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Automatic Water Gel Bead Blaster Kit

Automatic Water Gel Bead Blaster Kit

Automatic Water Gel Bead Blaster Kit
Automatic Water Gel Bead Blaster Kit
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Introducing the DIY Model Gel Bead Blaster - your ticket to thrilling, action-packed fun like never before! It's more fun than laser tag, and safer than airsoft or paintball guns for kids to play. This is one of the most popular toys of 2023 and a top holiday wishlist item for kids of all ages!

Active, Indoor or Outdoor Fun for Everyone: Top Gift for Kids

This blaster lets loose a string of painless water or gel beads. These colorful, water-based beads burst on impact with every shot. The best part? They're non-toxic, non-staining, and non-irritating, so you can enjoy mess-free fun without any worries. The gel beads will fully hydrate in clean water within less than 4 hours.

With an impressive range of nearly 60 feet per shot, players can play in both close combat indoors or tactical stealthy environments outside. There are additional side rails for additional accessories. The pistol also features a realistic slide action with every shot - a premium feature not found in many other blasters!

The kit includes a built-in rechargeable battery (the clip) for extended gameplay, a foldable handgrip, grenade-shaped hopper to store your gel beads, and a pair of safety goggles. You'll also get a starter pack of gel beads, but we also offer refill packs here.


  • Popular Gel Bead Blaster Toy: A Top Gift in 2023
  • Fires Harmless, Soft Beads That are Made of 95% Water
  • Simply Soak the Beads in Water to Grow
  • Use Approx 1 tbsp Of Beads Per 400ml (1.7 Cups) Water
  • Compatible with Most Other Major Brand Accessories and Gel Beads
  • Fully-Formed Water Beads 7-8MM Diameter
  • Non Toxic, Non-Staining, and Mess-Free Ammo
  • For Outdoor AND Indoor Use
  • Automatic Firing with Realistic Slide Action
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Accurate Shooting, Fires up to 60 Feet Away
  • Recommended for Kids 14 and Up
  • Includes Accessories, Starter Gel Beads, Safety Glasses

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