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All-in-One Media Recorder and DVD Burner with 15 Blank Discs

All-in-One Media Recorder and DVD Burner with 15 Blank Discs

All-in-One Media Recorder and DVD Burner with 15 Blank Discs
All-in-One Media Recorder and DVD Burner with 15 Blank Discs
Your Price: $99.99
Compare at: $199.99  (50% off)
- Copy/Transfer VHS Memories to DVD
- Color Playback LCD Screen and Video Out
- Digitize Old Camcorder Footage for PC
- Includes 15 Blank DVDs

Transfer home movies, taped programs, and your favorite memories to DVDs quickly and easily...all without using a computer! This all-in-one device does everything. Play and capture media from your camcorders, digital cameras, or the VCR and burn a disc from the same machine.

Plug in any old device with the standard red/white/yellow cords provided OR use a modern flash drive or SD card to easily create DVDs without having to step near your computer. It even includes 15 blank discs to get you started .

It features quick, simple one-touch operation, all laid out clearly on the 2.8in color LCD screen. Transfer footage from old camcorders or VHS players and play them back in real time on your TV with the HDMI-out port. You can even playback regular DVDs in HD quality up to 1080p.

You can also digitize videos, photos, and music to archive them on your computer by putting them on a USB Flash Drive or SD card. Once you have the digital video files on your PC or Mac, you can upload them to YouTube and share with the world.

- HDMI Output for up to 1080p Playback on Monitors/TV
- Records in MPG/MP4 Format for Universal DVD Player Compatibility
- Support Sony AVCHD Video
- Includes RCA/AV Cable (For Camcorders or VHS Players)
- Reads/Writes to USB Flash Drives
- Reads/Writes to SD Card
- Includes Easy to Follow Instructions, and Quick Start Guide

- Digitize Analog Media Without Using Your PC
- Burn DVDs and Playback on External Monitor or TV
- Compact, Easy To Use Interface
- 2.8in Color LCD Screen
- Transfer DVDs to USB Device or SD Card
- Store Digital Files, Upload to The Web to Share
- One Touch Disc Burn Button mode
- Transfer Old VHS, Camcorder Footage, DVDs and More
- Includes 15 Blank, Recordable DVDs

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