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8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style
8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style
8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style
8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style
8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style
8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style

8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style

8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style

Compare at: $14.99  (93% off)
Sold Out
Sold Out
*PLEASE NOTE: While the video may say you get a price break when you purchase two or more of this item, you do not when it is on sale. The sale price is well below the normal 2 or more discount price.

Here's a handy little tool for every household. It's the 9 PC Precision Screwdriver Set. This handy pen style bit holder stores securely and conveniently in any pocket with the included pen clip.

Its vanadium steel construction is treated for strength. The Pocket Driver comes in a sharp blue with chrome details.

Put it to the test; this screwdriver set is ready for any job you throw at it!

Each Kit Includes:
- Travel-Friendly, Pocket Sized
- Compact, Durable Steel Construction
- (2) Slotted Screwdrivers: 2mm and 3mm
- (2) Phillips Screwdrivers: #1 and #2
- (4) Torx: T5, T6, T7 and T8

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5 Stars  Good Screw driver 
Needed this size for certain projects.

5 Stars  8 in 1 precision Screwdriver tool set pen style 
I keep a small tool box in my home, this fits perfect, and have used it several times already. Good product will buy more for my daughters.

5 Stars  Very Useful! 
I am so glad I purchased this very handy tool set. I like how compact it is and Im able to carry it with me in the bag I use everyday. It has already come in handy at work.

5 Stars  A jewelers screwdriver set in your pocket 
Nice handy little screwdriver all the bits fit in the end. Just be careful you dont drop them all on the floor which I did.

5 Stars  Great tool 
I already had one of these and bought this for my son. Its a very handy tool and I use it all the time.

4 Stars  Handy Tool 
I am pleased with the pricing point and the potential use for this handy tool. Certainly it is not practical for large scale jobs, but will be useful as a portable device to complete small tasks.

5 Stars  8 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style 
Exactly what I ordered and perfect price. Getting ready to use PulseTV.com again

5 Stars  Convient portable screwdriver set 
Very handy screwdriver set. Thank you

5 Stars  8 in 1 screwdriver tool pen set 

5 Stars  8 in1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style 
Great, it does minor job.

5 Stars  Now I can tighten those pesky frame screws on my glasses 
Perfect set for those tiny screws on glasses that seem to get loose all the time.

5 Stars  Comes in handy 
I buy a couple of these at a time and give them away. Nobody says they cannot use it. They are pleased with it, as I am with mine.

5 Stars  so convenient 
I love this little pen/screwdriver. It is so convenient and great for small jobs. Can take it on-the-go, too.

5 Stars  excellent precision tool 
I use this item daily in my business of model making for film & industry.

5 Stars  Very efficient tool 
should have a light attachment would make it a better tool

5 Stars  Excellent buy for the money 
My purchase of several of the 8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pens was to give one to relatives who can use it. It was an excellent buy and was appreciated by those who received it.

5 Stars  Great product 
This was my second time ordering this great little screwdriver. My family and friends asked me where I got it-of course I said Pulse TV. I ordered three more-one in my car-comes in handy

3 Stars  Smaller than expected 
Great for emergency repairs! But screwdriver bits are small for most screws.

5 Stars  Very handy 
This is a great way to carry the very small screw drivers. You can fix your glasses or anything else that has very small screws quickly and easily without losing anything.

5 Stars  Great little tool 
Its hard for me to use my small screwdriver as the barrel is so thin. Love how this screwdriver has a thicker barrel and stores all the tips inside. Great tool

5 Stars  All Products Ive Ordered via Pulse TV 
Totally Awesome, and at very reasonable rates!Fully satisfied!

5 Stars  Friends love it 
Used as gifts for friends

5 Stars  Very handy! 
The very day that this arrived I was able to use it! The variety of bits and its compact size not to mention the great price make it a must-have tool!

5 Stars  8 In 1 Precicion Screwdrier Tool Set Pen Style 
These are well made bits for light repair work. Very handy. These make great stocking stuffers and everyone that I have given these to love them.

5 Stars  Great mini screwdrivers 
Very high quality and I cannot believe the price. Great for stocking stuffers. Keep one in the car one in my desk keep one with batteries.

5 Stars  ITS USEFUL 
I keep one in my car, in my kitchen, and in my den. Its amazing how many times I have had occasion to use this screwdriver, and I didnt have to go out to the garage to get my tools. A very convenient item.

5 Stars  8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style 
Received items in a most timely fashion. Will make great gifts for fathers this coming Fathers Day! Pulse TV always has very unique products not found many places. Thank You

5 Stars  8 in 1 precision screwdriver 
This is a great little tool. I keep it in my purse and Ive used it on the go a couple of times. Everyone who knows me knows I like little gadgets. And this one works great!

5 Stars  Friends are impressed 
Ive passed out this multi-tool to many friends and all are delighted in our ever decreasing world of micro-ination. Todays commonplace was yesterdays watchmakers world.

5 Stars  This Little Tool is Great 
This little tool is great to have around. Its small enough to carry in your purse, your pocket, keep in your car, or at work. Keep one in each spot. The price is amazing!

5 Stars  One Great Screwdriver Set 
I recently purchased about 40 of these sets. I give them out to my friends and because I am a UBER driver, I give these out to passengers who are friendly and talkative. They are not only surprised but thankful, one gentleman immediately used it to fix his glasses. THANK YOU PULSE!!

4 Stars  Cool tool 
Works as described. Do not try to over tighten screws as bit head may strip.

5 Stars  PrecisionScrewdriver Tool Set Pen 
Im always looking forward to seeing the items that PULSETV.com post on the internet. If I had a lot of money I would be buying a lot from you. The prices are very affordable and interesting.

5 Stars  Happy 
Very convenient and useful. I like that it clips to your pocket like a pen. I already have used it on many occasions.

5 Stars  purse perfect 
I love this little compact screwdriver set. I give them as party favors at my get togethers or use them in door prize baskets such as my hurricane readiness baskets. I think every car console should have one of these. great for all the little jobs that the big drivers dont fit. my lady friends love them for their purse or the console or glove box in their car.

5 Stars  Great stocking stuffers 
I am a facilities manager and I use this tool all of the time. It is so handy. I bought these for my sons and my nephews as stocking stuffers for this coming Christmas

5 Stars  8 in 1 Screwdriver 
Very compact and lightweight. Comfortable grip. All the bits fit easily into the handle.

4 Stars  Handy product 
Useful to have on hand for those small jobs. Good to have one in every location. Quite compact and organized, will not loose tips with ingenious storage pocket. Plus shirt pocket clipable for handy availability.

5 Stars  Great addition to my kitchen mini tool Drawer 
Always seem to need a few different large and small screw drivers, pliers, and a hammer in the kitchen tool drawer. This is a great addition for those small items that always seem to have a tag that says unscrew here to activate or insert batteries.

5 Stars  Screw driver 
I already have one. But wanted another one. They are awesome.

5 Stars  Handy Little Pocket Tool 
I got these so everyone has one. Easy to put in purse, backpack or pocket. Definitely recommend, you never know when it will come in handy.

4 Stars  Handy Tool For On The Go! 
Purchased one for each my sons vehicles and turned out to be really handy. One used for tightening screw on sunglasses. The other used on his skateboard. Gave 4 stars due to a little struggle on fitting the attachment pieces inside the storage handle. Over all, a handy tool for on the go!

4 Stars  handy dandy 
This set is handy if you want to carry in a large purse or pocket! There are 2 sizes of bits,too, so double handy!

1 Stars  Precision? 
I guess there is nothing wrong with this little tool as long as you are not expecting a true precision set. I say this because the screw tip sizes are not very small. For instance you will not be able to tighten your eyeglasses, or work with the smaller screw sizes often used in electronics. the screw tips are simply too large for precision use.

5 Stars  Very handy screwdriver set 
The 8 in 1 screwdriver set is very handy. About the size of a pen, its small enough to carry in a pocket or a purse for all those times when you need to fix a loose screw and just dont have the right tool on you. And the price is great for the convenience. I bought one for myself and one for my boyfriend. Great product!

4 Stars  8-1 screwdriver 
I only have this a 4 star becauseit would be nice if it had a pen also other then that this is a great device and handy also . Thanks

Great little tool, very handy to have around. I love that it is compact and light, so always in my purse for those times you just need a screwdriver. Pulse TV products are always quite amazing.

5 Stars  8 In 1 precision Screwdriver 
I did purchase the precision screwdriver and really was very surprised at the quality also at the multi thing that you can do with it.

5 Stars  8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style 
Very efficient and conveniently portable, its so lightweight its either in my purse or in my pocket. It feels great to know that Ill never have to look for, or be without a handy tool like this ever again.

5 Stars  Great, Handy and Fits In My Purse 
This is so helpful. If glasses have a pin loose I can tighten them anywhere I am. Need to fix a loose screw, this will work. So small and light weight. Love this pen with screwdrivers hidden side.

5 Stars  Came in handy... 
...far sooner than I expected. I wanted to get the discs out of a hard drive and otherwise didnt have the right screwdriver bits. Nice little item.

5 Stars  8 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style 
AT LAST!! No more hunting up something small enough for a particular project Im on at any given time. This tool has been perfect! Kudos to the designer.

5 Stars  Very Handy 
Very handy. Keep one with me all the time. Highly recommended as a convenience tool.

4 Stars  8 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style 
We have several younger family members and are always looking for useful gift ideas for Christmas, Birthdays and other special occasions. The 8 In 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style is a quality candidate for this purpose. Thumbs up to Pulse TV and their choice of products.

5 Stars  Great tool for those small screws 
There are times when a regular screwdriver is just too big, this smaller screwdriver and all of the assorted bits are great for those smaller screws.

5 Stars  Small and very handy ! 
Purchased at least three of these tool pen style sets. My grandson really likes how convenient and uses it has. Small enough to easily carry without the bulk.

5 Stars  good product 
It works as expected. I can now repair or replace small items such as eyeglasses, or small screws in various gadgets

3 Stars  Not a good enough 
The small Phillip driver just is not shaped good enough to fix my glasses

5 Stars  Good little screwdriver set. 
Great set for your eyeglasses and micro screws.

5 Stars  Pocket screwdriver 
Extremely handy little tool, worth several times what I paid for it, which makes me enjoy it all the more! You can use some ingenuity & come up with ways to enhance its use like I glued a super strong magnet to the top of the cap for a quick pick-up-tool, cut & fit a thin piece of rubber to the inside of the cap to make it a water resistant container etc...

4 Stars  8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver 
Handy to have around. We bought several to use as stocking stuffers. The only issue is that the heads are all loose, so you have to dump them all to locate the one you need.

5 Stars  Screwdriver set 
Very convienient. Great for small electrical equipment.

5 Stars  Very useful tool 
Found to be a convenient tool to have available for use. Easily stores in my computer carrying case.

4 Stars  Good product especially for the price 
The pen style tool set has come in handy. Its the size of a pen and can be used for those situations calling for an extra small screw driver head. I bought several and gave away the extra ones as gifts.

5 Stars  8 In 1 Precision Srewdriver 
works great for my doll houses finally something small enough!!! Yea

4 Stars  Screwdriver 
Very handy but small.

5 Stars  great gifts 
when i have a cook out, bday party or casual dinner party i always have a little party type favor for my friends. these fit right into my valentine party favor bags along with the chocolates etc. i get a lot of my little gifts for this and door prizes because they are inexpensive and fun, and my friends just love what i come up with.for may meetings i make up hurricane door prizes, i make gift baskets up with several of the flashlights, batteries,ponchos and other lights offered here with other things needed for a storm. great items and affordable.

4 Stars  Very useful 
The bits are okay, just wish there were better flat blade and other then that all is fine

5 Stars  8 in 1 pocket driver 
The only problem was there was 1 straight large slot bit & no smaller straight bit.There was 2 of the same size smaller star bits instead. Otherwise on the whole a great little tool.

4 Stars  Not Yet Used 
Purchased for future give-aways! The bits are ALL much smaller than expected.....Although not planned or expected for carpentry or automotive use...had planned for possible use in firearm maintenance....they appear too small for this purpose.

5 Stars  Compact and Useful 
I have been able to fix my smaller electronics devices and eye glasses with this tool. This was such an excellent value for money that I gave 8 of them to my friends.

5 Stars  Great Buy 
My friend saw an ad in the newspaper for the same product priced at $69.00. Its a great tool. I use it often.

4 Stars  Great, handy gift 
I have had several sets of small drivers. This is the most convenient and versatile of all of them. I cannot comment on durability yet.

5 Stars  Great Little Buy 
So handy AND so easy to carry in your purse! Great little tool, sturdy and easy to manage.

5 Stars  great emergency tool 
I bought these to include in a goody bag that I hand out at an upcoming reunion. As such, I have not used the unit myself, but did give it a through check when it arrived and I am pleased with the quality of the devices and would recommend it to anyone that asks.

5 Stars  Best $ .99 I Ever Spent 
This handy pocket sized screwdriver comes with 8 screwdriver heads which all fit inside the barrel of the screwdriver. From fixing my glasses to numerous tiny jobs around the house....I have one in the car - one in my travel suitcase - one in the house. Highly recommend this item

5 Stars  Love This Little Tool 
I got 5 of these and gave them to family/friends. Everyone loves it I am keeping mine in my glove compartment of my car for emergencies, always needing a little tool and dont have one!!

5 Stars  very handy 
keep one in every junk drawer, and each glove box

3 Stars  Good 
Is a good product for a person working on a Model or something electronic. Has no value in the Automotive world. If you do buy order several or the freight on just one exceeds the value of the product. I bought 135 gave away as a freebie thank you to customers.

4 Stars  Pocket screwdriver 
Good for fishing,small repairs,eye glasses,small jobs around the house or work place.

5 Stars  Great Tool 
This mini-screwdriver is high quality, handy, and a great buy. At this price, I bought 10 of them and gave them to my teammates at work. They have all commented how handy it is to have nearby for repairs to those small items like eyeglasses. I also used it to tighten the hinge screws on one of my multitools. All the bits store in the handle for quick deployment. Buy multiples, you wont be disappointed.

5 Stars  SUPER TOOL 
Finally a tool that allows you to work on items with smaller srews !! Great for toys. Convient to carry. Recommend.

5 Stars  good product 
good product to have on hand.

5 Stars  Great deal. 
Great little screw driver. Had one before and had about worn it out so I was glad to see these and bought three of them. Wish I had bought more they make great gifts.

5 Stars  perfect for model making 
I fly RC airplanes and this screwdriver is the perfect size for all the small screws, etc. Wish I had purchased more when clearance sale was on, but they are still a bargain at this price. Im ordering 2 for gifts.

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Video: 8 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Tool Set Pen Style

Handy little tool for every household. It's the 9 pc. precision screwdriver set. This handy pen style bit holder stores securely and conveniently in any pocket with the included pen clip.
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