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7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser w/ USB

7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser w/ USB

7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser w/ USB
7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser w/ USB
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The 7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser is the perfect personal humidifier for use just about anywhere. It's compact size and USB compatibility means you can use it on a table top at home, on your desk at the office, even in your car. Anywhere you need a little moisturizing mist and a calming environment.

Once you add water to the reservoir and plug in the USB power cable, one touch of the power button gives you an immediate misting action. No waiting for it to heat up. It's whisper quiet so you won't even hear it operating. And if you want to create a calming, relaxing mood, you can active the color changing feature which will slowly cycle through 7 different colors.

3 Modes
To change modes simply press the power button. Press once for constant mist mode, press twice for intermittent mist mode. For the color changing mode press and hold the button for 1.5 seconds. You can also cycle through all seven colors to select the one color you like most.

If you enjoy aromatherapy you can add a few drops of essential oil to the water to create whatever fragrance you like. And don't worry if you forget that your diffuser is quietly misting away in the corner. An automatic power-off function will turn the unit off after 6 hours. So feel free to leave it on over-night.

Each unit comes with 1 replacement filter, but you can add a set of 3 additional filters to your order right on this page.

- Enhance your mood and your environment
- Quietly humidifies your immediate surroundings
- Simple one button control
- Will cycle through 7 different colors
- 2 mist modes: constant and intermittent
- Add drops of essential oils for fragrance
- Great for home, office or even your car
- Will fit right in your vehicle's cup holder
- Reservoir will hold 7.8 fluid ounces
- 6 hour auto shut-off
- Power with any USB device
- 3-foot USB cable
- Includes 1 replacement filter
- 5 3/4 inches tall, 2 1/2 inch diameter base
- Additional Filter Refills Available (3pk for $1.59)

5 Stars  my new favorite item 
This little gismo is perfect and sits next to my computer. It makes me happy to look at it and I notice the air is fresher around me.

5 Stars  very good results 
I have 3 of the products

5 Stars  Fantastic 
The diffuser helps to freshen the room, and the 7 color changes help to make the room a more relaxed area with just the right ambiance.

4 Stars  very attractive 
The portable diffuser is easy to use, looks great and emits just the right amount of vapor, great for this co vid 19, as you can sit it anywhere your working, add some essential oil and you have your invisible shield.

5 Stars  Convenient and powerful 
Im a diffuser user and when I saw this for sale, I wanted to try it since it connects directly into a USB on my computer. Since I do work on my computer daily, it is pretty much constantly on. I use Lavender to keep alert and it works perfectly. I ordered another one almost immediately.

5 Stars  Diffuser 
This diffuser is really nice I have it next to my computer in my office and it is so nice with the scented oils.

5 Stars  Perfect 
Compact, works well. Love it for the car!!

5 Stars  Pleased 
Im very pleased with this product. Use it every day with essential oils to help keep me calm especially during these trying times

5 Stars  portable diffuser 
Very nice. Like it for everything it does and price

3 Stars  Too Small for a Full Sized Room - but very nice design 
I dont feel the full effect or really get the aroma unless I stand next too it. It is a bit too small for a bedroom or other large area. Might be better in the bathroom. Also was a bit surprised to see it does not charge on USB, but needs to be always powered. Also, it does not appear to stay on for a full six hours. It is easy to use and appears well designed for use in a small area.

4 Stars  Diffuser 
Love it- holds enough water to last a long time, its quiet and relaxing.

5 Stars  Pac n stack 
i like this item because - the pump makes it so much better

4 Stars  works well 
Seems to work fine. Turns itself off, but still has water left and I forget to check it after it has sat for a few days.

3 Stars  Diffuser 
Good for car but not big enough for bedroom

5 Stars  Great! 
Great product, price and delivery. Thank you.

1 Stars  Diffuser 
Does not put out humidity nor can you smell the oils very disappointed with this products

5 Stars  All Pros No Cons 
Well made, compact, works very well!

5 Stars  Mist in Color 
A Little small, but enjoyable to watch as you fall to sleep.

5 Stars  cool product 
excellent product

5 Stars  Love it! 
It may be small but it delivers the scent of your choice, I really like the color changing mode!

5 Stars  Compact, effective diffuser 
The diffuser works exactly as described. USB plugs into computer and mist starts right up. Nice design, compact size fits neatly on desk. The amount of water lasts a surprisingly long time for its size. Recommended.

5 Stars  Love this product! 
I already have several diffusers at home but have been struggling with static shocks at work on a daily basis since the weather turned cold. This product has done the trick! Plugs right into my port of my computer and voila! No more static shocks and smells great too!

5 Stars  7 Colour Diffuser 
Its great, I love it.The colours are really relaxing.

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7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser w/ USB

The 7 Color Changing Portable Diffuser is the perfect personal humidifier for use just about anywhere.