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Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key: Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool

Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key: Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool

Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key: Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool
Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key: Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool
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Open Doors, Push Buttons, and Use Touch Screens

The Zero-Touch Key minimizes your direct contact with bacteria, viruses, and other germs in public. This ergonomic brass tool has a little hook to open doors, push buttons, and it even works on touch screens!

Open the doors to buildings or offices safely by grasping the tool in your hand and hooking it over the handle. Push elevator, ATM, or gas station buttons with it. When paying for groceries you can even use it on the touchscreens to sign your name for payment. Now you don't have to use your fingers to touch anything in public during this global health crisis!

Naturally Antimicrobial Brass Tool

The Brass alloy, containing both Copper and Zinc is naturally antimicrobial - so germs and bacteria can't flourish on the metal surface. You can still disinfect it with any cleaner or sanitizer without worrying about corrosion or tarnishing. Milled from a solid piece of brass, it's durable and features a built-in hole for attaching to your keyring.

Everyone should have their own personal Zero-Touch Key to stop the spread of the virus and protect your loved ones.


- Minimize Direct Germ Contact In Public
- Open Door Handles, Levers, and More
- Push Elevator, ATM, and Gas Station Buttons
- Use on Touch Screens for Credit Card Payments
- Naturally Antimicrobial
- Use if you Don't Have Gloves Handy
- Resists Corrosion/Tarnishing
- You can also use any Sanitizer or Disinfectant on It
- Durable, Solid Brass Alloy Key
- 61% Copper, 37% Zinc, 2% Other Metals
- Dimensions: 3in x 1.25in x .12in

4 Stars  It saves my health 
It is a interesting shape but it pushes buttons to get green lights and hooks doors to open them. My hands stay germ free.

5 Stars  Zero touch key 
I found this key works great on most doors. I order 2 and gave one to my daughter. She is happy that I gave her one.

5 Stars  works great 
put it on a keyback really nice.

5 Stars  Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key Contactless Brass Door Opener 
This Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool is a strong tool, you can open doors without it bending or breaking even on heavy doors, you can not use it on keyless buttons on keypads at the grocery store however but works on buttons on those types of keypads. Can be put on a keychain and only needs to be washed with soap and water. I recommend this tool for shopping and using on those refrigerated sections of the store.

5 Stars  Zero touch 
Love that I dont have to touch door handles anymore I had lost my first one that I ordered and I quickly reordered two more

4 Stars  Works to open doors, but wont work on PIN pad screen 
At the pharmacy where I get my meds, this key makes it possible to get in and out of the restroom without touching the door. Unfortunately, the pharmacy rudely forces you to tap on the screen of the PIN pad where you insert your credit card to confirm that you are picking up for the person the meds are for and tapping on the screen with this key produces no effect so you still have to tap it with your finger.

4 Stars  good 

5 Stars  Zero Touch Key Bargain 
Fantastic value...great product...priced right!!!!

5 Stars  Great tool for an uncertain world. 
Very handy in certain situations. Reduces some of the risk contacting current virus conditions out there. I use it whenever possible!

A great tool to have handy. I have tried it on certain things and it does the job. A handy tool for pocket or purse. Stay safe by using this for sure!


5 Stars  So easy! 
Love this key! So easy and so worth it!

4 Stars  zero touch key 
it is a great product to avoid touching enterances i disenfect it quite often the thing i recommend is to disinfect it often but it works well for a no touch situation

4 Stars  Very useful 
Provides a great option for many situations when I did not want to touch surfaces. This also made a great gift.

5 Stars  Works great, we love it! 
The zero touch key really works! It feels like quality in your hands with very smooth edges. I use it all the time to open germy door handles. I love using it at the store self serve registers, I no longer have to touch the dirty germy screens that everyone else has touched. It also works great on credit card keypads, ATM machines, and elevator buttons. I love it so much I bought them for family and friends. I highly recommend the zero touch key, it truly is a great product!

4 Stars  well made product 
high quality product that is very helpful

4 Stars  Handy tool 
I keep this on my key chain and works great opening doors and using the keypad. It is a pain in the touch screens though. Sometimes it works but you have to play around to get it to work. Might work better with a rubber tip on it.

5 Stars  Key 
Convenient on my keyring. Goes everywhere with me.

4 Stars  works great except on touchscreens 
This key works as described, except for one issue. The key is of a solid material, and I have not had any problems both opening doors or picking up items. However, I have not been able to get it to work on any touchscreen device. Ive tried ATM screens, tablets, and my cellphone, and the contacts have never been registered or detected. I have to tape the tip of a rubber glove to the key to get it to work on screens.

3 Stars  useful but not convenient 
I like using it but I have no good place to carry it except in my hand. Its no good on my keys as it always is at the bottom of my pocket.

5 Stars  It works great! 
I attached it to a retractable badge holder, clipped it to the inside of my pocketbook and its ready to use when needed!

5 Stars  Great! 
Love this and bought one for adult son!

I enjoy using the anti-microbial touch key, very helpful and so easy to have in your pocket when required, happy with the purchase

5 Stars  Best thing 
With this contactless brass door opener I dont have to wear gloves when entering information into a keypad because sometimes keypads are small & with gloves on its hard to enter in the number

5 Stars  Brass Door Opener 
I can use this at the ATM, the Doctors Office, the Grocery Store, all over. Great idea!

5 Stars  Another layer of protection 
This is another great way to help keep you safe from unwanted germs. It works well for using with gas pumps, ATMs, and door handles. I bought them for all my nearest and dearest. Great price and great service from PulseTV.com.

4 Stars  Brass key for me 
I work at the airport and have been using the brass door tool all over. I gives me sense of safety from germs while being sturdy for all the jobs I need it for. Comes in handy when using my credit card at gas stations or anywhere there are many fingers touching. I would recommend this product for sure.

4 Stars  Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key 
Great ! All your products are worth every penny.

5 Stars  Touch less door opener 
Love this gadget, I call it my new favorite little toy!

4 Stars  Not as many practical uses as described 
Reading about the many ways to use this item doesnt always prove true in real life. It cant open all doors. The type of doors it does open is not so easy when using the finger hole to pull the door handle. It isnt practical to use to enter your pin number into a keypad, the end only butts out a tiny bit and rarely clears the keypad casing sides. I couldnt sign my name with it on a touchscreen cause it doesnt slide very easily. It wasnt very effective using on my phone to open apps etc. I needed to stop using it and revert to using my finger. On a positive note, it is a sturdy piece of metal, but I wouldnt add it to my keyring because of its size and weight. It may come in handy for uses I havent yet tried. Fortunately, it was a reasonable price.

3 Stars  Great but not always 
Does not work on touch screens at Post Office or the Food store, have not tried ATM yet.......

5 Stars  Useful 
Very useful! Ive used it successfully at ATMs, check out registers, and opening a few doors. Overall it instills comfort knowing that you are less likely to pick up any residue from the people that preceded you.

4 Stars  Handy to have 
This is a handy tool to have. At first I found it hard to use it to sign my name on the credit card swipes. But then I rewatched the video and figured out how to use it for that and touch my phone. It was a little hard to use the key when the credit card machines have covers and you have to get to the top row of numbers to press to enter your 4 digit pin.

4 Stars  Works Great 
Works Great, but it doesnt work on a screen for touching yes or no, etc.

5 Stars  Nice! 
I like having this tool to use at the ATM, and open doors.

5 Stars  This is so great! 
I bought two of these and gave one to my daughter. She was very happy to get it as she was thinking of getting one. I am retired but she is still working and in these times of the pandemic she is feeling more protected.

4 Stars  Contactless Brass Door Opener 
Ordered one for my wife and one for myself. It is easy to use, and it comes in very handy when needing to punch pads when checking out at grocery stores, etc. It does have a hole to put on a keychain, but I have not tried it yet. Only drawback is having to fish in my pocket to get it when I need to use it. Other than that, its a great product!

5 Stars  Zero touch 
Wonderful tool! Gives you great comfort in knowing you dont have to touch the high contact areas daily.

4 Stars  Brass Key Tool 
I keep this on my keychain and I use it for opening doors and on touch pads. Its an extra protection item and handy to keep with my keys.

5 Stars  Hands free door opener 
Love this metal key, I can open all doors without touching handles or use it at the ATM machine.

5 Stars  Great during this Pandemic 
This key is so useful. I do not have to touch so many things because I can just use the key.

5 Stars  Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key Just What the Doctor Ordered 
The doctor said, ...dont touch anything ... and the Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key sure helps out when it comes to doors. The pulling hook is great and the elevator knob pushed comes in handy a lot. Wish it worked on door knobs.

5 Stars  Money Saver 
I have 2 of these and find them very handy and versatile. They save me from having to use gloves and are definitely are a money saver. Most importantly, they work as advertised. Im not as adept at it as the person in the video, but Im getting better. It really is an ingenious invention.

5 Stars  Great help in troubled times 
I bought one of these and was so impressed that I bought several more for family and friends. It adds another layer of protection. The price is excellent and the shipping was fast.

5 Stars  Great Product 
Easy to use. A sturdy construction. I would recommend this product.

5 Stars  I Like it 
Cool device. I like the fact that its made from Brass.

5 Stars  Dont touch surfaces and keep safe 
Out of the many products I have bought from PulseTV through the years, this has been one of the best !! Lots less surfaces to touch. Love the fact that we can be sure it wont catch more germs because of the material its made of. Its lightweight and easy to keep in your key ring. Highly recommend it.

4 Stars  key to keep hands clean 
It does a lot but is great for gas stations and the ATM machine. I forget about some doors to even try. You need to program yourself to do the doors.

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Anti-Microbial Zero-Touch Key: Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool

The Zero-Touch Key minimizes your direct contact with bacteria, viruses, and other germs in public. This ergonomic brass tool has a little hook to open doors, push buttons, and it even works on touch screens!