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Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow That's a Miracle to Sleep On

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow That's a Miracle to Sleep On

Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow That's a Miracle to Sleep On
Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow That's a Miracle to Sleep On
Your Price: $19.99
Compare at: $89.99  (77% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $35.98 (80% off)
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CLICK HERE for the King Size Pillow

Save EVEN MORE when you buy more...
Get one for $19.99
Save an additional $4.00 and get two for $35.98
Save an additional $6.00 and get three for $53.97
Save an additional $8.00 and get four for $71.96

A Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow That Keeps You Cozy and Cool

The bamboo memory foam pillow is one of the best pillows you'll ever sleep on AND unlike the popular MyPillow, it is customizable utilizing the exclusive Variable Fill Technology. The easy access zipper allows you to adjust the fill of memory foam shredding to the exact amount YOU want. Ensuring a pillow that is tailored just for you. This is the ONLY Bamboo Pillow in the world that is adjustable!

You can sculpt it much like a down pillow - it will shift and change into whatever shape you desire.

How Does a Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow Work?

The individual pieces of memory foam inside the pillow move independently, allowing the pillow to be comfortable in any position because of its malleability.

Most importantly, this pillow offers proper support which can help alleviate snoring, insomnia, asthma, neck pain, jaw problems, and migraines.

The pillow has a bamboo cover that helps regulate the temperature and increases breathability which helps you stay cool (and asleep) throughout the night.

Can You Wash a Bamboo Pillow?

Yes, you can easily wash a bamboo pillow by taking the bamboo pillow case off of the pillow and throwing it in the washing machine. It's both machine washable and safe for your dryer.


- Queen size pillow 28in x 19in CLICK HERE for the King Size Pillow
- Exclusive Variable Fill Technology
- The World's ONLY Adjustable Bamboo Pillow
- Shredded memory foam
- Provides optimal alignment
- Breathable bamboo cover (40% bamboo, 60% polyester)
- Hypoallergenic
- Anti Dust Mite
- Anti-bacterial
- Pillow Case promotes cooling and moisture control
- Pillow Case Cover is Machine washable and dryer safe

The pillow is vacuum sealed and will require a generous fluffing after removal from the packaging. The memory foam may feel uneven or compacted. Simply push, pull, squish, and massage the pillow to achieve maximum fluffiness.

Note: When you first start using the bamboo luxury memory foam pillow, you may notice an earthy or woody smell. It's just the bamboo cover and the smell will dissipate after a couple weeks. If you find the smell unpleasant, we recommend leaving the pillow to air out for about a week, flipping and fluffing daily, before using on your bed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This product is only available for shipping in the contiguous 48 states. Any other orders will be cancelled.

3 Stars  Pillow 
I bought this pillow about 3 years ago. I needed to remove some foam fill several times before I got it comfy. I have had to wash it numerous times. I found that I had to add the fill back in because the fill collapses over time. Pillows, even this one dont last forever. Unfortunately, it is sold out at Pulse Direct and I cant get a new one.

5 Stars  Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow 
I bought the pillow because it is thick and firm so I could use it to watch TV in bed. It works for that purpose just like an adjustable bed, but is much lest costly. The only problem is that it is so comfortable that I often fall asleep in minutes. But then again, isnt that exactly what a pillow is supposed to do?

4 Stars  This pillow 
I ordered 2 of these pillows for a great price. I opened one and let it expand. It was hard to sleep on, so I removed some of the filling and it is better, but not what I want, so I will remove some more and see how that goes. Overall I am good with my purchase. I have my neck fused so it is hard for me to get comfy, but I still sleep good with this pillow. It does not sleep hot to me.

3 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
I am a stomach sleeper and I havent been able to get it to where I need it to be yet. Not real sure it is going to work for me.

5 Stars  Great Pillow 
Its one of the most comfortable pillows Ive ever owned. I would definitely recommend this pillow.

5 Stars  Best yet 
Ive tried all the pillows out there and this is the best yet!

5 Stars  wonderful to lay my head on love my pillow 
i love my pillow its very good to sleep with

5 Stars  Entire family loved it 
The foam is so nice and the idea of removing or adding foam was genius. My younger children even loves their new pillows.

1 Stars  Bamboo pillow 
For the 1st time since buying products from you, I am not at all happy with this Bamboo Pillow. I have had to remove some of the stuffing about 3 different times. I had to again yesterday, only THIS time, the zipper on the pillow itself broke. The zipper is a very cheap one. Now, I cant remove OR add any more bamboo filling. It is not NEAR as comfy as I thought. I saved the pillow I had before, which was MyPillow. Im going to have to go back to that one. My neck has become stiffer with the Bamboo Pillow. These are not as good as they are made out to be. Am sorry for such a negative review. Im just being truthful. Ive bought many items from you, but this particular one went south. Am not at all happy with this Bamboo Pillow.

5 Stars  Totally Awesome! 
This pillow is the best pillow ive ever had! i fall asleep instantly when i lay down in bed. Totally Awesome!

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillows 
This is one of the best pillows I have purchased in life. It is firm and I have had very good nights sleeping on these pillows.

5 Stars  Versatile 
It makes a great pillow for sleeping, but I needed some thing to put on the footrest of my Princess sized recliner, for Pettit adults. I saw some lifts in catalogs but they were expensive. So I had to be creative! I bought a queen size and folded it lengthwise in half. It fit the rest perfectly, lengthwise and width wise. I secured it with 2 bungee cords. It doesnt smash down like the lifts do. It is just the right height to keep my feet raised above my heart., it stays in place even on nights I am restlesd! I have to do this to keep my feet from swelling since I cant walk around.

5 Stars  nice pillows 
i purchases the bamboo memory foam pillows and replaced the my pillows with the bamboo foam pillows i am much happier with the bamboo foam pillows they are very comfortable and nice to sleep on even though they sleep a bit on the warm side

5 Stars  Replacement Bamboo pillow 
Lost my pillow in a house fire in October 2020. Currently staying with my son in the Bay Area. Had to order another one for myself and also one for my sons wife. She loves it... Very happy with this product..

5 Stars  Best Sleep 
Ordered two pillows. They were delivered in about 3-4 days from ordering. Both my husband and I have much better sleep than with our other pillows. Only wake up once or twice now with this pillow. My other pillow, I woke up several times during night to turn it over to cooler side.

5 Stars  Fits perfect to your body 
I will be ordering more and Highly recommend this pillow

5 Stars  very happy 
Nice to sleep on, retains its shape

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillows 
Very comfortable to sleep on.

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my pillow!!!! Exactly what I was hoping for!!! Thank you!!

5 Stars  The Best. 
Contouring pillows with the perfect firmness. My top choice of pillows.

5 Stars  Pillow Talk 
Great feeling and very comfortable.

5 Stars  Bamboo memory foam pillow. 
Excellent because you can take out foam until you get exactly what you want.

5 Stars  Great Pillows 
Arrived quickly and were packaged nicely. Really comfortable pillows

5 Stars  Love These Bamboo Pillows 
The pillows are awesome!. I love them. I am so glad that I ordered them. Great price!

5 Stars  Great pillow 
This is the best pillow I have ever used. I have back problems and have tried several other, highly regarded, pillows. None compared to this one.

4 Stars  bamboo foam pillow 
great pillow at a great price

5 Stars  Great pillows 
So happy I ordered these. Theyre fabulous. Pulse has the best products and fast delivery. They arrive before you know it! Thanks Pulse!

4 Stars  Love the Pillow 
Pillow was way too firm for me. But after taking half of the fill out, I love it. Its the best pillow Ive ever used. I plan on taking the remaining fill and making another pillow. So I really will be almost getting two for the price of one. Minus the bamboo pillow cover I had to buy to make the second pillow.

5 Stars  Very Comfortable 
Best pillow to rest your head on

4 Stars  very comfortable 
I did have to add more memory foam to accommodate my long neck but I love my new pillow. I already had a body pillow like this one and am so happy I tried this bamboo pillow. I have spent a fortune on pillows. I have a bad neck and a long neck and this works so well because I can form it just enough to fit perfectly!!

5 Stars  Very elegant 
These really are elegant pillows. With a largely memory foam base, they will lose a small amount of air during the night, but do remain very comfortable.

4 Stars  Searching for xxx-firm pillow 
Have been searching for an extra, extra, extra firm pillow for awhile. Thought this might be it from the description. Alas not so. Its Ok but not as firm as I would have liked.

really like the pillow , the awesome thing is the pillow is adjustable you can remove some of the stuffing from inside to meet your comfort needs . thank you

5 Stars  Best Pillow Ever 
Love these pillows. Honestly, the best head and neck support ever and that is coming from someone with severe neck issues. Hubby even commented that his usual problem with headaches upon waking has significantly decreased. 5 Stars!

5 Stars  Bamboo luxury QueenPillow 
Love Them

5 Stars  Absolutely Fabulous Pillows! 
These are hands down the best pillows we have tried in our household, among many dozens of pillows. We have had way cheap to way overpriced, including the ever-present over-hyped, IOHO, My Pillow! Two adults and two cats agree, these are the best pillows ever.

5 Stars  Bamboo Luxury QUEEN Pillow w/ Variable Fill Technology 

5 Stars  Best pillow Ive ever used! 
This is a wonderful pillow that takes the shape you give it.

5 Stars  WINS 
SO HAPPY IT IS PERECT BEATS MY PILLOW HANDS DOWN I have bought over 60 pillows never could find one that was good I LOVE THIS ON. Buy some you will not be sorry

5 Stars  Firm pillow 
I love this because it is firm and big. The cover is washable so its easy to keep it clean

4 Stars  Pillow 
Its a great pillow, after I took out some of the stuffing. The pillow is very comfortable.

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
love this pillow

5 Stars  Absolutely LOVE this pillow 
I had tried about 6 different pillows before I bought this one. I was skeptical about buying it on line before trying it but it is the best pillow Ive ever had. Very comfortable whether Im on my back or my sides. My neck and back are very picky!

5 Stars  Comfortable 
This pillow is very firm which is my preference. The case is washable, which allows me to keep it sanitary

5 Stars  Great comfort 
These pillows are fantastic. They remain nice and firm and provide great comfort and support.

5 Stars  Most comfortable pillow you can buy 
This pillow allows you to adjust the softness or firmness of your own preference. The memory foam is perfect to mold to your head.

5 Stars  Great pillow 
Great pillow soft and adjustable. Less expensive than the my pillow, but just as good. Washable sleeve too.

5 Stars  Tried them ALL . . . 
. . . and this one really is the best. Only thing is you really need a good pillow case. These are queen size, and most cases Ive seen are S/Q. The less expensive the case, the smaller. When these are squeezed into a smaller case, it compacts too much, making less malleable, thus restricting the full benefit. My husband hasnt awakened in the middle of the night w/neck pain since switching to this pillow.

5 Stars  I Was Sceptical BUT IT WORKS - NO MORE NECK PAIN! 
I had a problem with my current pillow - Neck pain in the morning. When I ordered the Bamboo Pillow I was sceptical but was willing to try - SURPRISE, NO MORE NECK PAIN & I did not have to make any adjustments to the Bamboo Pillow.

5 Stars  Perfect pillow 
I was skeptical about this pillow when I bought it, but as far as Im concerned this is the perfect pillow. As long as they keep selling them I will never use another pillow. I actually bought four of them already. It doesnt get hot under my head and the support of my neck and head is just unbelievable. And when it does kind of get uncomfortable you just shake it up and its perfect again. Incredible!

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
Usually when I change pillows it takes a week or longer to get use to it. I was surprised that from day 1 of use I slept like a baby.

5 Stars  Comfy 
Love the new pillows

5 Stars  Works Great 
Love my new pillows

2 Stars  Bamboo pillow 
The pillow is way too firm. Divided it into two pillows, but just not comfortable for me even then. Wish I could say differently.

5 Stars  Great pillow 
My husband and I were both having a lot of neck problems and these pillows have really helped. I thought when first feeling them they would be too firm but are perfect for us.

2 Stars  Bamboo Luxury Quen Pillow 
I had to take a lot of the stuffing out because it just wasnt comfortable.

4 Stars  Great VALUE 
Very good value for the money! I would recommend.

5 Stars  Better than My Pillow 
I get more comfortable sleep than I was with My Pillow and they maintain their shape just fine. The price was only a fraction of what I paid for My Pillows and are much better.

5 Stars  BEST PILLOW EVER!!!!! 
I ordered Bamboo pillows from another company-they were okay. Then I ordered 4 of these pillows- Best decision we made. Highly recommend these pillows.

5 Stars  Better then magic Pillow 
I have had bamboo pillows for along time. A friend came over and spent the night and I loaned him one of mine he liked it so much I ordered one for him and had it sent direct. He loves it. Nothing better!

4 Stars  Comfortable pillow set 
Excellent and comfortable pillow set. Fits nicely on queen size bed.

4 Stars  Nicely made pillows 
I like mine just fine. My wife finds hers a little hard, so we are going to try removing some of the fill and see if that does the trick.

4 Stars  Good Firm Pillow 
I already had one of these pillows I purchased at Walmart over a year ago. It was a good pillow but for some reason they quite carrying it. So after a year I saw it on sale at Pulse so I didnt hesitate to order a spare. My old pillow is just getting a break as I plan to use it again. The good thing is these pillows will recover if you dont use them for a while. The memory foam is good but it is also dense. If you dont like a heavier pillow than you may not like this. For me is has been great. I have tried many different firm pillows and they all disappoint. Most were flat within a month and went into the garbage. Due to the price, mixed reviews and over advertising I have not tried that Other Pillow. I only have to flip this pillow once or twice through the night for good comfort. It holds up well. The only reason I didnt give it a 5 rating is that it did not come with additional foam in case you want it more firm. You can remove foam but not the other way. Also it heats up a bit but no worse than any of the other ones I have tried. If you want a firm pillow that will last more than a month than this may be for you.

4 Stars  All it was hyped up to be! 
Finally a pillow thats great for a side sleeper. The only thing is, its hot. It holds in your heart

5 Stars  Fantastic pillow 
I was going to try a My Pillow when I got an email from Anise praising the bamboo pillow. It was like half the price of the My Pillow. So I bought 2. Best night of sleep in years. Extremely comfortable and supports your neck.

5 Stars  Wonderful Product 
I bought this product to try it out and we love the Pillows. They are great and I think others should but them. They hold up great and they feel good.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
Soft and comfortable

1 Stars  Its a pillow, but thats the best I can do. 
Ive tried every combination of stuffing but its not working. Yes it does sleep cooler than other pillows but thats its only good point. I put it on the guest bed and now its out of sight.....

5 Stars  Better Than My Pillow 
Arrived as tracked and as described online. Variable stuffing helps a lot - most other pillows are over stuffed. I only had to remove a couple of handfuls - sleeps mush better. Great purchase.

5 Stars  GREAT 
I brought two pillows and they are best. With old pillows, I always did not get good night sleep. I would wake with pain my neck but since using these pillows I no longer have pain in my neck. Great buy.

4 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
Its an okay pillow. Im using it but cant report any huge difference from my old pillows. I might try removing more of the fill material to get it more to my liking.

5 Stars  Very Good Pillow 
I really like it

5 Stars  Great pillow 
Best sleep, less neck pain

5 Stars  perfect 
I ordered the 4 pack of these pillows- they felt really good on the bed-slept like a baby-would recommend these pillows-they even beat out Kohls and I love Kohls!!!!!

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillows 
Best pillow Ive ever slept on. Theres something about it that makes you sleep better from day one.

5 Stars  Very comfortable 
Great purchase. Worth every penny. This is a great deal

3 Stars  Pillows 
Got them cause it sounded like could adjust how soft might be. You cant. Too stiff.

5 Stars  Make it the Way you Like 
Those pillows had so much stuffing, we - wife & I - could make 2 more out of what we removed. My wife likes hers thin and I like a medium thickness pillow. They are now just as we like them, firm and yet, soft. The bamboo covers add a nice touch to the softness and keep them cool. We heartily recommend them.

5 Stars  Beats my pillow 
fantastic pillow, far better and at half the price of the my pillow Great job and pat on the back for the Pulse TV crew!

1 Stars  VERY hard! 
Impossible to sleep on. Tried it one night and had a stiff neck for several days.

5 Stars  Best rest ever 
Ive tried possibly 15 different types of pillows and all have given me either a bad nights sleep or neck pain if not both! But since getting this amazing product Im no longer using ANY other pillow and sleeping beautiful with no pains! LOVE this pillow, I even ordered another 1 for my mom! Thank you!

5 Stars  Bamboo pillow 
Absolutely love this pillow. So comfortable I highly recommend

5 Stars  WOW!!! 
Absolutly love these pillows. I need firm supply, and these pillows deliver. I am finally getting the sleep I need without waking up with neck pain.

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
So far I am very pleased with my new pillows. I ordered medium and they are very firm. Great pillow for the price & quality. The only issue I have they do not fit my pillow cases. I need queen size as the are tight with my standard size.

5 Stars  Most comfortable pillow! 
Purchased 2 pillows for my elderly parents and love the comfort. I am ordering 2 for my home too!

5 Stars  Love it 
Been looking for a firm pillow for quite awhile, this one works great for me.

5 Stars  Bamboo Luxury Queen Pillow 
Great pillows, THE best. Had a couple My Pillows, which adverised as the best, but they are NOT. MY pillows were a disappointment, or maybe the discount catalog I ordered them from sent me a rip-off set. But the bamboo memory foam pillows are much better, worth purchasing.

4 Stars  Took some getting use to. 
I like the feel

5 Stars  Finally found the best pillow for me 
I love this pillow exactly as it is. I have wide shoulders and have always had problems with other pillows not supporting my head when I sleep on my side, which is all the time. This pillow fixed that problem. -- I dont know why anyone says its too hard. My head sinks into it just the right amount and so the pillow cradles it in the right position for an excellent nights sleep. After laying on it all night, it needs to be fluffed to get it back to its full support shape again, but thats nothing compared to fighting all the other pillows I have had to try to get a comfortable nights sleep. I am very glad I bought two of them, and I highly recommend them to anyone who sleeps on their side.

5 Stars  Very comfortable 
This pillow is the best of both worlds. It gives you the comfort of memory foam while letting you adjust the firmness to your preference. My wife even used the memory foam that we removed from our two pillows to make an additional pillow.

4 Stars  sleeping good 
The pillows are very good and firm just right for me.

5 Stars  The ONLY Pillow - Queen 
IF you follow a few simple steps, this is the best pillow around. 1 Take out desired amount of filling OUTDOORS so you dont have a mess to clean up. 2 Store removed filling it the zipper bag the pillow was shipped in so you will have it in case you took out too much filling. If those simple instructions are followed, you will have the best pillow that you have ever slept on.

1 Stars  Oh my Gosh 
This is the hardest pillow I have ever laid my head on. After two nights I was at chiropractor getting neck adjusted.

5 Stars  Great Pillow 
Very comfortable just the right firmness for a good nights sleep

5 Stars  Bamboo Luxury Pillow 
Great purchase. Very comfortable and durable. I will purchase 4 more.

5 Stars  Pillow 
Best pillow ever layed my head on i sleep like a baby with this one Thanks a million!!


1 Stars  Hard as a rock. 
This pillow is extremely firm and has very little give to it. I have yet to be able to use it as a pillow. I use it as a footrest. Disappointing.

3 Stars  King Size Somewhat Disappointing 
I ordered the King Size and was somewhat disappointed as it not only wasnt comfortable enough for my head to sleep on as a Goose Down would have been, but the filling was somewhat lacking considering the size, it could have used more and there was no big fluffiness. In fact, it was a little low on material and a little hard. It also took some doing to get it out of the package it came in and I broke a few nails trying. It is however, somewhat decent as a prop pillow for the price I paid, just not with all the great hype for sleeping on, as some folks are claiming in their reviews.

4 Stars  Still using it 
Ive been trying to replace my feather pillow for years, trying everything out there. Every time, I ended up throwing the new one off my bed and going back to my old one in the middle of the first night. After removing about half of the filling, I am still using this one and all is good, and I can even make a second pillow with the extra filling. What a relief ... just buy it, its good!

5 Stars  Conforms 
Love the way Im able to adjust form.

5 Stars  Fantastic pillow 
I have slept on My Pillow.com and the pillow from Tuft and Needle. This is much better than either of those!!!

1 Stars  Bamboo Pillow Not Best For Me 
I have special needs in a pillow due to osteoarthritis in my neck. I had hoped that this pillow would help me but was disappointed. I had to remove considerable fill to get to a reasonable performance. This pillow may be satisfactory to others.

2 Stars  Not crazy about these 
I prefer my solid memory foam pillows to these. I put the solid memory foam on top of these and use that way.

5 Stars  Bamboo pillow helps a lot!! 
I purchased this pillow without too many expectations but after using for a couple of weeks my neck feels a lot better. I have chronic arthritis and other pain issues. Excellent product!!

5 Stars  Great pillow 
Very comfortable and supportive.

5 Stars  Amazing pillows 
My husband loves his pillow just as it was sent! Mine was a little firm for me so I removed some of the foam and now it is perfect!

5 Stars  Pillow 
Very nice and sweet and very comfortable

5 Stars  Bamboo Luxury Queen Pillow 
Well,I can say that this Variable Fill Technology of my Bamboo Luxury Queen Pillow is not bad at all. I do like the fact that I can take out the memory foam as needed or put it back when needed! Im still trying to get it just where I want it for my comfort, and it truly is much better than my regular pillow that I use to sleep on. There is certainly enough memory foam inside to create yourself another small useful pillow too! Overall,I love it and very happy with my purchase.

1 Stars  Bamboo luxury pillow 
If I could give it a 0 rating I would. Very uncomfortable! Foam bunches up and gives me a stiff neck. I really gave it a chance, but I cant use it.

2 Stars  Bamboo 
Very uncomfortable pillow, hard to adjust or find a suitable position

5 Stars  most comfortable pillow I have owned 
This pillow is the most comfortable I have ever slept on. It keeps whatever shape I put it in, and is cool and ventilated.

5 Stars  I really like it. Nice pillow for the price. 
Some say its too hard, and some say it doesnt cradle your head. I found both claims to be untrue. Its not flimsy soft like bead pillows, but its not suppose to be. Unless you toss and turn all night, it will cradle and form to your head in few minutes. My shoulders make it necessary to have a thick pillow so my head doesnt slouch down when Im on my side, which is all the time Im asleep, and this pillow works great for that support. The only thing I found odd about it is the shredded foam will slowly migrate from the side you rest your head to the headboard side, but simply turning it around every few days takes care of that - no need for fluffing it back evenly, but that cost it one star. I found the amount of shredded foam it comes with is perfect - no need to remove any at all. -- One other thing it is a BIG pillow. We have a standard double bed and two of these queen-size pillows span the entire width of the bed - all pillow all across the head of the bed, which is nice, so that earned it back the star it lost for the slow fill migration. I really dont see why anyone would dislike this pillow, especially since it can be adjusted to your firmness of choice, and the bamboo cover is nice and thick and machine washable. Well worth the price IMO.

I wrongly assumed because the fill was shredded foam that the pillow would be soft and contouring. I experienced that the pillow was hard and compacted. It is no better than the usual memory foam pillows.

3 Stars  Just another pillow 
After reading some reviews about how customizable this pillow is, I thought Id give it a try. When I first tried it it felt so good I almost went to sleep immediately. Then, the next night, it just became like any other pillow, as I found my head sinking down and that firmness disappearing. I tried fluffing it back up, positioning it under my head differently, but nothing works. I read many of the reviews here stating how hard the pillow was, but in my case, I wish it had a lot more stuffing inside.

5 Stars  Best pillow I have ever slept on 
This pillow is the best I have ever slept on. I used to have problems with my neck using a regular foam pillow, but since I got this one I sleep comfortably and wake up without any neck pain. 5 stars for this one!

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
Quality product and good service from Pulse TV

5 Stars  Love it 
The pillow came quickly. Of course it was kinda flat from being in its roll case but I just unrolled it and let it lay out for a few days. It fluffed right out and also aired it out if there was any smell, which there wasnt! I love this pillow, am going to order more.Thank you pulse TV.

5 Stars  Great pillow 
Best Ive ever had, sleep improved greatly.

1 Stars  Pillow 
It sucks fluff it up every time its hard as a rock

2 Stars  Bamboo Pillows 
The pillows are a little to hard for me. Tried to move the stuffing around, but didnt work. Will put them in the Guest room for now.

5 Stars  The only pillow Ill use 
Best nights sleep in a long time since I got these pillows

4 Stars  Nice Pillow 
I am pretty happy with my pillows. The only exception is it tends to be a bit hard, like it was overfilled. Im hoping it will conform to my head and soften up a bit.

5 Stars  Great pillows 
Feels like a expisave pillow but great price

5 Stars  How could it be any better? 
This pillow conforms to your ideal position and holds it. Im sleeping much better these nights.

5 Stars  Bamboo Luxury Queen Pillow 
I have been using the pillow for a couple of weeks and I am definitely sleeping much better

4 Stars  My Other Pillow 
Very satisfied. Just a little bit softer would have been preferred...

5 Stars  Great Pillow! 
The pillows arrived quickly and the use instructions were clear. The adjustable fill feature was great for my wife as it allowed her to customize the pillow for her comfort. Other memory foam type of pillows have not worked for her, but this one seems to meet her needs the best.

5 Stars  Best pillow I ever bought! 
Getting the best nights sleep I have had in a long time!!

5 Stars  Pillow 
We liked the 2 pillows so much we ordered 2 lmore.

5 Stars  I really like this pillow! 
Just as presented, full and firm and adjustable if you need it. I kept mine as-delivered and enjoy it a lot. I would recommend this very reasonably priced pillow to anyone looking for a new one. Thanks, PulseTV.com!

1 Stars  Heavy pillow 
The pillow filling is too heavy. My husband and I have slept on these for about half of the nights that we have had them. We are trying to make them work for us. Each of us has removed filling from these pillows a couple of times. My husband is aggrivated that I bought these. The filling is very dense - like maybe the byproduct of making sofa cushions.

4 Stars  Too heavy 
Too much filling, thanks for the zipper, I was able to take a bunch, more than half, and but in a couple of down pillows. Now I have 3 good as new pillows. Did have to sew them into the old pillows, messy job.

5 Stars  I have a My Pillow, this is better and less costly 
Wonderful! Just as advertised.

3 Stars  Not for me 
Sorry just too solid for me Tried one week Gave up

5 Stars  Pillows 
The pillows are great! Arrived quickly!

4 Stars  extra firm 
not likely to cave-in under heavy weight

5 Stars  Very Pleased 
I had been inundated by the MY PILLOW ads and wanted to try them but saw a review, or something, stating this pillow was as good or better for FAR less. Heavy. But comfortable. I seem to be sleeping better. I might need to remove some of the filling. ALL IN ALL I AM VERY PLEASED.

5 Stars  Better Support 
These are not a cheap lightweight pillow. I was surprised at how substantial these are. I havent asjusted the fill level yet but even without doing that, Ive enjoyed these pillows.

5 Stars  Great product 
This pillow is well made from start to finish. I like the adjustable features of the filling. Gives a good nights rest

2 Stars  Just a hard foam pillow 
I think you would be hard pressed to find much if any bamboo on or in this pillow. It is basically a really hard temperpedic type dense foam pillow. If you wanted to win a pillow fight this should be in your arsenal because a good hit with this thing will knock your opponent senseless.

3 Stars  Plllow 
Too hard. Very messy to remove fill, but makes it better. Comfortable after getting it to my softness level.

5 Stars  Great Pillow with Variable Fill 
My son likes a pillow with very little fill. Its hard to find one that he likes because they are always too filled. I saw your advertisement and thought Id give it a try. It was easy to remove much of the filling and make it perfect for my son. I like the fact that the pillow is washable, as well.

5 Stars  Everything You Said... and then Some 
Purchased as a gift but decided to try it out before giving. GREAT... as good as My Pillow, for sure

5 Stars  Fabulous 
I had just finished removing some filling from two new pillows I bought in a store when I found the ad for these pillows. I went ahead and bought two and I LOVE them. For once adjusting the fill was easy and the shredded memory foam is perfect. We are using the new variable fill pillows instead of the ones I had bought from a store as they are much more comfortable. We are both very picky about the fill so the timing was perfect. I love this site and the items you find to make our lives easier.

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillows 
I absolutely love my new Bamboo Pillows. Unlike any other pillow they will not try to cover your face when you lay on them. I hate a pillow that I have to keep pushing down off my face. The Bamboos are great.

4 Stars  So Far So Good 
This is a wonderful pillow so far. It will take a bit longer to see if my chiropractor and massage therapist say the same, but as of now I have no more shoulder stiffness, and the pillow gives enough to accommodate my sleep apnea nasal pillows head gear. Ive only had to remove about 1/3 to 1/2 of its foam content.

5 Stars  Excellent!! Buy it ?????????? 
Far better than My Pillow just as pulse TV said!! This was such a surprise quality material / cover is washable just an All Around Excellent Quality Buy! Will definitely buy another !

5 Stars  Great pillow 
My husband is very picky pillows, I spent months searching in vain paying 40, 80, even 100 for a pillow nothing made him happy until I got him this pillow. He sleeps soundly and better than ever before. I couldnt be happier.

5 Stars  Bomboo Luxury Pillow 
Is everything it was suppose to be. Enjoying the new comfort

4 Stars  Really like it. 
It is a great pillow, I did have to take some of the stuffing out.

This is a great pillow - I have a My Pillow, but this is even better. It slept good the very first night.

4 Stars  happy with them 
I bought two of them and Im happy with mine but the wife is hard to please and still prefers her My Pillow.....wont use the new one so I have a back up for me!!

4 Stars  Love My New Pillows 
We thought about My Pillow but heard from friends they were over rated. Your ad came and I saw the price and said it was worth a try. I was right. Amazing! Thank You for a wonderful nights sleep!

5 Stars  Surprisingly wonderful and worth the hype 
I honestly thought this would be just another pillow I would try. I have always slept with 2 or 3 pillows-some flat, some fluffy that I would put in combinations to get to sleep. I bought this because I was going to buy the mypillow and this was cheaper. I AM SO HAPPY I BOUGHT THIS PILLOW. It took me a minute to realize I am now sleeping more soundly or more deeply or just plain better because I am noticeably less tired during the day. Noticeably. I can only attribute it to this pillow since nothing else has changed. I also have almost no instance of sore neck and shoulder muscles in the morning. Its been about three weeks. Im very happy, to say the least. Buy it.

4 Stars  Really love the pillow 
Since the pillow can be adjusted for firmness I am able to get a good nights sleep. Also, I ended up purchasing 2 more pillows. A 2nd one for my wife and a 3d for back support when sitting up in bed.

3 Stars  Nice pillow 
A little heavy. Removed some stuffing. Good idea.

4 Stars  Stout pillow 
No directions on where to purchase extra fillings or adding fillers.

4 Stars  Nice 
I like these. Very poofy but adjustable


5 Stars  Awesome Product 
This product is just that...AWESOME.The first night I used it,I thought my head was resting on a cloud.In no time,I was sound asleep.Thank-you.

5 Stars  Great pillow 
Soft and firm at same time if that is possible. Ordered one...liked so much ordered a second. Great quality for the price!

5 Stars  Bamboo luxury pillow 
Love the queen pillows. I especially like the idea of adding or subtracting the filling to make the pillows more comfortable.

1 Stars  Bamboo Luxury Queen Pillow 
I ordered this pillow with the understanding that this will adjust to my sleeping position and I will not have pain/discomfort while sleeping, but on contrary this pillow is too hard and do not adjust to the sleeping position. The result is that I have heavy neck and back pain while sleeping using this pillow, so I stopped using it.

5 Stars  Best pillow Ive ever slept on! 
I confess I was a little skeptical, but Ive been through a lot of pillows looking for a good fit so I gave this one a try. FANTASTIC. I slept on it a few days to get a feel for what I might need to remove to make it just right. Removal was simple, bamboo cover keeps the pillow cool, and I am sleeping better than I have in years perhaps EVER. Could not be happier or better rested.

5 Stars  Best pillow 
Best pillow I have ever had. Most comfortable, fluffy and has a great fragrance. Will be buying more.

4 Stars  Comfortable 
This pillow is very comfortable to me, but I do have to flip it over during the night because the memory foam clusters do get lumpy. It is very soft and I like the density of it, my head does not go all the way to the bottom as the clusters settle.

4 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
Notice that I am falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. That is a blessing. Takes a little while to first get comfortable.

1 Stars  not near as good as my pillow! 
Tried sleeping with this pillow for 2 wks. removed 1/4 of the filling after a week. took very long time to fall asleep and slept like cr..! went back to my pillow and instantly slept much much better! this pillow doesnt even compare! different materials, much heavier! its actually a shredded memory foam.

1 Stars  Too hard to use 
Cant use. Went back to my pillow

5 Stars  great pillow 
So far I really like this pillow. It is better for me than the $60.00 memory foam pillow I also have

5 Stars  Super! 
My wife and I love these pillows so much that we purchased 2 more. So comfortable!

5 Stars  I bought two and made three ! 
Very nice product. Im delighted. It is not as malleable as the My Pillow, but very similar. In all due fairness, Ive only had mine for a month so I cant critique durability.

4 Stars  We are loving those pillows 
Buy them people! Youll love them too.

I love the bamboo cover. It feels great. The pillow is totally overstuffed. Since 2 came with the order I can take enough stuffing out of #s 1 and 2 to produce a Third Pillow. I cannot sleep on the pillows as sent. I fluffed them in my dryer for 30 minutes on Air Dry setting each. They are not lumpy, just NOT useable as a pillow until I UNSTUFF them.

5 Stars  Best pillow ever 
My quest for a good pillow has come to an end. I have bought pillow after pillow to find one that I was satisfied with. I am proud to say I have found it. This pillow is comfortable, fluffy and cool temperature wise. I just love it!!

2 Stars  TOO HARD 

5 Stars  Great product if you can follow simple instructions. 
I love this pillow. After reading the reviews here, I guess there is no really nice way to say it, some people are morons. One of the main complaints I read over and over was, it was too hard or too thick. DUH. The main feature of this wonderful pillow is that YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE IT! You can remove as much of the memory foam fill as you wish to make it thin enough or soft enough for your personal preference! So dont let people who obviously dont understand the feature of this great pillow discourage you from trying one! In fact, Id say I have the opposite problem and wish they had extra fill packs available because I find my head bottoming out in the memory foam after an hour or two. I think this is a fantastic and well made product and Ive ordered a second one. I have spent more money on pillows than a sane person should because my neck constantly gives me problems because Ive been using a cpap for 10 years. Ive bought, the Tony little Air bead pillows which I like the support but find them too thin and hard for me. Ive bought the my pillows, two to be exact because one was two firm, so I bought another with less fill but made it too soft lol I do like the fact that they are machine washable and they were my favorite until I bought this one. I like this because it conforms to my head even with my cpap mask on which creates less strain on my neck, so thats a huge plus in my book. Other than needing some extra fill, I really like this one! And although pillow feel is totally subjective to the individual, you could say Im a pillow expert. From the sobocowa pillow on, Ive spent hundreds of dollars on every new pillow that has come along, just hoping for some comfort and neck relief. I say at only 20 bucks give this one a try. If you love it, you got it for a steal, if you dont, use it for guests, or give to the kids, a spare room whatever, I gaurantee that someone will love it. Just keep in mind that you can remove the fill and customize it to your taste because it was purposely designed that way. Apparently many people who purchased it didnt understand the concept and thought it was permanently made how it is. Im sure glad I tried it, and pulse, if you read these, please make bags of fill available to make them firmer for people who need it! ??

5 Stars  Ordering two more 
I must change my original 3 star review below. I said its too big and hard. I was wrong. After a few minutes my head and neck began sinking in as it conformed and I was sleeping like a baby. And with the pillow protector I also bought here it feels very cool not hot as I also claimed inaccurately. Wish they still sold more of those pillow protectors! Give yourself a few days to get use to this pillow and you might like it. I did, and now I want every pillow in each of my two bedrooms to be matching Queen Bamboo Luxury Pillows.

5 Stars  love the bamboo pillow 
Its the best pillow i have ever owned. I will be back for more!

5 Stars  Great Memory Foam Pillows 
I ordered two of these pillows for the futon in my basement where guests sleep. I had heard good things about these bamboo pillows, and this seemed like a really good price. Unfortunately, my daughter was home from college when I got them, and she loved them so much that she took them back with her. I will be ordering two more soon!

5 Stars  Queen Bamboo luxury Pillow 
I wasnt sure I was going to like this pillow at first- when you first put your head down its hard but after it has time to fit you it is truly like sleeping on air. I will be ordering at least 2 more

5 Stars  great pillow for side sleepers 
I have always preferred a dense heavy and thick pillow. Most pillows today are too thin and go flat easily, so I have to use two of them. I have finally found the perfect pillow for me with this pillow

5 Stars  Feeling like a King on my Queen Bamboo Pillow! 
I have been looking for a Bamboo Pillow under Fifty Dollars for a while...So many on the Market but the Prices are too expensive for my Budget... When I received this Pillow, I removed it from its carrying case...and started fluffing it up...this was the beginning of a wonderful purchase...It is the Prefect Pillow for me! The price was just a bonus...I would have spent more for the pleasure of a good nights sleep...Fit for a King, no more all night pillow fight for me

5 Stars  Queen Bamboo Luxury Pillow Item #6792 
Extremely comfortable pillow, this is my second order of two of these pillows. Once you fluff them up they couture to your body giving firm cradling of your head or legs. I use two of these pillows under my legs to get a pleasant back strain relief. Great pillows!

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillows 
Outstanding. Ive been using a square memory foam pillow that was almost hard as a rock when I first rested my head on it and stayed fairly firm all night. This new Bamboo Pillow was softer but firm enough. I slept like a baby for the first time in years. I love this pillow. My new grandaughter-in-law uses the 2nd pillow and she loves it. She has had her entire spine rewired since a young girl and her relief was exquisite. Thank you, Anisa for these pilloes.

5 Stars  Bamboo Pillow 
This is a Great Pillow. It does wick away heat. After second night I started sleeping longer.And fell asleep Faster.. It is made very well.If anything it has too much filling. Compared to other pillows with shredded foam. But I FOUND BY PUTTING IT ON ITS SIDE. I sunk way down. It actually cradles your neck and head. Plus the sides cut out noise..

5 Stars  Stops snoring! 
My husband is a very loud snorer, but this pillow seems to keep him so comfortable that he doesnt snore at all. It is a miracle. Neither of us can believe it! It was however, a tad too high for me.

5 Stars  Great pillow! 
Best pillow ever!

5 Stars  Finally a good nights sleep 
My husband and I both benefitted from sleeping on these pillows last night. His snoring was greatly reduced, he didnt toss and turn, and slept through the night without back pain. I woke up without neck pain for the first time in several years. Ive tried many pillows trying to get comfortable and to find one that makes us BOTH comfortable means we BOTH sleep better.

5 Stars  Amazing 
My daughter & I love our pillows. I bought one for my boyfriend who gets maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. Im very excited to see how it works for him. I have every symptom listed & last night I had a headache & my TMJ was bothering me. I didnt take my meds, laid down & within 30 minutes they were gone!!! If the pillow helps my boyfriend, Im buying another one for his apartment. Im VERY impressed with the product!!!

5 Stars  Love it! 
This pillow may seem on the hard side to some but I am so enjoying it. It contours to my head and also when I sleep on my side, I put another soft pillow on top of it to level it out. Ive been sleeping really well with it. I may buy another set.

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