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Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight - Wireless and Waterproof

Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight - Wireless and Waterproof

Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight - Wireless and Waterproof
Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight - Wireless and Waterproof
Your Price: $9.99
Compare at: $24.99  (60% off)
SPECIAL: 2 for $15.98 (68% off)
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Get one for $9.99
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Light Sensor Activated Dusk to Dawn

Looking to brighten up your lawn, garden and outdoor pathways? Then look no further than the Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Light.

It's easy to set up and install; no wiring or outlets needed! This light captures the sun's rays from all angles thanks to the 360 degree swiveling solar panel.

Just stake these into the ground and flip them on. Let the built-in rechargeable battery charge up all day in the sun and watch the light turn on automatically at night. You can enjoy 8 hours of 100 Lumens of cold, white LED light - from dusk until dawn.

Plus, you can adjust and focus the beam of light from flood to spot, whichever you prefer. And they're weather proof, so you don't have to worry about bringing them in during inclement conditions.

Make sure you figure out how many you need before ordering to save on multiple lights, because remember - you buy more, you save more!

- Spruce Up Your Yard, Patio, and More
- 100 Lumens - Cold White LED
- Adjustable Focus Beam (Flood or Spot)
- Solar Pad Swivels 360 Degrees to Capture Sunlight Anywhere
- Built-in 500mAh Rechargeable Battery
- Runs Up To 8 Hours on Full Charge
- ON/OFF Switch
- Weather Proof - IP54 Rated
- No Need for Wires or Outlets
- Yard Stake Assembly for Lawns, Gardens and Walkways
- Dimensions: Approx. 15" x 4.5" x 3"

5 Stars  Solar lights 
Very nice lights, look good.

5 Stars  Bright light 
Love these solar lights

4 Stars  Great 
its well worth the money. I love it.

1 Stars  Not enought light 
These lights only provide a thin narrow beam of light. I wanted them for uplighting for my trees and shrubs but they do nothing.

4 Stars  Great Value 
For the price this is a good small and light weight Spot Light. I use it to light up my flag at night. Its not super powerful but does a good job. For the price I bought two and have not placed the other one as yet.

3 Stars  Solar spotlight 
Great size and brightness.......negative is it only last about 4-5 hours

5 Stars  Excellent Quality with best price 
I loved it. Initially ordered 5.It make sense to order more than one. Now that i tested it for a week ended up ordering 10 more.

3 Stars  Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight 
They do not give off a lot of light. I have two pointing at a tree for up lighting and it is hard to see them.

5 Stars  Great product 
As usual, the product I ordered from you guys was a great deal.

4 Stars  solar Spotlight 
Better than most at keeping the charge if they get enough sunlight

5 Stars  Surprised Performance 
The product is well constructed and easily adjusted to a proper setting. I have only had the spotlights 2 placed and operational for three full days. However, the lighting performance is amazing. I saw little change in the light intensity from turn on, 8 PM, until I went to bed at 1 AM. Im using these to illuminate my American Flag.

3 Stars  Not So Bright 
I like that I am able to use this light anywhere in my yard, however, it does not give off strong lighting. I thought it would really illuminate my cornerstone but the light is some what weak.

5 Stars  So far, so good. 
This solar light works as its supposed to and provides plenty of light on our flag for the entire night.

5 Stars  Spot On 
This is a great light for spot-on highlighting. Im using it to highlight the address numbers on our house. Its a full adjustable circle of light. Works exactly as advertised. Thanks Pulse TV.

4 Stars  hours 
they do not stay lit for 8 hours even though fully charged more like 6 hours

4 Stars  Works well 
These are neat little lights that are a breeze to install. They arent quite as bright as I need, but they certainly do the job they were bought for.

3 Stars  Solar garden spotlight 
The spotlights were placed beside a stairway in our back yard going up to the wooded area but they dont give off enough light as we had expected

4 Stars  Outdoor light 
It works like a charm

3 Stars  Battery dont last long 
Like the light. Have it on flag pole. It gets full sunlight but after a week it does not stay on like at first. Maybe 4 hours tops. I have two and the other one is in yard. Gets plenty of sunlight but last about the same.

5 Stars  Works Great 
Installed 2 from either direction to illuminate my flag at night ... Works Very Well

5 Stars  Very bright 
I cannot believe the brightness for these 100 lumen lights. They are as well made as the two 150 lumens For which I paid $50! This price is EXCELLENT. I love Pulsetv, Anisa and gang. They sell some great products for great prices! The videos are wonderful too!

3 Stars  not as bright as advertised 
little disapointed in brightness

4 Stars  Not bad for the money, 
The problems with solar lighting is it is not very bright and, the charge is less than eight hours. In the winter, the light will be inactive for several hours.

5 Stars  Youll want to buy more! 
Stay lit for hours. Best mounted further away.

5 Stars  Excellent solar lighting 
Ive been looking for these for a while and found them at Pulse TV. I have purchased other types before from you but these are the best water-proofed lights and have ordered several more that are on their way.

5 Stars  Great Accent Lighting for my front yard 
I bought 4 of these lights and use them to accent the trees in front of my house. They look great! thank you so much. The price was reasonable and I got the look I wanted. I wish I could post a photo!

5 Stars  light up the world 
This is a wonderful spotlight.I nave it going on every night in front of my front and rear stair area. It works automatically without any attention. The resulting light is very bright.Thank you for a great price.

4 Stars  Lights are very bright anbd work well 
Lights are very bright and work well

3 Stars  Not Too Bright 
I purchased 4 of these solar lights based on the site demo of the product. Heres what Ive experienced, so far in a 5 week period. The lights do in fact charge by the sun, as described in the video presentation and they do need to have the solar panel adjusted on occasion in order to capture the maximum amount of sunlight to fully charge the unit, as the item directions included recommend . They do come on automatically at night and they do go off and recharge during the day, as advertised. The beam of light is adjustable from a spot light up to a wide area light, which is a nice feature to have. My only issue is with the amount of light this solar lamp projects. Its not nearly as much lighting as I had expected and doesnt shine further than a few feet, at best, in wide angle or spot light settings? If this had a stronger bulb in it, that could shine a greater distance, then I would highly recommend it but as it is, I can only give it 3-stars. Its a great concept and a stronger wattage of bulb could make this an ideal landscape lighting solution but now I am wishing that I had purchased more units at the deal price because this doesnt quite meet my needs?

5 Stars  Nice 
Nice lights. Work as advertised.

5 Stars  Perfect for my yard 
What a great item. I got 4 of them and put them all around my trees in my front yard and it looks great. I still cant believe the price.

5 Stars  Solar Lights 
These are very bright. Works great.

5 Stars  Thanks 
It works well

5 Stars  Works great! 
Im happy with this purchase.

5 Stars  Havent Used yet.... waiting for end of hurricane season! 
Like the variable light turn feature and price/value. Expect to be very pleased with performance as usual .... with all your products. Glad you added to item selection list.

5 Stars  Works well 
It works as described

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Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Spotlight - Wireless and Waterproof

Looking to brighten up your lawn, garden and outdoor pathways? Then look no further than the Adjustable Focus Solar Garden Light.