new one in hopes of finding one that really works This one is IT.

5 Stars  bavarian edge knife sharpener 
Comes through with all its promises---love it !

5 Stars  Far better than I expected! 
I have used a number of knife sharpeners over the years, of varying quality. This is without question the very best. I spent a bit of time with all my old dull cutlery immediately after receiving the device and was frankly amazed and delighted at how effectively it honed and sharpened all my knives. They are all like new, and some far better than new. I dont know how the sharpener will hold up over time and long use, but right now I have no hesitation recommending this for anybodys kitchen or workshop.

5 Stars  Works Very Well! 
Ive had a few different knife sharpeners over the years. This is one is what Ive been looking for! Sharpened all of my knives in half of the time and I couldnt be happier!

5 Stars  Bavarian Knife Sharpener/Black Diamond Edition 
Excellent for sharpening my Leatherman knife that I use at work. My knife has both straight and serrated blades and the sharpener works great for both blades.

Having been in the restaurant industry for forty plus years, I KNOW how sharp knives must be maintained both for efficiency and safety. This is hands down the BEST knife sharpener that Ive ever owned. I recommend it highly.

1 Stars  Bavarian Knife shredder 
Absolutely the biggest disappointment ever. Does not work to sharpen knives at all. Id give it 0 stars if I could. Read the directions completely. Nope, does not work.

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener #8621 
Knife sharpener worked so good that I ordered another for my daughter, who had a bunch of dull knives. Good price for a good quality product, easy to use, and does all kinds of knives. I would buy another one in a heart beat if I needed a knife sharpener.

5 Stars  Bavarian knife sharpener 
This is a very efficient and easy to use sharpener, and very attractive, too!

1 Stars  Does Not Work as promised 
Stylish and sleek design, but this product does not work as promised in the advertisement and description. I noticed no detectable difference in the sharpness of my knives after using it, even though I could see the shavings of metal removed. Bottom line much like the other products sold by Pulse, this one does not work as promised.

5 Stars  Knife sharpner 
My wife loves it. She uses it every day

5 Stars  Edge knife sharpener 
I like it do far. Its keeping my special knife sharp

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener #8621 
Easy to use and sharpens knives easily with no problems. It worked so well that I ordered one for my daughter, who wanted to know if I had a knife sharpener. I let her use mine and she said she wanted one like it. I ordered her one just now over the phone. Try it, you will like it.

5 Stars  Its great 
Its smaller than I thought it would be and doesnt take up much room. It is doing an amazing job on my knives. I only rated it 5 stars because that was all you had. I would rate it even higher if there was any more.

4 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener 
works great,, stable, sharpens straight and serrated is a plus

5 Stars  WORKS GREAT! 
I sharpened 15 paring and pocket knives with great success.

5 Stars  Great Shsrpener 
This diamond infused sharpener works great on straight edged knives. I have not tried it on serrated lnives ss the only ones we have are the Cutco diamond d serrations which cant be sharpened by any edge sharpener.

5 Stars  WOW! 
This Thing Really Works! Im very pleased. Well worth the cost

5 Stars  Great for quick knife sharpening 
This is great for a quick know sharpening. We use other sharpeners when we want a perfect edge. This sharpener is great for the in between times when you just need a quick touch up. Its pretty enough to leave on the counter next to the knife block so its really handy.

3 Stars  Knife sharpener 
I have used the sharpener for both knives and scissors, I am not sure if it is as good as advertised. It may be too early to tell ... time will tell.

5 Stars  Knife Sharpener 
Does a very good joib.

5 Stars  Just WONDERFUL 
If I could give it a 10 I would. It works better than any of my sharpeners

5 Stars  Bavarian edge knife sharpener 
Works well , I sharpened several knives as soon as I received it

3 Stars  bavarian knife sharpener 
works well

5 Stars  Sharpener 
I am very happy and it is a quality product

5 Stars  Works great 
Best sharpening tool I use

5 Stars  Easy to use 
I am a stickler on sharp knives. I started 50 years ago with a wet stone and moved along since. This is by far the fastest, easiest to use and excellent sharpener I have ever used regardless of price.

5 Stars  GREAT Item 
Sharpens my knife razor sharp. Going to buy more for the family

5 Stars  love it 
does a great job sharping knives i cant seem to get it to work on scissors.

5 Stars  Great Knife Sharpener! 
Works perfectly! Should have ordered a 2nd one for the garage!

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener 
Excellent product. Easy to use. Well worth the money.

5 Stars  I like it 
Im not looking to use a scalpel in the kitchen, so this works very well for me, I have a number of sharpening tools, I like this the best

4 Stars  Works real well 
Though a little difficult to control with the knobs, it is an excellent sharpener. I used in on all our knives to my satisfaction.

5 Stars  Looks Great 
Does a good job of sharpening my knives!

5 Stars  Great Sharpener 
This is the best knife sharpener I ever owned, Big thumbs up!!

1 Stars  Esthetically pleasing 
The design is great. I actually have it on a shelf in the den. It looks fantastic. As for sharpening anything? Nah...

5 Stars  A keen edge on the competition 
Attractive on the counter and works great on a variety of knife blade designs. Curious to see how long it lasts.

5 Stars  Great knife sharpener 
Bought one to try out and ordered three more, one for our summer home and two for Christmas presents. The best sharpener I have owned.

3 Stars  Nothing special 
I bought this hoping it would sharpen my santoki knife enough to slice sashimi, but it couldnt. Still it did sharpen a little so I can maintain a certain amount of sharpness to cut fruits and veggies without mashing them.

5 Stars  Dont cut yourself 
A-OK = good sharpener, now all the knives in the kitchen are sharp = whoops dont cut yourself.

5 Stars  Works Great 
After I read the directions, I began sharpening every knife in the kitchen. Wow! Just a few strokes though the sharpener was all it took. My serrated steak knives actually cut easily again. My other sharpener was immediately discarded.

This thing is great, I just received it today and sharpened all my knives AND my scissors. I wish I had this a long time ago, would have saved me a lot of money on buying new knives. I could have just sharpened the ones I had instead of shelling out money for new ones!!

5 Stars  its a great tool 
a couple of poor reviews, but mine is 5 star... I have 4 or 5 knife sharpeners and I like this one the best. it works perfectly for me, thank you.

5 Stars  Great sharpener 
Worked on all types of our knives, just as it said it would.

5 Stars  Great Buy !! 
I bought copies for my two sons for Fathers Day. They were both thrilled with them. I also got a copy for myself. Its one of the best purchases Ive made over the internet. It keeps cutlery very sharp with little effort.

5 Stars  Works like a charm 
Great for touching up kitchen knife edges.

5 Stars  Beautiful and functional 
I am really quite impressed by how well this thing sharpens knives. A couple of quick swipes and its sharp. But thanks to the finish upgrade, its also beautiful to look at!

5 Stars  Best sharpen I have ever had 
I am very serious. This is the best knife sharpener I have ever owned. I bought 6 more for my children and friends. You will be very happy

5 Stars  Fantastic! 
Im a knife collector and have several hundreds of knives, from pocket knives to cutlery and I like to keep them sharp. I have several handheld sharpeners and an electric one, but by far the Black Diamond knife sharpener is the best hand held or stand up sharpener that I have. Its easy to use and the my knives are sharpened in just a few strokes. I definitely recommended.

5 Stars  nice little unit 
Does the job very nicely - follow the directions and you wont be disappointed. Virtually fool safe which I totally appreciate.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Great knife sharpener. Easy to use and does the busy.

5 Stars  Finally! 
As soon as I opened the box, I read the directions, then pulled out every knife I own. A few strokes through this sharpener was all it took to for my dull knifes to be as sharp as new! Even the serrated steak knifes are amazing again. I love this sharpener!!

5 Stars  Great Knife Sharpener! 
Have looked for a good knife sharpener for many years because the one on my can opener was not doing the job. This one was priced right, so I tried it and it is fantastic! So easy to use and gives a dull knife new life. I liked mine so much I ordered 2 more...one for each of my adult children. Best buy ever!

5 Stars  Works Like a Charm 
I love this sharpener! No matter how many times I ask them not to do it, my family is always putting my good knives in the dishwasher, which dulls them almost immediately. This little item has been a lifesaver. Its a good, solid sharpener. My steak knives slice through the toughest cuts like butter.

5 Stars  Get to the point 
This is one awesome sharpener. Great quality and it sharpens knives razor sharp.

4 Stars  sharper knives 
Ive never had a sharpener besides the round one they give you in the knife set. Bought this to see if it actually worked. Happy to say it does. Ive used it on a few of my duller knives and then tried that tomato test. Works pretty well.

1 Stars  disappointed 
does not sharpen as advertised

5 Stars  Great sharpener 
The Bavarian Edge knife sharpener is so easy to use and leaves your knives really sharp!

5 Stars  Quickly sharpens most knives in seconds 
The Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener makes it quick and easy to have a nice, sharp blade. We used it on our straight blade knives first and were very happy with the results. Then, we used it to sharpen Miracle Blades and were quite impressed. It sharpened them without affecting the design of the blades. Side note you might want to sit it on a paper towel to collect metal dust from the blades.

5 Stars  Bavarian knife sharpener 
Best sharpener Ive ever had. Bought one for my brother also and am preparing to purchase another for my son!! Love it and the service also! Thank you!

5 Stars  good tool 
Bought 2 gave 1 to my buddy, they both work very good he was happy and so am I

5 Stars  Knife Sharpening 
Great sharpening device My knife now cuts paper Would recommend this to everyone!

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener 
Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener Deluxe Black Diamond Edition I had the standard knife sharpener and it works good, the deluxe model is a bit better than the standard model. both of them do the job.

5 Stars  PDG Knife Sharpener 
I have several knife sharpeners and this one operates on a similar principle as many of the others EXCEPT the spring action keeps the knife positioned well when sharpening and just a few strokes does the job!

5 Stars  Bavarian Edge Works As Advertised 
Have used this sharpener on double bevel, single bevel and serrated edge blades and it works quickly and easily as advertised. It did a very good job on renewing the edge on a badly abused blade with minimum effort.

1 Stars  Absolutely useless 
Dulled a couple of very good knives with it. Through it in the trash 30 minutes after getting it.

5 Stars  All 
Good stuff - heavy, so doesnt move, adheres to counter top, works quickly, doesnt take up any space, and looks better than the guy that is using it !!!

4 Stars  My Knives Are Sharp! 
Sharpens knives easily, safely and quickly.

5 Stars  Beats all the rest 
When I used this the first time, I threw all my other many knife sharpeners in the trash. Never seen anything like this and it is very decorative in the kitchen. Good conversation piece in ANY kitchen. If you have any type of knife to sharpen QUlCKLY, buy this! PS Works GREAT on pocket knives also...

5 Stars  deluxe black diamond edition 
I was not certain this would work as Ive tried many knife sharpeners. This worked on every single one of my knives! I really am impressed!

5 Stars  very good value 
wo.rked better than I thought for serrated knives

5 Stars  Unbelievable....IT WORKS! 
I really had very little hope for this but if you follow the instructions youll have the sharpest knives in the neighborhood. I have some expensive knives and some not so expensive but they are all sharp now. The expensive just stay that way longer. Give it a try!

5 Stars  This is a miracle knife sharpener! 
I saw this advertised quite a while back and didnt pay much attention to it but when it came on PulseTV I decided to give it a try. I could kick myself for not getting one when I first saw it! What was wrong with me? This knife sharpener is a cut above anything else on the market! Pun intended! I now have what feels like razor blades instead of knives. Try it, you will LOVE it!!!

5 Stars  I Like It 
I believe the best thing to say is that it works just as advertised. My girlfriend came over shortly after I sharpened my knives, not knowing I had, and immediately commented about the performance of the knife she was using to cut vegetables.

5 Stars  Bavarian edge knife 
pretty awesome product

5 Stars  Beautifully made and easy to use 
As good as advertised. What a nice surptise!

5 Stars  Sharp knives 
Most of our knives were pretty dull after years of use which made for frustration. The sharpener was easy to use and now we can slice a tomato without mashing it!

5 Stars  Better than expected 
A negative review made me skeptical of this item but your price convinced me to at least try it, and Im glad I did. Works wonderfully I sharpened 2 knives I thought would never see a decent edge again. And it was so easy, just follow the directions and it works. Good product.

5 Stars  Sharpener 
Good piece of equipment.

4 Stars  Review 
Slightly disappointed. It did not sharpen as well as I thought it would.

5 Stars  That item is FANTASTIC. 
I sharpened my 1930s era Boy Scouts of America hatchet, made in Connecticut, and its razor sharp, now. An I thought it was sharp, before.

4 Stars  Works well. 
Once you get the hang of it, you get a sharp knife. Its not hard to figure out -- simple in fact -- but I, at least, cant swipe the knife blade through speedily, and Im impatient.

2 Stars  Does not work well with stainless steel blades 
I have 3 knife sets that I use in the kitchen. I have several knife sharpening systems and this Bavarian sharpener is no better that the others. It does work on my Dexter and Henkcel blades but has no effect of the less expensive stainless blades I use for utility jobs.

5 Stars  Use of Bavarian sharpener 
I am proud of my sharpener. Have used it several times and has done a great job each time. It is so easy and fast.

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