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As Seen On TV | Hands Free Handy Can Opener

As Seen On TV | Hands Free Handy Can Opener

As Seen On TV | Hands Free Handy Can Opener
As Seen On TV | Hands Free Handy Can Opener
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Best Can Opener For Every Kitchen

This As Seen On TV Hands-Free Can Opener automatically opens cans of all sizes leaving safe and smooth edges, protecting hands in practically seconds.

The best feature of this automatic can opener is its ease of use. Simply place the one touch can opener onto the can press the activation button & let go. We promise this is the easiest hands free can opener on sale.

This battery powered can opener is ideal for people with arthritis or general hand pain. Furthermore you will love its compact size allowing it to be conveniently stored in any drawer.

The can opener also features a safety mode and will only turn on when engaged to a can allowing it safe for kids to operate.


- Available in Black or Red
- One hand operation
- Fast and easy way to open cans safely and efficiently
- Opener "walks" around can and then shuts off automatically
- Safely cuts from the side of the can, leaving no sharp edges
- Safety Feature - only operates when touching a can
- Built in Magnet to lift lid off can
- Powered by 2 AA ALKALINE Batteries (Not Included)

IMPORTANT: Electric Can Opener will only work with good Alkaline Batteries, which we have. You can order a 8-Pack for $4.99 by clicking here.

3 Stars  Not for me 
It opens cans as advertised but I thought it would not leave s asharp edge on top.

5 Stars  gREAT cAN oPENER 

4 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Love the opener but having to order another because the first only lasted 5 months. Just stopped working. But I love the fact you dont have to stand over it, shuts down when lid is lifted.

5 Stars  Once I put the right batteries in it it worked really good. 
I use it all the time it didnt work until I put alkaline batteries in it.

5 Stars  Great! 
Love my new wireless can opener. It is so easy to use and works just like it is advertised. Great buy!

1 Stars  Can opener 
Doesn t work
Hi and thanks for your purchase. Please note that this will not turn or work UNLESS it is touching metal. This is a safety feature. Please try it on a can and let us know. If it doesn't work contact our customer service department and they will help you out.
4/28/2023 - Sharon

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
This is the best thing ever. I have carpel tunnel and no longer able to turn the crank on a regular can opener. Now all I have to do is press a button and my can is open. I suggest removing the paper label from the cans, sometimes label is high into cutting edge and it can jam the opener. Not a big problem if your hands work properly!

4 Stars  can opener 
works As adervistised. Good deal

5 Stars  I had to buy one for my kids too!! 
These are AWESOME!! We did break one when it hit the floor pretty hard. I was online the next day to buy more. Both colors are great. No sharp lids. If you have ever struggled with can openers, I urge you to give this a try!! My first time using it, it took off on its own.. Startled me at first. Now I know to let it go and let it work its wonders!!! ..Just Sayin

5 Stars  Love it 
We have had this can opener in the past and just loved it until my hubby dropped it and broke it. I could wait to get another one !! Also have given it for gifts, what an awesome item !!!!

5 Stars  Works great 
Great product

4 Stars  Seems to be working fine 
It looks like its gonna jump off the can, but it makes it all the way around and cuts cleanly. Sometimes it doesnt know when to stop.

3 Stars  Worked great until it broke 
I bought one, loved it and bought one for each of my kids. It was convenient and compact and opened the cans leaving a nice smooth edge. No issues for about 2 years and then one day the cutting mechanism just fell off! I reached out to Pulse CS to find about warranty replacement but no one ever replied to me. Disappointed in no reply, I bought an OXO manual can opener. No batteries needed. Before it broke, would have been a 5 star rating. Only giving it 3 because it worked great but broke after only 2 years of light use.

1 Stars  Did not work 
I give this product a zero. The product does not work. Put batteries in and nothing, to return it is almost as much as the product cost. So, Im out the money I spent on this junk and stuck with a broke product. Now, Im out more money because I still need a can opener. Should have known better.
Hi and thanks for your purchase. Please note that this will not turn or work UNLESS it is touching metal. This is a safety feature. Please try it on a can and let us know. If it doesn't work contact our customer service department and they will help you out.
1/27/2023 - PulseTV

5 Stars  Good auto can opener at a good price 
Works very well so far. Is a little slow, just not a lot of power, but it does exactly what it is supposed to. Other brands that are the same type as this are four times the price. All in all it is a good product.

1 Stars  Didnt work 
Didnt work
Thanks for the purchase and the feedback. First it must be touching metal to work. If you are not attaching it to the top of the can and trying it it won't work. This is a safety feature. Second if it still isn't working are you using the proper batteries? It works with Alkaline batteries. Lastly if all the above doesn't work please contact our Customer service so we may rectify this for you.
1/7/2023 - PulseTV

5 Stars  easy to use 
This is the easiest can opener I have ever used, you need to use it correctly. If you try to force it before it has completed the job, it gets messed up and hard to reset.

5 Stars  These are very convenient. I have 3 of them 
Very easy and convenient to use. I keep one in my camper as well as one inside my home.

5 Stars  Great can opener 
Just set it on the can and press the button and it opens the can with no effort. Great if you have artheritis in your hands.

5 Stars  Works like a charm! 
This wonderful device works just as good, if not better than models costing much more. It has opened every can I have set it on, including Tomato Paste cans, which are notoriously hard to open because of their small size. Buy one and find out for yourself! You really cant go wrong!

5 Stars  WOW!! 
As soon as it touched the lid it was off and running. I wanted to stop it before I damaged it.... But, it was doing exactly what it was supposed to do!! I love it!!! I bought one for my son, as he has Red in his kitchen. Who knew how stylish THAT would be!! 5 stars for sure!!

5 Stars  Can opener 
As advertised but better,recommended for everybody,great product.

5 Stars  Love How Easy This Is 
I have bought a few of these to give as gifts. They are so easy to use, and they make a very clean cut on the cans. So much easier than my old hand one!

5 Stars  Can opener 
Works as described

1 Stars  Plastic Gears 
Bought 2 of these last time these were on sale. They both worked OK until a thicker can exceeded the capability of the plastic gears inside. If you plan to open Aluminum cans only, this is a handy tool. To open steel cans...not so much.

5 Stars  Love this 
This can opener is very easy to use, especially with arthritic hands. Works well!

5 Stars  The first time we used it, we werent too sure... 
It took off on its own... Didnt think it was working... We didnt even have a hand on it, so we were trying to stop it. We just let it go and the lid came right off!! Now we know and are VERY PLEASED with the performance of this little opener!!!

5 Stars  So far so good! 
Works well and I like that there are no sharp edges. My teen son loves it!

5 Stars  Love it ! 
I only have the useof one Jane which makes using a traditional can opener very difficult. With the hands free can opener I can open cans c and not ask for help! I feel so more independent! Well worth the purchase

1 Stars  Does not work! 
Will not turn on!
This item will not turn on unless it is touching metal. To test this, there is a magnet just below the toggle if you put something metal on it (knife, scissors, etc) and hit the power button the device should go on. Also make sure the batteries are placed in the device in the right direction.
6/30/2022 - Sandy

4 Stars  seems to work as promised 
seems to be as advertised

5 Stars  Exactly What I Wanted 
Simple and quick to use without spilling the beans!

3 Stars  Works great for a while 
I purchased a few of these. They work great, and then they don t. For the price they re still worth it, but they just don t last so expect that.

1 Stars  Opener 
Very difficult to operate
This item will not turn on unless it is touching metal. To test this, there is a magnet just below the toggle, if you put something metal on it (knife, scissors, etc) and hit the power button the device should go on.
6/26/2022 - Sandy

5 Stars  Super easy to use! 
Just put the batteries in and away you go!

5 Stars  Love this little gadget 
I Love my Hands Free Handy Can Opener. Through the years Ive wore out a few and purchased more. Always try to have a spare just in case. Ive been known to give mine to friends who see it and just have to have one right now. You will love yours too.

5 Stars  Best can opener ever! 
My husband loves this can opener. It always works and he especially likes that there are no sharp edges. Perfect for people who dont have a lot of upper body strength.

5 Stars  Best Can Opener 
No more fighting with can openers to open a can of soup . I like the no sharp edges on a can no more , so easy to use .

5 Stars  Does everything it advertises 
Its worked like a charm and has been a godsend to my wife whos arthritis in her hands was keeping her from opening any cans, no matter how easy they were.

5 Stars  Works great! 
This is a great opener. It works well and opens flawlessly and without creating sharp edges. I highly recommend it!

5 Stars  Great little machine! 
Works great. Put it on the top of the can, itll adapt to the size and start cutting. Stops when cover is cut and loose. Great little piece of equipment!

5 Stars  Cordless Can Opener 
Works just great easy to use

5 Stars  Great item for those with arthritic hands! 
Really great item. My wife and I use it daily. It is so nice to have no sharp edges. It is so easy to use and safer than all the other types of can openers!

5 Stars  I love it. 
The can opener does exactly what it says itll do. Im glad I bought it.

4 Stars  Good Can Opener 
So far so good. Very good can opener. Best automatic opener I ve seen in years. Almost perfect. Only complaint is sometimes it leaves an uncut burr on a small edge that could potentially could cause a cut of not careful.

3 Stars  Automatic can Opener 
I love this can opener And so does my Other family members that I have bought it for. I love the way it works. I will say that they end up breaking down pretty rapidly within a couple months in a lot of cases. And then you ll be buying another one but you love the product so much and don t really care. And this is the place to buy it because it s the most reasonable price.

5 Stars  Automatic Handsfree Can Opener 
Once you get the battery operated can opener on the can, it dances around the can to open it ! Use caution because the can will have razor sharp edges !

5 Stars  Best ever!! 
This is by far the best can opener ever! Fast, no sharp edges, and no mess! Smooth action, clean cuts....and......GREAT FUN TO WATCH!!

5 Stars  Very Handy 
Bought this to make fixing supper easier. It works!

3 Stars  So-so product 
Although it does open cans as advertised, it is noisy and it does not leave the lid able to perfectly fit back onto the can for storage of leftovers. I have been using a manual version of this style for a couple of years, and the lids re-fit perfectly snug and well aligned for capping off the can when I only use half a can of beans or fruit. Would not recommend.

5 Stars  Easiest Opener to Use 
I liked mine so much that when my granddaughter moved into her own place after college, I bought her one immediately.

4 Stars  Works well 
It does a great job opening cans, and does not leave a sharp edge. My only complaint is it takes up too much room in my utility drawer.

5 Stars  Canopener 
I love mine it compact and so far works great! A little hard to get it to stop,but not so bad that I would give a bad review ! You should really try one today.

5 Stars  Can Openers 
I love using them. It works well.

5 Stars  great 
Great machine

5 Stars  My favorite for 2 years 
Easy to use, takes up little space. This was a Godsend for me

5 Stars  can opener 
excellent device. better than farberware opener and less expensive.

5 Stars  Love it 
I dont know HOW I got along without this cute can opener! Thank you for getting it to me so quickly! Even the ones that sat on counter did not do as great a job...and so easily. Its GREAT and doesnt drop cans

5 Stars  Great Can Opener 
After years of buying standard can openers and finding out that after a few openings the gear and handle get worn and I have to throw them away, I have finally found the perfect opener. No more struggling. This is a great product!

5 Stars  I love these 
I have used these before and work for about three years

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Every kitchen should have this easy-to-use can opener that saves you valuable time and counter space. We love it.

5 Stars  Very handy 
Lived up to all expectations

I didn t think this would be so easy to use and work as well as it does. Wish I d bought more as gifts.

4 Stars  can opener 
My wife loves it, the only complaint is it doesnt work real well on big cans

4 Stars  Good Value 
I have used this can opener and it has worked quite well. I would recommend.

I LOVE this gadget!! I have seen these advertised forever, but never thought that I needed one. Pulse TV offered a great price, so I decided to buy it. Totally works, no more fighting with a manual can opener. I just pop this handy, dandy opener on the can and it bumps around the top, stops and walah! A perfectly opened, not sharp can! Thank you Pulse TV!!

3 Stars  Works well on some cans 
Too noisy for use in an office cafeteria quit using because many cans such as tuna arent compatible.

3 Stars  Automatic can opener 
Both can openers stopped working. They were good at first then stopped working. I changed the batteries, moved the dial, no luck.

5 Stars  Battery Operated Can Opener 

5 Stars  bravo 
Product works as advertised. The initial item was defective but customer service was really cooperative and had a replacement shipped quickly. As many of us have experienced .. customer service everywhere has really suffered. Seems like the people here arent suffering from the same illness.

5 Stars  Best can opener 
Just sit on can push button and walk away. It open without you watching it.

4 Stars  can opener 
I have only used it twice since you sent them to me. It does not work on cans that have a high ridge like salmon cans and others. The ridge has to be low or the opener gets stuck and after trying for a long time it will not come off the can. I ended up throwing away several of these. Maybe if they fix the cutter to go deeper into the top of the can it will work fine. Cans seem to be made differently now with high ridges.

5 Stars  worked great 
was satisfied with the opener

5 Stars  Works as advertised! 
My wife loves this can opener. We had a manual version of this style opener, but her arthritis made is difficult to turn the handle. She loves that she can start the opener and walk away and do something else while it opens the cans, allowing her to multi-task in the kitchen more efficiently.

5 Stars  Fantastic Product 
So easy to use.

5 Stars  Hands-free 
Love this product

5 Stars  excellent hands free can opener 
Since I live in Florida and we are constantly losing power due to tropical storms, I needed a can opener that I could use when I lost electricity. This can opener is ideal and so easy to use. It even leaves a smooth edge to the lids. Highly recommend.

5 Stars  Great 
Finally I get a full cut on my can and dont have to try to hold the can up.

5 Stars  Love it. 
I love the no mess no fuss with this can opener. Ive got arthritis bad, it is so helpful.

Glad that I made the purchase, been using it now and happy about the fact that no more sharp edges to cut your finger and for trashing it , smooth now.

5 Stars  Easy to use 
Works great, simple to use and compact for easy storage. Definitely the best can opener I have owned.

5 Stars  Safe can opener 
Safe and easy to use can opener that wont leave a sharp edge on the lid. Attach it and hit the button to go and let go.

The can opener works on all cans I have tried except it does not work on Del Monte cans because they are designed with a lid that is too low for the openers magnet to touch. PulseTV was very helpful when I ran into the problem with the Del Monte cans and reimbursed me even though I told them that I was ok paying for it since it works on other designed cans with lids that are closer to the can rim. There may be other can designs that will be a problem but I have not run into any of them yet.

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
I now have two of these openers - one for my house and one for my RV! They both work exceptionally well! I had another brand and it just doesnt do the job compared to these two

5 Stars  Great can opener! 
This can opener works extremely well. Very strong and makes a safe cut leaving no sharp edges.

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Just like the name, it is hands free and a wonderful invention. It works great!

5 Stars  Pleasantly Surprised 
Received promptly after reshipment and totally lived up to my expectations. It works very well and requires no effort. Very pleased with it

5 Stars  Best Can Opener 
I love this can opener! Its the best can opener that Ive ever had!!

5 Stars  Great Timing of my Purchase 
I purchased 3 of them to give to my daughters for Christmas. One of them sent me a text with a photo of the can she opened with her Hands Free Handy Can Opener! She loved the product, and thanked me again for the great gift!

4 Stars  Easy to use. 
Nice item when you are older and have lost strength in your hands.

5 Stars  Best Can Opener ever!! - 
Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the very best automatic can opener I have ever run across! I purchased 5 more to use as family gifts! This one works as advertised! -

5 Stars  Terrific item 
I think i have bought about 12 and gave them to friends and they think they terrific !!!!!!

5 Stars  Handsfree 
Bought for my 89 yr old mother. She loves it. She always used the old hand turn type. Shes amazed it works!!!

5 Stars  Works great 
This is just what my wife needed because her hands are so bad she can t use even the electrical can opener. Then the extra is no sharp edges

5 Stars  Hands-free! 
This little CanOpener is hands-down the best one I have ever had! It is so easy to use there are no sharp edges to cut your hands. Just perfect!

5 Stars  Amazing 
Sure is a spoiler when needing to open canned food. Just the push of a button and watch it work!

5 Stars  Works so far 
Does the job. Interested in seeing for how long.

5 Stars  Loved it so much I bought one for all my friends! 
My hands got tired of cranking the old fashioned can opener so I bought the Hands Free Handy Can Opener. I was amazed at the ease of use and the added bonus of no sharp edges to deal with when disposing of the empty cans. The price was so reasonable that I bought several more to give to my friends! I couldn t be happier with my purchase.

5 Stars  Can Opener 
This is a great product! No sharp edges after the can is opened. It is so easy to use.

5 Stars  Luv it!!! 
Had a difficult time @ 1st but then got the hang of it. I luv it!!!!

5 Stars  hands free can opener 
Works like a charm. So easy to use

5 Stars  Best of the Best 
As always every single item I have purchased from PulseTV is beyond excellent. I love PulseTV.

5 Stars  great can opener 
my wife was not sold on this when ordered,boy how she likes this now.would order again

5 Stars  Great 
Wonderful and magically fun.

5 Stars  Best can opener 
Exactly as described. Works great. Great price.

5 Stars  can opener 
I have one and love it I got these for gifts

5 Stars  Simple can opener works. 
We tried it - we like it!

5 Stars  Easy & Safe 
This is a great product for those who have lost their strength to grip. The clean cut on the can makes it safer from metal cuts. The product arrived as expected.

5 Stars  Best can opener I ve ever used!! 
Simple, quick, easy and reliable!!

5 Stars  Quick and Easy 
Love how easy this is and it has worked on multiple sized cans so that is a plus too. NOTE Do NOT use it on cans with a pull tab lid - i just didnt notice - since the tab can get in the way of the machine as it goes around the top. I was very pleased that this did indeed work exactly the way the ad and site said - nice job.

5 Stars  Opee Easy 
This is an exact replacement for a unit that we wore out. It is very easy to use and compact.

5 Stars  Best Ever 
This can opener is so easy to use. Love It!

4 Stars  Works well with average cans. 
It works well with average cans but not so well with larger 32 oz cans. The magnet must be firmly in contact with the lid for it to work.

5 Stars  Works great 
Great for arthritic hands

4 Stars  Works well just a little slow. 
Light weight easy to use. Does what a can opener should. It opens cans.

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Awesome , someone that suffers with arthritis this opener works excellent . Also the cans edge are smooth and no ruff edges . i sure recommend this product .

4 Stars  good deal 
gift to friend with infirm hands she loves it

5 Stars  One word GREAT 

4 Stars  Nice can opener 
So far has worked as promised and has been very useful

5 Stars  CAN OPENER 
Good price. Works very good. No complaints from me.

5 Stars  Hands Free can opener 
Love this. Have used one for years, and it finally wore out, so bought 2 this time!

5 Stars  Handy kitchen tool 
This can opener does work as advertised. Ive used it quite a bit and really like it.

5 Stars  Can Opener 
It works well, so well I purchased a second one.

5 Stars  Cool Gadget 
My wife loves it - a great Christmas present

4 Stars  Handy Can Opener 
My only complaint is that the product is loud.

4 Stars  Can openers 
Bought one for myself and daughter.? Love the no sharp edges. We ll see how long these last.

5 Stars  I wasnt sure, BUT... 
When this product arrived, I was anxious to use it and see if it would work as advertised. Finally last night my first opportunity. Of course the packaging was difficult to open, but thats ok. It was well protected in the clam packaging. I popped two AA batteries in, had do use a bit of elbow grease, but finally got them In. Re-read the directions, turned it on, a voila! A perfectly cut can simply lifted up, and the top of the can came up, easy to toss. I rate this can opener A++. Great product, great price! Thanks!!

5 Stars  Love it 
I have had this before and my husband dropped and broke it and I have been looking for one ever since. I LOVE these can openers and have given them for gifts to others besides myself .

5 Stars  Coolness 
So easy!

5 Stars  Fantastic 
SO easy to use ...... easy to store FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Hands free handy can opener 
Does a great job opening cans, youll love it.

5 Stars  Great Can Opener 
I love this can opener. I bought this one for my son and daughter-in-law because they loved using mine. All of your items are top notch.

4 Stars  Best tool since the breadknife 
Works beautifully, as advertised. Now, Im spoiled. This is so easy to use.

5 Stars  Can opener 
Works great. Just as advertised.

5 Stars  Easy and Safe to Use 
Opener is simple to use, just position on can, press a button, and watch this robot safely open your can. Wish I had one years ago.

5 Stars  free again open cans 
one of the best new items for opening cans helps people with joint problems

5 Stars  easiest and safest can opener 
Love this can opener. It is my favorite easy to use and effortless

5 Stars  Works great! 
Had problems with another similar opener from another supplier. This one is super!

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
I have used this on several cans so far and all opened just as advertised. I gave one to each of my daughters and they have also used them to open cans. Just put it on the top of the can, push the start button and stand back it goes around the can on its own and opens the lid and the lid sticks to the magnet so it comes off easily.

5 Stars  Great Little Opener 
I have two of these openers one in the house, one in the motorhome. The opener is small and works every time. The batteries last forever without replacement. You ll love it!

5 Stars  Opener 
We love its so easy to use. I have arthritis really bad it helps so much

4 Stars  Didnt work on large can 
The first can I tried to open was a 28 Cento tomato puree can. The small dimple on the bottom of the can opener would not make contact with the can top. This needs to happen in order for it to work. When we make tomato sauce we have to open 6 of these cans. So I was disappointed. Last night I tried it on an olive can and it worked okay. Well see if it works on the larger cans next time. Had one of these years ago and it worked great, but just eventually wore out.

5 Stars  Open at last! 
Love the new can opener, opens cleanly and thoroughly.

5 Stars  Love it! 
Clean cut, one finger operated, no sharp edges

5 Stars  hands free whiz 
So easy to use just put it on the can and push the switch and youre done.

5 Stars  My Favorite Kitchen Gadget! 
This is my second time buying this item! My first one was black when I ordered it in red. However, I didnt make a big deal because I was just so thankful to have a great can opener that was so easy for me to use. I ordered this new one because I want a red one to match my kitchen decor. I will be gifted the black one to a family member. Great item and great value!

5 Stars  So easy to use!! 
I have very little strength in my fingers so this can opener is such a blessing! Thank you!!

5 Stars  Auto can opener effortless 
This little opener does a great job ! It even works on cans that have odd rims.

4 Stars  Can Opener 
It works. Opens cans as advertised. It seems to be somewhat underpowered.

5 Stars  Excellent! 
I am 70 year old woman and this can opener works perfectly! And I don t have to have something extra on my counter!

5 Stars  Can Opener 
just right,on time,good price

5 Stars  Working Greats so far 
Works great, amazed that it edges are not razor sharp.

4 Stars  Opener 
Had a little trouble getting it to work when I received it but it seems to be working fine now

5 Stars  5 Star 4 the P s 
This device is great for its intended purpose when used properly which by the way is very easy! Works fantastic on standard cans! Not sure about other sizes yet, but for $10 bucks, are you kidding me...

5 Stars  GREAT!!! 
Works good and leaves no sharp edges.

I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that the hands-free can opener performed exactly like it did on the video. It is so easy to use. The lid on the can is cut so smoothly that you will not cut your hand when you lift the lid off the can.

5 Stars  Best can opener ever!!! 
The can opener went straight to work and opened the can of peaches easily and quickly. Everything that it said it will do, it does! Also, some people said that it has a hard time opening the cans with the pull tab opener. IF you turn the can upside down, it will open the can just like it is suppose to!!! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis, I am starting to struggle with my hands, fingers and wrist and this product just made opening cans a breeze!!! Thank You Pulse T.V.

5 Stars  Love it 
So easy- now I can open cans without pain.

5 Stars  Easy to use. 
Good product, easy to use ,and makes good gift.

4 Stars  Works Well with one Exception 
Cans that have the pull tab interferes with opener operation. Can still get it done but takes extra effort especially with my arthritic hands. It might not be a problem for you.

4 Stars  Easy to use can opener but noisy 
Pros This can opener works and is hands free. I like the push button start then you can walk away. Has a magnet so when you lift the opener off the lid comes away with the opener. Cons it is very loud but since it is running just a short time I can live with the noise. It seems to run a little too long and starts to twist the can away from the lid. I have to stop it manually as Im not sure it will stop on its own. So you need to be close by to stop it when the lid has separated. Overall, I would recommend as it is easier than the tall electric can openers and much easier than the hand crank ones for sure. Best online price I found was the PulseTV can opener. I would buy again.

4 Stars  Can opener 
Very helpful

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
I absolutely lover this can opener. As soon as I received it, I threw my other conventional can opener away. It is truly hands free and easy to use and it is small enough that I just put it in a drawer, which means less appliances on my countertop.

5 Stars  can opener 
works great small for in drawer storage like it thanks

5 Stars  Works as Promised 
I have had a high quality can opener for some time but it lately ceased to work properly. Id twist and turn it around the can several times and the can was still unopened. The Handy Can Opener worked the first time and did a great job with no fuss or bother.

5 Stars  Best can opener 
We have given these can openers to everyone in our family. They are easy to use and always work. Several members have handicaps and the ease of use is appreciated.

5 Stars  Handy can opener 
Ive got one and this one I ordered Im giving one for a Xmas present.

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Meets all my expectations. An extremely useful and handy item to have in the kitchen. I highly recommend it to any food preparer.

5 Stars  Can opener 
I love this can opener. So easy.

4 Stars  Perfect for my needs, but... 
I have purchased these several times and most last or are still going. My first purchase of 3 a few years ago lead to 2 of them failing. They stopped working even when the batteries were changed. It was dissapointing as it is a wonderful machine. Turn it on and keep cooking while the can opener does the work! I really rely on it when making chili and have soooooo many cans to open- tomato, beans, chilis, etc.. The one I have now has been working over a year and am hoping for longevity! The best part is NO SHARP EDGES!

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Great product.

4 Stars  I little finicky at times but over all works well! 
Some cans seem to not sit on the magnet well enough to allow the can opener to operate. A little fiddling and things start to work as they should. Otherwise it opens cans, works well and is easy to use! I like that I can save the lid and use it to reseal the partially used cans.

2 Stars  Devours batteries! 
This opener uses up batteries like crazy. When the batteries are too weak, the opener stops and its almost impossible to remove it, despite the dial on the side that is supposed to let you remove it manually. Twice I have had to work underneath it to change the batteries to get it off the can. Almost a good thing but Im afraid I cant recommend it.

5 Stars  Great for the elderly 
Opening some canned vegetables can be very difficult using a traditional manual opener especiallu for seniors. This opener makes the task very easy

5 Stars  Great can opener 
Opens can lid has no sharp edges and you can use it for a lid on can

5 Stars  Can opener 
Works great!

5 Stars  LOVE it 
I had one of these years ago and it finally died after almost 10 yrs of use. Then I found it again here and was thrilled! I bought 4 of them, 1 for myself and 3 for gifts and EVERYone loves them. They work like a charm and are actually smoother running than the originals. Im so happy to have found these thanks to PulseTV. Thanks, guys D

5 Stars  Nice gadget. 
Real easy to use and very helpful.

5 Stars  Can Opener 
I love this so much and I even bought one for a gift.

5 Stars  Hands off can opener 
Would definitely recommend. Especially good for the elderly or handicapped.

5 Stars  OMG I love it !!!!!!!!!! 
I do not write reviews....but I just love! love ! love ! this can opener !!!!!!!!

5 Stars  Can opener and metal hose 
The can opener that sits on the can to open it is the greatest can opener I have ever had. I have bought several for friends, also. They all love them. I also have bought the hose before. It is lightweight and works well. It is a little difficult to detach from the faucet, but otherwise works well.

5 Stars  Works great but not if you want to drain and rise tuna 
Of course the 1st can my son opened was tuna. Since the lid is cut off fron the side you are not able to squish the lid down to rinse and squeeze the water out. Other than that, it seems to work quite nicely & all by itself w/batteries.

5 Stars  works great 
These openers work great. This is the second one I have purchased. The other one was about 4 years old and finally wore out. It still works on smaller cans though.

5 Stars  Best Little Can Opener 
Have used one of these for 10 years, it is still opening cans now. Bought this second one as a backup spare. I am impressed at the quality and function over all these years.

5 Stars  What a pleasure! 
What a pleasure to not have to wrack your arthritic hands with a traditional can opener. Very efficient and cool and does a great job with any size can. Bought one for my oldest daughter and she says her 2 boys cant wait to help Mom with opening cans because they think watching the opener going around the can is SO COOL!

5 Stars  Excellent can opener 
The Hands Free Handy Can Opener is easy to use. Just put batteries in, place opener on top of can with the cutting part close to the edge, push the top button, and watch it work. I have purchased other types of automatic can openers before, but this one is cheaper and works very well. I havent had any problems with it. I have been using the Hands Free Handy Can Opener from PulseTV for at least 5 years. I gave one to my son to take to college and I havent heard anything negative about it from him. The Hands Free Handy Can Opener is a must have for every home or office.

5 Stars  So much easier to use. 
This thing is great. Right out of the box it works. It fits in a drawer.. Now I have more counter space and I dont have to clean that disgusting old can opener.

3 Stars  not for 5 oz cat, pet food cans 
Bought this can opener to use on opening my cat food cans -found out that the lid is too recessed for the magnet to catch onto it. This was the sole purpose for buying this opener. I am going to keep it to use on the regular canned food.

3 Stars  Not as simple to use advertised 
Caveat emptor, as will all things purchased from Pulse TV, you get what you pay for. I purchased two of these for my elderly mother and mother-in-law. No way can they use them. First off, apparently you have to use new batteries or the opener wont work. Secondly, they were messy and not really easy to use. But, on the positive side, if you have some patience and dexterity, once they start working, they do beat most crank by hand can openers.

5 Stars  Hands-free Can Opener 

5 Stars  Works fine, fun to watch 
Glad I got this. Even with arthritic hands I didnt want a bulky countertop can opener. This fits nicely in a drawer. The only drawback is that I wanted a red one but got a black instead because the red was out of stock.

4 Stars  Delivers! 
Like the can opener! Doesnt work well where you have those lift up lids but on the other ones it works fine

5 Stars  Can opener 
This works awesome

5 Stars  Helpful 
Love it

4 Stars  works good 
works great

5 Stars  IT WAS GREAT 
I really have nothing negative to say. All is good !

4 Stars  Excellent customer service 
I am giving this 4 stars due to the customer service. The first one I purchased, only worked a couple of times. I contacted customer service, and received a reply very quickly. I received a replacement within 2 weeks. The replacement is working well. I love this.

5 Stars  Handy and fun to use 
I had my doubts when I purchased this can opener. Then I used it and found it a delight to use and fun to watch. I was amazed at the non-sharp, smooth-cut, lid. The can is easier to wash out for recycling also.

5 Stars  Best can opener available. 
Everyone at my house has thanked me for bringing this can opener home. It is so easy to use, and leaves a nice clean edge on the can.

5 Stars  Blow your top 
This little gadget does exactly what it says it will do. I put the batteries in and plopped it on top of a can of tuna fish and away it went! Took that lid clean off. I was really skeptical of this product when I bought it, but I am not now. I even took a chance and bought two of them, not knowing if this was going to do anything and now I am happy to give the other one as a stocking stuffer this Xmas. Yay.

5 Stars  Electric Can Opener 
Excellent can opener. Very Impressive Performance. Im blown away with the way this little machine works with just two AA batteries and the manner in which it takes the lid off and leaves no sharp edges on it. I would recommend this particular can opener to anyone whos in the kitchen a lot. You definitely have a winner of a product !

5 Stars  My Arthritic hands make cooking difficult 
This can opener is excellent ! I use it nearly every day. I buy and use only Rechargeable Batteries and they last for months without having to re-charge. I do wish the batteries were easier to change. My hand had a spasm and I dropped the first one I bought. It broke, but, lesson learned. I highly recommend this product !

5 Stars  Best ever made 
I have purchased five of these and given them to my family. They all rave about how easy it is to open a can now and there are no rough edges to cut themselves. If mine or any of theirs ever breaks I will buy a new one for sure.

5 Stars  Great product 
This is a great can opener. Much easier on my hands. Fits out of sight in a drawer.

5 Stars  Awesome! This opener works great! 
I didnt think that this was going to work. Yet, I am so glad that it works great! Definitely a must buy! Only thing that I was unhappy about is that they goofed up & sent me the wrong color! I ordered red, and received black! I was really disappointed because my kitchen accent color is RED! Other than that great buy!

3 Stars  works sometimes 
Not easy to learn how to operate, but works well after a few attempts

5 Stars  easy can opener 
Great gift, no sharp edges, great for the elderly

5 Stars  My wife and daughters all love it. 
I bought one for my wife. She loved it. Then my daughters saw it and just had to have one, so I got one for each of them.

5 Stars  Handy little gizmo 
The can opener I purchased from Pulse TV is very handy and quite attractive. It performs very well and I am very pleased with it. I would recommend it to anyone who needs a can opener. It looks very pretty sitting on the counter.

5 Stars  Great Can Opener 
Actually, I used it tonight to open cans of vegetables for dinner. I have arthritis in both hands, and this is a lifesaver! I bought both red and black! Love them!

5 Stars  Hands free can opener cant be beat! 
I am so very satisfied with this purchase. These can openers do all the work and measure up to all that they are promoted to be. Love the price and the value! Thank you!!

5 Stars  Can opener 
Works very well

5 Stars  Sweet kitchen help 
This is a great help and the lids dont have sharp edges.

5 Stars  Automatic can opener 
I love this can opener. You dont even have to hold it. Price was great!

5 Stars  Wife Loves It! 
We got this because my wife suffers from arthritis in her hands and she was unable to use the manual can opener, plus she never liked any of the countertop versions that we bought. We bought one of these and she loves it! Just put it on the can, press the button and away it goes! One warning, if the can is overfull of liquid, because the opener actually cuts the can below the edge, instead of cutting the inside of the top, you can get a little spillage sometimes, but the fact that you never lose the lid into the can makes up for that in my opinion.

4 Stars  it works 
this thing works well enough, but it is noisy and there IS a fairly sharp edge on both the lid and the can. on the plus side its a great price and it does save wear and tear on my arthritic hands.

5 Stars  Handy can opener 
Love it

3 Stars  Great can opener 
Its great at doing what it promised but it shakes on tile surfaces. I put it on a towel when using, seems to work a little better. The can opener blows threw batteries so buy a bunch or use rechargeable.

5 Stars  Great customer service 
My can opener broke on 3rd use. Contacted customer service about return and they told me to toss it out and sent me a new one right away. These are great openers for people with arthritis. Recommend them and this company. Great prices.

5 Stars  easy to use, clean cutting edge on cans 
second time to buy. works great. best can opener ever.

4 Stars  Love it. Works great! 
I love my can opener. Its small and fits in a drawer.

5 Stars  Best can opener ever 
Have used these type of can openers since they were first introduced both manual and electric/battery. This one is by far the quickest and most user friendly. We have previously purchased these for gifts but didnt get any for ourselves because we already had one. But it became quirky and undependable so when they became available again we got two for ourselves. One to use and one for trips/vacations. We are very pleased with the design and features.

5 Stars  Best Can Opener 
I have arthritic hands and this can opener is a blessing for me. Thank you so much.

5 Stars  excellent product 
Its autonomous. Had to place on a can for it to work. Need to find out how to clean it though.

3 Stars  Does its job 
This works fine. I have a bit of difficulty getting it attached to the can, but once I do, it works. It is slow, not like another I have. not thrilled with it, but too much trouble to send back.

4 Stars  As Advertised with fast delivery. Shipping too expensive! 
Works well. Slow, works hard, but gets job done. Sometimes hard to get top off of opener when completed.

5 Stars  So easy! 
It works great! Just press the button and let it go! I love it!

5 Stars  Great product 
I have used this product and had one before. I also ordered one for each of my two daughters. That should tell you how happy I am with this product. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

5 Stars  Best can opener 
I have purchase many many can openers over the years but this is the best one I have ever purchased. I recommend it to everyone. Everyone who sees it work falls in love with it.

3 Stars  Nice Product 
This is a nice product however it goes through batteries very fast. I used it once and when I went to use it a 2nd time the battery was already dead. The next time the battery has lasted for a few uses.

5 Stars  Better than the manual version 
Bought this can opener hoping it would be easier to open cans than with the manual version - and it was MUCH easier!

5 Stars  Great Product 
The only complaint is the top sometimes does not disengage.
Hi Dennis! Try turning the knob on the side of the Opener. This should release the lid.
3/11/2019 - Paula

5 Stars  Works exactly like they said it would! 
Only took 2 times using it and realized that my arthritic joints in my hands were going to get a break every time I open a can. Very good product. I bet if you offer it in more colors or logod in someones favorite MLB team youd sell more. Buy it!

5 Stars  Great can opener 
Of all the things Ive bought, this can opener is amazing. I dont have to manually crank it. Its battery operated with just the push of a button. Easy enough my 90 yr old mom can work it. No sharp edges on the cans either.

5 Stars  Worrks great! 
Bought two of these mostly because of the reasonable price. Turns out they are pretty darn good. Makes a nice clean cut. Seems to work best on standard sized cans.

5 Stars  Can opener 
2nd time Ive ordered

5 Stars  love my can opener 
arrived on time works very well for me

5 Stars  Great way to Open Cans 
I have wrist/hand problems and the Handy Can Opener has been a great relief. It works great! Easy to use and works Amazingly well.

5 Stars  Best thing Ive ever bought! 
This can opener is the best thing Ive ever purchased - bar none! I have horrible arthritis - and trying to open any can was miserable. But this handy can opener is an answer to prayer! No more struggling or having my wrist feel like its going to break off - not to mention the pain it caused. If you never order another thing, YOU GOTTA GET THIS! But I would suggest you get some extras-every time one of my friends saw me opening a can they nearly cried until Id share with them! Do yourself a favor - and load up on this!!!!!!

5 Stars  Best buy I ever made! 
I love the can opener. it is like magic! I bought 3 more for my daughter and daughters-in-law.

5 Stars  Can Opener is awesome! 
This can opener definitely works as easy as the video. Just put it on the can, push the button and the can opens with absolutely no sharp edges. Sometimes I have challenges with strength in my hands and this is a life saver...every kitchen should have one, or two!

5 Stars  Best can opener I have ever used 
If you have hand injuries or have arthritis this is the product for you. You simply put this on the can hit the button and let it do the work. Best of all it does not leave any sharp edges.

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Great item use almost everyday

5 Stars  Best Yet 
Easy to use! Efficient! Great purchase!

5 Stars  Get One 
Best can opener I have ever used

5 Stars  can opener 
all my niebors come over to open there cans

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Im totally shocked at how well this item works. Im very pleased.

5 Stars  can opener 
Have used this style for several years it is wonderful. when my last one died I had to have another. It lets me be hands free to do other things while it opens my cans. I have given several away in the past to neighbors family and friends and all are pleased with the performance of this openier, and love how you can just store it in a drawer so no counter space required.

5 Stars  Free Handy Can Opener 
love it. Is real easy for my mother

5 Stars  Easy Can Opener 
This can opener is great. It works well, opens the can and does away with sharp edges. Id highly recommend it.

5 Stars  Free Handy Can Opener 
Love it works so good. Great for older people .

5 Stars  my new best friend 
As you get older things do not work as well as they use to like using a can opener that you have to twist and turn. Now I dont have to I have the automatic hands free opener and its a dream.

1 Stars  Yikes! 
I dont know where all these good reviews are coming from. I must have gotten a bad one! It stopped working, I couldnt get lid off of it! I used it maybe 4 times! I got a dud.

4 Stars  Openeasy 
I previously purchased a similar one before this,it was a total piece of garbage and I paid twice as much this one so far works really well. I dont have the use of my left arm and hand.so glad I took another chance and ordered this. openiing Cans no longer a chore.

5 Stars  works great 
works great

5 Stars  So Handy 
Easy to use and very convenient

5 Stars  Great 
Works great, bought some as gifts.

4 Stars  4-In-1 Kitchen Opener 
This can opener works as advertised and the price was right. The only glitch I encountered was one of the lids became jammed in the opener and the release knob didnt seem to work. I finally disassembled it and removed the lid. It now works OK.

5 Stars  Love it!! 
Im 68yo and this is the most perfect can opener, ever! I love the 1st one I bought soooo much that I bought a 2nd!! back-up??

clever little punkin

5 Stars  great 
woks great love the hands Free feature

5 Stars  fantastic 
My wife and I are married 59 years and this is by far the easiest to use can opener we have ever owned. we have one in Ma. and Florida

5 Stars  The best 
Had severa[ of these over the years, gave them all away and then they were hard to find until now

5 Stars  Best can opener ever! 
This is by far the best can opener Ive ever used. It is so simple to use. The best part is that there are no sharp edges left when the van is opened.

5 Stars  fantastic 
I love the powered can openers. they are convenient and helpful for those with motor problems.

5 Stars  Great can opener! 
This is the best can opener ever. Easy to use. You wont be sorry if you buy it.

5 Stars  Love it! 
The best can openers ever! Price is great and using is the easiest ever!

4 Stars  Good little can opener 
Got this can opener the other day and am very happy and satisfied with it... This one works great. Thanks so much for responding so quickly and sending this second one.

5 Stars  Great item 
Best money I spent great product

5 Stars  Excellent value. 
Works as advertised. Even my wife likes it. Usually she thinks there is another device that is cheaper or better. I bought two and saved $2.00 on each one.

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Works as advertised, nice clean cut, and the magnet picks up lid. Very handy tool.

4 Stars  Every nice 
Great to have around when you need it.

5 Stars  Great can opener 
I had a stroke almost 13 years ago and cant move my right side. I love this can opener because you only need 1 hand to open any cans!

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Looks and works great

5 Stars  Does as advertised 
Works beautifully, cuts the lid off and stops when complete. And the lid is not sharp.

5 Stars  Awesome can opener 
Bought the battery powered can opener . Works wonderfully. No issues . Cans open in a breeze. Bought an extra one for my 75 year old mother who struggles opens cans . She loves it to makes her life easier.

5 Stars  Can opener - no hands 
Love it, I have 2 of them.

5 Stars  Auto Can Opener 
One of the best can openers on the market. Very easy to handle @ operate with my authentic hands.

4 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Works 100% better than the last can opener. Like the hands free because have little strength and manual can opener hard to use. Only problem with this one so far is having problems opening battery compartment.

5 Stars  Best, Easiest Can Opener Ever 
Cant believe how easy and efficient this can opener is! Glad I took advantage of the offer. Thanks!

4 Stars  Super opener 
great can opener. only problem I have had is the motor drive seems to wear out fairly quickly. This is my 2nd opener. Thought it was the batteries put in new still would not work. The new one has arrived and hope it lasts longer than 6 months

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Opener 
Works like described and we like it very much.

5 Stars  My wife thanks me! 
This opener is super for those with arthritic hands. Wifey says it is better than the cruise I took her on!

5 Stars  Cant get any easier to open a can! 
No more frustration. No more counter clutter. It is sooo easy to use if you can lift and place. Lift and place it on top of the can, press a button and watch it work! After it is finished, Lift and place it back in the drawer. No clutter or power cords across the counter. Nice size doesnt get buried or lost in the drawer. Easy to grab and hold, although once it is in place, you dont have to touch it any more till it has finished its work. I have found it helpful to put the can in the sink or on a plate because sometimes there are a few drips. If you enjoy camping but struggle with manual can openers, take this along next time!

5 Stars  Great product 
I love using this can opener, never any sharp edges and releases lid never having to touch it.

5 Stars  Can opener 
Item works great for me. Very handy and easy to use. Saves me from using my hands which hurt.

5 Stars  An Instant hit, but later disappointment 
My wife, mother-in-law,and friends are all crazy about the neat can opener. Unfortunately, 2 of them have quit working already

4 Stars  A great deal. 
My wife absolutely loves this can Opener. She has trouble using a manual opener, but this is a breeze for her to use.

5 Stars  Simple, inexpensive, and it works! 
Opens most any size can, just takes two AA batteries, and takes up little counter space...

5 Stars  Easy to use! 
Once I got the hang of it this can opener was easy and fun to use!

5 Stars  works great 
Works just fine with no problems. I am glad that I ordered.

5 Stars  Life saving helper! 
Since I do not have full use of my hands, this hands free handy can opener has been a blessing. I now can open cans without the painful struggle.

5 Stars  Can opener 
Best opener I have ever bought. Very easy to use.

5 Stars  Great device 
Simple and SAFE

5 Stars  An Easy to Use Kitchen Tool 
This is the easiest to use can opener to use. It works perfectly on a number of can sizes.

5 Stars  Fantastic 
I absolutely LOVE this can opener...so easy to use....lid then fits back on can.

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
A really good gadget that is very easy to use and does it every time.

5 Stars  cool 
Pretty neat

It actually works beautifully...when I finally allowed it to. Originally, I insisted upon helping it. Im an impatient person. When I did that, the lid was impossible to remove as the can opener wanted to keep going but I thought the cycle was over. Couldnt get the lid to let go no matter what I did. I HATED the can opener! I finally put the opener on the can, pressed the go button and LEFT IT ALONE. It opened the can, ran a bit longer and stop All by itself. The lid lifted easily. Now I just put the opener on the can, press the go button and let it take care of itself. Im happy and in love with the opener. I keep it on a magnet with a hook on the side of my fridge. PERFECT!!!

5 Stars  Great One handed opener 
This is the best portable opener I have tried. I just get it started and it opens cans all by itself. It leaves a nice smooth edge that doesnt cut fingers. The lid is replaceable on the can if necessary. I liked my first one so much I bought a second one.

4 Stars  Works 
I like this can opener. It works great for about 2 years, then not so well. The price is right, so I buy another. Im on my 3rd one.

5 Stars  can opener/battery operated 
LOVE IT... this is my second one, first one lasted only about 1-1/2 years. Still worth it.

4 Stars  everything working fine So far 
Seems to be a good product at a good cost.

4 Stars  CAN OPENER 
Works well with regular sized can. Will not work on larger sized cans. ******BE CAREFUL*****though it leaves a smooth edge around the lid, the edge of the can itself is left razor sharpe. When I first bought this product i slit my finger by having made contact with the top of the can. This can be very dangerous so again ***BE CAREFUL***!!!

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Great product easy to use

5 Stars  Great Opener 
The absolutely best can opener we have used.

5 Stars  Thanks 
The can opener is fantastic.It works great

5 Stars  can opener 
can opener works great leaves no sharp edges to get cut on

4 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
I saw this and originally got for my mother as she is elderly and has trouble opening things. I ended up getting 4! One for her, myself and daughters. Love it!

4 Stars  great help 
Love the can opener. Makes opening cans much faster and easier. Still learning with it so have to click twice and wait for it to stop, but really love it and would definitely recommend it to my friends and family.

5 Stars  hands free can opener 
this is the easiest way we have found to open large commercial size cans that will not fit a regular can opener

5 Stars  Love it!! 
So easy to use! I absolutely love it!! A must have!! And so economical!!

5 Stars  This has saved my life! 
I have cerebral palsy in my right side. This can opener has been a lifesaver for me...I always keep a spare on hand. I have recommended/purchased this for many of my friends and family including my mom who suffers from arthritis. I sent one with my daughter when she went off to college.

5 Stars  They work Great and What A Great Price! 
I bought 1 and it was so good I bought 1 for my Sister. When I see good stuff her - I Buy It. Many Thanks

5 Stars  Best Can Opener Ever 
Great Can Opener. I surprised my wife, and she loves it

4 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Larger than I expected, has a tendency to NOT turn off when completed, but all in all for the price it was very doable. And its RED, lol.

5 Stars  Works really well! 
This is my second opener. I had the 1st one for several years & it finally gave out. Ive given several as gifts and folks are always delighted with the operation.

5 Stars  Great product 
This is the best can opener by far. Easy to use. Great if you have arthritis or any other physical disability with your hands. It can also be used with only one hand. I love it!

5 Stars  Great Can Opener! 
This is a great easy safe opener for cans. Just place it on top of can and push the button. Quick easy and a clean cut. No sharp edges. Absolute bargain for the price. Fast delivery as usual with Pulse TV!

5 Stars  Can opener 
Excellent product.

5 Stars  Magic Can Opener 
This thing is awesome. I ordered 2 so gave one to my friend who has limited strength in both her hands and she loves it. Thanks!

5 Stars  Works so easily! 
So simple. You put it on the can, push a button and it works its magic. Opens and no sharp edges either. Get one. You wont be disappointed.

5 Stars  It works! 
Weve had to throw away four different similar can openers because they didnt work correctly. This one does, so we bought several as gifts.

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Very pleased with how easy it is to use! Having RA, my other can opener was hard for me to use. I just love it! Thanks...

5 Stars  Easy hand held can opener 
This can opener will save the lifes of those whom have arthritis. No hard twisting and tight gribs any longer. You need to place the opener on the top of a tin can and secure it to the side of the can, push the button forward on the top of the opener and the opener travels round the can and cuts the complete lid off. I just pour the contents in my container, rise the can out and add it to my recycling container. The lid to the used can sticks to the magnet on the underside of opener and by pushing the top switch falls into the trash. I bought two openers and shared one with the Hand Physical therapist to share with those she knows also has problems opening cans. Thanks.

5 Stars  Great can opener 
One of the best Pulsetv deals yet.

5 Stars  hands-free can opener 
Nice & easy to use...

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Works great easy to use.

5 Stars  Handy Can Opener 
I have used the opener a lot and has worked perfectly each time. I am glad I purchased the opener.

5 Stars  Can opener 
It lived up to what it was advertised to do. No sharp edge to cut you. Good product at a good price.

5 Stars  so far so good ! 
previous such openers have been failing, but at your price tried again. Working as advertised .

4 Stars  Item #5006 RED 
Order Number 3674993 - The opener is just like it said. It is great - I hope an opener like his is made for odd shaped cans.

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Shipped fast, so easy to use! Great for someone with arthritis!

5 Stars  Can opener 
Works well, does a good job opening cans, and very easy to use!!

5 Stars  Exactly as advertised 
It is simple to use and so far has conquered every can offered to it.

5 Stars  Battery powered can opener 
This works great. Perfect for arthritic hands. Small enough for easy storage. Love this kitchen essential.

5 Stars  Great, works perfectly 
Successful purchase, very happy with the product.

4 Stars  slow, but great 
I had some trouble getting it started, but once I did it worked great. One caution It may not stop when the can is open. It may need to keep going around for a while before it stops.

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
I ordered this can opener to replace one I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond years ago. I used the original until recently when I gave it to a local soup kitchen after a volunteer cut his hand attempting to open a can. Since I have arthritis I really missed it. My replacement is identical to the first one and works just as well after I got the batteries in the right way. Old minds and old fingers do not always work together as efficiently as Id like at times.

5 Stars  Works great 
Much improved over the original version that would jam up and lock to the unopened can. Seems to have solved that problem.

5 Stars  Excellent product 
A real life saver for people with arthritis and/or carpal tunnel. So very easy to use and takes up minimal space on the counter. Love it!

The first opener I purchased didnt work. CUSTOMER SERVICE CONTACTED ME AND OFFERED TO SEND ANOTHER AT NO CHARGE! The second opener worked great. This is a great company to buy from!

5 Stars  Great can opener 
This opener works great on all size cans. Only needs 2 AA batteries.

5 Stars  Handy 
I love the size and convenience of this opener. I wish I had bought it before now!

5 Stars  Easy and works well 
Having trouble with regular openers due to arthritis in my thumb. This arrived quickly, and works just as indicated, opens the can quickly and very easy to use, and relatively quiet.

5 Stars  Can Opener I Have Two 
Outstanding, Best Damn Can Opener I Have Ever Owned.

5 Stars  hands free can opener 
Bought these as presents I have been using one for several years with great success. Love it! I have arthritis, so opening cans is problematic for me. Not with this device! Again, I love it.

5 Stars  Handy Can Opener 
very practical and easy to use

5 Stars  Good Deal 
Love the ease of use, a little hesitation on bent or warped cans, it gets the job done!

5 Stars  Works better than the opener it replaced 
Excellent can opener. It works better than the original hands free we purchased years ago. Much easier to latch onto the can and the lid falls off without having to play around with it. Great buy and very pleased with this purchase.

5 Stars  Works better than the opener it replaced 
Excellent can opener. It works better than the original hands free we purchased years ago. Much easier to latch onto the can and the lid falls off without having to play around with it. Great buy and very pleased with this purchase.

5 Stars  Best Can Opener 👏 
Love this can opener. You can take it with you and it opens with no mess or fuss. I will always have this opener.

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Best can opener I have ever had. I have used many, as I am 81 years young so I KNOW!

5 Stars  Great Product 
Started up the first time I used it. It is a very big improvement over hand-operated can openers. I highly recommend this product.

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Amazing item. Wish I had it sooner

5 Stars  LOVE IT 
Ordered and received within a week. Simple process, quick. Love the hands free as I have severe arthritis in my hands and even the little things are difficult

5 Stars  Can opener 
Had doubts, but works everytime

5 Stars  does a great job 
no problems and works perfectly. no sharp edges

5 Stars  It works! 
Works beautifully on every can Ive tried. Previous opener only worked half or less of the time...

5 Stars  red can opener 
This can opener is a very well working can opener. I use it all the time. I can have the can opener working while I start on something else. It is very helpful.

5 Stars  Fantastic Product 
I no longer have to call my husband every time I need to open a can.

5 Stars  Great Kitchen Purchase 
This cordless can opener is our second in about 10 years we got the other one wet. Just 2 batteries that seem to last forever run this great piece of equipment. Easy, convenient and it works. A must for every kitchen ... and inexpensive.

5 Stars  Absolutely wonderful !!! 
I am getting arthritis in my hands and though I love my old fashion crank can opener its hard to hang on to it tight enough anymore. This works great and there are no sharp edges.

5 Stars  Can opener 
Love this so much, I bought one for all 6 of my kids

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
This light weight opener is very easy to use and does an excellent job opening cans!!

5 Stars  Easy to use hands free can opener! 
This can opener is what it is advertised as... Once you get it started, it does a great job of getting the lid off. Works with all size cans! My regular counter top can opener cant handle anything taller than it is. The Hands Free handles what the the others wont....

5 Stars  Best can opener ever 
Compared with another powered can opener, this one helps me better. I had one earlier but it was unexpectedly ruined by an oval-shaped can of fried dace. The opener became jammed and its motor died. I got a different one which does not stop when done and so I purchased the first kind again because it auto-stops.

5 Stars  can opener 
Clever can opener, no sharp edges. Sometimes it doesnt turn off right away, but that is survivable. Great price, good delivery. I am very satisfied.

I purchased one of the from Evine.com about 4 years ago and the one I had finally stopped working, these are great since I have arthritis in my hands I dont have to struggle with opening can and there are not sharp edges to deal with.

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
I bought these as gifts because I like mine so much.

5 Stars  It Works Great 
Why work hard? Work smart! These openers really do as described. Really!!!!

5 Stars  Fantastic 
The easiest and most efficient can opener I have ever had. A child can work it.....no effort at all. Just press the button and watch it do its thing.

5 Stars  Handy Can Opener 
We already had one, but when our daughter saw ours she wanted one,so we ordered another one for her.

5 Stars  Hands free handy can openers 
Very pleased with service and product

5 Stars  Handy Can Opener 
Love this product. Works great!

5 Stars  Perfectly easy ! 
I could not believe its as easy as they said it would be !!!! I am delighted ! I have arthritis in both hands & it hurts to use Reg can opener. This saves me !!!!

5 Stars  Auto can opener 
Love it better than a hand or big electric one.

5 Stars  tried now an it works good 
had problems with one and this company treated me so good. replaced bad unit and now they are one of my goto guys. have ordered more items now and they are great.

5 Stars  Red Can Op 
Best thing I can say..... Is that it is & does .... EXACTLY what was claimed ......simple, fast , Works perfectly ....!

5 Stars  hand free opener 
I got 2 of these for my daughters, they both LOVE it. Said it works great.

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
Was surprised, works very well, highly recommend this product !!

5 Stars  Can opener 
My wife and I are both pleased that she no longer has to call me to open the cans

5 Stars  Great can opener! 
Worked great-very easy!

5 Stars  whose title? 
The can opener is great. I have used many many openers over the years but this is the best.

5 Stars  Electric can opener 
My wife said best piece of kitchen appliance I bought for her. Cant beat the price either.

5 Stars  Opener 
Works like a dream. Place on the can, it starts up and stops when finished. Easy!

5 Stars  Can opener 
Its so easy!! Works great. Got 2. Gave to a customer. She has bad wrist!!

5 Stars  hands free can opener 
It works great, and we especially like the fact that is doesnt leave a sharp edge.

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Positively the best can opener I have ever used. I have trouble with my wrist, arthritis, and this product alleviates my inability to turn previous models I have used.

5 Stars  Love this can opener! 
This can opener works great! At first I thought it didnt work because after I put the batteries in correctly it still didnt seem to work so I used different batteries. Still no sound when I pushed down on the start button thingey. IT MUST BE ON A CAN TO WORK! Buy it, youll love it too!

5 Stars  space and time saver 
now have more room on my counters

5 Stars  Super Handy & Safe 
Got this as a replacement. We loved it so much! Its easy to use...no sharp edges so it doesnt catch on you or the trash can.

5 Stars  Can Opener 
This can opener is amazing. No more wrist strain, thumb and finger fatigue. I even bought one for my daughter. She loves it tooo.

1 Stars  Pure junk 
This item failed after a short time. Pulse replaced it last week. On the third can the replacement device stopped and jammed on the partially opened can. I spent a half hour trying to remove it to get at the contents. Asked for a refund.

5 Stars  Better than expected 
better than I thought it would be.Makes opening a can very easy.recommended

5 Stars  Mr. Michael Evans 
I was amazed how this can opener worked. It is GREAT !!!!

5 Stars  Works as well and as easily as shown 
I was amazed at how easily it opened cans after the button was depressed. Seems to be well made for the price.

5 Stars  handy can opener 
Purchased 6 can openers and gave them as Christmas gifts, kept one for myself. It quit working when my wife tried to open a pull open can and the tab got stuck in the opener. I called Pulse and they replaced it at no charge. Have always been happy with what ever I purchased from Pulse, just use as directed.

4 Stars  Consumer 
These have been on the market for a number of years and the new version seems to be much better than the old ones. Im giving one to all my friends that have arthritis. So far, the response has been great.

2 Stars  Not what I had in mind. 
Bought for the main purpose of opening #10 cans - did not happen.

4 Stars  As good or better 
As good or better than the more expensive better known brands. Works well on all regular shaped cans.

5 Stars  Terrific product 
Love this product easy to use. I got the red one so it stands out. Great product great company period

5 Stars  mr 

5 Stars  Great!! 
Very easy to use. Hands dont hurt anymore thanks

4 Stars  Can opener 
Yeah the first one they sent me did not work but they sent me another one and it worked great thanks guys to send me a new one

3 Stars  hands free can opener 
It works fine on steel cans but doesnt work on aluminum cans.

5 Stars  My mother loves it!! 
I purchased this for my mother, and she loves it! She says it works just like it is described and opens cans so easily. And red is her favorite color, so I was thrilled to be able to get one in that color.

3 Stars  Mr. 
Did not work on one gallon can of green beans .

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Great! Fun to just put it on can, push button and walk away while it is opening the can. Very clean cut with no sharp pieces. Love it.

5 Stars  Great Item 
This battery operated can opener is the greatest. Handy as all get out. Perfect for the house.

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
Completely satisfied. Great aid for those of us that have arthritic hands!

5 Stars  Handy Can Opener - It Works! 
First can, first try, surprise. It worked as advertised. Only problem was I couldnt be sure I had loaded the 2 batteries properly as the instructions were less than clear. But I was lucky and didnt have to reverse the batteries if it hadnt worked the first time.

5 Stars  Best can opener ever! 
I was skeptical to order it, but upon trying it, I was super impressed. Right away I ordered 2 more one for each of my daughters. Upon trying them they were super thankful and concurred with my assessment that it is an incredible product. Well, I bought 2 more one for each of my best friends, as they should also enjoy this incredible product. I recommend it!

5 Stars  Handy Can Opener 
This is so very easy to use. I love it. This is however, my second one of these can openers because the first one quit working after about a year. I liked it enough though to want another one.

4 Stars  Collaspible bucket 
Wonderful item for camping

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
I have been using this type of can opener for about one year. It is such a great tool that when you made your offer I purchased another for myself and one as a gift for a friend. Easiest can opener I have ever used.

5 Stars  Best Can Opener Ever! 
I bought 2 and gave one to my best friend. This is my third time buying this same opener my friends keep taking them. Had my name engraved on this one so that, hopefully, I wont have to buy another.

5 Stars  Great for on the Go! 
This is fun to use when youre outdoors and need to open a can. Its worked perfect every time so far!

5 Stars  can opener 
I love my can opener . . . clean, smooth cut!!! This would be excellent for anyone who lacks strength in their wrists.

5 Stars  hands free can opener 
works beautifully and easily my wife who has terrible arthritis no longer has trouble opening cans one suggestion- someplace in instructions it should let customers know that can opener only works with openers magnet attached to can. after installing batteries, i pressed button, nothing happened and i assumed i installed batteries incorrectly!

5 Stars  The best can opener ever‼️ 
This is the best can opener by far I have ever purchased, Im very happy I bought it, I will be buying more stuff from you guys thank you very much, and have a blessed day 😃👍🙏🏼

5 Stars  great 
This battery operated can opener works, in fact it works great. I bought two as I am sure I will give the other one to someone in our family who has problems using can openers. I dont really like having an electric can opener on the counter and this product solves that.

5 Stars  can opener 
I have ordered in the past at least 10 of the can openers and have given them out as gifts and I only get rave reviews back. The negative comment is that there are not enough cans to opener. They are indeed a Big Hit. A great big thank you.

5 Stars  Wish I had more cans to open! 
I love this can opener! Works at the touch of a button and the can top always lifts off for easy, no-mess disposal. Since buying mine, I have ordered 3 more for friends and family.

5 Stars  GREAT 

We love these self operating can openers! We got them for all our kids, and they love them also! Some of us have bad cases of arthritis, in our hands and fingers! These openers relieved us from the pains we got in using the crank can openers! We cant say enough good about them!

5 Stars  Hands Free Handy Can Opener 
I was happily surprised at how easy this automatic can opener works, and the edges are very safe!

5 Stars  Hands free can opener 
good product, satisfied

5 Stars  Snake 
At my age of 62, I am interested in any and all simple machines which allow me to function in the kitchen with a minimum of stress and fuss. This opener does just that. I open ALL cans with it, and found it to be WONDERFULL!!!

5 Stars  Hands Free Can Opener 
Fantastic!! Even opens oblong cans and small tuna cans with no sharp edges. Had it since Christmas with no problems.

5 Stars  Love it 
I love this can opener. My hand are getting progressively worse due to polyneuritis. I have had this current can opener for 2 years without any problems. I buy a backup for these because without it, I will need an assistant to cook. I highly recommend this for anyone that has poor hands from arthritis or other debilitating physical condition.

5 Stars  kicking some can 
We purchased this item over a year ago and my wife loves it. It performs perfectly if you keep well charged batteries in it. I read some negative reviews on this so keep in mind it is a piece of machinery which can go wrong no matter what, but I think the biggest issue is most likely weak batteries.

5 Stars  Love it and works like a charm 
I dont normally review things but read them all the time. I see a few negative ones on this and dont understand why. We bought this in August and have it quite a bit and not had issues. Once in a while it will not cut all the way around. I just hit the buttn again and it completes it. Works Like A Charm

5 Stars  Ms. 
Ive bought these before from PulseTV and I absolutely love them! I gave away 2 as gifts when friends saw me using them. Great for arthritic hands, smooth lid edges, easy storage, no mess using it, etc. I wouldnt give mine up for anything! And they last a long, long time! I just ordered again so I have a spare! I love PulseTV and have ordered items from you for many years! Thank You for your wonderful service and your great people!

5 Stars  Huge help in the kitchen! 
I have always had a difficult time using the old style can openers and I really didnt like the under the counter openers since they are sometimes messy when dislodging the can from the unit. This is GREAT! Been using it for months now on the 1st set of batteries. Thinking about ordering another as a back-up since it works so well! Would highly recommend!

Q: The can opener is not working when I press the button, what is wrong?
A: The can opener MUST be properly attached to a can in order for it to be turned on.

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